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Week 8 NFL Picks

I’m coming off an improved week, mainly because instead of going for upsets right and left I went with the hot teams and went against the cold ones.  Yay me.  9-5 is much better.  Now to this week’s Douchetard.  I’ve given it some thought and I think it’s about time that Jake Delhomme got the illustrious honor, don’t you?  No touchdowns, 3 interceptions. Actually, he might get Douchetard of the year now that I look at his stats.  4 touchdowns (through 6 games), 13 interceptions.  Holy crap.  And Carolina keeps starting him?  So yeah, Jake Delhomme is this week’s Douchetard.  He may very well win the title again this year.  P.U!

Texans over Bills: Victory is mine!  Houston FINALLY did what I said they would do.  Now, we’ll see if they can pull that off two weeks in a row.  Buffalo seems to be slightly improved with Fitzpatrick at QB so we’ll see, but I have to believe the Texans won’t sink to their opponents level.  Who am I kidding?

Bears over Browns: So glad I went with Chicago last week.  Jeez.  Cutler is such a wild card, I can’t believe Chitown gave him $30 mill.  Enjoy it.  Spectacular games mixed with spectacular flame outs.  Oh, and sideline tirades and pouting.  At least you’ll always have a show, Windy City!  The Browns suck, though, so this week should be easy.

Cowboys over Seahawks: So last week Dallas decided to show up and play like they should.  Can they do it two weeks in a row?  Seattle isn’t exactly a formidable opponent but neither was KC.  We’ll see which team appears.  Miles Austin is having a hell of a year, since nobody will tackle him.

Lions over Rams: Dear God, I would rather be stabbed in the eye than watch this game.  Not sure on Calvin Johnson’s status but I do know that the Rams are pretty damn putrid.  And they’re worse than Tampa, at least I keep telling myself this.  They need to keep that myth up so that I can lie to myself for a few more weeks.  Go Lions!

Colts over 49ers: In Manning I Trust.  This Manning anyway.  Other Manning has let me down two weeks in a row.  I do not want to have to change my motto.  This could be a pretty good game, but as always, Peyton trumps rejuvenated SF, coming off a QB change.

Jets over Dolphins: I’m not sure what in the hell happened with the Dolphins last week.  They scored like machines for most of the game but then pissed away an upset win over the Saints.  I didn’t know they had it in them to score like that so this pick makes me nervous but I have to think that was an aberration.  Right?  I dunno, I’m going with the rookie QB with a few more games under his belt.

Giants over Eagles: I am not sure why I’m picking the Giants after they have failed me two weeks in a row, but I don’t see them losing 3.  Philly has been kinda wild this season so I will go with the Manning, again.  He best not let me down.

Ravens over Broncos: Yeah, I’m doing it.  Again.  Picking against Denver.  Again.  Probably getting bit in the ass.  Again.  But look, Baltimore has lost several games now and they can’t afford another one.  And they’re a pretty good team.  And the Broncos still have Orton behind center, which somehow has not hurt them yet.  It has to eventually, doesn’t it?  Argh.  Stupid pick, I know, but I’m going for it.

Titans over Jaguars: Yep, I’m doing it. I’m picking one of the Ofer teams to get their first win.  The Titans are going with Vince Young at QB, which might give them some more pep?  Or not.  I just really don’t trust Jags, who had to go OT to beat the Rams, let’s not forget.  I’ll probably kick my own ass for making this pick tomorrow but for now, I’m going with my gut.

Chargers over Raiders: I still can’t figure out how Oak won 2 games.  I really and truly can’t.  They are godawful.  SD is not good but they are good enough to beat the Raiders.  Oh, and note to Jamarcus Russell…it is your fault.  I know you don’t seem to realize that, but it really is.

Cardinals over Panthers: This is the kind of game that the Cards lose but I’m counting on newly anointed Douchetard Delhomme (which has an awesome ring to it) to throw a few more picks and keep the Cards rollin.  Still love Fitz and Boldin.

Vikings over Packers: Favre Bowl Part 2.  Last time around I picked the Pack to win and they failed me.  This time, it’ll probably be the opposite.  I honestly don’t know who to go for here.  I figure, though, that Favre has stabbed Packer fans in the heart over and over this season so why not one more time?  I still want to have Adrian Peterson’s babies, by the way.

