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Most of you know that yesterday my friend Tripp and I began blogging the fall of Chan, the most hated coupling on Days of our Lives in my lifetime.  We started in her blog, which you can read here. This is Day two of the granny!sex reveal fallout, hope you enjoy!
Tripp3235: New episode!
NoleBucgrl: Yes, I am very excited for the fallout!
NoleBucgrl: wow a Steve sighting
Tripp3235: But first
Tripp3235: Steve
Tripp3235: wow with a LAPTOP
NoleBucgrl: hee, Steve typing
Tripp3235: Oh here they are explaining where Kay is
NoleBucgrl: I have a hard time seeing him doing that
Tripp3235: so we don’t expect to see her
NoleBucgrl: that was nice of them
NoleBucgrl: and giving us a recap of babynapping
Tripp3235: I have a hard time seeing Steve being in the digital age as well
NoleBucgrl: Steve has a website
NoleBucgrl: I love it
NoleBucgrl: I hope Bo leaves the PD and joins the PI firm
Tripp3235: I wonder if it will look as sophisticated as Melanie’s?  What with that web page made from Microsoft Word.
NoleBucgrl: we’re steps closer to our Sami/Steve detective agency
Tripp3235: Melanie!
NoleBucgrl: awww Mel brought Max a candybar
Tripp3235: She probably found it on the ground
NoleBucgrl: um, they have a separate restroom?
NoleBucgrl: nice jail
Tripp3235: this is just a jail
Tripp3235: they have to take them to a restroom
NoleBucgrl: hee, well you can tell I’ve never had an experience with jails
Tripp3235: OHHHHH
NoleBucgrl: hee, Melanie called Nick cute
Tripp3235: she called Nick cute
Tripp3235: You know I”m reacting to that
NoleBucgrl: and then mentioned his upcoming money
NoleBucgrl: so she’s asking bracelet chick for money?
Tripp3235: yea whatever
NoleBucgrl: really?
Tripp3235: no
NoleBucgrl: hee, Trent’s calling Nick
Tripp3235: she is asking bracelet chick to drop charges
Tripp3235: I think
NoleBucgrl: oh ok
Tripp3235: Nick!
Tripp3235: in his awesome white jacket
NoleBucgrl: I’d love for Nick to ask him for money
Tripp3235: that would be awesome
Tripp3235: Hey Trent, can I borrow some money?
NoleBucgrl: Trent made notes for Nick?  well sheesh
Tripp3235: interesting they keep talking of the prototype
NoleBucgrl: ahhh he wants to find out where he is
Tripp3235: I wondered if they would drop that
NoleBucgrl: Oh here we go!!!
Tripp3235: I love Nick doesn’t fall for Trent
NoleBucgrl: yes Daniel it is over!
Tripp3235: Granny sex!
Tripp3235: Um, he did just admit it chelsea
NoleBucgr: ahh we saw that part
Tripp3235: The problem with SC’s face
NoleBucgrl: she needs to think
Tripp3235: is his tanning looks wrong
Tripp3235: makes him look all blotchy
NoleBucgrl: the hell? why is Theo interrupting our moment?
NoleBucgrl: damn that kid
Tripp3235: I’d swear he was working on cars
Tripp3235: Theo 1-2-3-4
NoleBucgrl: 1, 2, 3, 4 I declare Dan a manwhore!
Tripp3235 : I guess Theo senses this isn’t the time
NoleBucgrl: if Theo said that, he would be my all time favorite character
Tripp3235: 5,6,7,8 Kate is dan’s catnip?
NoleBucgrl: um…no…hehe
NoleBucgrl: Ahh back to Steve, PI
NoleBucgrl: Patch, PI
Tripp3235: And his laptop
NoleBucgrl: that sounds better
Tripp3235: we’ve wanted a PI for Steve for awhile
NoleBucgr: yes we have, obviously the Hig has been reading our posts
Tripp3235: And we’ve seen Steve crazy
Tripp3235: it’s not a pretty sight
NoleBucgrl: oh lord Caroline
Tripp3235: or reading the S/K letters
NoleBucgrl: stop being a wuss
NoleBucgrl: is being a PI worse than being a cop like 2 of her sons?
Tripp3235: No
Tripp3235: he’ll probably manage to be way more effective then the SalemPD
NoleBucgrl: I did not like how she said cheating husbands all sexy like
NoleBucgrl: that is your son in law woman
NoleBucgrl: reign it in
NoleBucgrl: no doubt
NoleBucgrl: Steve will be the man
Tripp3235: Caroline is practicing so she can hit on Chelsea’s NEXT boyfriend
NoleBucgrl: true, she’s up to bat next
NoleBucgrl: then Ciara
NoleBucgrl: hee
NoleBucgrl: Sorased of course
Tripp3235: More baby talk
NoleBucgrl: this stuff is boring
NoleBucgrl: all seems like filler
Tripp3235: I’ve never been happy with the baby stuff for S/K
NoleBucgrl: we get it, Patch PI
Tripp3235: it limits them so much
NoleBucgrl: ahhh Melanie and Max
NoleBucgrl: she’s really worried about him calling Daddy
Tripp3235: Blame him Melanie
NoleBucgrl: ha, she cared about George
Tripp3235: Oh Max
Tripp3235: you’re not helping yourself here
NoleBucgrl: ha, Max just let her know he doesn’t love Daddy
