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Heroes Rebounds


I'm confused too, Parkman. An actual good episode, who knew the writers were capable?

Regular readers may have noticed that last week I did not do a Heroes blog.  This was not due to my usual laziness or even disinterest.  It was due to the terrible crapfest that last week was.  It was so bad that I couldn’t remotely think of anything to say about it other than a lot of swear words.  Hiro’s stuff was beyond annoying, making Sylar look stupid at Hiro’s expense was just ridiculous and the HRG non-affair was a waste of time.  Period.  If Samuel wanted Hiro to work with him, he didn’t have to go to the trouble of taking Charlie.  All he had to do was tell Hiro that he would be saving the world.  Doofus would be there with bells on.  Done.  Nuff said.  I did like that when Future Hiro appeared everybody wondered where his cool sword was.  Too bad that future has been changed because I actually liked Future Hiro.  Jackass.


It may be a loveless marriage but it's filled with hotness like sweaty Peter.

Anyway, last weeks fuckery was enough to make me not want to watch the show ever again but love Sylar plus Pretty Peter keeps me coming back like like a yo-yo.  If they’re ever stupid enough to remove them from the equation, I will be gone.  But alas, I’m stuck in this almost loveless marriage.  I say almost because shows like this week give me a glimpse of what once was and what still could be.  I realize how ridiculous that sounds but honestly, it’s a metaphor that fits.  Can’t help it.

There are many reasons why this week was not only better but was actually downright good.  We’ll discuss them on a case by case basis.


Oh no, my would-be lover has left me! I have nobody!

1.  Gretchen is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I thought about doing a whole paragraph of exclamation points to show just how very excited I am about this development but I will refrain, for now.  I will say that when she left, about twenty minutes into the episode, I was nervous every time they showed Claire or her room, fearing that Gretchen would return to her would-be lover.  But, we got through the episode and she appears to be gone for good.  Hooray!!!  She realized, after Becky tried to kill her and all, that maybe hanging out with Claire might not be good for her health.  Claire actually got teary and begged but Gretchen showed no mercy and took off.  Thank God.  Extra points to the return of the Haitian, wiping out the memories of the other sorority girls.  Haitian up!


That's my HRG!!!!

2. The Return of HRG!!!!

This season, HRG has been listlessly wandering around without a purpose, babysitting emo-teenagers and talking to Angela and thinking about boning Tracy.  Last week, of course, was the most egregious use of Noah Bennett, with his potential affair with random blond chick in the hotel room that time forgot.  I swear, it felt like he was only there so the whole episode would not be about Hiro.  It was made of suck.


HRG actually foiled Samuel, for now, not for long though.

But no more!  This week, Claire called him to tell him about Becky, he Haitianed up the sorority, burst in on Samuel and interrupted his attempt to coerce Claire into joining the circus, shocked Becky, nearly killed Becky and Samuel…yes, it was awesome!  I loved him staring down Samuel with his gun cocked at the ready and Samuel’s realization that Claire had been stalling him until her dad got there.  I love Samuel but up til now he’s been more or less a puppetmaster, getting his way at every turn.  Since most of our heroes are stupid, it’s nice to see someone stand up to him.


Why hello pretty Pasdar!

3. The Return of Nathan!

I am not as excited about this as I am other things and Pasdar is as good as gone, probably in the next episode or two, so this only got one exclamation point.  But, let’s be honest here, Nathan is hot and right now Sylar’s hair is an abomination so I prefer to limit some of my exposure to it.  Nathan’s brand of pretty is a nice break from that.  Plus, he put another crimp in Samuel’s plans by flying back into his brother’s loving arms.  Side note:  Hooray for the return of the hoyay.  The Petrelli boys were about half an inch from full on making out when they reunited.  Their love is a beautiful thing.


You're going to mess with me? Watch while I kill this guy using your body!

4.  Sylar vs. Matt: Battle To The Death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the first time in forever, Heroes not only did something awesome, they actually managed to surprise the hell out of me while doing it.  All episode we had Matt and Sylar battling one another for control.  Matt would attempt to thwart Sylar’s plan to get to New York to reclaim himself by planting guns in his baggage and sabotaging his car and Sylar would rebound by doing what Sylar does:  killing people and threatening to kill people.  I loved seeing real Sylar, who delights in toying with others, all over this episode.  Okay, Matt, you won’t let me drive to New York?  Fine, then I’ll kill the guy who kindly came over to help change my tire.  Okay, you won’t tell me whose idea the switch was?  Then I guess I’ll kill a waitress.  Side note: that little diner in Odessa, Texas is sure a haven for powered people.  They always end up there.  Loved Sylar remembering that he came there to kill a waitress. hehe


Parkman watches himself, as Sylar, die, except they didn't really.

Anyway, the snark flowed on Sylar’s part and Matt was not his usual stupid self, he actually out-thought Sylar (and I can handle that from Matt way better than Hiro any day) and had Sylar doodle a threat on the napkin that he gave to the waitress.  They went out into the parking lots and got surrounded by the cops, for the note said that he had a gun and was going to kill everyone.  Sylar pointed out to Matt that if they killed him, he’d also die but Matt planned that all along.  He told Sylar he could control his body but never his mind and made it look like he was reaching for a gun.  Bullet holes riddled Sylar’s body, Matt disappeared and we saw Matt on the ground, bloody and dying.  Fabulous surprise.  Shocked the hell out of me.

Of course, they immediately fucked that up by showing us scenes in which Peter heals Matt and he opens his eyes to Sylar grinning down at him…so that kinda negates the awesomeness a bit.  I mean, couldn’t they let us think for a day that maybe Parkman was done?  We all knew someone had been let go and they could have had us believing that Pasdar was a red herring, but no.  Stupid.  But I will not let it diminish my enjoyment of an actual good twist and good episode.


What? I couldn't let you go without a picture of Petrelli love.

Not that everything was great.  Deaf girl the doctor was nice, I suppose, but a bit boring compared to the rest of the episode.  Emma dropped out of med school, apparently right before graduation because she was able to diagnose some passed out little girl with just a glance…okay, whatever.  That didn’t do much for me, I guess she’s embracing her inner helper a la Hiro’s coaching.  Don’t care.  Oh, and the Peter’s healing power is really draining the hell out of him.  Hopefully after he finishes making out with Nathan and saving Parkman he will take Sylar’s power again.  Please?  I can’t stand him not having awesomeness.

Next week, the return of Mohinder and much more Nathan and hopefully the Parkman/Peter stuff and no more Hiro.  You noticed that it was a good episode and that Hiro was nowhere to be seen, right?  Right. hehe  Right now I’ll just bask in a good episode and maybe even rewatch it.  Haven’t said that about Heroes in forever.  Back with you next week, hopefully the Haitian won’t erase my memory of a good episode by letting them give me a crappy one again.

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Sexing Janice does not bring out the best look for Sylar, in any way. NEVER AGAIN!

Last night’s Heroes was all about identity issues.  Claire apparently is thinking about hooking up with Gretchen but she’s afraid of ruining their friendship.  Not afraid of doing a chick, mind you, just their awesome friendship that thus far is based on stalking and lies.  Yay.  Matt apparently really does have Sylar inside of him, which may invoke more sexual images but that’s not where we’re going here.  Sylar’s using Matt’s mind control now and having a blast with it.  HRG doesn’t know what the hell to do with himself anymore so he wastes his time trying to save a freak.  Tracy has nothing going on so she decides to be helpful as well.  The only person not having an issue is Samuel, who is busy being awesome.  I am in love with Samuel now, even if I hate his circus of freaks.


Nothing like a little hazing...Gretchen should be forced to wear the bag 24/7.