Saints over Falcons: I actually think Atlanta could hang here but I’m going to go with the team that keeps on winning.  I don’t think they will go 16-0, thank you very much Reggie Bush for making that prediction after week 7, but I think they’ll win a whole lot.  Oh, and since I’m talking to Reggie, I would also like to address his commentary on proving himself and becoming MVP and going to the Pro Bowl.  Um…no.  If the MVP comes from the Saints, which it might, it will be your quarterback, numbnuts.  Bush hasn’t even been that fabulous this year, Superman touchdown aside.  The guy is delusional, must be from hanging out with the Kardashian bitches too often.

So there you have it, my predictions for the week that will be.  Happily, Tampa is off so I get to watch 3 good games!  I know, novel concept.  Enjoy the weekend and I’ll be back with you soon.

Last Week: 9-5

Season Total: 70-34

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How cute was old man Dean?  I thought he was awesome.

Another Supernatural with an old school feel but definitely enjoyable.  This is, of course, because of snarky, grumpy old man Dean and Bobby combining forces to give Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau a run for their money.  I won’t pretend that I was not slightly annoyed that Sam, the least experienced poker player, is the one to save the day, but that’s a minor bitch that I can get over.

Dean was no match for the witch, apparently Sam was.

Sam & Dean go to a town that has a 25 year old man die of old age.  Turns out there’s a poker game where you bet years of your life and that guy lost.  Dean calls Bobby to discuss the happenings and Bobby, clearly unhappy with life, hits town himself and loses 25 years.  Dean takes on Patrick, the manwitch as Dean calls him (hee) and loses 50, 25 that he gives to Bobby to return him to normal and then 25 for himself that he loses, making him 80 years old.

We don’t get to see the loss, we just get to see Sam come back from his burger run and encounter an old man that he is about to shoot before Dean tells him to relax, it’s him.  Sam tells him he looks like Emperor Palpatine, Bobby calls him John McCain and Dean refers to himself as the old chick in Titanic.  Awesome.  Kudos to the actor playing Old Dean because he had the tone and mannerisms down.

Hilariously, Dean’s bacon cheeseburger gave him acid reflux, thus he had to give up his beloved food.  Dean wants to be Benjamin Buttoned back into burger shape and then he hits on this woman at the hotel who tells him he’s just like her grandfather.  Bobby and Sam are quite amused, as was I.  Silly girl, if she only knew what she was really laughing at.

Patrick the witch fakes getting hit by a car and then steals it, much to Dean’s amusement.  He admits to rather liking him.  They follow him to his place to try to steal back the chips.  The elevator isn’t working so Bobby can’t go up and they have to use the stairs and poor Dean is about ready to die at the second floor.  The chip plan fails, as it’s not the chips it’s the chanting and Patrick and his wife catch them in the act.  He lets slip that Dean’s heart isn’t very good since he ate like crap all those years, then claps at Sam a few times and gives him an STD.  He starts walking funny and Dean tells him he got the clap and laughs.  Hee.

All fun aside, the meat of this episode really came when Bobby railed at the boys about wishing that he had the strength to kill himself.  He wants to play again because he has nothing to live for.  He hates watching others fight while he’s stuck in the chair doing nothing.  Jim Beaver was great in this scene.  I didn’t like that Dean only said his name and didn’t do anything else but it led up to what I wanted in the end so I won’t bitch about it.

Female witch woman met the guys back at their hotel room teaching them how to reverse the spells.  It turns out she lost her child and she’s lived a long time and is just tired and wants to go.  We get to see that Patrick does have a heart, willingly giving 13 years to an old man even though he could have beaten him.  Sam goes to play Patrick while Dean & Bobby work on getting the items needed to reverse the spell.

Dean keeps whining and complaining about sore elbows and a hurt back.  He and Bobby just trade insults back and forth.  After Bobby tells Dean to stop bitching, he informs him that killing him is on his bucket list.  Meanwhile Patrick is taunting Sam about being at the kiddie table, not being respected by Dean to handle things himself.  Sam keeps eying a toothpick that Patrick is sucking on, he steals it and gives it to Dean to use in the spell.  It turns out that Dean trusted him enough to let him provide the distraction while they gathered their items.  Unfortunately, Patrick was on to him and made sure he got the wrong toothpick.  The spell failed and Dean was not yet pretty again, much to his consternation.

Patrick is pissed about Sam cheating and nearly magics him to death but wifey steps in and admits that she’s the one that told the boys how to kill them.  He orders Sam to keep playing while Dean and Bobby try to get some more DNA at the witches apartment.  Patrick taunts Sam about being a cautious player but turns out that Sam had nothing in his hand, bluffed him cold.  Patrick tells him that if they had time he could make a player out of him; Sam says he has plenty of time and Patrick tells him he has minutes.  He won’t let Sam go, so Sam has to play on as Dean collapses.