Tripp3235: by telling her what Stephanie said about her
NoleBucgrl: I know, what an idiot
NoleBucgrl: way to stoke the fires of hate
NoleBucgrl: ha, she’s calling his bluff about calling Trent
Tripp3235: and now she’s zero’d in on figuring out the deal with Max and Trent
NoleBucgrl: ahh there’s Tiffany
Tripp3235: her big break
NoleBucgrl: to bail out Max
NoleBucgrl: hee
NoleBucgrl: yes Caroline, mother and child have a big bond
NoleBucgrl: fathers matter for nothing
Tripp3235: I do like that color on Caroline
NoleBucgrl: why are we having this discussion?
Tripp3235: that’s why
Tripp3235: we have to remember that Steve hasn’t gotten to be a dad before
NoleBucgrl: just to remind us that he was gone for 20 years
NoleBucgrl: yay
Tripp3235: but he can handle a website and create on lickety split
NoleBucgrl: that or it’s an anvil for something terrible
NoleBucgrl: yep, Steve is a better compu-person than you -) HEHE
NoleBucgrl: hee, here we go, talking about Max and Stephanie like they’re not related to both of you
NoleBucgrl: and each other
Tripp3235: it would be hilarious if Caroline knew Max was in jail
Tripp3235: and just said it matter of fact
NoleBucgrl: hee
NoleBucgrl: Nick and Trent!
NoleBucgrl: Trent is determined to send Nick his material
Tripp3235: I’m in a restaurant!
Tripp3235: So I can’t take the blueprints
NoleBucgrl: hee
Tripp3235: my boy isn’t the smoothest guy in the world
NoleBucgrl: Oooh Trent and Steve
Tripp3235: but I love him anyway
NoleBucgrl: me likee
NoleBucgrl: Trent already knows that Steve is a PI
Tripp3235: Yes, RB and SN
Tripp3235: soap dreams coming true
NoleBucgrl: jeez, did he take out an ad on TV?
Tripp3235: website drums up business
Tripp3235: didn’t you know?
NoleBucgrl: I’ve heard rumors of that
Tripp3235: look at all the traffic to your blog! and mine!
NoleBucgrl: but you know, I don’t see Trent googling PI’s
NoleBucgrl: ha
NoleBucgrl: he wants Steve to find Nick
NoleBucgrl: I love it
Tripp3235: I love how he wants him to find Nick too
NoleBucgrl: oh here we go
NoleBucgrl: pretending to care about talking to Lexie
Tripp3235: Why is Theo up there?
Tripp3235: oh he has an appointment
NoleBucgrl: yep and Chelsea is using that to escape
NoleBucgrl: awww shut down
NoleBucgrl: have to stay and talk to Granny and the Sexman
NoleBucgrl: which..that should be a show, hehe
Tripp3235: Dr. Surftool
NoleBucgrl: Douchiel
NoleBucgrl: that’s my fave
NoleBucgrl: Steve, all cool about not knowing Nick that well
Tripp3235: I like McStatutory myself
NoleBucgrl: he’s only close with his daughter
Tripp3235: I love that
NoleBucgrl: yeah that one rocks too
Tripp3235: and dated his niece
Tripp3235: by marriage
Tripp3235: sudden disappearance
Tripp3235: IMO
Tripp3235: Nick has been missing for MONTHS thank you very much Dena!!
NoleBucgrl: hee, quite true
NoleBucgrl: he was working on his prototype apparently
Tripp3235: What else did he have to do?
NoleBucgrl: Trent you’re such a smooth liar
Tripp3235: He is doing a great job
NoleBucgrl: mope over Chelsea the bitch I guess
Tripp3235: since he just came up with this
NoleBucgrl: hee, Steve’s awesome
NoleBucgrl: France huh?
Tripp3235: yes he is?
NoleBucgrl: $250 a day plus expenses
Tripp3235: milk him!
NoleBucgrl: hehe
NoleBucgrl: yeah up the ante
NoleBucgrl: Steve’s all like, it’ll take me one call jackass
Tripp3235: handball with the check, that sounds like an SN line
NoleBucgrl: oooh now he asked about Stephanie…Steve didn’t care for that
Tripp3235: seriously Trent
Tripp3235: is it kind of dumb
Tripp3235: for Trent to know Stephanie is seeing his son
Tripp3235: who is Steve’s daughter
Tripp3235: and Max is good friends with BOTH of them
Tripp3235: they both were at his party
Tripp3235: he’s seen them hang out
Tripp3235: of course Steve knows Trent
NoleBucgrl: yes, quite true
Tripp3235: *lets it go*
NoleBucgrl: but maybe he figures Steve doesn’t really pay attention to his kid
NoleBucgrl: oh lord, she’s pimping that Max is a race car driver again
NoleBucgrl: sheesh
Tripp3235: And isn’t it amazing how everyone knows racing?
NoleBucgrl: yes, all these young girls
Tripp3235: Hee, Melanie setting them up
Tripp3235: Ok, Melanie is awesome
NoleBucgrl: who probably pay no attention whatsoever to racing or many sports at all
NoleBucgrl: yeah I know, that is cool as heck
NoleBucgrl: does Stephanie get left behind?
NoleBucgrl: HEEE
NoleBucgrl: she called Stephanie his cousin!!!