Where to start?  With a little girl on girl?  That’ll get the attention, won’t it?  Sadly, not so much.  Actually, despite the annoying lesbian undertones, the Claire/Gretchen stuff was kinda fun.  The sorority kidnapped them and took them to a slaughter house where they had to find clues and whomever won would get to avoid hell week.  Seeing as hell week started off with kidnapping and near death, avoiding it would probably be a good thing.  For some reason, there were only 4 girls involved in said hunt, teams of two.  Not much of a competition, especially when the other two are typical ninnies screaming at every little thing.  We got a Carrie homage and had flying meathooks and all sorts of things.


They took every opportunity to bring these two closer and closer.

Of course, while Claire and Gretchen are strolling through the house of death they decide to converse about the kiss.  It seems that Gretchen swings both ways and has apparently sexed up 6 or 7 dudes.  I call foul on that cause I can’t imagine 6 or 7 dudes wanting her, but whatever.  She’s had girlfriends too.  Yay.  Claire is all virginal and embarrassed about it.  I imagine Gretchen can guide her into the world of sexual discovery, no?  That’s what they kept hinting at, from the time they were smooshed into a trunk together to Claire falling on top of Gretchen to save her from a hook.  Very subtle sexual signals, writers.

Once you got beyond all the sexual tension, the murder stuff was actually kinda fun.  Becky was trying to kill Gretchen but Claire kept saving her and then Becky pinned her to the wall with some piece of wood but Claire swung something and knocked her down and suddenly they all saw her.  Her plan of isolating Claire actually backfired because the other two sorority girls walked in and ran to help Claire and Becky took off.  So I guess she has more explaining to do, seeing as Gretchen pulled her off the wall and they all watched her heal.  More friends!  HRG will no doubt be pleased that his daughter is acclimating so well and the world knows her secret.


Tracy bonded with murder boy.

HRG, meanwhile, was in Georgia with annoying Jeremy.  His belief that if they called the cops everything would be fine didn’t so much work out, as the cops refused to release him and were charging him with the murder of his parents.  Jeremy didn’t help matters by sulking and refusing to do anything to contradict the charges.  HRG called in Tracy to pretend to be the annoying kids aunt.  She got on board and was all drawn to the kid for some unfathomable reason.  They set him up with a new life in Georgetown and had everything ready to go.


Farewell, Jeremy, you will not be missed. Go be emo in heaven or hell. Probably hell I guess.

They get him out of prison, though, and some protesters come up and start yelling at Jeremy.  He reaches out and puts his hands on one and kills him, then turns around and walks right back into prison.  What the hell? you may ask.  What the hell indeed.  Tracy is pissed that she wasted her time and HRG is shocked.  Jeremy gets led outside by some rogue cops and chained to a truck.  He doesn’t choose to save himself and Tracy and HRG find him dead in the road.  Nice.  At least we don’t have to deal with him anymore.  HRG is lost again.  Tracy, meanwhile, wants nothing to do with HRG anymore and takes out the compass that Samuel hooked her up with earlier in the episode.  Looks like she’s heading to the circus.


Why didn't she just stay away?

Sylar/Nathan saw her there and remembered how she helped him once and Samuel got pissed and told him that she helped Nathan and he needs to get the real him back.  Sylar wonders where the real him is and then we find out he’s inside Matt.  Well first he’s inside Janice, er, Matt’s inside Janice but it’s Sylar doing the deed?  Whatever, gross.  She is undeserving.  She was quite satisfied too, much to Matt’s chagrin when he realized it was Sylar.


This is what Circus Sylar was wearing. There are just no words. NEVER AGAIN AGAIN!

Sylar was on fire this episode, taunting Matt about the forbidden fruit and laughing at the irony of someone else controlling Matt’s mind.  He tries to order him to find his body and return him to normal but Matt starts drinking.  He finds that by drinking he can silence Sylar, so he gets trashed.  Prior to that he tried to send Janice and the baby away, but she just went and got his partner who told him sobriety day one starts again.  Hello, throw his ass in rehab, morons.  While Matt was passed out, Sylar took control back and seemed quite happy about matters.


Samuel takes out the police and enjoys it. Nice to have a psycho again!

Samuel, as mentioned, went to Georgia to retrieve Tracy and show her the glory of circus life.  She was unimpressed but when the kid died she seemed to be planning on using the compass to get back to him.  Samuel, unlike HRG and Tracy, decided to do a little something about the cops killing a 17 year old.  He collapsed the entire police station, tres awesomely.  It’s nice to have SOMEONE taking care of business.  If he brings my Sylar back all the way I will love him beyond all reason.

So that was all.  Next week, Hiro reunites with his girl and they sing a song.  Okay, I am lying about the song part, but it would be way more interesting than Hiro himself is.  On the bright side, we’ll get to see old school Sylar there to kill her, so that’s a good thing, right?  Right???

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Yeah that face pretty much covers it.

Yeah that face pretty much covers it.

Le sigh.  You would think that an episode that had quite a bit of Sylar would be pleasing, at least to me.  You would think that, but you would be wrong.  This would be because Sylar’s having his 2343th who am I? crisis and the circus freaks are not pushing him dark side fast enough for my liking.  Oh they tried but Nathan’s goody good nature crept up at the most inopportune of times and ruined the Ghostbusting fun.  I’ll get to that though, because even though I bitch about it, it was by far the best part of the episode.

Why is that?  Well because the rest of the episode was, as Tripp dubbed it, An After School Special.  Make that a Very Special After School Special.  And you can’t have “special” without Hiro being prominently involved, now can you?  He defines “special” after all.  But Hiro was not the only member involved in After School Specials, oh no, they had to draw HRG and Pretty Peter into their own version as well, which spun out of Hiro’s.  Hate.  Which to talk about first?

Peter is trying my patience and my love by helping Hiro.

Peter is trying my patience and my love by helping Hiro.

Hiro is in the hospital now, where he refuses to stay in his bed and instead keeps wandering around and talking to poor Emma.  He figured out she was deaf after she told him about 3 times, so I guess that puts him one up on Pretty but Dim Peter.  Peter unleashed Hiro on the poor deaf girl, telling her to ask him about having powers as Hiro was the ultimate person to teach her about how “good” powers could be.  So, she made the mistake of asking.  First he raved for awhile and she couldn’t understand him, then he talked like she was retarded and could understand nothing.  Why she didn’t just laser kill him then and there is beyond me.

But if she had, then we would have missed out on his damn magic performance.  Yeah, they were having some show for the sick kids and Hiro pretended to be a magician, stopping time so he could disappear.  Sadly, he did not permanently disappear.  The best part about this scene was this nurse who was quite irritated and was making faces because he was out of bed.  But then she succumbed to his charm (as if he has any) and she was no longer remotely cool.

Hiro and Emma got to talking about how he wants to use his power to help people, even though that’s killing him.  He doesn’t care, it is worth it if he dies helping others.  Yep, whatever.  Just hurry up and die, it would help me and my enjoyment of the show immensely.  At the end of the episode, instead of waiting for Peter, he took off to go back in time and save his one true love, Charlie.  Yay for her return, boo for more Hiro next week.

Why was Claire even there?  Are her lips lonely?

Why was Claire even there? Are her lips lonely?

While Hiro was irritating a deaf woman, Peter went to HRG to ask him to help him find a healer so he could save the moron.  Yeah, Peter is on my shit list, despite the Pretty.  HRG conveniently remembers a kid in Georgia that he went to see a couple of years ago that could heal.  Peter had grabbed Hiro’s power to teleport so he and HRG take off to find the kid.  On a side note, Claire was in this episode for some inexplicable reason, hanging with her dad as if last time we saw her she was not having a girl on girl moment with her roommate.  No reaction to the kiss, nothing.  Good job Heroes.

Annoying, fugly healer, may we never see him again.

Annoying, fugly healer, may we never see him again.

When our boys get to Georgia, they find all the plants outside the house dead, dead birds and dead parents in the living room.  Fun.  Anyway, Healer boy, whose name I think is Jeremy but who really cares?, was upstairs shooting at them and telling them to leave.  Seems that he’s lost control of his power and now kills instead of heals.  HRG tells him he knows how to help him and Peter zaps up and surprises the kid, who fires his gun.  Peter stops time but too late as he’s been shot in the chest.  Yeah, I finally got to see a sliver of Peter skin but it was all bloody.  Fuck you too, Heroes.