I did like that Sam’s immediate instinct was to go after Dean and he played recklessly once he knew he was in danger.  That felt like old times with the brothers, putting each other first.  He was in full on panic mode and just threw his chips in without even looking at his cards.  He wanted the game to be over so he could get to Dean.  Patrick had a full house, fours and aces, and thought he’d won but Sam had four fours to take the pot and save his brother.  Patrick tells him there’s more to him than meets the eye.  We knew that already.

While I loved old man Dean, I shall always prefer Pretty Dean.

Bobby’s panicking because Dean wasn’t answering him and out comes Pretty Dean, dancing and clicking his heals.  Bobby calls him an idiot in that special Bobby way, relief in his tone.  Patrick plays cards with his wife and she loses so she can die and go be with their daughter.

Dean comes in with his beloved cheeseburger while Sam runs out to get his booster shot to clear up his clap. hehe  Dean apologizes to Bobby for giving him shit and calling him an idiot.  Then he informs Bobby that he’s not useless and makes Bobby stay and listen to him.  I’ll quote again.  “You don’t stop being a soldier because you got wounded in battle.  No matter what shape you’re in, bottom line is you’re family.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed but me and Sam, we don’t have much left.  I can’t do this without you.  I can’t.  So don’t you dare think about checking out.  I don’t wanna hear that again.”  Bobby looks teary and says okay.  Dean tells him good and Bobby thanks him and asks if they’re done feeling their feelings so they can get out of the room before they start growing lady parts.  Dean throws his cheeseburger away and then calls him Ironsides again, Bobby’s a little perturbed that he seems to have acquired a nickname.  He looks up and sighs, was it a sigh of acceptance?

I loved the conversation.  I was so surprised that Dean didn’t say much of anything when Bobby talked about eating his gun but he just kept it and dealt with it when he was back to normal.  He needed to let Bobby know just how important he was to them.  I was hoping for him to say something about him being more of a father than his own was but he didn’t go that far.  Still, the family aspect was heavily addressed.  It made me fear for Bobby’s future, honestly, but he’s okay for now and that’s what matters.  Really good scene for Jensen and Jim.  All the emotion was there and I felt like I’d been punched in the gut I was so into it.

I like episodes like this, that have something so very important to say without being over the top about it.  I truly hope Bobby has more coming up that allows him to feel useful.  I think Dean will make sure of it.  So, there you have it, next week we get the TV one, with the return of Chuck it appears. Yay for Chuck!  We’ll see on the episode, it’s a few too many humorous ones in a row for my taste but I’m keeping an open mind.  Oh, and I forgot to say it, but yeah.  I totally found Old Man Dean attractive.  What can I say?  I like his attitude and find it sexy, that didn’t change even though he was wrinkly.  Don’t worry, I’m calling the psychiatrist next week.  Instead of talking, I’ll just have them read this blog and a few of my other ones mentioning my weird attractions. hehe

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Sexing Janice does not bring out the best look for Sylar, in any way. NEVER AGAIN!

Last night’s Heroes was all about identity issues.  Claire apparently is thinking about hooking up with Gretchen but she’s afraid of ruining their friendship.  Not afraid of doing a chick, mind you, just their awesome friendship that thus far is based on stalking and lies.  Yay.  Matt apparently really does have Sylar inside of him, which may invoke more sexual images but that’s not where we’re going here.  Sylar’s using Matt’s mind control now and having a blast with it.  HRG doesn’t know what the hell to do with himself anymore so he wastes his time trying to save a freak.  Tracy has nothing going on so she decides to be helpful as well.  The only person not having an issue is Samuel, who is busy being awesome.  I am in love with Samuel now, even if I hate his circus of freaks.


Nothing like a little hazing...Gretchen should be forced to wear the bag 24/7.

Where to start?  With a little girl on girl?  That’ll get the attention, won’t it?  Sadly, not so much.  Actually, despite the annoying lesbian undertones, the Claire/Gretchen stuff was kinda fun.  The sorority kidnapped them and took them to a slaughter house where they had to find clues and whomever won would get to avoid hell week.  Seeing as hell week started off with kidnapping and near death, avoiding it would probably be a good thing.  For some reason, there were only 4 girls involved in said hunt, teams of two.  Not much of a competition, especially when the other two are typical ninnies screaming at every little thing.  We got a Carrie homage and had flying meathooks and all sorts of things.


They took every opportunity to bring these two closer and closer.