NoleBucgrl: if Melanie only knew!
Tripp3235: LOL
Tripp3235: yes, yes
NoleBucgrl: great stuff
NoleBucgrl: oooh here we go
Tripp3235: she could have said niece and been telling the truth
NoleBucgrl: Chelsea and Date
Tripp3235: Easy Kate on where to begin
Tripp3235: tell her how you screwed Dan
NoleBucgrl: a bunch of how could you do its
NoleBucgrl: hee, it wasn’t a relationship so that’s ok
Tripp3235: wow Dan
NoleBucgrl: that’s not true at all
Tripp3235 : you’re such a JERK
NoleBucgrl: it was not WAY before they got together
NoleBucgrl: I’m sick of this
NoleBucgrl: yes they knew that it was wrong
NoleBucgrl: oooh, don’t insult me with those words?
NoleBucgrl: That was kinda cool, Chelsea
NoleBucgrl: rejected!
Tripp3235: this is falling flat a bit though
Tripp3235: she should be freaking out
Tripp3235: she’s just so calm
NoleBucgrl: yes, well the less she cares, the more awesome it is
NoleBucgrl: aww Stephanie is mad that Max has a date
Tripp3235: Well she was flirting it up with the guard to get her cell phone
NoleBucgrl: I know
NoleBucgrl: big deal, it gets you out of jail
NoleBucgrl: Hee, I told you Melanie was trouble
NoleBucgrl: “I heard that!”
Tripp3235: What is up with SH’s tan?
NoleBucgrl: maybe the jail allows them to tan
Tripp3235: she’s got quite a shine there
NoleBucgrl: is that my Seb?
Tripp3235: I guess there was no powder in the powder room
NoleBucgrl: Stephanie should make a date with him now
Tripp3235: Actually Stephanie needs to change
NoleBucgrl: hee…Melanie saying they make a cute couple to Stephanie
NoleBucgrl: love it
Tripp3235: out of that hideous dress
NoleBucgrl: this is random…why is Daniel alone all of a sudden?
Tripp3235: Ok, Dan and Lexie
Tripp3235: does he look upset?
Tripp3235: WTF?
Tripp3235: it’s like nothing has happened?
NoleBucgrl: He called that a “bump in the road”
NoleBucgrl: a BUMP IN THE ROAD????
NoleBucgrl: I wish Chelsea could hear that
Tripp3235: He said he’s horrible in confiding?
NoleBucgrl: sexing grandma was a bump in the road
Tripp3235: He told Lexie all about his dead wife Rebecca with very little prompting
NoleBucgrl: yeah, didn’t he spill dead wifey with no issue?
Tripp3235: who better have looked a whole hell a lot like Chelsea
NoleBucgrl: hehe
NoleBucgrl: Ha, I slept with Kate, so matter of factly
Tripp3235: seriously
Tripp3235: I slept with Kate’s grandmother…Coffee?
NoleBucgrl: hee, an inopportune moment
NoleBucgrl: Lexie should have some good advice here, she’s cheated a lot, hehe
NoleBucgrl: glad you asked?  all sarcastic
NoleBucgrl: Dan is such a dick
Tripp3235: He is
Tripp3235: oh speaking of dicks
NoleBucgrl: hee
Tripp3235: Steve is one now but in a good way
NoleBucgrl: Yes
NoleBucgrl: Trent is not at all subtle here
Tripp3235: you know what’s funny is Trent tries so hard to get info from everyone in town
NoleBucgrl: HA, Steve doesn’t like Max very much
Tripp3235: Nick, Steve, Nicole
Tripp3235: nobody falls for it
NoleBucgrl: I know, he’s not very good at it, even though he’s awesome to listen to
Tripp3235: We hope Steve, we hope she doesn’t marry Max
NoleBucgrl: hey, the guest list will be fine
NoleBucgrl: they know all the same people and have no other relatives
NoleBucgrl: except Melanie and Trent of course
NoleBucgrl: Caroline stomping over to ask what Trent wants with Steve…jeez
Tripp3235: Caroline is angry!
Tripp3235: Hee
Tripp3235: Caroline knows where Nick is
NoleBucgrl:I don’t like this Steve!”
Tripp3235: He lied Caroline!
NoleBucgrl: yeah DUH
NoleBucgrl: Nick and Stephanie
Tripp3235: Steve lied to him Caroline!
Tripp3235: Awwww
NoleBucgrl: HEE
Tripp3235: they have chemistry
NoleBucgrl: Nick loves it!
NoleBucgrl: that Melanie is creative
NoleBucgrl: he got Steph to laugh about it
NoleBucgrl: Nick is magical
Tripp3235: See?
Tripp3235: he has such a way with girls
NoleBucgrl: Nick talking her out of stomping over there
Tripp3235: why are they eating like that?
Tripp3235: with their spoons?
NoleBucgrl: Tiffany knows that she’s his girlfriend
NoleBucgrl: I don’t know
NoleBucgrl: that was weird
NoleBucgrl: she’s amping up her rep?
Tripp3235: must be a French thing
NoleBucgrl: except she’s American I think
Tripp3235: which, there are way more American’s over there
NoleBucgrl: if she’s French, she’s doing a bad job of it
NoleBucgrl: hehe
NoleBucgrl: Awww she was gonna drop the charges anyway
Tripp3235: she’s pretty good actually
NoleBucgrl: yes, as an American in Paris
NoleBucgrl: if she’s French, she sucks