HRG convinces Healer boy to try touching Peter, seeing as he’s already on the path to killing him and all.  With his coaching, Healer heals and out pops the bullet.  Peter helps himself to the power and heads back to Hiro, the short way seeing as he can no longer teleport since they made the stupid decision to change his powers, again.  HRG stays behind to counsel the kid, finally having found his purpose again.  I think he needs to find his way to the carnival because emo-Healer boy has terrible hair and an annoying voice.  No more of him.  Peter gets back to the hospital but of course doofus is already gone, zapped to find Charlie and hopefully inches closer to death.  Tripp and I are hoping that Peter touches Emma or another powered person soon and loses healing before Hiro comes back.

What is more disturbing? The memories, the eyebrows or the hair?

What is more disturbing? The memories, the eyebrows or the hair?

And now, the circus.  Sylar doesn’t know who the hell he is but lo and behold, there’s a dude at the freakshow that can help him recover his true memories.  They take him to the fun house, because we should all have our freaky murderous memories appear in multiple mirrors, and that’s what happens.  He sees killing his mom, various powered people, Elle (SOB!), cake woman…all awesome Sylar moments that freak him the hell out.  He runs to Samuel and cries about being a killer.  Sam’s all like, dude, you’re awesome, suck it up.

Elle power!!!  I'm glad they at least showed a flash of her in his memories.

Elle power!!! I'm glad they at least showed a flash of her in his memories.

Later, Zorro, whose real name is Edgar and that is terrible so I shall not call him that, starts fighting with Sylar, throwing his knives near him.  Sylar flicks his wrist and tosses the knives right back.  Way awesome.  Then he throws Zorro into some concrete.  Zorro is pissed but Samuel is happy.  He invites Ghostbuster cop to the circus and tells Sylar to go take care of him.  He goes to the funhouse and tries, even whipping out the Elle power, but he can’t kill when it comes down to it.  I blame Nathan.  Zorro pops in and carves up Ghostbuster and bitches to Samuel about how useless Sylar is.  Samuel tells him right now maybe it’s good that he’s not ready to kill and then he has Lydia (AKA Tattoo Woman) lead him off to a trailer for some sex, which of course we don’t get to see.  Zorro is pretty pissed about this, so I assume he’s hot for Lydia.  I imagine Sylar will have to kill Zorro eventually, which will be good.

So that was the episode.  Sylar’s officially been baptized as a circus freak (literally, they lowered him in water and baptized him) and he’s fighting his nature still.  It looks like, from scenes, that he might actually be in Matt, which I did not think was happening but it could be.  I do know they’re going to have Sylar in bed with Janice which is not acceptable.  Not at all.  I do not look forward to that but I will pretend it’s Matt and still just his mind.  It’s the only way to get through.

So there you have it, another lackluster episode that was way OTT with the “helping others” shit and not remotely balanced with “killing others” on the Sylar end.  Fix it.  Soon.

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The moment we've all been waiting for...or not so much.

The moment we've all been waiting for...or not so much.

Yep, I pretty much summed up this weeks Heroes episode, Hysterical Blindness, in my title.  Sorry for the delay, I’ve been unmotivated, I’m catching a cold and this show is leaving me rather cold despite the rise of Sylar so it was hard getting it together.  I think I’m just going to break out my tried and true list this week, question some inconsistencies and ponder some things, okay?

Hated It:

  • The whole sorority/stalker thing.  Firstly, Jackie from Veronica Mars is on this show now.  I loves me some VM alums, but Jackie?  No.  No thank you.  Sororities?  No, no thank you.
  • The Angela/Peter scene.  There she was, with her hotness of a song, and she’s totally ignoring him thinking about Nathan.  Yes, he failed to show up and yes he’s really a morphed serial killer with no memory, but come on Angela.  You have the beauty in front of you, embrace it.  For me.
  • Emma and her mother the doctor.  I don’t care enough about Emma to care about her family, unless Mom has a cooler power than the light one.  That’s all I’m sayin.
  • Peter getting the damn light power and losing all his badass awesome ones.  Firstly, he touched his mother just before that scene and didn’t take her power, so why did he get Emma’s?  Yes, the power is not completely lame as we discovered it can rip the hell out of a wall like a laser, but still.  I prefer all powerful Peter.  Hook him back up with Sylar/Nathan now.  Also, some continuity please.  Either he still just gets one power at a time or he has his cool, everything power again.  Don’t pick and choose what he gets that way.
  • Sorority speed dating.  Nuff said.  Truly.
  • Milo’s little commercial video, that had to star Hiro instead of someone cool.  Direct yourself, Milo, don’t make me watch more Masi.
  • Peter STILL not getting that Emma is deaf until well into the episode.  I know he’s Pretty but Dumb but I thought he had it figured out last week.
  • Lydia.  I still don’t like this chick.  Now that Sylar’s at the circus, though, maybe he’ll kill her for me.  I heard a rumor that he might hook up with her…if he does, he damn well better kill her like he did my Elle, who was at least interesting unlike Know It All Tattoo bitch.
  • The contrived internet scene, wherein Claire finds all this stalker stuff on Gretchen’s computer.  Like she couldn’t figure out the chick was a little too attached before now?
  • The way that Gretchen revealed her little crush.  First by talking about Claire 24/7 to all the sorority sisters, stalking  her and then by telling her she wasn’t stalking her and then kissing her.  Not overly subtle, but what else is new with this show?
  • Hiro popping into Peter’s apartment.  Thought we got through the whole show without him.  Sad.
He's back, except not so pretty right now.

He's back, except not so pretty right now.

Liked It:

  • The fact that they did not make Gretchen the Stalker the killer.  She did seem too obvious but her creepiness factor was ramped up almost too high.  No, instead she is just in “love” with Claire.  Who isn’t really?  Her uncle is, the serial killer is, her dad is…it’s just par for the course.
  • The fact that Sylar is back.  Now he doesn’t know who he is and what he can do but watching him rediscover his power, like when he smashed Ghostbuster through the window was pretty awesome.
  • The British chick who tried to help Sylar figure out who he was.  She was pretty cool, I thought.  I also enjoyed Ernie Hudson as the hardass cop, if only because it gave me the excuse to scream Ghostbusters and sing the theme song every time I saw him.  I yelled “Who you gonna call?” when he slammed through the glass.  Hee.  What?  Ghostbusters is never not cool.
  • I like that they’re giving Sylar so many things to do now.  He gets to taunt in Matt visions and be confused in this new Sylar form.  I appreciate seeing different sides to Zachary Quinto.  That being said, making him almost cry is a no-no.
  • Kids singing The Greatest American Hero theme song.  Always awesome.  The light show as Peter and Emma watched was pretty cute too but the fact that they figured out that they could both see it was pretty damn random.  I hope they screw soon so he can go get a new power quickly.
  • I liked how Emma thought she just misunderstood Peter when he was talking about people with powers.  They are cute together, I give them that.
  • Making Becky use her invisipowers to kill Claire’s roomie and get between her and Gretchen.  It’s nice to have an invisibility power back.
  • Sylar joining the circus.  From the looks of next week, Samuel’s going to teach our boy how to use his powers again.  Good.  Confused Sylar is fine for one episode but not for others.  Plus I’d like to see him start offing circus folk.  Why keep them around when you can have one with all their powers?
They are very cute together but give Peter his real powers back.

They are very cute together but give Peter his real powers back.

So there you have it.  This episode had some good but also some bad…and for some reason the bad outweighed the good this time.  I think it’s because of the Claire sorority stuff.  I really have zero interest in it and I hope Becky/Jackie drives her to join the circus quickly just to avoid it.  Scenes for next week hold promise in that Sylar teams with Samuel to learn his powers again but some very bad in the fact that there’s a Healer wandering around and Peter’s trying to help Hiro.  KEEP AWAY FROM HIRO HEALER.  Can’t they at least give me the illusion of Hiro’s death for awhile?

