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I’m back from my Thanksgiving holiday and still without my laptop cord.  Hopefully that’ll be here on Tuesday and I can get back to my regular blogging schedule.  I hate using my desktop for the blog, don’t ask me why, no real reason, I just do.  So, anyway, lots of stuff on my mind and instead of doing about 5 or 6 little blogs, we’ll do one big one that encapsulates everything this time out.

Days of Our Lives

Last week on Days was filled with heartbreak and two of the best performances on this show in ages.  I attribute this to the actors themselves rather than the writing, which is still this side of atrocious.  Ari Zuker (Nicole) and Blake Berris (Nick) hit every emotional beat in some very hard scenes.  Nicole lost her baby and you actually felt like she really lost her child.  Her pain and overwhelming sadness was actually tangible to the viewer.

Blake Berris also had some stuff to do in the last couple of weeks, showing Nick’s descent from sweetness into craziness.  He lied and convinced Melanie that she killed her father, then she called him on it and the police closed in and he just became an utter shell of himself.  He appears to be a broken man and yet he’s still trying to look out for the girl he thinks he loves.  This viewer just wants to reach into the screen and give him a hug, he’s appearing so lost and alone.  Again, kudos.

I have to give him kudos now, because Days is stupidly letting go of one of their most talented young actors in January.  I hope he gets to leave as a recovered Nick with a bright future.  I have no faith in this, but it is my wish.  Meanwhile, Nicole, while awesome, will no doubt now result to baby lies and possible stealing, thus being ruined yet again.  She was the one character that Higley actually wrote decently but you can see the writing on the wall for her.  You know what I’d really like to see?  I would like to see the loss of the baby break her and drive her back to the bottle.  EJ could run across her drinking and tear into her, thinking she’s endangering their child.  She could either go two ways then, fake the loss after a drinking binge that she blames upon EJ for some reason or come clean about losing the kid and we see how EJ reacts.  I would far prefer either scenario to her ending up with Sami’s kid, which is clearly what is going to happen.  Higley claimed there would be twists and turns that we wouldn’t see coming, but if anybody is fooled they should be hired by the Days writing staff at this point.  A more heavy handed anvil I never did see.  Hate.


A week and a half ago a friend of mine recommended that I read the Twilight series.  I had been mildly intrigued by the storyline so I figured why not?  I bought the first book on Saturday and read it in a day.  I bought the second and third books and read them on Sunday and Monday.  Over the holiday weekend I reread all 3 again and bits of them here and there as well.  I am officially obsessed with this story.  Edward and Bella feel like they’re a part of me, or I’m a part of them or some damn thing.   I am waiting for the 4th book, which I could not find at the stores, to be here on Wednesday and I’m feeling rather lost waiting for it.  I don’t know if it’s cause the books are written in the first person that you feel so involved, or if it’s how intriguing the idea of a vampire following in love with the one girl who he wants to bite more than anything or if it’s young obsessive love…I’m just hooked. 

So I saw the movie on Saturday with my mom (which took some doing as mom is not the type to enjoy vampires at all, haha).  It was just okay.  I did like the actor they hired for Edward, which is a big deal because he really is the character that most grabs me.  The actress for Bella was just okay, she didn’t do a great job of showing just how deeply in love with Edward she is.  The movie kind of glazed over the obsession aspect which I thought was a miss.  I also didn’t care for them having James and Victoria and Laurent hunting in the town and starting off investigations.  I like Bella’s dad remaining ignorant of the world she’s immersing herself in.  I thought Dr. Cullen’s makeup was a bit too much, he stood out like a sore thumb, but the rest of the vamps were good.  Robert Pattinson brought an otherworldly charm to Edward though, and that was enough to keep me absorbed in the story.  We’ll see how they swing the next one when he’s off for over half the time though, I don’t think she can carry half the next movie on her own.  Of course, they may make it different like they did this one, then we’ll see. 

In summation, I could not recommend the book series more, at least the first three.  I’ll let you know how I feel about number 4 this weekend I’m sure.  Any Twilight fans that happen across this, I’d love to chat with you more in depth about the books.  I have a few complaints but mostly I really want someone to share my new obsession with.  The movie is alright, if you like the books it’s worth a looksee.


It was nice to see the Petrelli bros back to their bromance and bitching at one another again.  LOVED the Sylar/Elle kiss.  I still don’t know where they’re going with Elle, one minute she seems to be sweet and loving and the next she’s trying to reignite our favorite serial killer this side of Dexter, but that kiss was hot.  Sylar’s “I’ll do what I want” and then grabbing her and kissing her?  VERY HOT.  Not hot, HRG having a gun trained on them.  They need to live and have Selle sex followed by a Selle baby.  I will not be able to forgive the ever awesome HRG if he kills Elle. 

Too bad Claire won’t really die.  Sigh.  Love the Daphne twist, her being unable to walk without braces without her power.  That’s cool.  I do not remotely like Hiro’s storyline, but Seth Green being there this week will still please me.  Seth Green is magic.