Of course, while Claire and Gretchen are strolling through the house of death they decide to converse about the kiss.  It seems that Gretchen swings both ways and has apparently sexed up 6 or 7 dudes.  I call foul on that cause I can’t imagine 6 or 7 dudes wanting her, but whatever.  She’s had girlfriends too.  Yay.  Claire is all virginal and embarrassed about it.  I imagine Gretchen can guide her into the world of sexual discovery, no?  That’s what they kept hinting at, from the time they were smooshed into a trunk together to Claire falling on top of Gretchen to save her from a hook.  Very subtle sexual signals, writers.

Once you got beyond all the sexual tension, the murder stuff was actually kinda fun.  Becky was trying to kill Gretchen but Claire kept saving her and then Becky pinned her to the wall with some piece of wood but Claire swung something and knocked her down and suddenly they all saw her.  Her plan of isolating Claire actually backfired because the other two sorority girls walked in and ran to help Claire and Becky took off.  So I guess she has more explaining to do, seeing as Gretchen pulled her off the wall and they all watched her heal.  More friends!  HRG will no doubt be pleased that his daughter is acclimating so well and the world knows her secret.


Tracy bonded with murder boy.

HRG, meanwhile, was in Georgia with annoying Jeremy.  His belief that if they called the cops everything would be fine didn’t so much work out, as the cops refused to release him and were charging him with the murder of his parents.  Jeremy didn’t help matters by sulking and refusing to do anything to contradict the charges.  HRG called in Tracy to pretend to be the annoying kids aunt.  She got on board and was all drawn to the kid for some unfathomable reason.  They set him up with a new life in Georgetown and had everything ready to go.


Farewell, Jeremy, you will not be missed. Go be emo in heaven or hell. Probably hell I guess.

They get him out of prison, though, and some protesters come up and start yelling at Jeremy.  He reaches out and puts his hands on one and kills him, then turns around and walks right back into prison.  What the hell? you may ask.  What the hell indeed.  Tracy is pissed that she wasted her time and HRG is shocked.  Jeremy gets led outside by some rogue cops and chained to a truck.  He doesn’t choose to save himself and Tracy and HRG find him dead in the road.  Nice.  At least we don’t have to deal with him anymore.  HRG is lost again.  Tracy, meanwhile, wants nothing to do with HRG anymore and takes out the compass that Samuel hooked her up with earlier in the episode.  Looks like she’s heading to the circus.


Why didn't she just stay away?

Sylar/Nathan saw her there and remembered how she helped him once and Samuel got pissed and told him that she helped Nathan and he needs to get the real him back.  Sylar wonders where the real him is and then we find out he’s inside Matt.  Well first he’s inside Janice, er, Matt’s inside Janice but it’s Sylar doing the deed?  Whatever, gross.  She is undeserving.  She was quite satisfied too, much to Matt’s chagrin when he realized it was Sylar.


This is what Circus Sylar was wearing. There are just no words. NEVER AGAIN AGAIN!

Sylar was on fire this episode, taunting Matt about the forbidden fruit and laughing at the irony of someone else controlling Matt’s mind.  He tries to order him to find his body and return him to normal but Matt starts drinking.  He finds that by drinking he can silence Sylar, so he gets trashed.  Prior to that he tried to send Janice and the baby away, but she just went and got his partner who told him sobriety day one starts again.  Hello, throw his ass in rehab, morons.  While Matt was passed out, Sylar took control back and seemed quite happy about matters.


Samuel takes out the police and enjoys it. Nice to have a psycho again!

Samuel, as mentioned, went to Georgia to retrieve Tracy and show her the glory of circus life.  She was unimpressed but when the kid died she seemed to be planning on using the compass to get back to him.  Samuel, unlike HRG and Tracy, decided to do a little something about the cops killing a 17 year old.  He collapsed the entire police station, tres awesomely.  It’s nice to have SOMEONE taking care of business.  If he brings my Sylar back all the way I will love him beyond all reason.

So that was all.  Next week, Hiro reunites with his girl and they sing a song.  Okay, I am lying about the song part, but it would be way more interesting than Hiro himself is.  On the bright side, we’ll get to see old school Sylar there to kill her, so that’s a good thing, right?  Right???

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Week 7 NFL Picks

Yeah, really on top of sports this week aren’t I?  To be fair, I have been writing, just not about sports.  Sorry bout that, I won’t be such a slacker next week.  I thought about doing this Friday and didn’t, Sat and didn’t and here I am now.  I’d name a Douchetard but I don’t really remember what happened last weekend other than my Bucs losing again and some huge days put up by the big QB’s. I guess I’ll name the Titans Douchetards for putting up a zero against the Pats.  There, DT done.  On with the picks!