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Deciphering Ink

Snarky Sylar makes me smile.

Snarky Sylar makes me smile.

This week’s episode of Heroes was almost thoroughly enjoyable.  Color me shocked at typing that sentence.  Of course, about 45 minutes in it occurred to Tripp and me that Hiro, Mohinder and Tracy had all failed to make an appearance.  Coincidence?  I think not!  Doing away with those characters might actually drive the ratings up, I think they should give it a try!

Emma and her iPod buds.

Emma and her iPod buds.

The big thing, really the only thing that I couldn’t stand this episode, was the new woman’s power.  Her name is Emma and she’s deaf.  She doesn’t like people to know she’s deaf so she walks around with iPod buds in her ears connected to nothing.  Why not go the whole route and use the iPod too?  Well I guess that would make it too hard for Pretty but Dim Peter to figure out that she’s deaf.  I’m actually not 100% certain that he did figure it out but he did notice the lack of iPod so maybe.  He’s not here for his brains anyway.

Seriously, what do you do with this power?  I did like that she could suddenly play music though.

Seriously, what do you do with this power? I did like that she could suddenly play music though.

Emma seems very sweet and I’m completely on board with her but what the hell is her power?  Somehow, she’s seeing light in place of sound.  Her alarm clock gives off light, a shattered coffee cup, a cello…weird.  Not everything does, mind you, she didn’t see like when Peter was talking to her so I don’t know what distinguishes what will and will not illuminate for her.  And what purpose does the light serve?  What can you do with that?  It seems very pointless but as I told Tripp, they’ve got her in Peter’s orbit and she’s attractive and they might possibly use her to get him naked.  So, even if her power is retarded (and I’m not sure it is yet but I am preparing for it) she will serve a very vital purpose to the show if she leads to shirtless Peter.

Samuel wants my Peter for something, I know not what.

Samuel wants my Peter for something, I know not what.

Speaking of Peter, he spent most of the episode getting dicked with by Samuel.  He dressed up to leave the circus and pretended to be some victim that Peter saved from a bus crash that he’d injured.  Peter was wracked with guilt but confident that he hadn’t ever met Samuel.  He went to his wall of clippings but Sam had beaten him to the punch and used his Inky Power to insert himself into the photograph.  I think this particular power is weird and I still don’t understand it but I think it’s kinda fun too.  I could insert myself into pictures with Jensen and Rob as proof of our meant-to-beness.  What?

Anyway, Samuel was testing old Peter for some reason, he wants him to replace Joseph in their circus of powered weirdos.  Peter apparently passed because Samuel decided to drop the fake lawsuit after Peter talked to him about his brother.  Yippee.  Then, at Peter’s urging, Samuel returned to the fancy home he and brother Joseph had grown up in.  I wondered, briefly, if it was PAtrelli’s house but sadly that was not the case.  Apparently their parents were the butler and maid to some rich bitches.  Samuel asked the new rich bitch owner if he could go to the guest house to see where he lived but she refused.  This irritated him so he raised a gigantic sinkhole and sunk the whole house.  Remember this if anybody comes knocking on your door wanting to see their old abode.  It doesn’t hurt to be kind!

Samuel’s power is apparently control of the earth, I imagine he can cause earthquakes and such.  I still don’t understand how he controls ink, but Tripp thinks maybe it’s hemp ink from the earth and thus it counts.  Damned if I know but whatever.  It’s been than seeing light instead of sound.  Hee!

Seriously, would you not freak out if that appeared in the mirror behind you?  She looks like Wednesday Addams.

Seriously, would you not freak out if that appeared in the mirror behind you? She looks like Wednesday Addams.

Gretchen the stalker was all about harassing Claire this episode.  Not sexually, not yet, but she kept trying to get Claire to talk to her and totally conned Noah into inviting her to lunch with him and Claire.  She thought she was all slick dropping these hints about Claire’s powers at lunch but Daddy caught on and was all about bringing in the Haitian.  I was all on board with this myself, fry her brain and get her the hell off my screen but alas, Claire is grown up and wanted to deal with it on her own.  Damn you Claire.

While still annoying, Claire is way beter with cute, real hair.

While still annoying, Claire is way beter with cute, real hair.

She decides the best way to deal with it is to tell Gretchen all her secrets.  Gretchen asks for a demonstration and gets all horned up over the power.  I may be exaggerating there, but the girl bothers me so I may see things that not everyone does. Anyhow, Claire decided that living with her stalker was a good idea and invited her to move in.  Countdown to sexperimentation begins.  Two weeks, tops.

A true sign of insanity is seeing pink bunnies.

A true sign of insanity is seeing pink bunnies.

My favorite part of the show, not surprisingly, was Parkman and Sylar.  Matt was on a drug bust with his fellow addict partner and Sylar followed him around the house, demanding that he get on with the power usage and stop wasting his talents.  Parkman resisted for awhile but gave in when he found clues that led him to believe that there was a kidnapped child in the house.  He found the body and proceeded to start whaling on the drug dealer but it turned out that there was no body, it wasn’t ever there.

Tripp's awesome question, why did Matt put on sunglasses to come into the house?  He did not have them on until they got to the front door.

Tripp's awesome question, why did Matt put on sunglasses to come into the house? He did not have them on until they got to the front door.

Sylar took credit for this, of course, saying that he was using Matt’s mind control against him.  I still don’t think it’s really Sylar; I think Matt’s manifesting Sylar in his mind to deal with his guilt over faking Nathan’s life.  But this episode made me question that a little and I rather like the idea that a piece of Sylar is kicking it in Matt’s head and tormenting him.  Whether he is or not, he’s having a fine time snarking on Matt and fucking with his head.  I wish he would do that with all the rest of the characters, taunting Sylar is a world of fun.

I think that was the main stuff I wanted to discuss this week.  It really was an enjoyable episode, I hope they can continue the trend even when the annoyances return.  Next week the circus appears to be after Noah to work for them, so we’ll see how that goes.  HRG can hopefully give us some answers about that insanity.  See you then!

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A good way to win me over, tight white shirts and Peter Petrelli.  A better way would be to get the shirt off completely.

A good way to win me over, tight white shirts and Peter Petrelli. A better way would be to get the shirt off completely.

I made the title a question for which I have no answer this early.  Definitely not yet though.  A few intriguing things are happening that are enough to keep me tuning in, beyond the pretty (of which there was much!).  I don’t feel like doing a recap of 2 hours worth of show because you know, that’s a lot of effort and my brain can’t handle that.  Instead, we’ll go back to my tried and true list of things I liked and things I didn’t.  I’m sure I’ll forget some stuff but I’ll do my best to cover the whole thing.

Things I didn’t like:

  • It looks to be the year of Hiro.  He was ALL OVER the first two episodes, young him and current him.  The good news is he’s supposedly dying.  The bad news is, someone will probably heal him just to thwart me.  My money is on Mohinder, because you know he can only be smart when it sucks for him to be so.
  • Tracy being alive and well and possibly partnering with HRG.  I could totally handle it if that partnership were to be nothing but a partnership but you know that bitch is getting naked soon.  Probably with HRG, thus decooling him in a major way.  I am not pleased.
  • The rise of Janice and Matt’s total memory loss when it comes to his love of a lifetime with Daphne.  He remembers her dalliances but not his own.  It irritates me.  The writers brought on all these new characters, let’s not pretend that they never existed.
  • Danko’s death.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with him dying, but dying at the hands of Zorro?  He was Sylar’s to kill, dammit.
  • Hiro getting some time traveling skills back.  I don’t know if he can go anywhere but the carnival, but his new purpose of going back in time and making life better for people just annoys me.  Stop trying to force that character down our throats.  What happened to Hiro of season 1?
  • Ando/Hiro’s sister getting together.  Tripp said it best when we IMed through the show, if she hated him for a zillion years because Hiro spilled Ando’s slushy on her, then the bitch doesn’t deserve Ando now.  Tripp didn’t say bitch, but I will.  Also, is that the same actress?  I remember her as being way prettier but maybe I’m wrong.
  • The carnival itself.  I’m afraid of clowns…not like screaming afraid but I do not like them.  AT ALL.  Every time they cut to the carnival I wait to see a freaky clown appear, even worse, a freaky clown with some kind of powers.  When that happens (and you know it will just to hurt me) I will be here screaming about it.  Take that to the bank.