Have Gun, Will Shoot

So apparently Plaxico Burress of the NY Giants managed to shoot himself in the thigh this weekend at a club.  I know I don’t feel complete unless I’m packing when I hit the dance floor, so this is clearly an understandable offense.  A mistake.  An accident.  Mere semantics.  Or…maybe not.  Maybe it’s just another example of such utter stupidity and recklessness that far too many athletes embody these days.  What happened to the days of posses of 10 or 15 dudes?  Let them carry the weaponry while you have a good time.  What’s the point of having loads of money if you have to defend yourself?  You pay people and let them take care of your issues.  Morons.  Apparently Antonio Pearce took the gun and did something with it too, so he could be in trouble as well.  Plax didn’t bother to get a permit for the gun so he’s charged with felony gun possession.  I’m sure Antonio will get hit with an accessory charge.  I just…there’s really nothing to say about how fucking stupid some people are.  You have everything, why waste it?

I don’t see the Giants letting Plaxico come back to the team next year.  He’s had several disciplinary incidents this year and frankly, they play just fine without him.  Another case of a player thinking he’s the be all and end all of the world and hopefully finding out that is not the case.

College Football

Thanks for showing up yesterday, Noles.  Really, that was quite a show you put together against Florida.  Why is it, we have a much better team, yet we get thrashed by 30 this year?  We were at least with a TD or two the last two years.  Sigh.  Ponder is just not ready for a big game like that the defense seemed unable to tackle Tebow.  I stopped watching in the third quarter…if my team can’t make an effort out there, I’m sure as shit not going to give them my time.

Farewell Charlie Weis.  35-3 against USC with less than 100 yards total offense.  That’s lovely.  That’s the kind of thing you can put on a resume.  I loathe USC but I probably loathe ND more so it was kinda funny to me.

My opinion?  Texas beat Oklahoma, therefore they should be ranked ahead of them.  I hate that damn BCS though and hope that the bitching reaches all time high levels.  The BCS getting to decide the Big 12 championship is just friggin laughable.  Until there is a viable playoff I’m going to make up some random name for the champion.  The Computer Champion That Might Have Been The Real Champion, But Who Can Say???  That’ll be their title.  I loathe the BCS.

UF is going to annihilate Alabama this weekend.  Period.  Bama is nowhere near as good as the Gators.  Damned if I know who could beat them in the championship game, OK might stand a chance but I’m not too confident of that.  I loathe Florida, people, so you know I am loathe to admit it but they are damn good.  I’m still glad we hurt Harvin though.

Well I think that’s enough rambling for now, I’ll hopefully be up and running again on Tuesday so we’ll chat about Heroes sometime then.  Back at ya soon!

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Week 13 NFL Picks

Hi all, I’m gonna be short and sweet this week due to a laptop issue and time constraints for traveling, hope you understand.  That’s why we had no NFL Notes this week either.  Douchetard for last week goes to Matt Hasselbeck for an ill timed pick at the end of the game when they were driving to tie or beat the Skins.  I feel bad since his team sucks but nobody else stood out last week.  Feel free to correct me if you think of something better!  On to the picks:

Tennesee over Detroit

Dallas over Seattle

Arizona over Philly-I am officially off the Eagles bandwagon, they’ve screwed up weekly.

Buffalo over San Fran

Baltimore over Cincy

Indy over Cleveland

Carolina over Green Bay-could be a good one, both coming off bad losses

Miami over St. Louis

Tampa over New Orleans

NY Giants over Washington

Atlanta over San Diego-Good lord, Atlanta is actually a player in the playoff race

New England over Pittsburgh

NY Jets over Denver

Oakland over KC

Minny over Chicago

Jacksonville over Houston-Finally someone Jax should be able to beat

So that’s all I have for this week, I’ll have more detailed remarks next week, rest assured.  Have a great Thanksgiving all!

Last Week:  11-5

Season Record:  112.5-62.5

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Heaven or Hell No!

Dean and Sam, revelations

Dean and Sam, revelations

I don’t think I’ve ever watched a Supernatural that left me more conflicted about how I felt about it.  I loved aspects and hated aspects and I’m not sure which end I came out on.  The final few minutes of the episode were it’s best and left me with a more positive feeling than I would have had had they not happened.  I’m going to do what I did for the last episode and do a what I liked, what I hated and what I’m unsure about so we can see what went wrong and what went right.

Shirtless Dean, there is a god!

Something that went very right, shirtless Dean, there is a god!