Houston over SF-  Both of these teams screwed me last week, so I’m back to picking Houston and dicking them over as they dick me over.  Hate.  Love Andre Johnson though.

Green Bay over Cleveland- Cleveland got their gift win, they’re done.

San Diego over KC-  SD dicked me over too, last time I call them soft and then pick them anyway against a good team.  Lesson learned.  They aren’t playing a good team today though.

Indy over St. Louis-  Awesome, Peyton can take a half day today, this game will be over by the end of the first quarter.

Minnesota over Pittsburgh-  Great game and I actually get it, though same time as both my teams battle in London so we’ll see how much I get to see.  I’m going with Minny’s offense because I like them better than Pitt’s and something is just missing with the champs this year.  They’re not kicking ass like they should be.

New England over Tampa-  Lock of the week.  Only question is how badly will the Bucs lose?  40?  50?  Moss should have a huge day against the shitty Tampa secondary.  It depresses me to write that.  I miss my defense.  Thank god I love the Pats too, it’ll be interesting to watch my good team vs. my crappy team and see how I handle it.  Psychological football study.

Jets over Oakland-  I don’t know what Oakland was thinking, winning against the Eagles last week and ruining one of my locks of the week.  They must have drugged the Iggles or something, only explanation I have.  Sanchez is looking more like a rookie these days, isn’t he?

Carolina over Buffalo-  Putrid game.  Carolina is on a mini run due to playing crap teams 3 weeks in a row.  Good for them I guess.  Steve Smith vs. TO for biggest sideline bitcher this week.

Chicago over Cincy-  Give Cincy the benefit of the doubt and they lose.  Thanks Bengals.  Back to not being on the bandwagon.  Man my picks sucked last week.

Atlanta over Dallas-  Dallas hasn’t impressed me all year.  Atl is decent but not surprising anybody.  I’m going with the Falcons because of Romo.

New Orleans over Miami-  The Saints ae clearly emulating the 2007 Pats.  I can’t root for them to go undefeated though, I just can’t.

NY Giants over Arizona-  I look for the Giants to bounce back after last week’s debacle vs. NO.  Another great pick I made.  Lovely.

Philly over Washington-  Still on Jim Zorn watch, still don’t believe he’ll last year the no matter what the GM says.  Wash is putrid.  Philly has to make a statement after crapping the bed vs. Oakland.

So there you have it, sorry I was rushed but you know, that’s what happens when you don’t write til 2 and a half hours before gametime.  Next week, I swear.  I’ll even do a commentary today or tomorrow.  Count on it!

Last Week:  8-6

Season Total: 61-29

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New chapter is up at ff.net.  I’ll get 16 and 17 loaded here sometime today as well, lazy I know!


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Yeah that face pretty much covers it.

Yeah that face pretty much covers it.

Le sigh.  You would think that an episode that had quite a bit of Sylar would be pleasing, at least to me.  You would think that, but you would be wrong.  This would be because Sylar’s having his 2343th who am I? crisis and the circus freaks are not pushing him dark side fast enough for my liking.  Oh they tried but Nathan’s goody good nature crept up at the most inopportune of times and ruined the Ghostbusting fun.  I’ll get to that though, because even though I bitch about it, it was by far the best part of the episode.

Why is that?  Well because the rest of the episode was, as Tripp dubbed it, An After School Special.  Make that a Very Special After School Special.  And you can’t have “special” without Hiro being prominently involved, now can you?  He defines “special” after all.  But Hiro was not the only member involved in After School Specials, oh no, they had to draw HRG and Pretty Peter into their own version as well, which spun out of Hiro’s.  Hate.  Which to talk about first?

Peter is trying my patience and my love by helping Hiro.

Peter is trying my patience and my love by helping Hiro.

Hiro is in the hospital now, where he refuses to stay in his bed and instead keeps wandering around and talking to poor Emma.  He figured out she was deaf after she told him about 3 times, so I guess that puts him one up on Pretty but Dim Peter.  Peter unleashed Hiro on the poor deaf girl, telling her to ask him about having powers as Hiro was the ultimate person to teach her about how “good” powers could be.  So, she made the mistake of asking.  First he raved for awhile and she couldn’t understand him, then he talked like she was retarded and could understand nothing.  Why she didn’t just laser kill him then and there is beyond me.