    What is this chick's power?  Shirtless fortune telling?

    What is this chick's power? Shirtless fortune telling?

  • The new people and their weird new powers.  I don’t know that I don’t like them, yet, but I don’t know that I do.  I mean, what is up with tattoo girl?  Samuel inks her and she comes up with faces and tells him of their importance to the carnival?  What the hell is her power?  I don’t really get Samuel’s either, I guess he’s just a Magic Ink Man?

    Uh...Claire could do way better, even if she is annoying.

    Uh...Claire could do way better, even if she is annoying.

  • Claire’s future lesbian lover.  Um…how do I say this without sounding like a superficial bitch?  Hmm…well screw it, I am one.  Chick is homely.  Claire is many annoying things but ugly she is not.  If she’s going to go girl, she could go better.  New girl seems psycho stalkery too…she probably killed Annie so she could room with and seduce Claire.  Freaky.
  • Not enough Sylar.  What, you know that will be a major complaint of mine until they demorph him!
Peter was very pretty.

Peter was very pretty.

Things I liked:

  • Peter…oh yes, I liked Peter.  Peter in his tight white shirt, Peter in his uniform, Peter with the ninja skills.  Milo was looking damn good last night and I appreciated it every time.  And I’m not gonna lie, when he went Ninja on Zorro, (I do not know that guys name so he has been dubbed) I squeed.  It was a beautiful thing.

    Elle! Sob!

    Elle! Sob!

  • Nathan noticing something was not quite right with his powers.  I loved the little bit of Elle’s power we got to see, though I would love it more if she were NOT DEAD!

    Hello mother!  Angela seeing Sylar in Nathan is going to be fun.

    Hello mother! Angela seeing Sylar in Nathan is going to be fun.

  • Angela seeing Sylar in her mind when she’s with Nathan.  That’s going to be fun to watch unfold until Sylar is back for good.
  • Claire’s hair.  Marked improvement without the wig.  I’d still be happy if she failed to exist, but since that’s not an option at least her wig won’t be sending me into fits of rage this year.
  • No Mohinder.  I don’t know if he’s still in the desert trying to right his father’s wrongs but less drain brain on the scene is always a good thing.
  • Samuel himself.  Yeah, I’m not sure about the carnival thing but I found Samuel to be rather compelling.  I have no idea what his deal is and why he’s interested in Hiro and the Petrelli’s (thanks to tattoo girl) but I am intrigued.

    If Matt insanity is the only way I get to see Sylar, bring it on.

    If Matt insanity is the only way I get to see Sylar, bring it on.

  • Parkman’s decent into madness or the darkside.  Tripp wasn’t happy with the Sylar involvement here but I was…firstly, I get to see him, so you know, happy me.  Secondly, he’s not Sylar.  He’s a figment of Matt’s screwed up mind.  He’s feeling crappy about what he did and he’s projecting Syler into all these situations, from kidnapping his baby to rehab.  Watching Matt freak out in front of all the other addicts cracked me up, as did him being at an addiction meeting for his mind control issues.  I think Matt has the coolest power this side of Sylar and Peter and it’s the one I would take if I couldn’t have them all.  And no lie, I’d use that stuff and I’d probably go darkside myself with it.  I think it’s gonna be fun.

    Best. News. Ever.

    Best. News. Ever.

  • Hiro is dying.  I know it probably won’t actually happen but I’ll cling to the hope all year long.  Yes, I have issues.

I think that hits the big highlights for me.  I really don’t know what is happening with the carnival but I am looking forward to Peter/Samuel interaction.  The fact that the broken compass worked for Peter has to mean something, though what I do not know.  Hopefully HRG will get dragged in with the Petrelli’s and I can truly enjoy a storyline for awhile.  I loved that Nathan reached out to Peter for help with his outta control powers and want to see if anything transpires there too.  And Momma…she’s gonna pay the piper eventually for what she did.  Angela vs. Sylar will be fascinating.

I loved this ninja knife fight scene between Peter and Zorro.  More please.

I loved this ninja knife fight scene between Peter and Zorro. More please.

The murder on campus stuff interests me a bit, unless it is the psycho future lesbian lover.  Then all bets are off.  The adventures of Hiro going back to right the wrongs has me petrified but hopefully enough other stuff will be going on to get me through.

I’ll be back next week, hopefully with plenty more pretty pictures of Peter and Sylar.  You know that’s what I’m really in it for, right?

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Fake Sylar burns, brought a flashback of my Elle.  Sigh.

Fake Sylar burns, brought a flashback of my Elle. Sigh.

So, we had Heroes season finale.  Did it live up to the hype? It really depends upon how you look at it and where they take it from here.  I was left highly annoyed and unmoved and irritated.  It’s not like I can’t see the great story line potential we were left with, but nothing Heroes has done lately gives me faith that that’s what will happen.  There was so much I hated about An Invisible Thread episode, one thing I truly loved, and one thing that I could learn to love with reservations.  Let’s start with the bad:

Repulsive.  Do not go there.

Repulsive. Do not go there.


No, no, 1000 times no!  One of the good things about the Sylar situation that will be discussed in complete detail is that now Claire can’t get with him.  Kinda hard to when he’s encased in her birth father.  Or morphed into, however you want to say it.  Having to endure those scenes where Sylar was talking about how they could be meant to be together and pushing and pulling for a thousand years just sickened me.  I get his logic but I am not on bored.  Claire sucks, he rocks.  Elle was the perfect twisted woman for him and he killed her.  And if he could/would kill Claire, I would probably be okay with it.  But he can’t and thus, no.  Baby Noah better not come to be…I’ve worried about that since hearing his name and seeing Sylar caring for Mr. Muggles and now it feels like they really will go there some day.  Claire better change quite a bit if that’s ever to be tolerated.

Hiro got to be a hero again, insert rolling eyes here.

Hiro got to be a hero again, insert rolling eyes here.


As usual, Hiro annoyed the crap out of me.  He was actually useful when he kept HRG from getting drugged by Danko, but I took issue with that as well.  HRG would not turn his back on or trust that guy, not after all he’s seen him do.  So he should never have been in that position.  Of course my main issue with Hiro was that he lived.  I had high hopes that the bleeding might result in his unexpected delightful death but no.  Sigh.

Surprise, Ali Larter is naked again.

Surprise, Ali Larter is naked again.


I knew she was coming back but really?  We have to bring her back as a dripping wet naked assassin?  Does Ali Larter have a sex clause in her contract?  Why can we not get rid of this character/actress?  And now she’s killing people?  What?  Is she our big bad for next season, cause that will drive me away from the show.  She’s not qualified to stand in Sylar’s shadow, let alone become sort of evil genius.  I have thought of one potential use for her though, if she’s exacting revenge for her captivity, perhaps she’s going to come after Nathan.  She’ll try to kill him, they’ll figure out he’s unkillable and Sylar just may awaken inside.  And, to be honest, though I dislike her, she and Zachary Quinto could bring some major heat to the screen.  So I could deal, as long as it brings back real Sylar.

Matt makes Sylar think he's Nathan.

Matt makes Sylar think he's Nathan.


