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I’m ripping this idea off from my friend Tripp who talked about what you could expect from her in the upcoming year.  I figured that was a pretty good idea, especially with new shows checking in and some things I write about checking out (football, sob!), so I’m borrowing the idea for myself.  This is also my 100th blog, so it seems a good time to talk about the year ahead and look back at what I’ve already done.  Momentous occasion!

First up, I’ll be blogging weekly on Lost when it checks in.  Lost is my FAVORITE show so I am very very excited for it’s return on Jan 21st.  I, again, will not pretend to be a better TV watcher than I am, I’ll write what I liked and what I didn’t and hypothesize a little for you, but if you’re looking for someone who will be able to lay out the myth arc hit someone way more intelligent than I could ever hope to be.

Okay, embarrassing admission time, there is one reality show that I watch and one reality show that I write about.  American Idol, back in a couple weeks.  I don’t know if I should be embarrassed about this but I’ve been writing about it for a couple years now on myspace and I figure I’ll bring the action over here as well.  I doubt I’ll start this one until they get to Hollywood though, my patience for the loser contestants wears out quickly and I figure they don’t need any more attention from me than an eye roll.  We’ll see though.  New judge may inspire me to write something, who can say?

Friday Night Lights will check back in and I’ll be thrilled to write about that one.  There are few shows that I love as much as FNL.  Family drama and football, what more could you ask for?  Oh, and some hotness…they have that too.  I have managed to stay relatively unspoiled on this show despite the fact that DirectTV aired all the episodes already, so it’ll be fun to experience them with fresh eyes.  I actually stay unspoiled on all shows but Days, I need to mentally prepare myself on that one.

I’ll continue my NFL coverage through the Super Bowl, then have a little time out until April when I will live blog the first round of the draft.  This will be another first for me, but I figure I watch the whole thing so why not catalog it for ya’ll?  I’ll also have to play along with the Favre retirement watch no doubt, my disgust in that will boil over and I’ll have to say something.  Hell, I’ll say it now, he’s coming back people, he can’t stand NOT being in the spotlight.

Baseball will come back in April and I may write about it some, but it’s really hard to get too interested early in the season.  I imagine if the name Barroid Bonds gets invoked I will feel the need to write about that, but I think he might really stay gone and that will keep me relatively happy.  I have no idea what to expect from my team this year, probably nothing good, and that will drive my interest in the season; it’s not like football where I can talk about all teams.

I’m not sure what new TV shows I might take up, I plan on watching Dollhouse for sure but whether it’s worthy of writing about remains to be seen.  Trying new TV shows in this day and age is just asking for pain, so I’m gonna try not to get too attached.  You just get too hurt when they disappear in a year or two.  Farewell Dirty Sexy Money, miss you Moonlight, sorry to see you go Jericho.  You get the idea, I get nothing but disappointed generally.  It’s why I resisted Heroes and didn’t start watching til the 2nd season.

I will, of course, continue to write about Days until it finally takes its dying breath, which could be soon the way things are going.  I figure if you guys are toughing it out, I will too, despite the pointless plots and terrible writing.  I need to have a bitter blog here and there and Days seems to provide more than enough fodder for that!

I will continue to write about Heroes and Supernatural weekly as well try to write more about other shows I love like Bones, I really do need to add that one in.  I think I’ll be doing a whole lot of writing from the sound of it!  Maybe I’ll be less rambly than usual, that might help!

I think that’s about it, if anybody has any suggestions of things they’d like to see me address, feel free to leave a comment and tell me to get my butt in gear!  I am willing to consider writing about movies as well; after football season is over I tend to see a lot more flicks, so we’ll see if anything is worthy there.  So, I look forward to the new year, hope everyone has a happy one and I hope you all come back to see what I do in the year ahead.  Doing this blog for the last 6 months has been a lot of fun and one of my joys.  Does this make me sad?  I don’t know, but there you go!  See you soon!

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Instead of doing a long winded post about one show, I’m going to do a short post about several of them.  Things that are on my mind but I don’t feel like spinning out for a thousand or so words if you will.

Dirty Sexy Money

Farewell beloved Darling family!  Last night news broke that Dirty Sexy Money had been canceled.  They’ll film the 13 episodes they had approved for this year and that’s it.  I’m very disappointed by this, for along with Gossip Girl, this show was my guiltiest pleasure.  It was soapier than both my daytime soaps combined and everyone was so shallow and fun.  The only good thing to come out of this is perhaps Days could hire the DSM writers to spice up the show?  HAHA Wishful thinking I know!

What I’d like to see when the show ends?  I’d like to see Karen and Nick decide to make it happen.  Or at least one hot sex scene (me and the sex demands lately!).  I’d like to see Brian step up as the family leader, he is too awesome to be pushed aside all the time.  I’d like to see Jeremy actually doing something other than falling in love with a woman.  He’s been in love with 4 or 5 in the brief running of the show.  I’d like to see Nick’s wife die.  Sorry, I don’t like Lisa George.  I’d like to know definitively who killed Dutch George.  I’d like to see Simon exposed as the bastard he is and Nola free of his tyranny.  I’d like Patrick to become his own man, drop politics and win back Carmelita.  I’m sure I could think of more but that will do for now.