Tripp3235: she’s not French
Tripp3235: back to Nick and Stephanie
Tripp3235: hee
Tripp3235: Melanie interrupts
NoleBucgrl: there’s Melanie
NoleBucgrl: ahh here’s Daniel explaining his sexcapades
Tripp3235: Hee
Tripp3235: Lexie asking if they are still seeing each other
Tripp3235: Goodness
NoleBucgrl: ahh he said it happened right after the infertility
Tripp3235: Lexie said goodness
NoleBucgrl: Marlena syndrome, hehe goodness!!
NoleBucgrl: here we go, Danny was hammered and Kate showed up
NoleBucgrl: but…you kept doing it didn’t you Daniel?
NoleBucgrl: Oh Lexie, you are a moron
NoleBucgrl: she thinks Chelsea will understand
NoleBucgrl: GRANDMOTHER Lexie, he did her Grandmother!
Tripp3235: STFU Lexie
NoleBucgrl: wth
NoleBucgrl: it cut off
Tripp3235: but remember
Tripp3235: abe has understood
NoleBucgrl: Abe’s a moron, hehe
NoleBucgrl: ahhh Nick asked Stephanie to give him and Melanie a moment
Tripp3235: I always can watch Mick stuff
NoleBucgrl: mmm Nick wants to get to know her a little better
Tripp3235: Nick convinced her to call Tiffany?
NoleBucgrl: look at Nick taking the lead
Tripp3235: DID WE SEE THAT???
Tripp3235: DAMMIT
NoleBucgrl: hee, calm down, you’re seeing plenty of your Nick now
NoleBucgrl: Steve and Stephanie
NoleBucgrl: sorry, Dad, i was in jail
Tripp3235: Their cell phone bills are gonna be HUGE
NoleBucgrl: true enough
NoleBucgrl: here we go, Max making excuses for Melanie
NoleBucgrl: she’s not that bad
Tripp3235: Well she’s blood
NoleBucgrl: and her friend calling her “horrible”
Tripp3235: Max must defend her
NoleBucgrl: I love it
Tripp3235: no Tiffany
Tripp3235: if you want to know crazy….
Tripp3235: ask him how he knows Stephanie
NoleBucgrl: haha yeah
NoleBucgrl: explain your relationship
NoleBucgrl: Max is not cute at any time, let alone when he’s confused
Tripp3235: See this is the deal
Tripp3235: Max is supposed to be this smooth operator
Tripp3235: and he gets all flustered
NoleBucgrl: so, this girl knows about Stephanie and now she wants to kiss him
Tripp3235: when a girl hits on him
NoleBucgrl: DATE!!!
NoleBucgrl: No Kate, she will never forgive you
NoleBucgrl: I don’t know, he mumbles
NoleBucgrl: speak up “world class” surgeon
Tripp3235: he stands like a moron
Tripp3235: Oh God
Tripp3235: Lexie and Chelsea
NoleBucgrl: oh god, here comes Lexie
NoleBucgrl: the interferer
Tripp3235: Shes gonna say something
NoleBucgrl: oh I know it
Tripp3235: See Chelsea is acting fine really
Tripp3235: I’m not saying she isn’t a mess on the inside
NoleBucgrl: making small talk like her world didn’t just come crashing down
Tripp3235: but last time, she couldn’t think straight
Tripp3235: she couldn’t see straight
NoleBucgrl: Lexie is not good at prying
NoleBucgrl: no advice Lexie
Tripp3235: What sides is that?
NoleBucgrl: there are two sides to a story? really?
Tripp3235: that was Lexie’s big moment to push Chelsea back to Dan?
NoleBucgrl: this all just fell flat
NoleBucgrl: what’s Trent yelling about?
Tripp3235: Steve is coming to get them?
NoleBucgrl: Steve’s heading to France?  Oh maybe not
Tripp3235: it sounded like Steve said he was coming to get them
NoleBucgrl: um…that was really weird
NoleBucgrl: why all the kissing of Max and then it’s late, I have to go, when Steph comes up?
Tripp3235: i bet you anything
NoleBucgrl: oh look, Stephanie isn’t mad
Tripp3235: Tiffany had someone paid
Tripp3235: to take a picture
Tripp3235: of them kissing
NoleBucgrl: ahh good point
Tripp3235: you know, Max is a big name
Tripp3235: celebrity
NoleBucgrl: ewww Stax kiss
Tripp3235: it’s over now
NoleBucgrl: hee, yes Kate, good idea
NoleBucgrl: find Chelsea together
NoleBucgrl: oooh there she is
NoleBucgrl: she wants to know exactly what went on with them
Tripp3235: Hee, second time for Chelsea
NoleBucgrl: Previews
NoleBucgrl: EJ! Tony!
Tripp3235: she has this pegged into a whole formulatic style
Tripp3235: John and Lexie
Tripp3235: that’s interesting
Tripp3235: Well that was underwhelming
NoleBucgrl: Yeah it really was
Tripp3235: it continues on again tomorrow
NoleBucgrl: I want screaming and throwing things
NoleBucgrl: and calling names
NoleBucgrl: yeah, should we do this again?
Tripp3235: MAYBE we get more info on the actual sex
Tripp3235: Probably
Tripp3235: so until tomorrow!
NoleBucgrl: Ok, why not?  cataloging the fall of Chan is worthy of our attention
NoleBucgrl: Yep, tomorrow!
Here’s a link to part 3 over on Tripp’s blog.  Hope you like it!