Things I Hated:

  • All Ruby, all the time.  Dear god, we had to endure her screwing Sam in the last episode and in this one she got to heroically sacrifice herself to help Anna and the Winchesters.  She turned herself over to Alastair knowing that she’d be tortured and then she led him to where the boys and the angels were waiting.  There was never really a moment where I believed that she was possibly pulling a double cross, and I hold the actress responsible for that.  The elements were there, they just weren’t believable.
  • Ruby naked, strapped to a bed and tortured.  Really?  I had to see that?  If you’re going to give me gratuitous nudity, it damn well better be Dean and Sam.  It was so not necessary to have her naked in that scene.  As you can see, Ruby bugs me still!
  • Alastair!  What a damn disappointment he was.  In the last episode he seemed like he had great potential, but in this one, the actor was channeling some sad combination of Hannibal Lector and Marlon Brando that just didn’t work at all.  He should have been twisted and great but he sounded so idiotic that I couldn’t get involved in any scene he was in.
  • Too much angel aspect.  I never thought I’d say that, seeing as I adore Castiel and Uriel, but it was kind of angel overload to me, finding out all about Anna’s grace and her reasoning for giving up being angel.  Because she couldn’t feel?  I would understand if she was given some orders she was conflicted about, and I get that they used it to tie into Dean’s feelings about hell, but I just wasn’t feeling that angle at all.
  • The sex scene.  I mean, I loved certain aspects, shirtless Dean, but I wasn’t blown away by the chemistry of the coupling,which should be illegal when shirtess Jensen Ackles is involved.  I hated seeing Anna on top of Dean with her bra on, lose the bra in sex scenes, shoot around it.  Pet peeve of mine.  I also did not care for the hand on the steamy window, it was cheesy.  But I did appreciate shirtless Dean.
  • Dean again having to thank Ruby for her help.  I do not like it.  The tension is still there but the hate is gone and I dislike that.
  • The reveal that Anna was an angel, it fell rather flat when she matter of factly announced it after all the hullabaloo of not wanting to reveal her father to Pamela.  She just thanks her and says I know now.  Borrrrrring.
  • The angels again threatening Dean with banishment to hell.  The more times they do it, the less powerful and scary that it is.
  • The fight scene between the angels and demons.  Throwing punches?  Where’s the smiting?
Sex in the Impala

Sex in the Impala

Things I’m very conflicted about:

  • Anna being an angel.  On the one hand, it is definitely interesting and explains her telekinesis and ability to hear the angels.  On the other hand, why couldn’t she just be an ordinary person with something extraordinary happening?  Of course, I’m glad she’s an angel and thus won’t be around, though we could of course see her again.  I don’t know where I come out on this one.  A lot of people are infuriated about it, which I am not, but I’m not thrilled either.
  • Anna’s grace.  Uriel picked it up and kept it on a chain around his neck?  I don’t get why he was hellbent on not letting her have it back.  Just cause he wanted to kill her?
  • Ruby’s push to get Sam to use his powers again, she mentions that he needs to tone up and he knows what to do.   What was that all about?  Is Sam doing something even worse that we don’t know yet?
  • Sam’s utter willingness to kill the angels to save Anna.  That is actually pretty cool, more of a sign of his impending darkness I guess.
Anna puts her hand over Castiel's handprint

Anna puts her hand over Castiel's handprint.

Things that were awesome:

  • Uriel throwing Ruby into the wall.  It was not a good episode for Ruby physically now was it?  Thrown into a wall, tortured…etc.  Too bad it was just another way to prop her as the good demon with the heart of gold.  I really really want there to be more to it than her just helping Sam.
  • The way that Anna dispatched of Castiel and Uriel with some weird blood on the mirror command thingy.  It was pretty awesome the way they just randomly disappeared.
  • The return of Bobby’s iron panic room thingy.  I like that place.
  • “Dude, you’re confusing reality with porn again.”  FABULOUS.  That happened twice, once when Dean referred to the plumber snaking the drain and the other when he was talking about having an angel and a demon in the backseat and how it was like something out of Penthouse.  “Dude…Reality…porn…” Great lines for Sammy.  And Dean’s “You call this reality?” was cute too.
  • The return of Pamela, the horny blind psychic.  Grabbing Sam’s ass and flirting away, I would have loved to have seen her car ride up with Dean, since she wanted him bad the time they met.  The milky white eyeball thing freaked me out, but was a funny effect.
  • The fact that Anna was Castiel and Uriel’s boss.  That’s kinda funny and maybe why Uriel is so hellbent on hurting her.  It felt like Cass had some real feelings for her even though they’re not supposed to have any.  Uriel seems to have anger though, so I don’t know how to read any of this.
  • The mention of the battle as Godzilla vs. Mothra, because anything that reminds me of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a good thing.
  • Dean’s feelings are overrated discussion with Anna.  He really doesn’t want to feel anymore and can’t fathom why she would give up being angel for that.  Neither can I really, though I do want to feel.  It was cute that her mention of sex derailed his argument.  My Dean!  That’s one feeling he wouldn’t want to give up.
  • Anna telling Dean she knew what he did in hell and touching his face and telling him to forgive himself.  The way Dean stumbled over his words and told her he couldn’t talk about it and she understood but reminded him he had people who would listen and not judge when he was ready.
  • Sex in the Impala.  While it wasn’t nearly as hot as it should have been, it was still Jensen Ackles getting undressed, which is never a bad thing.  The appropriate “I’m Ready For Love” was a nice touch.  Anna putting her hand over Castiel’s handprint was also cool and kinda sexy.  I know I put the sex in both the loved and hated categories but that’s genuinely how I felt about it.
  • Uriel’s confrontation with Dean.  I love the alpha male pissing contest the two of them have.  Plus Uriel told Dean that Castiel likes him, which I find kinda cute.  Dean calling Uriel a Ken Doll and junkless made me laugh.  They have a beautiful balance of menace and snark in the scenes between the two.  Loved to see Dean steel himself and tell Uriel to go ahead and send him back to hell.  His face and eyes said so much.
  • The fact that Dean’s love for Sam still eclipses everything, he was willing to lead the angels to Anna for Sam.  Yes, I know it was all part of Sam’s plan, which I also did love, get the angels and demons in the same place and let them fight one another while we sit back and see who wins.  I think, though, that if there was no plan and Dean had to save Sam, he would.
  • Anna calling Dean on drinking beer early in the morning.  I’m getting worried about our boys penchant for the alcohol this season.
  • The fact that Anna didn’t seem to be in on the plan.  Sam even played it like he didn’t know that Dean was going to lead the way to Anna.  I thought that was effective.  Castiel again looked very unhappy about his assignment.  I wonder if he’s going to be a fallen angel as well.
  • Alastair being too strong for Castiel.  That was an interesting development.  Loved that Dean saved him by smashing Alastair over the head.  Alastair telling him about the promise he had, quite the revelation in the midst of battle.
  • Anna’s grace being returned to her and being what wiped out Alastair.  The bright white flash was pretty cool, followed by the silence.
Anna becomes an angel again