Oh you tricky, tricky people.  Can Matt’s mind mojo really be a permanent and forever thing?  Will doing what he did eat him up inside and turn him darker?  Will he relent and release my Sylar for me if I ask nicely?  I guess I don’t really understand why this move was necessary.  Now that Peter can morph, couldn’t they try to convince him to play Nathan when required?  I guess he’d probably refuse and he’d be too choked up over his brother’s death to agree to such a thing, so maybe it makes sense.  I just am not that happy about the situation.  I think it’ll be fun to watch Angela and HRG interact with “Nathan” and I did enjoy her face when he was fascinated by the clocks incorrect time at the end.  The little things will be beautiful to watch.

Another interesting thing is that when/if this comes out, they’re in deep shit with their loved ones.  How do you think Peter and Claire are going to react when they find out that they tricked Sylar into playing Nathan and lied to them for however many days, weeks, months it goes down?  I think it could go a long way toward bringing out my bitter future Peter, actually, which I am totally fine with.  I just think it’ll have a ripple effect on their lives in a way they’re not anticipating, which admittedly makes for good show.

It's scary when your puppet comes back to life, isn't it Danko?

It's scary when your puppet comes back to life, isn't it Danko?


At first I was quite put out that Sylar didn’t end him right after taking the knife out of his head.  How cool is that Sylar still has an “off switch” but he can move it around thanks to his morphing, by the way?  Anyway, I was pleased when Sylar shifted into Danko and killed some of his men and then shifted back into the agent to arrest him.  That’s probably an even worse punishment for a man like Danko anyway, to be branded a traitor and a killer.  Of course, HRG and he formed their momentary truce and last we saw Danko was drugged, so who knows what has become of him?  I’m glad that he’s still alive now because he has some interesting gray potential to explore, should they decided to.

And on to the good:

The moment of the night, equal power face to face, and such pretty faces they are.

The moment of the night, equal power face to face, and such pretty faces they are.


Pretty, powerful Peter is back!!!  Words cannot express my joy when Peter announced his plan to touch Sylar and get his powers so he’d be able to actually take him on, followed by the announcement that he’d done it.  I would like to express some irritation that the majority of the fight scene consisted of Claire standing outside a door with blue flashes illuminating her though.  What, the effects were too much?  I was a little pleased that Sylar was using Elle’s power, it felt like kind of a tribute to his missing woman, but why didn’t I get to see it?

Even better than Peter getting Sylar’s powers was what he did with them though.  Sylar killing the press secretary and waltzing happily into the limo and shaking hands with the president and having nothing happen?  Worlds of awesome.  Well something did happen, he morphed into Nathan and himself and various others but he didn’t turn into the president, then Prez morphs himself into Peter, face to face with Sylar and he jams him with the drug.  Beautiful.  Awesome.  We needed to have an equal to Sylar or else there’s really never any true chance of him losing in the end, so they best keep it that way.  I don’t care if he’s too powerful, I like it and I want it that way.  They have to give me something, don’t they?

And to the potentially terrible or incredible:

Dead Nathan.

Dead Nathan.

Sylar as Nathan

I won’t lie to you, my initial reaction was straight up anger at this situation.  I questioned why they were doing it, why they felt the need to keep Adrian Pasdar around (he’s the Ali Larter of the men apparently) and why they’d shelve Zachary Quinto indefinitely.  I mean, how many of us are watching this program just to see him at this point?  They’ll keep me around with powerful Peter but damned if I don’t want his villainous equal on the other side.  So, I was filled with rage, to the point that I couldn’t sleep.  Yep, I was still up at 2.  If I’d given into temptation and written this blog last night it would have been filled with a lot less optimism and a lot more expletives.  But I thought about it and I see how very delicious it could be.

Our favorite serial killer isn't too far buried, it seems.

Our favorite serial killer isn't too far buried, it seems.

As I mentioned above, there’s the possibility that Tracy could go after Nathan and bring out Sylar.  He’s in there, we know that based upon him knowing that clock was incorrect and being fascinated by it.  So we get to wait and anticipate the moment that the fascinating killer returns.  Will Matt’s control diminish, will he slip, will he be racked with guilt and admit something to Peter?  Many ways to go there as well.

When he comes back, not if, families are going to be ripped apart by the lies.  No way does Peter forgive Angela for not telling him that his beloved brother died.  Ditto for Claire with Daddy #1 and Daddy #2.  There is a lot of potential to be mined, even if I don’t like not seeing Sylar’s face week in and week out.

Do I think they’ll go to the depths this story could have?  I hope so, HRG and Angela in particular would rock the story.  I don’t know that I trust them to do it, but the potential will keep me watching.  Nathan’s death could take Peter a lot darker very quickly.  That I would really love.  So, I’ve talked myself down some and I will be back next season, hoping that my favorite character returns quickly to go head to head with my other favorite.  Such pretty.  I hope this is not an error of epic proportions, but I guess we won’t know that until the fall.

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Coolest title placement ever.

Coolest title placement ever.

No need to tinker with the title this week, Heroes had it dead on.  And, as one would expect, having a Sylarcentric episode is a good way to win me back.  Of course, they tempered that with Hiro but Sylar’s awesomeness did win out.  Upon first viewing, I wasn’t actually sure how I felt about the episode overall.  I think I was a little over the “family issues” what with my Supernatural rewatch, Lost, Veronica Mars…I thought I’d had my fill.  But on second viewing I was able to get caught up in Sylar’s struggle to find himself.  Of course, a lot of this felt like a rip off of Ben’s arc on Lost, complete with convo with dead relative seeking forgiveness.  But each of those men is special in his own way so I shan’t get overly upset about it.

It would be an interesting character study to compare Ben and Sylar, someday maybe when their arcs are complete (and both are likely dead) I can do it.  I won’t do it justice, but I’ll try.  It’s funny that last week Jerk pointed out Lost taking a shot at Heroes and this week Heroes felt like they’d borrowed a couple of Lost story lines.  Of course, few things are really original and I’m sure they’ve been done elsewhere as well, it was just interesting.  Like Desmond last season, Sylar had to find a constant in order to hold on to himself.  Or to life, in Desmond’s case.  Both men were told to find a constant by someone else, Daniel in Desmond’s case and Danko in Sylar’s.  Sylar was able to find his in his dead mother while Des found his in Penny.  That was one of the more romantic things we’ve ever seen on Lost and not quite comparable to Sylar pulling a Norman Bates and morphing back and forth between himself and momma, but it was interesting.

Sylar helped himself to a pretty power and announced his presence loudly.

Sylar helped himself to a pretty power and announced his presence loudly.

Before I get ahead of myself, I must mention the awesomeness that was this weeks title.  Sylar carving I Am Sylar into his arm with Chapter 11 above it was just made of cool.  Anyway, he woke up as Agent Taub and was none too pleased about it, so he proceeded to keep marching about town as himself.  This made Danko angry, as Sylar is supposed to be dead and not be appearing on surveillance cameras.  Sylar argued with him a little but went ahead and went after the next target on the list, Tom Martin.  He can apparently explode things just by looking at them and thinking about it.  Sylar found that pretty cool, so you can imagine what happened next.  Danko and co came in, along with Agent Taub and saw I Am Sylar written on the wall in blood.  Hilariously, Sylar as Taub says, “Look at that, what an ego.”  Hee.  Danko was not nearly as amused as I was.

Sylar did make him happy by telling him that Rebel was still in town though and giving him a lead on him.  Happily he found Micah on his own and Micah appealed to his “specialness” telling him that he and he alone could save them all.  Sylar liked that, as he’s apt to do whenever he’s told he’s special, and helped Micah get away by morphing into him and getting shot and disappearing in the water.   Danko didn’t seem too suspicious of this, though he could have been covering.  Dunno.

Sylar's constant is his not so dearly departed mother.

Sylar's constant is his not so dearly departed mother.

Sylar let Micah stay at his place wherein he got to witness the morphing between mother and son as he argued with her over letting Micah live and not knowing who he was.  I loved Micah’s “psycho!!!” expression in reaction but he was pretty calm when Sylar confronted him and told him to get out or he’d kill him.  He pointed out that Sylar could turn into Nathan Petrelli and change things and Sylar got that look on.  He found his purpose, clearly.