Pushing Daisies

Another show given the ax by ABC yesterday.  I don’t have a lot to say about it because I only watched sporadically last season and not at all this season.  It’s one of those whimsical shows that people supposedly either love or hate, but I, of course, fell right down the middle.  Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it.  Whimsy isn’t really my style.  I feel for the fans though, I know what it’s like to have a show you love yanked before its time.

Grey’s Anatomy

I’m not sure what show I’m watching here.  Is Daddy Winchester haunting a hospital now?  Why aren’t Sam and Dean running around Seattle Grace?  It makes more sense than what Shonda is doing to this show.  Izzy is seeing dead Denny and even made love to him last night.  YAY!  A plot ripped off of General Hospital is surely the way to go, Shonda!  Dear lord.  She thinks she’s telling a great love story, no doubt, but I think she’s lost her damn mind.  I loved Denny…they killed him and that was that.  He appeared in Meredith’s (also lame) death, but at least that sort of made sense.  Having Izzy be able to touch and make love to him now?  No.  You’ve ruined what was a great story, memories of Denny’s death are being replaced by a grinning ghost Denny.  Sigh.

And while I’m ranting about Grey’s, WTF was with having Lexie actually perform an appendectomy on Meredith’s new, very annoying, friend?  Lexie, overachiever, perfect student?  I don’t buy that for a second.  And I know the chick pushed her by starting the cut, but still.  I loathed this plot line and the fact that apparently all the interns get to keep their jobs.  I did like Meredith, Christina, Alex and George attempting to channel their inner Bailey on the interns, but heads should have rolled.


One of these days I’ll have to attempt to do a whole blog on Bones, for I love this show.  The chemistry between Booth and Brennan is outstanding.  She’s just hilarious, brilliant but so socially inappropriate.  My complaint with this one right now?  Angela.  I have never been that into Angela but I liked her with Hodgins.  They had what was probably the lamest breakup since that Jonas brother broke up with that Swift chick in a 20 second phone call and now she’s hooked up with her old girlfriend.  I don’t care that she’s with a woman, but the bouncing from Hodgin’s right to the other chick is just annoying.  And because I can’t talk about Bones without just saying this once, SWEETS! hee I love that guy.

Gossip Girl

Yep, it’s my other guilty pleasure.  I am so in love with Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf that I can’t stand myself.  They’re like the Cruel Intentions kids personified, without the icky step-sibling factor thrown in.  If the show ditched every character but the two of them, it would be enthralling.  I don’t mind Serena either, but her new boyfriend, Aaron, is a total skeeve.  I hate that guy.  And it’s not like I was a big Dan Humphrey fan either.  He was a sanctimonious jerk but she occasionally made him likable, unlike Aaron.  The whole Humphrey family, minus the father, is useless in my eyes anyway.  Bring on the Basshole and forget about the rest!  While I’m on that topic, I adore that ad campaign for GG that uses Britney’s “Womanizer” song with all the Chuck scenes, never was an ad more apt and perfect.  I love Chuck Bass.

What’s funny is that I loathed him in the first episode, but over time he’s been fleshed out and just become more and more fascinating.  Throw in his wacky clothes and smarmy moves and he’s just character perfection.  I can’t wait to see him and Blair hook up again.

How I Met Your Mother

My other favorite male man-whore is Barney Stinson.  NPH makes this entire show.  The Barneyisms, the bromance, the Happy You’re Not a Father’s Day, Suiting Up!….it’s all legen….wait for it….dary!  That’s really all I have to say about the show, I adore it, but Barney is totally my guy.

Desperate Housewives

Enough gushing, back to ranting.  Why did they slam Mike and Katherine together?  There’s been no build up and we barely see them together, so I’m not sure what the point was.  To annoy Susan?  That’s not hard.

I love Edie’s husband and I guess he’s after Mike, that’s been established.  Why is beyond me.  I thought maybe he was the husband of the wife that Susan killed in the car crash but then he’d be targeting her.  I think Mike killed someone in prison and he talked about his brother dying in prison, so I guess that is.  Yay, another mystery involving Mike’s past.  That hasn’t been done to death.

So now Carlos is going to be able to get his eyesight back?  Um okay.  They’ve done a good job of making Gabby look frumpy but I find her wholly uninteresting now.  I need scheming Gabby back and her kids?  Good lord.

Alright, that’s enough rambling.  Now you know some of the other shows that get my time and attention.  I am a TV Junkie as you can see, for there are others not covered here as well.  If people like this I’ll keep it going and update on various shows weekly or bi-weekly.  Let me know!

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