Anna becomes an angel again

Thing so incredible it deserves it’s own spot:

  • Dean’s revelation of his time in hell to Sam.  Firstly it was beautifully done, both boys on the Impala drinking a beer, Dean’s back to Sam.  Dean tells Sam he knows he heard what Alastair said about him having promise and asks him if he’s not curious.  Sam admits that he is but he said he wouldn’t push.  Dean tells Sam that it wasn’t 4 months, it was 40 years in hell.  Every single day he was ripped to shreds, tortured in every way imaginable, and at the end of the day he was made whole again, only to repeat the process every day.  For 30 years.  Alastair kept offering him the chance to stop being tortured and become the torturer.  One day, Dean finally broke and gave in.  He ripped countless souls apart.  Sam tries to point out that he held out for a long time and that’s longer than anyone else would have.  Dean just cries (Sam is teary eyed as well) and tells Sam that the feelings he has inside him are more or less tearing him apart and how he wishes he couldn’t feel anything.  This of course parallels to Anna wanting to feel and giving up being an angel in order to do so.  The episode ends on that note, with both brothers more or less destroyed by what happened to Dean, neither looking at one another.
  • Jensen knocked that final scene out of the park, as did Jared with his minimal time.  He looked so devastated for his brother and his eyes showed the pain he felt at what Dean was saying and how Dean felt.  Sam doesn’t feel that Dean did anything wrong, you can tell, but knows that Dean does.
  • This is the first episode of SN that made me cry, watching Dean cry as he talked about what he did and not wanting to remember it and not wanting to feel anymore.  This scene played as powerfully as I imagined it would and I’m really glad they did it now, instead of revealing it much later.  I also think it can play into Sam’s presumed decent into darkness, wanting to make Lillith pay even more for what happened to Dean.  His brother was tortured in hell and the memory of the torture he inflicted is torturing him inside right now; I could see Sam adding that to his thirst for vengeance.
  • Kudos again to Jensen Ackles for that scene though.  He made me feel Dean’s pain and regret in a way that very few actors have ever been able to do.
Dean cries as he reveals his time in hell

Dean cries as he reveals his time in hell

So that’s all the Supernatural we get until January 15th, which coincidentally is my birthday, so happy birthday to me!  That’s a long time to go without seeing my Winchester’s, but I’ll deal as best as I can.  I think I probably ended up liking this episode, thanks to that final scene I discussed above.  It was so powerful.  I’ll either be back with more SN blogs in Jan or I’ll do some on the first few episodes of the season if they re-air them.  As those were among my faves, I’d love to talk about them, so we’ll see what they show in reruns and go from there.  I can’t go 6 weeks without Dean and Sam, this much I know!  I leave you with some more pics from the episode, which while not the best, was filled with some beautiful scenes.

Sam fights tears as well.

Sam fights tears as well.

Dean, getting some!

Dean, getting some!

Dean snarks on Uriel

Dean snarks on Uriel

Another shot of Dean telling Sam about hell

Another shot of Dean telling Sam about hell

Boys and their beer

Boys and their beer

Castiel's surprise at Anna's re-angelifying

Castiel surprised watching Anna re-angelify

A final beautiful shot of Jensen Ackles

A final beautiful shot of Jensen Ackles

All pics from supernaturalseries.com and The CW.

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Instead of doing a long winded post about one show, I’m going to do a short post about several of them.  Things that are on my mind but I don’t feel like spinning out for a thousand or so words if you will.