But if she had, then we would have missed out on his damn magic performance.  Yeah, they were having some show for the sick kids and Hiro pretended to be a magician, stopping time so he could disappear.  Sadly, he did not permanently disappear.  The best part about this scene was this nurse who was quite irritated and was making faces because he was out of bed.  But then she succumbed to his charm (as if he has any) and she was no longer remotely cool.

Hiro and Emma got to talking about how he wants to use his power to help people, even though that’s killing him.  He doesn’t care, it is worth it if he dies helping others.  Yep, whatever.  Just hurry up and die, it would help me and my enjoyment of the show immensely.  At the end of the episode, instead of waiting for Peter, he took off to go back in time and save his one true love, Charlie.  Yay for her return, boo for more Hiro next week.

Why was Claire even there?  Are her lips lonely?

Why was Claire even there? Are her lips lonely?

While Hiro was irritating a deaf woman, Peter went to HRG to ask him to help him find a healer so he could save the moron.  Yeah, Peter is on my shit list, despite the Pretty.  HRG conveniently remembers a kid in Georgia that he went to see a couple of years ago that could heal.  Peter had grabbed Hiro’s power to teleport so he and HRG take off to find the kid.  On a side note, Claire was in this episode for some inexplicable reason, hanging with her dad as if last time we saw her she was not having a girl on girl moment with her roommate.  No reaction to the kiss, nothing.  Good job Heroes.

Annoying, fugly healer, may we never see him again.

Annoying, fugly healer, may we never see him again.

When our boys get to Georgia, they find all the plants outside the house dead, dead birds and dead parents in the living room.  Fun.  Anyway, Healer boy, whose name I think is Jeremy but who really cares?, was upstairs shooting at them and telling them to leave.  Seems that he’s lost control of his power and now kills instead of heals.  HRG tells him he knows how to help him and Peter zaps up and surprises the kid, who fires his gun.  Peter stops time but too late as he’s been shot in the chest.  Yeah, I finally got to see a sliver of Peter skin but it was all bloody.  Fuck you too, Heroes.

HRG convinces Healer boy to try touching Peter, seeing as he’s already on the path to killing him and all.  With his coaching, Healer heals and out pops the bullet.  Peter helps himself to the power and heads back to Hiro, the short way seeing as he can no longer teleport since they made the stupid decision to change his powers, again.  HRG stays behind to counsel the kid, finally having found his purpose again.  I think he needs to find his way to the carnival because emo-Healer boy has terrible hair and an annoying voice.  No more of him.  Peter gets back to the hospital but of course doofus is already gone, zapped to find Charlie and hopefully inches closer to death.  Tripp and I are hoping that Peter touches Emma or another powered person soon and loses healing before Hiro comes back.

What is more disturbing? The memories, the eyebrows or the hair?

What is more disturbing? The memories, the eyebrows or the hair?

And now, the circus.  Sylar doesn’t know who the hell he is but lo and behold, there’s a dude at the freakshow that can help him recover his true memories.  They take him to the fun house, because we should all have our freaky murderous memories appear in multiple mirrors, and that’s what happens.  He sees killing his mom, various powered people, Elle (SOB!), cake woman…all awesome Sylar moments that freak him the hell out.  He runs to Samuel and cries about being a killer.  Sam’s all like, dude, you’re awesome, suck it up.

Elle power!!!  I'm glad they at least showed a flash of her in his memories.

Elle power!!! I'm glad they at least showed a flash of her in his memories.

Later, Zorro, whose real name is Edgar and that is terrible so I shall not call him that, starts fighting with Sylar, throwing his knives near him.  Sylar flicks his wrist and tosses the knives right back.  Way awesome.  Then he throws Zorro into some concrete.  Zorro is pissed but Samuel is happy.  He invites Ghostbuster cop to the circus and tells Sylar to go take care of him.  He goes to the funhouse and tries, even whipping out the Elle power, but he can’t kill when it comes down to it.  I blame Nathan.  Zorro pops in and carves up Ghostbuster and bitches to Samuel about how useless Sylar is.  Samuel tells him right now maybe it’s good that he’s not ready to kill and then he has Lydia (AKA Tattoo Woman) lead him off to a trailer for some sex, which of course we don’t get to see.  Zorro is pretty pissed about this, so I assume he’s hot for Lydia.  I imagine Sylar will have to kill Zorro eventually, which will be good.