Sylar finds Nathan's DNA...really glad he didn't brush his teeth to morph though.

Sylar finds Nathan's DNA...really glad he didn't brush his teeth to morph though.

While hunting around Nathan’s office to find some DNA, Sylar started talking to Mom again and she told him she forgave him for killing her, he didn’t mean it.  He pointed out that he did mean it but she forgave him anyway.  He killed the only woman who ever loved him and he actually is sorry about that.  That seems to have been enough for Sylar to get his Nathan on and he finds a toothbrush and that’s done.  Nathan shows up to confront himself and Sylar talks to him about how much he hates who he is.  Nathan says it was people like him that made him go to the president but Sylar isn’t much hearing that as he is about to cut him.  Danko bursts in though and takes Nathan down with his electrodes.  Sylar is displeased and refuses to go along with Danko’s plans to turn back into Taub and go get the others.  Danko then stabs him in the head with a knife and it looks like Sylar is down for the count.

Sylar is now apparently really and truly unstoppable.

Sylar is now apparently really and truly unstoppable.

But not so much, really, because Sylar gets back up and complains about that hurting.  Danko’s a little stunned and a lot frightened in that moment, isn’t he?  Clearly, all this morphing has changed Sylar’s DNA enough that he’s no longer able to be brought down by the one accepted method of defeating him.  This would be a major problem for everyone, wouldn’t it?  I mean, he has no weakness now, right?  Other than the occasional mommy issue I guess!

I’m going to say right here and now that if Danko lives more than 5 or 10 minutes into next week I’m gonna be mad.  Sylar needs to end him, and pronto.  I don’t see him standing for Danko’s orders anymore, not now that he’s found himself again.  So he needs to off him and then do what he’s going to do.  And I still think one of those things he’s going to do is kill Nathan.  Previews of Angela’s screaming and him saying “Claire’s going to be mad at me” seem to enforce that, but we’ll see.

I could talk about the rest of the stuff that happened, but it’s pretty pointless.  Hiro is still being a dumbass and Matt seems to have forgotten all about Daphne in the wake of finding his son and ex-wife again.  Fine, whatever.  I’m glad he’s going to rejoin the fight though, interested to see what is coming for him based on some of Grunberg’s comments.  I am not remotely interested in the interview in which Fuller said that Hiro was going to have some major arc next year though.  That just ruined my day.  They need to kill him and move on.  I am so tired of that useless buffoon at this point.

I don’t want to ruin my mood talking about him though.  I also had to laugh at Mohinder being captured right where we left him, in the dark looking through stuff at his dad’s old concentration camp.  I know that’s not what it really exactly was but that’s what it looked like and kinda what it became, so there you go.  Poor Mohinder, so pretty and still so very dim.  He didn’t even react!  God.  I really am quite grateful that my future is not in the heroes hands!  HRG and Angela and Claire were all taken in as well.  Looks like only Peter, Matt, Hiro and Ando are free.  Doom.

Next week we get to see the Sylar/Claire thing play out, which should be interesting, and also see if Nathan can get to the president before Sylar does.  I’m sure he will, but I still think he’ll die.  Not that I don’t like him, I just think he’s going to be the sacrifice Mohinder was yammering about at the end of the episode.  He started it and he’ll finish it but I don’t think he’ll live to see it end.  That’s my prediction.  I usually suck at these things but we’ll know soon enough!

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Alice shows Angela that she has power over the weather.

Alice shows Angela that she has power over the weather.

I have to say, I wasn’t too thrilled with Heroes latest episode.  Oh, Angela’s flashbacks were decent and I loved seeing a young DaVoe and Linderman and Bob Bishop, but the rest?  A bunch of blah.  Whining heroes do not appeal to me.  At all.  They better suck it up after this episode and stop being annoying.

Of course, my favorite thing about this episode was the solving of a minor mystery!  Socks!!!! Now we know why Angela got arrested for stealing socks in season 1 and why she was rubbing socks on her face a few episodes ago.  I’m glad she doesn’t have some disturbing foot fetish.  It’s silly, of course, but I guess it made her feel close to her not so dearly departed sister.

The Petrellis continue to show inappropriate chemistry all over the place.

The Petrellis continue to show inappropriate chemistry all over the place.

Peter got sick of playing Dig Up The Bones and demanded his mother tell him what was going on.  While he was overly emo this episode, I appreciated this because, really, Angela, spit it out!  So she finally told them all the story of how they went to Coyote Sands as part of a study for the government that was supposed to help them overcome their powers or some such thing.   I’m not doing a whole recap here, so I’ll just say that Mohinder’s pop was involved, of course, and he was wrong, of course, and he escalated a situation and caused everybody to die.  Everybody but Alice apparently, although Angela, future seer that she is, didn’t know that.

Let's take bets, how many of the heroes did Angela nail?

Let's take bets, how many of the heroes did Angela nail?

Angela had lied to her sister about going out and getting her socks (HA) and such but instead was chilling in a diner with Linderman, Bishop and Charles DaVoe.  She was quite clearly enjoying the male admiration (and I suspected she slept with all of those guys at some point, maybe not Bob) and she had a little dance time with Charles, which was interrupted by a bigoted cook telling them that blacks and whites don’t dance together.  Charles whipped out the mind mojo, so now we know what his power was.  I don’t think we ever knew did we?  Another mind control guy.  Definitely one of my favorite powers.

Anyway, Angela told the guys of her dream about them forming a company to cover up their powers for the greater good and they all seemed on board with it, so that’s how the Company started as the rest of their powered people were being gunned down.

Note to self:  50 years in a bunker is not a good beauty regimin.

Note to self: 50 years in a bunker is not a good beauty regimen.

In present time, storms were whipping up and Angela disappeared into one of them only to resurface in a bunker with her nutty, scary looking sister, Alice, who had waited there for her for 50 years.  Dear lord.  Initially she is happy to see her big sister but then Angela tells her that she lied all those years ago and that pissed her off, so she let loose with another storm.  Peter and Mohinder ran in to save Angela and Mo got zapped by lightning, which was awesome.  My second favorite part of the night!  He lived though, too bad.  Alice disappeared and who knows when she’ll appear again.

So that was all good stuff to know I guess but the question remains why in the hell Angela didn’t tell Nathan this story when he decided to go to the government in the first place?  Because, maybe, it was pertinent to the present day?  Germane to the situation?  Uhhh..yeah, I thought so!  Oh, and Nathan, shut the hell up.  It IS your fault they’re all in this situation.  YOU are the one who went to the president and exposed the secrets.  It wasn’t stupid Mohinder, it wasn’t your mother, it wasn’t HRG.  It was YOU!  So if Peter wants to blame you for that, he can.  He should.  Nuff said.

The Petrelli boys kiss and make up, though we don't get to see the kiss.

The Petrelli boys kiss and make up, though we don't get to see the kiss.

Peter, though he was right about Nathan, got a lot whiny this episode when Angela let him know that she wanted to start the company up again to protect them all.  I can’t blame him necessarily for that reaction but I didn’t like the petulant way he reacted to the news.  He was not the biggest whiner this episode but it took away from some of his pretty, dirty looks (loved that he was all sweaty and dirty in the beginning of the show, hot!)  In the end though he was back on the Petrelli family love train.

In other heroes who annoyed me news, let’s discuss Claire, shall we?  Claire took it upon herself to whine about the fact that she hadn’t read a book or gone to a movie or lived a life in ages.  Um…yeah bitch?  And whose fault is that?  Cause last time I checked, your two fathers both bent over backwards to make sure that you got to live a normal life, you just didn’t play along.  You decided to be a secret company agent, they didn’t push you to.  In fact, they begged you not to.  So if you wanted to be a normal person, you should have elected to live like one.  Suck it!

Like father, like son.  Mohinder's dad made the same mistakes.