Dirty Sexy Money

Farewell beloved Darling family!  Last night news broke that Dirty Sexy Money had been canceled.  They’ll film the 13 episodes they had approved for this year and that’s it.  I’m very disappointed by this, for along with Gossip Girl, this show was my guiltiest pleasure.  It was soapier than both my daytime soaps combined and everyone was so shallow and fun.  The only good thing to come out of this is perhaps Days could hire the DSM writers to spice up the show?  HAHA Wishful thinking I know!

What I’d like to see when the show ends?  I’d like to see Karen and Nick decide to make it happen.  Or at least one hot sex scene (me and the sex demands lately!).  I’d like to see Brian step up as the family leader, he is too awesome to be pushed aside all the time.  I’d like to see Jeremy actually doing something other than falling in love with a woman.  He’s been in love with 4 or 5 in the brief running of the show.  I’d like to see Nick’s wife die.  Sorry, I don’t like Lisa George.  I’d like to know definitively who killed Dutch George.  I’d like to see Simon exposed as the bastard he is and Nola free of his tyranny.  I’d like Patrick to become his own man, drop politics and win back Carmelita.  I’m sure I could think of more but that will do for now.

Pushing Daisies

Another show given the ax by ABC yesterday.  I don’t have a lot to say about it because I only watched sporadically last season and not at all this season.  It’s one of those whimsical shows that people supposedly either love or hate, but I, of course, fell right down the middle.  Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it.  Whimsy isn’t really my style.  I feel for the fans though, I know what it’s like to have a show you love yanked before its time.

Grey’s Anatomy

I’m not sure what show I’m watching here.  Is Daddy Winchester haunting a hospital now?  Why aren’t Sam and Dean running around Seattle Grace?  It makes more sense than what Shonda is doing to this show.  Izzy is seeing dead Denny and even made love to him last night.  YAY!  A plot ripped off of General Hospital is surely the way to go, Shonda!  Dear lord.  She thinks she’s telling a great love story, no doubt, but I think she’s lost her damn mind.  I loved Denny…they killed him and that was that.  He appeared in Meredith’s (also lame) death, but at least that sort of made sense.  Having Izzy be able to touch and make love to him now?  No.  You’ve ruined what was a great story, memories of Denny’s death are being replaced by a grinning ghost Denny.  Sigh.

And while I’m ranting about Grey’s, WTF was with having Lexie actually perform an appendectomy on Meredith’s new, very annoying, friend?  Lexie, overachiever, perfect student?  I don’t buy that for a second.  And I know the chick pushed her by starting the cut, but still.  I loathed this plot line and the fact that apparently all the interns get to keep their jobs.  I did like Meredith, Christina, Alex and George attempting to channel their inner Bailey on the interns, but heads should have rolled.


One of these days I’ll have to attempt to do a whole blog on Bones, for I love this show.  The chemistry between Booth and Brennan is outstanding.  She’s just hilarious, brilliant but so socially inappropriate.  My complaint with this one right now?  Angela.  I have never been that into Angela but I liked her with Hodgins.  They had what was probably the lamest breakup since that Jonas brother broke up with that Swift chick in a 20 second phone call and now she’s hooked up with her old girlfriend.  I don’t care that she’s with a woman, but the bouncing from Hodgin’s right to the other chick is just annoying.  And because I can’t talk about Bones without just saying this once, SWEETS! hee I love that guy.

Gossip Girl

Yep, it’s my other guilty pleasure.  I am so in love with Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf that I can’t stand myself.  They’re like the Cruel Intentions kids personified, without the icky step-sibling factor thrown in.  If the show ditched every character but the two of them, it would be enthralling.  I don’t mind Serena either, but her new boyfriend, Aaron, is a total skeeve.  I hate that guy.  And it’s not like I was a big Dan Humphrey fan either.  He was a sanctimonious jerk but she occasionally made him likable, unlike Aaron.  The whole Humphrey family, minus the father, is useless in my eyes anyway.  Bring on the Basshole and forget about the rest!  While I’m on that topic, I adore that ad campaign for GG that uses Britney’s “Womanizer” song with all the Chuck scenes, never was an ad more apt and perfect.  I love Chuck Bass.

What’s funny is that I loathed him in the first episode, but over time he’s been fleshed out and just become more and more fascinating.  Throw in his wacky clothes and smarmy moves and he’s just character perfection.  I can’t wait to see him and Blair hook up again.

How I Met Your Mother

My other favorite male man-whore is Barney Stinson.  NPH makes this entire show.  The Barneyisms, the bromance, the Happy You’re Not a Father’s Day, Suiting Up!….it’s all legen….wait for it….dary!  That’s really all I have to say about the show, I adore it, but Barney is totally my guy.

Desperate Housewives

Enough gushing, back to ranting.  Why did they slam Mike and Katherine together?  There’s been no build up and we barely see them together, so I’m not sure what the point was.  To annoy Susan?  That’s not hard.

I love Edie’s husband and I guess he’s after Mike, that’s been established.  Why is beyond me.  I thought maybe he was the husband of the wife that Susan killed in the car crash but then he’d be targeting her.  I think Mike killed someone in prison and he talked about his brother dying in prison, so I guess that is.  Yay, another mystery involving Mike’s past.  That hasn’t been done to death.