So that was the episode.  Sylar’s officially been baptized as a circus freak (literally, they lowered him in water and baptized him) and he’s fighting his nature still.  It looks like, from scenes, that he might actually be in Matt, which I did not think was happening but it could be.  I do know they’re going to have Sylar in bed with Janice which is not acceptable.  Not at all.  I do not look forward to that but I will pretend it’s Matt and still just his mind.  It’s the only way to get through.

So there you have it, another lackluster episode that was way OTT with the “helping others” shit and not remotely balanced with “killing others” on the Sylar end.  Fix it.  Soon.

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Week 6 NFL Picks

I’m back!  And I’m not better than ever!  I have a cold and I had crappy picks last week so that sucked.  But hey, I did write an actual football blog so that was something, right?  Anyhow, the fact that I did will make this shorter than usual, but I think you’ll live.  Hell nobody is reading anyway, well except Doug.  Hi Doug!  Last week’s Douchetard award was tough to come up with but I gave it some thought and decided on the Raven’s defense.  Now you might wonder why I would pick on such an illustrious (or so I’m told) unit but the fact is they let Cincy drive the field in less than 2 minutes and had 3 major penalties on the drive, all of which were legit calls.  So, they defined my snatching defeat from the jaws of victory criteria for the Douchetard award.  Congrats, Ravens D, I’m sure you’ll be happy to hold a press conference and file a protest over this.  Bring it, I crave the attention.  On to the picks!

Cincy over Houston:  I am now a Bengals believer.  Houston dicks with me every week so if I were a betting woman I would take Houston but I gotta go with my gut here.

Green Bay over Detroit:  The Lions are a team on the upswing and GB is not doing much of anything but they should be able to win here, right?  Crickets.  Well I’m picking them anyway.

Baltimore over Minnesota:  Oooh game of the week potential right here.  Very tough and I vacillated (awesome word that I of course misspelled) but decided the Ravens are coming off a tough loss, Minny is riding a euphoric high, that defense will want to kick some old man ass, why not Favre?  This has the potential for one of his multi-interception games which may turn the tide my way.

New York Giants over New Orleans:  Another awesome game.  And what do I get to watch?  Carolina/Tampa and nothing else.  Thanks again, NFL.  And no, I cannot drag my sick ass out to a bar to watch something good.  Anyway, my In Manning I Trust mantra has not let me down at all this year, the Giants have a better D and NO is due for a letdown.  Trifecta of awesomeness right there.

Pittsburgh over Cleveland:  Damn Browns ruined their chance at being the worst team in the league last week and I nearly picked them to win but didn’t.  Screw you Bills.  Anyway, back to losing this week, I’m quite confident.  I’ll make it my lock of the week as a matter of fact.

Carolina over Tampa:  Tampa could actually win this game but I’m going to go with the law of averages and assume they won’t.  Jake Delhomme could help the cause with a multiple pick day but even that doesn’t help (see the Redskins game).  Tampa is very sad and I really don’t know what to say about them anymore.  Oh, I know one thing I can say, farewell Gaines Adams, you will not be missed!  Picked up a 2nd rounder for him, which might make up for the Winslow trade.  I don’t know for sure.  But it’s good, the one good move they made.

Kansas City over Washington:  Just because the Skins blow, pressure is on and KC has actually played pretty decently in their losses.  Let the Gruden cries reach a fever pitch.

Jacksonville over St. Louis:  Can anybody figure out the Jags?  They are a complete roller coaster, remind me of my Noles.  Fortunately for them, they are playing the worst team in the league (yep, they’re #1 in my book) so they should be okay.

Arizona over Seattle:  I can’t figure out the Cardinals or the Seahawks.  I really can’t.  Going with Zonas receivers because they’re awesome.

Philly over Oakland:  Well look at that, another lock of the week.  I don’t know if Oakland is worse than Tampa or not.  Anybody voting?  I think next week I’ll have to do a team ranking, that would be fun to try.  Notice how I have nothing to say about this game?  Yeah, me too.

New England over Tennessee:  Do the Titans really go 0-6?  They have to be the best winless team in history don’t they?  It makes no sense but I can’t see them beating NE coming off a tough loss in Denver.  I hope Brady got together with his receiver this week, timing is way off there and if they got it together they’d be damn near unbeatable again.

New York Jets over Buffalo:  I think I’ll be picking against Buff all year after their sucktastic showing against Cleveland last week.  Still want my TO tirade!

Atlanta over Chicago:  This is another pick em game for me, I’m not really sure what will happen.  Atlanta is coming off a spanking of SF though who is a lot better this year.  I’m going with that momentum continuing for another week.