Like father, like son. Mohinder's dad made the same mistakes.

And back to dim but pretty Mohinder.  He’s all disheartened because his father turns out to be as dumb as he was.  At least we know he came by it honestly, right?  HRG tried to point out to him that just because his dad was working with the bad guys didn’t mean he was bad, but Mo wasn’t so receptive to this revelation.  Well, Mohinder, YOU worked with the bad guys several times yourself and though you’re a moron, you’re not evil, so just suck it up and deal yourself.  I should have titled this blog Suck It Up, Heroes, shouldn’t I?  Oh well, I am sure I’ll get the opportunity to use that one again with all the self pity being displayed.

HA! He even looks Sylarlike as Nathan doesn't he?

HA! He even looks Sylarlike as Nathan doesn't he?

My favorite part of the episode was at the end when the Petrellis and Claire and HRG were chilling in the same diner where Angela formed the company and Nathan resolved to go back to Washington to fix the situation HE caused.  Cut to the television where Nathan is in Washington giving a speech.  Everybody stares while HRG says, “Sylar”.  HEE!  Now that’s some shape shifting I can get behind.  Go big, Sylar, mess with Nathan’s agenda!  Oh, and did everybody catch the way Angela smiled when HRG said Sylar?  Damned if that woman doesn’t still like him and have some kind of pride in him.  Cracked me up.

Scenes ahead show Sylar throwing Claire into a wall and sharing some kind of forced meal with her, so I think I have something to very much look forward to.  It sucks that she can’t be killed.  Sigh.  I’m not spoiled but I know we have another Heroes death on hand and my gut says Nathan is going to go.  It just feels like he has to sacrifice himself for starting this, doesn’t it?  I don’t know, just my theory.  Of course there’s another Tracy triplet floating around that he hasn’t slept with so maybe it’s not allowed. hehe

I’m rambling but one other thing occurs to me. If Alice was living at Coyote Sands all this time she’s probably not Sylar’s mother.  Unless Solomon came there and set up camp for a year or so and took him away.  I guess it’s still possible.  She does have a certain brand of crazy going for her that could have helped make up our boy.  I will continue to hold on to my shred of hope that Sylar is related to Peter, some how, some way!

Okay, I end it here, this was definitely not my favorite episode but I think we have some very good things ahead.  Nathan vs. Sylar should be fun if a bit one sided.  Sylar tormenting Claire is always a good thing.  Bring it on!

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Two Dankos?  I'd rather have two Sylars!

Two Dankos? I'd rather have two Sylars!

Well, I knew this shape shifting business was going to confuse me, I was prepared for it, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be quite so soon and quite so frequently.  I think I have it figured out now, but I hope that Sylar dials back on it some, if only because I miss seeing his pretty face when he’s busy being other people!  Not a win!  I think I’m going to go back to my tried and true list of what I liked and what I didn’t this week because I thought this episode was a bit of a mixed bag, probably helped by the return of Hiro and Mohinder to the forefront.  Never good for me, those two!  On to the list!

Noah really lost it this episode.

Noah really lost it this episode.

What I liked:

  • The chapter title being on the body bag carrying faux Sylar.  That was a nice effect.
  • HRG being suspicious of Danko.  I’m glad that he didn’t buy into dead Sylar at all.  He wouldn’t be HRG if he didn’t test the theory.
  • Vengeful Matt.  Oh yes, it was good to see that guy again, taking charge and attempting to kick ass.  Of course he stuck at the point when it came to killing the girlfriend, but he wouldn’t be Matt if he had killed her.  Still loved him working the mind control on Danko and ferreting out his girlfriend and telling her of his lies.
  • While I may have gotten a little overtired of all Sylar’s disguises, I did enjoy his joy in each one.  The hubris he showed as Danko, the attitude he gave Sandra with her divorce papers…Sylar characteristics leaked out and that was cool.
  • Okay, the face that Ando had to make to make baby Matt Parkman happy did amuse me.
  • Coyote Sands.  Well we have a direction that most everybody is headed at least.  HRG, the Petrelli’s, I assume Parkman and Hiro and Mohinder.  Maybe, just maybe they’re all going to go come together and figure things out!  I can hope!
  • HRG holding the gun on Sandra thinking that she was still Sylar.  I kinda loved that it took Lyle calling with a Mr. Muggles related question in order for him to be convinced that it was his wife he had a gun on.  Of course, by then it was too late and she didn’t want to talk to him anymore, but that was well done.  HRG really was awesome the whole episode running the gamut of emotions.  I was very impressed.
  • Matt using mind control on Danko to make him tell Elana that he was lying about his whole life; loved watching him fight doing it but not being able to.  And I loved her realizing that he was willing to watch her die before giving up his hunt.
  • Hiro stopping the bullet from killing Parkman.  So, he has his uses from time to time, if he does more stuff like that I might grow to like him again.
  • Well, at least we have parallels.  Everybody’s losing their love.  Danko, Parkman and HRG…poetic justice I guess.
  • HRG pretending to be Sylar and giving Danko his files as a test to prove that he knew about Sylar.  While it messed further with my head, I enjoyed HRG’s brief moment of power and control.  Didn’t last for long though!
  • Matt meeting his son.  It was cute.  I’m a sucker for dads and their babies, so this one was easy.  But…I’d have liked to see him ask some questions there, instead of just accepting it.
  • Good move on Sylar faking being really and truly dead and making the ninja’s think that HRG had murdered one of their own.  I did love his telling Danko that he squeezed out some extra blood for show.
  • Sylar’s irritation at nearly being killed, coupled with him spitting out the bullet.  At least this week Danko showed he was thinking on his feet more again.  After Sylar was shot and he pretended not to know what HRG was talking about, it was a good move.
  • Danko and HRG leaving messages to their non-receptive women at almost the same time.  Again, nice parallel.  I don’t know that Sandra/HRG are done forever but Elana seems to have come to her senses anyway.
  • HRG is reunited with Claire.  I may not like her, but he does and he clearly needs her right now, so I guess that’s good, since we’ll never be without her.
Matt Parkman meets Matt Parkman.

Matt Parkman meets Matt Parkman.

What I disliked:

  • I said it above but it bears repeating, Sylar was Danko, Sandra and some random ninja dude this episode.  That’s too much.  Trying to figure out who was whom hurt my head, hence the blog title!
  • Baby hijinks.  You knew it was coming.  I’m thankful that Parkman has met his son if only to keep Hiro and Ando off babysitting duty for too long.
  • Promise me an Angela episode and then just give me a teaser at the end?  Not cool.
  • Japanese Texas Truckers.  It’s like they tried to figure out someone more annoying than Hiro.  They succeeded.  Kudos.  Of course he was around less, so he was less bothersome.
  • I don’t like to see HRG lose his mind the way he did but I did think it was well done.  I’m glad he’s headed to Angela and co.
  • Angela making them dig up the bodies instead of just telling us whatever happened at Coyote Sands.  I mean, it’s clear as day that people with powers were killed there, so why not just spit it out?  I guess we have to wait until next week.
Can you blame baby Parkman for crying with these two in charge of his well being?

Can you blame baby Parkman for crying with these two in charge of his well being?

So that was that.  I guess I weighed more in on the liked side than disliked, I just found the episode a little confusing with the many faces of Sylar.  On rewatch, it was easier to tell when it was him, of course, I knew that this time around, but I would say clues are given in body language and attitude.  I can learn to deal with it, I guess, but I hope they don’t overuse it.

All politicians have skeletons buried in their closet, guess it's fitting that Nathan should have to dig some up.

All politicians have skeletons buried in their closet, guess it's fitting that Nathan should have to dig some up.

Things are finally coming together, heroes are uniting and with only 3 episodes left for the year, that needed to happen.  I’m looking forward to whatever Angela might deign to reveal to us next week.  I love the woman but she drives me insane.  Still, I think we’re going to get something at least!  I look forward to it.

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