So now Carlos is going to be able to get his eyesight back?  Um okay.  They’ve done a good job of making Gabby look frumpy but I find her wholly uninteresting now.  I need scheming Gabby back and her kids?  Good lord.

Alright, that’s enough rambling.  Now you know some of the other shows that get my time and attention.  I am a TV Junkie as you can see, for there are others not covered here as well.  If people like this I’ll keep it going and update on various shows weekly or bi-weekly.  Let me know!

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Week 12 NFL Picks

It doesn’t get much better than this.  I’m coming at you from a 13.5 win week baby!  Yes I said 1/2.  I get some credit for the tie, dammit, don’t mess with me!  Best week yet, for me, not for McNabb and Philly.  But this is all about me, so I don’t care.  He won a Dual Douchetard Award, so he should be happy.  Had I known about his lack of overtime knowledge, he might have been the sole winner.  Ah well, what will be will be!

Pittsburgh over Cincy: Fresh off that scintillating showdown with Philly, Cincy gets to take on Pittsburgh.  Can they take the same state into OT again?  Uh…no.  No, not happening.  This is one game I won’t be upset over the NFL Network showing and me not getting to see.  Lucky for them my Thursday night NFL schedule is loaded anyway.

Tampa Bay over Detroit: I’m not gonna lie, I’m very nervous about this game.  The pressure of not being the team to give Detroit it’s first win.  It’s tough people, it’s tough.  This is the kind of game where Tampa plays down to the competition too.  I’m having the faith that my boys won’t send me into a shame spiral this week.  The news that Graham is out for the year depresses me, but I think we have enough backs to make things happen.

Tennessee over NY Jets: Alright, this is the game that people are hyped over, thinking Favre can deal Tenn their first lost.  And I toyed with it for a brief moment, but no, I don’t think so.  That defensive line will give Favre some headaches and he’ll toss a few picks and the game will be over.  Tenn marches on undefeated.

Buffalo over KC: The Bills freefall has to end sometime right?  And KC is a good place for it to end.  I nearly picked the Chiefs, they’ve been playing fairly well, but I think Buffalo has to get their mojo back at some point, so they’re the pick here.  Not feeling good about this one though, I forewarn you!

Chicago over St. Louis: Oh Rams, you’re so cute.  So pathetically cute.  And you can’t even get the first pick in the draft thanks to winning those two games.  Silly Rams.  This would have been a much better game for the Bears to bring Orton back, it’s like playing the JV squad or something.

New England over Miami: I was tempted to take Miami again, but NE has to go for payback here and they are playing a lot better than they were in game one.  Pride’s on the line for the Pats here so I say they squeak it out.  Should be a good game.

Minnesota over Jacksonville: The Jags played Tenn tough for a half but couldn’t take the game in the second half.  I think Minny’s defense will be able to get some pressure on Gerrard and get a few takeaways.  This game could go either way but I’ll take Minn, they’re still in contention in their division.

Philly over Baltimore: Will the real Baltimore please stand up?  For that matter, will the real Philly?  If Balt had played the Giants tough I would have taken them here, but they didn’t.  Philly’s blitzes will likely give Flacco a hard time and I predict more turnovers. McNabb now knows about OT, so I don’t foresee a problem there.  Poor Donovan.

Cleveland over Houston: I have to admit it, Brady Quinn can throw a nice pass.  And it’s even better when Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow remember how to catch them.  Houston just blows, but with the lack of a decent defense on either side of the field, this could be a high scoring game.  Cleveland is better so they’re my pick.

Dallas over San Fran: Here’s a game for Dallas to get healthier in a hurry.  I wasn’t overly impressed with the Boys last weekend and I won’t be impressed with them when they win here either.  Something is missing from this team and I just don’t think they’re going anywhere.

Denver over Oakland: I still can’t figure out Denver, but even they should be able to beat Oakland.  They took out Atlanta last weekend, which I did not expect, but this is a division game so it could be uglier than I expect.  Still, it’s Oakland.  There’s not much more to say than that.

Washington over Seattle: Are there any good games this week?  Why is nothing exciting me so far on the schedule?  Washington hasn’t played a good game in weeks and Seattle is getting a little healthier, so this could actually be a tight one.  If the Skins want to play in the post season, they need to take this one.

NY Giants over Arizona: AHHHH here’s a good game.  Finally!  Who would ever think I’d say that about a game involving the Cardinals?  Could be a high scoring game, but I have faith that the Giants D will get to Warner now and then and cause a pick or two, plus a fumble.  Warner does fumble, even if he’s having an awesome year.  I hope I get this game, because it should be fun.

Atlanta over Carolina: Self serving pick here, I need Carolina to take a loss and this is the game they need to do it.  Atlanta is tough at home and I think, coming off a loss, they’ll respond well.  Jake Delhomme hasn’t played well in a couple of weeks so I’m hoping that continues.  It’d be a bit of an upset probably, but we’ll go with it.