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  • I think I’m officially Olympiced out.  Even though I swore once swimming and gymnastics were over that I would be able to get some sleep again, well, it didn’t happen.  Because we had diving and track and field and volleyball…I could go on but you get the point.
  • A true testament to my Olympic obsession?  The fact that I woke up at 4 AM this morning and thought, hey the basketball team is playing, should be over about now, let me flip it on and see how we’re doing.  So I did and we were only up by 7 and there were 4 minutes left so I said, I’ll stay up.  Well, 4 minutes in basketball time can take about 20 minutes to play out with all the fouls and such, so I stayed up.  Then I watched them celebrate.  Then I watched them get their medals.  Then it was 5 AM and time to go back to bed.  Ridiculous.
  • What makes that more ridiculous?  I don’t even like basketball.  I’m happy that Team USA came through and I’m even happier that they were good sports throughout the Olympics and they supported their fellow Americans this time around, but I still don’t care for basketball.  I watched the women’s team win their gold too.  I have a sickness I tell you.
  • Weighing in, briefly, on the Chinese gymnasts…I believe they are younger than 16.  Not all, but some, and that’s enough to take all their medals away.  I like how the Chinese government is producing all this paperwork proving their ages.  Like that can’t be faked, particularly by the government themselves?  Gotta love it.
  • I’ve seen the argument that even if they’re younger, they’re still better and deserved to win.  Well no…a girl’s body pre-puberty is far different than after, so the younger you are, the more flexible you are.  Not to mention having a few less years of wear and injury on the body.  Sorry, not buying that one.
  • Big congrats to the men’s volleyball team, winning gold for their coach as he works through his family tragedy.  That had to mean a lot to him.
  • You know, it was a really great year for the American teams at the Olympics.  Men’s and women’s basketball taking gold medals, men’s volleyball gold, women’s silver, men and women water polo both silver, women’s gymnastics silver, men’s bronze, the swimming teams of course and even track and field (despite the 4×100 relay snafus).  Oh and the two golds in beach volleyball.  Very impressive showing for team USA.
  • While I enjoyed the Olympics far too much, I recommend NBC work on some new announcers and sideline reporters.  The only announcer I enjoyed was Ato Boldin who did track and field.  He actually explained things, broke down races, and had genuine excitement over every single race.  And he wasn’t a homer, he rooted for everybody.  He could teach the gymnastics announcers a thing or two.  I also hated the diving announcer woman.  She came off as quite the bitch.  I think she broke things down well, but she was so critical it annoyed me.  Like she wanted to be a judge instead of an announcer.  Hated her.
  • In non-Olympics news, my Super Bowl pick of the Patriots is looking a little more dire day by day.  They got their butts kicked again, yes, preseason game and Brady’s not playing, but god help them if my pretty Tom does not make it through the season.  Their backup QB situation is abysmal.
  • Apparently Shawn Merriman hurt his PCL and MCL ligaments in his knee and he’s still considering playing.  Be smart and get the surgery, one year is not worth risking your entire career over.
  • Anquan Boldin (Seminole!) wants out of Arizona and my Bucs could use him bigtime this year.  AZ won’t trade him, but a girl can dream can’t she?  He’d fit in well here.  Sigh.
  • Stop the presses, Brett Favre and the Jets won a preseason game.  Pencil them in for the big game.  HA!  Why is he on the cover of Madden anyway?  When they chose the cover he was “retired” right?  John Madden is a so Favre’s bitch.
  • I only saw part of the Bucs game last night, but Jeff Garcia needs to get practicing.  He had some abysmal throws and 2 terrible interceptions.  Griese threw a terrible ball too that fortunately got dropped.  However, the offense is moving the ball pretty well so I take heart in that.
  • My Cardinals are now 8 games behind the Cubs.  I think we can call it for the year.  Sigh.  I really really hate the Cubs.
  • Albert Pujols should be NL MVP.  He should generally always be MVP, but this year he really should.  Keeping this team in contention for so long says a lot about how valuable he is.
  • I’ll close with a sad goodbye to Gene Upshaw.  He had his faults but he did a lot for the NFL players in his tenure as their president.  He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer only days before he died, so hopefully he wasn’t ill for long.  Condolences to his family.

