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First & Ten Teaser

Mom just tilted her head and continued to watch me.  “What?”  Was she trying to read my mind?  Could she read my mind?  That would really suck.

“I was just waiting to see if you’d give me the look.”

“Look?  What look?”

“That look you gave at the game when you came out of the tunnel,” she replied, her lips twitching yet again.

“You saw that?”

“Of course I saw that.  Everyone saw that.”

“And you thought that was for you?”  How had I looked?  Was it remotely mother-friendly?  I didn’t think so, not judging by Bella’s reaction last night.

Jasper was choking on his food he was laughing so hard and Dad whacked him hard on the back.  Emmett was grinning but still stuffing his face.  He had his priorities.

“Who else would it be for?” Mom asked sweetly, sipping her tea and watching me closely.


“And then the touchdown dedication.  For me!  I have such an incredible son.”

“Dude!  Sexy look!  Your mom!  For her!”  Jasper was having a hard time breathing and talking between his laughter.  Dad continued to pat him on the back but he was also trying not to smile.

Emmett piled more food on his plate and looked at me.  “Better hurry up and tell her before we get some kind of weird Greek tragedy going on in here.”

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