Indy over San Diego: Let’s face it, the Chargers are done and Indy has come to life.  I am still not enamored with them, their defense is suspect, but the Chargers look old and lost out there.  This would have been a great game a year or two ago.  Sad.  Manning’s rejuvinated lately and I look to him to dominate this one.

Green Bay over New Orleans: This could be a fun game, but I like GB’s defense much better than NO’s and that’s why I’m taking them.  I’ll probably regret it, the Saints play well at home, but they haven’t been impressing me.  GB is coming off a big beatdown of Chicago so I’d say they’re playing at a higher level.

There you have it.  I’m sure I won’t do as well as I did last week and I took a chance or two, but we’ll see how it all plays out!

Last Week:  13.5-2.5

Season Record:  101.5-57.5

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Selleing It: Sylar & Elle

Sylar & Elle, made for each other, from fanpop.com

Sylar & Elle, made for each other, from fanpop.com

So I was going to blast this blog with a ton of screen caps but nobody has them up for last night’s episode yet and I was too excited not to talk about Selle today.  Despite a headache, I’m soldering on.  They were so hot last night that I was beside myself, and then I found this awesome youtube clip that I will include below with all of last night’s hotness coupled with some from previous episodes.  This is probably going to be the fangirliest blog I do, at least until I see Dean shirtless in this weeks Supernatural, but for now, this is going to be some gushing stuff.  I apologize, but really, they were too cute.

PAtrelli takes Sylar to a dungeon type room and tells him that he needs to learn empathy so he can absorb powers without the messy cutting off the head style that he resorts to.  Sylar enters the room and Elle is chained to the wall, which made my dirty heart sigh.  She started screaming at him for killing her father and let fly with the electric lightning bolts.  Sylar took hit after hit from her, one of which was so strong that it tore his shirt off.  What a terrible power to have!!! With every bolt he keeps coming closer to her and you wonder if he’s going to kill her, or in my dreams, kiss her.  I kept yelling for him to do just that.

Sylar reaches out to Elle

Sylar reaches out to Elle

Elle is in such pain from her malfunctioning electricity that she even starts to beg Sylar to kill her too.  He tells her he won’t do it, he’s sorry for killing her father and he’ll take everything she has but he won’t kill her.  He uses his power to release her and she finally collapses and shirtless Sylar reaches out to touch her.  He spreads his fingers and sees the electricity shooting between them and realized that he was able to absorb the power without killing.  They end up sitting side by side, almost cuddled together on the wall.  Elle starts showing him how to control the power and at one point he’s reaching around her and her hand is gripping his bicep.  She turns to face him and the camera cuts away to PAtrelli, leaving us to wonder if any action took place.   I hope not because I want to see it when it happens.  I was practically melting from their non-sexual interaction this week.  I can only imagine how electric, pardon the pun!, they’ll be when they do get it on.  I was disappointed they didn’t rip into each other right there.  Hot, electric, dirty, chained to the wall sex might have been just the thing to drive Heroes ratings back up.  Yes, I have issues.

Selle bonding

Selle bonding

Without further ado, I’ll include the awesome youtube clip so you can see for yourself the heat those two generate on screen together.  I’m feeling more comfortable with my assumption that Elle will be Sylar’s baby mama!  Thanks to Whiteangelkrad for the awesome video.  I’ll add some screen caps whenever I can find any, there are some very good ones I need to have at this site for myself and hopefully others to enjoy!

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Week 11 NFL Notes

Welcome to Week 11 in the NFL.  Not a lot surprising happened today, although we did have our first tie game of the year.  We also have our first tie Douchetard Award, which I will address at the end of this blog.  It works nicely with our tie game, so that should give you a hint where we’re headed, but read on to see!