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Alright, we had more pretty, pretty pics to share today (no, I still don’t have the boxers pic, sigh), so here is the final day of the noir stuff.  I’m glad it hasn’t been stretched out too long, I could still appreciate it today but it would get old after awhile.  But the pretty would not ever get old.  On to the pics!

You know how I feel about these two!

You know how I feel about these two!

The powers that be were smart enough to make sure that Philip and EJ ran into one another again today.  Excuse me, I guess I should say Philly K and Junior.  Hee…I about died when Lucas called Philip “Philly K”.  I guess that was to make him sound gangster but all I could think about is what if he called them that in real Salem (as real as Salem is that is!) and imagined that Philip would not be pleased.  Bue he can look hot while angry too, so it’d be cool!

Now, just undo a few of those buttons....

Now, just undo a few of those buttons....

I feel that it’s only fair that I give Philip a little equal time.  My EJ love eclipses that of Philip, but even I admit that JKJ brings the hot lately.  He was having unfortunate hair issues but now he’s fixed that and he’s looking damn good.

EJ looks hotly perplexed here.

EJ looks hotly perplexed here.

Not to be outdone, EJ was looking pretty darn good today too.  They did not have a good pic of the open shirt action he was sporting at the end of the show (damn you NBC! first the boxers, now this!) but he was still very, very fine today.

Nicole begging EJ...I can relate.

Nicole begging EJ...I can relate.

I was a little surprised that even in Nicole’s fantasies she’s having to beg EJ for crumbs and that she didn’t end up with him.  I can tell you that in my fantasies, I always end up with him.  Sad for her but at least she got to kiss The Pretty!

This is the best open shirt shot I could get, sigh.

This is the best open shirt shot I could get, sigh.

I did think it was fun that Lucas turned Nicole in, I figured she’d kill EJ and herself in some fit of passion and needless to say that would have irritated me.  I enjoyed Abe and Roman getting a moment in the noir scenes, and getting to pretend to be competent cops at that.  It was a stretch for them I know.

So that wraps up my Noir in pics, hope you enjoyed, I thought it was fun.  Now if they will only give EJ and Philip some more scenes together in Real!Salem, all will be well with the world.  See you soon!

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Nuts About Noir

The big day is finally here.  The noir episodes of Days are airing currently and they were mostly worth the wait.  I’m not sure how but James Scott and Jay Kenneth Johnson are even hotter in black and white.  My only complaint was that terrible voice that Sami was sporting, I understood she was channeling Marilyn Monroe or something, but it was grating.  I’m going to mostly do a picture blog here, because I don’t need to say much, you just need to sit back and enjoy the heck outta the view!

Shirtless EJ and Sami "napping"

Shirtless EJ and Sami

Anything that gets James Scott out of his usual suit and tie is fine by me.  The man can wear anything and look good but he looks all the better wearing nothing.  Sadly NBC has gipped me out of a shot of him in nothing but boxers, I’ll have to hunt that down though because I would dub that the best moment of the day.

How can he look even better in black and white???

How can he look even better in black and white???

This will have to suffice as it occurred just after the boxer scene.  Yum.  Just yum.

Can't shortchange Philip here, he's also gorgeous!

Can't shortchange Philip here, he's looking sexy as well!

Gotta give Jay Kenneth Johnson credit, nobody brings the smolder like he does.  So gorgeous!

Mmmmm...me next?

Mmmmm...me next?