San Diego over Denver:  Yes, I am more of a believer in Denver right now but I’m still not sold.  And despite my criticism of SD as being soft, I think they can take them.  Division rivalry, at home, last chance to impress me, Chargers, don’t let me down.

So there you have it, my thoughts on tomorrow’s games.  Take them for what they’re worth, which is not a lot!

Last Week:  6-7 ICK!

Season Total:  53-23 much less ick!

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It’s up on fanfiction.net.  I’ll upload here later when I have more energy, for now here’s a link.


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I do so love the Fed look!

I do so love the Fed look!

This week’s Supernatural, I Believe The Children Are Our Future, was yet another blast back to season one, at least it felt that way to me.  Other than the presence of Castiel, there was not much that screamed season 5 to me.  I can’t decide if that’s good or bad.

I haven’t a lot to say about the storyline but I did enjoy seeing Dean eating with relish and having fun again.  However, it irritated me because what I worried about last week seemed to be coming to pass.  The brothers seem fine with one another again and they appeared to take over the earlier roles.  Sam the sensitive one, reaching out to the child, and Dean the wisecracking one.  But you know what I learned in my Supernatural Season 1 rewatch this summer?  It was the Dean was the one who connected with kids, not Sam.  Before that rewatch I would have thought that but I was wrong.  Oh well, I don’t mind a little role reversal now and then.

See? Another perfect casting job, the kid is angelic and scary at the same time.

See? Another perfect casting job, the kid is angelic and scary at the same time.

So it seems that the anti-Christ kid is gone, apparently surfing somewhere instead of picking sides with the angels or the demons.  I highly doubt we’re going to see the kid again which is actually pretty sad.  Once again, casting came through and found an adorable child that had the ability to be both endearing and menacing at the same time.  Why can they find perfect kid actors time and again but fail so epically with females?  I don’t get it.  Another post for another day I suppose.

Sam & Dean were not too pleased at the thought of killing a kid.

Sam & Dean were not too pleased at the thought of killing a kid.

There were two truly interesting things that came out in this episode, I thought.  The first was Sam wanting the kid to know the truth and to make the choice that he himself didn’t.  He wanted to see someone do the right thing after his failure last season.  It was kind of heartbreaking to see just how important that was to him.  I liked that he wanted to tell Jesse the truth and that he ended up doing it.  I consider that self-revelation an important part in his step to redemption (which is nowhere near complete).

A toy Castiel? I think I know someone who would like to play with him. hehe

A toy Castiel? I think I know someone who would like to play with him. hehe

The other thing that really caught my eye was the relationship between Sam and Castiel and it’s parallel to Sam & John Winchester.  Particularly in regards to Dean.  Cas called Sam out on his making the wrong choice and Sam really had no response to that.  Dean, ever the peacemaker, again tried to step in.  It just felt like he’d been sucked back into that middle role that he constantly was with his brother and father and I felt for him.  I like that Cas is still holding Sam responsible for his actions as I get the feeling that Dean is beyond it now.  I know what we all discussed last week but Dean didn’t jump on Cas’ side when he was challenging Sam, nor did he rush to Sam’s defense, so maybe he’s really and truly in the middle.  I don’t know.  I was glad that the boys both refused to kill Jesse, they haven’t changed that much that killing a kid would be alright with them.  I think, even though Cas said Sam wouldn’t hesitate last year, that he just might have.  At least until the end of the season.

I’m really kinda sad that they had Jesse just vanish instead of heading off to Bobby, I kinda liked the thought of him kicking it with the kid and practicing the mojo all over the car yard.  It would have been cute and made Bobby feel more involved.  I miss Bobby.

I’m of two minds on the return of Dean’s juvenile sense of humor.  On the one hand, I love seeing him having fun and laughing again.  On the other hand, there’s a time and a place and it doesn’t feel like now is the time or place.  But then again, anytime you see an angel sit on a whoopie cushion it’s a pretty awesome thing.  Cas’ face and Dean’s reaction were spot on, as always.  I also grinned when he started eating the ham after he cooked it with the joy buzzer.  I always love Dean, even when he’s being juvenile.

So that’s really all I have to say about the episode.  I’m sick and a little less chatty than I am most days so that’s part of the brevity here, the other part is this episode didn’t do much to advance overall plot since I don’t think we’ll see Jesse again.  It did set up some Cas/Sam conflict and give Sam another chance to show some remorse, but other than that it was just an okay episode.  We’re off next week and then old man Dean will be in my life.  If I find him attractive I’m going to have to look into counseling.  That might disturb me more than my Dark Edward fetish.  See you in two weeks and we’ll find out.

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