  • Welcome back to the NFL, Kyle Orton, perhaps you’d like to go back on the bench after today’s stinkfest in Green Bay.  Orton had a mediocre day, throwing for 133 yards but no tds or ints.  He did have a fumble that was returned 54 yards for a TD though.  Ryan Grant remembered how to run, the O-line in Green Bay remembered how to block and the rout was on.  37-3.  What happened to the Bears run defense?
  • Now that’s my Manning!  Peyton threw for 320 yards, two td’s and no picks today and looked like the guy I’ve been waiting to see all year.  Now, mind you, it was against Houston’s D, which doesn’t mean a lot, but still, good is good and it’s nice to see Indy winning again.  Maybe some things will start to make sense in this league after all.  Indy’s defense still leaves a lot to be desired, but if the offense can get rolling they could make some noise again.
  • Props to our fave, Sage Rosenfels, for only throwing one pick today.  He is not in contention for the DT Award this week, so that should make him happy.  So should something else you’ll see later!
  • The Falcons fell back to reality a bit this week, getting their first loss of the year at home against Denver.  Cutler had a good game, 19 for 27 for 216 yards and TD.  Matt Ryan had the stats, 20 of 33 for 250 yards but threw a pick.  The Falcons had the lead but Denver drove and scored the winning TD with 5:35 left.
  • Miami held on by the skin of it’s teeth to beat Oakland at home today, kicking the winning field goal with 38 seconds left to win 17-15.  Oakland briefly took the lead on them with a 93 yard punt return but Pennington led his team down the field to get the win.  I don’t know how in the hell the Fins keep doing it but doing it they are.  Next week they get the Pats again, who need a win and will be hungry for a little retribution after this season’s earlier beatdown.
  • Quite the ending to the Pittsburgh/San Diego game.  Pitt hits the game leading field goal, 11-10 and SD has 5 seconds left to try to score.  They lateral a few times and Troy Polamalu gets the ball and rushes for the TD.  The refs took that away due to an illegal forward pass by San Diego, so the game was 11-10 final.  Wacky.  Pitt battled out a last second win and being last weeks Douchetard obviously lit a fire under Big Ben, as he went 31 of 41 for 308 yards.  You’re welcome, Ben, I’ll take the credit.
  • So much for my prediction of a low scoring defensive battle in the Baltimore/Giants game.  30-10?  Not so much!  The Giants ran for 207 yards against the vaunted Raven defense and Joe Flacco looked like the rookie he is against the Giants pass rush.  He threw a pick 6 and another interception.  Neither quarterback threw for a lot of yards, 164 for Flacco and 153 for Eli, but the running game made the difference for the Giants, and they continue to impress.
  • My Bucs continue to be offensively challenged when they get within the red zone, coming away with only one touchdown yet again.  But it was enough, as the defense rallied in the second half, not giving up a point after allowing 13 in the first half.  Garcia was great today, throwing for 255 yards and no picks, moving around in the pocket and keeping the ball alive when most QBs would go down.  The defense checked in with 5 sacks and a crucial turnover after a missed Bryant field goal gave Minny some potential life down by 6 late in the game, and held Peterson to only 85 yards rushing, which didn’t look possible after the first half.
  • The dream is still alive!!! I was a little nervous earlier in the day when Detroit was leading Carolina, but I knew better than to think the Lions would pull it out.  Which is a shame really, cause I could get over the disappointment of losing my Ofer if the Panthers got a loss.  It’s all about the Bucs for me, you know!  Culpepper threw a pick 6 and had a crucial fumble late in the game as they were driving for a potential tying score.  He was heavily in contention for Douchetard but being on the Lions allows for a little handicap.  Plus I had a couple better contenders, so there you go.
  • San Fran managed to chalk up 28 points on the hapless Rams during one quarter and the game was never in doubt from then on.  Even though they’ve managed two wins to the Lions 0, I do feel that the Rams might very well be the worst team in the league.  Getting beaten down by the 9ers doesn’t speak overly well for you and I feel if they went head to head, Detroit would win.  I have no proof of this, but the Rams really do suck.
  • MVP front runner, Kurt Warner, checked in with another big day; 32 of 44 for 395 yards.  Boldin and Fitzgerald were their stellar selves and Arrington got a couple touchdowns.  Seattle closed a bit but 3 Hasselbeck picks were too much to overcome.  Arizona might have their division locked up already…got the west sucks.  But Zona is impressive and that offensive will keep things interesting in the playoffs.
  • I finally got to see the Titans play today and came away very impressed.  They were actually pretty dominated in the first half of their game and I was kicking myself for picking them, but they scored two quick touchdowns in the second half to take the lead and never gave it up.  That defensive line is very impressive to watch, constantly in the backfield.  Gerrard was uncomfortable all day and completed only 13 of 30 passes for 135 yards and a pick.  Tenn’s running game wasn’t the force it has been, but their two backs combined for over 100 yards and Collins threw for 230 with 3 TD’s.  The undefeated team rolls on.
  • And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  I have a couple of revelations for you with this week’s Douchetard Award.  By popular demand (ok, so it was two people, but that’s good enough), the Douchetard Award will now be named The Sage Rosenfels Memorial Douchetard Award, in honor of our inaugural winner, the immortal Sage Rosenfels, who is the only player who has been in contention pretty much since the award started, which is impressive when you think about the fact that he’s only a backup QB.  Thanks for being injured, Schaub, you’ve inspired a nation.  Or…well…a few blog readers.  Be proud!  And, if that weren’t enough excitement, we have two winners this week.  Two players stepped up and snatched away a victory for their teams.  Now they didn’t end up losing, but they didn’t win either.  You may have guessed them by now.  Donovan McNabb and Shane Graham are this weeks Douchetards!  McNabb kicked in with 3 picks and a fumble, plus an almost pick in overtime.  Shane Graham managed to miss a 47 yard field goal at the end of overtime that would have won the game for woeful Cincy.  Congratulations, Donovan and Shane, you are this weeks Dual Memorial Sage Rosenfels Douchetards of the Week!

That’s about it for the majority of the games.  I’ve only lost 2 and a half games this week (hey I get partial credit for the stupid Cincy/Philly tie) so I’m liking the way things are going.  I’ll be back on Wednesday with this weeks picks, until then, enjoy the last two games of the week.

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