Don’t you just want to knock Nadia Bjorlin out of the way and take her place?  He looks really really hot like this.

There's love and then there's JKJ & JS toghther in the same shot. Damn!

There is beauty.

Honestly, this shot would be one of my 8 wonders of the world.  I mean…my word.  Look at them!  I swear that if EJ & Philip shared daily scenes I would never complain about the show again.  I mean, if they could be shirtless in them, I wouldn’t cry either, but I’ll take anything.  I’m not desperate!  Ok, maybe I am.  Sigh.

If anybody could making smoking sexy, it would be these two.

If anybody could making smoking sexy, it would be these two.

I don’t smoke.  I don’t care for smoking.  My mom smoked all my life and I always hated it.  But I would take up smoking if one or both of these guys were there to light my cigarette.

James is just so pretty.

James is just so pretty.

Just for a little contrast, we got EJ in his white suit.  I’ve not given much time to the girls, because, well, you know why, but Nicole and Chloe were both really good today I thought.  Nadia’s singing was nice (much better than when she’s doing opera, thank you) and I thought Nicole fit well into the time.  Sami was also effective, just with an annoying voice.  And even though I won’t post a pic of Lucas, he was really good as the PI as well.  It was really a cool show today.

And just to mix it up, the men in color

And just to mix it up, the men in color

I had to leave you with one final image of the two men I’ve been drooling over for the entire blog.  This is my favorite of all the pictures I think (until I find the boxer one, hehe).  This is just hot as anything and is my new screensaver.  Thanks to NBC for these lovely pictures, I shall treasure them always!  Hope you enjoyed, tomorrow may bring more pretty, if it does, I’ll be happy to add it here.  Enjoy Days today, I’m glad they tried something new and different.

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I spent the better part of my much needed sleep time last night thinking about what I would say in todays blog on Michael Phelps and the history we witnessed last night.  So many thoughts were flying through my head that I don’t know if I can capture them all, but I’ll give it my best shot.  The fact that I was actually having this reaction over an Olympic athlete is pretty unprecedented.  I love the Olympics, watch them every time they’re on and root hard for the Americans and some of the other athletes whose personal stories touch me.  But the honest truth is, nothing has enraptured me the way watching Phelps recreate history has.

I am fortunate enough to have been able to see all of my favorite teams win championships in my lifetime.  The Noles in 93 and 99, the Bucs in 2002 and the Cardinals in 2006.  I became a sports fan when I was a kid, first with the California Angels and then when we moved to St. Louis in 1987, the Cards captured and kept my heart.  They’ve been a pretty good team that entire time.

In 1993, I began attending Florida State and fell in love with football.  And I mean it when I say love.  Football is probably my biggest passion and has been for years.  And I was fortunate enough to go to a school that actually won.  We won the championship my freshman year and dominated the 90’s like no other team.  It was a beautiful thing and I got very spoiled (and why I have a hard time dealing with the Noles of now, which you will no doubt see in blogs coming up all too soon as football season fast approaches).

As for pro football, I didn’t start paying attention until 1997.  I fell for Warrick Dunn at FSU and said whatever team took him would be the team I supported.  I already sort of rooted for the Bucs (while not watching them) because they had drafted my other fave Nole, Derrick Brooks, in 1995, so when they got Dunn they won my heart.  I didn’t have to suffer through the days of the terrible Bucs or the creamsickle colored jerseys (that might have been a deal breaker).  I got the Dungy coached Bucs in all their defensive beauty and then the Gruden coached Bucs that won the Super Bowl in 2002.  So yeah, I’ve been pretty spoiled there too.  I also started rooting for the Patriots in 2000 when they went against the Rams, who I felt got into the Super Bowl on a bad call (the Bert Emmanuel catch) and who taunted my Bucs on the sidelines after they won (still haven’t forgotten you Brian Jenkins, jackass).  So, obviously, supporting the Pats has been a lot of fun up til February, but who can complain with 3 out of 4?

You may wonder why I felt the need to take you through the various championships of the teams I love.  Well, that’s very simple actually.  Because those championship years meant a lot to me.  I have a binder filled with articles I searched out after the Bucs won the Super Bowl.  I did the same thing for the Cardinals.  I wasn’t equipped to do it with the Noles but I have their commemorative SI books and some t-shirts and other paraphernalia.  I bought the the Cards World Series DVD and the Bucs one as well and sometime in the near future I will search out the Nole ones, I’m sure they’re out there.

And last night darned if I didn’t rush to NBC to buy the Phelps DVD.  I just wanted to be able to go back and watch that piece of history whenever I got the urge.  To see the races without my heart in my throat and the urge to cover my eyes and pace around the room.  To relive the joy and excitement of his family in the stands, his teammates, his coach and all the viewers watching him.  It sounds dorky probably but his winning 8 Olympics golds touched me in the same way as watching teams I’ve loved for years win their ultimate championships.  And heck, what he did was way harder.  Hee, in rereading what I just wrote, I bet you anything that my heart will still be in my throat on rewatch, because I still get just that excited when I watch the Bucs and Cards championship DVD’s.  I’m a freak, I admit it.

For the better part of a week, Michael Phelps mania has captured my and countless others attention.  I have sacrificed sleep in order to see just about every race (I missed the first relay where Lezak came from behind and won, sigh) and I would do it all over again.  I’m almost sorry that the swimming is over, even though I’m exhausted, I will miss it.  Phelps enters a whole new stratosphere after these games and I’m already looking forward to seeing what he can do in 4 years.  I know, he won’t be going for 8 golds but darned if he couldn’t add at least a few more right?  He’ll be 27, Piersol I believe is 28 and he got several this year, so why not?  I guess this Olympics has made me believe he can do just about anything he set his mind to.

I’d like to say even though the NBC hype machine was turned up about 1000 times too high, at least Phelps lived up to the billing.  So many athletes fail when the spotlight shines on them the brightest (lookin at you Bode Miller!) that it’s great to see one come through and do the nearly impossible.  I know Michael overshadowed a lot of his fellow swimmers but Lezak, Hanson and Piersol were all awesome both during the race and after.  I loved the team camaraderie from all 4 men and I’m thrilled for them all.

I’m going to enjoy this last week of Olympics but I’m really going to miss seeing Michael Phelps light up my screen every night.  Maybe I’ll actually get back to a normal sleep pattern soon!  Who am I kidding, women’s individual gymnastics is tonight!  I’m in for the long haul.

Anyway, time to wrap this up.  Thanks Michael Phelps for including the world in your special moments.  It was a treat, as are you.  8 for 8…who’d a thunk it?

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Phelps Phanatic!

I just don’t have a lot of words here, but I’m going to share my complete and utter joy from watching Michael Phelps win his 7th gold medal of these Olympic games.  He was behind for the entire race and then all of a sudden he touched the wall before that Cavic dolt, who actually had the balls to call Phelps out before the race.  Suck on your silver dude!

I mentioned in my previous blog that I was transfixed by the Olympics and that was true, but my primary focus has been Michael Phelps.  I can’t help it.  I love to see history made.  I adore it.  I was rooting for 19-0 last year for the Pats and my heart is still crushed by it.  I’m kind glad the Favre hoopla came up because otherwise we’d be hearing about the 18-1 finish for the Pats.  Sigh.

That was off topic.  Anyway, I’m euphoric that Phelps tied Mark Spitz’ record and tomorrow night he will go for the all time at 8-8.  And we’re heavily favored in that relay, so I’m feeling pretty good and excited.  I’ll do another blog about that and some more Olympic stuff soon, but meantime I just had to say way to go to Michael.  He’s awesome and I feel honored that I get to watch him.  He’s definitely making it worth me staying up far too late on work nights.  I’m glad his part is almost over, though I won’t know what to do with myself without the Olympics keeping me occupied.  Oh yeah, football is coming. hehe I love this time of year!

Go Phelps, Go USA, you all rock!

ETA: Apparently Serbia and sore loser Cavic are filing a protest over the results.  How do you protest a result?  There aren’t judges giving scores like in gymnastics.  It’s not subjective.  Michael touched an electronic touchpad first.  You lost, by 1/100th of a second, Cavic, but you lost.  Suck it up and be a man.  Too bad you talked trash before the race and then couldn’t pull it off.  Why don’t you talk to that French guy Bernard about it…he’ll tell you that challenging the best swimmer in the games is probably not your best bet.  Suck it up, baby, suck it up!  Guess he has to, cause I’m watching Michael on the podium with his gold!  Phelps rocks!

I must say I enjoyed watching silver loser shake Michael’s hand, like his protest doesn’t exist.  He might be my most hated athlete at the games now, what fun, an enemy!  More breaking news, they won’t accept the protest, the cameras and touchpad are right.  Yay!

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Sports Shorts

I’ve been told that I’m woefully negligent on the sports coverage lately, so I’m going to check in with sports shorts up until the football season starts, when of course I’ll be willing to write epic poems of love to the sport that has my heart.  In the meantime, here’s where I am on various topics not Favre related:

  • I am completely caught up in the Olympics.  I’ve been watching like crazy and staying up far too late at night trying to catch Phelps’ quest for gold and the gymnastics.  Why are all the things I want to watch on so damn late?
  • Synchronized diving?  Who came up with this sport and why?  And why have I watched both the men and the women’s events?  What is wrong with me?
  • I’ll admit this as well, I’m loving watching the beach volleyball, men and women.  Slight nitpick, why are the chicks out there in sports bras and the men all covered up?  I do not approve.  Still enjoying the hell out the sport and the American dominance.
  • I didn’t watch the opening ceremonies, but I am damn pissed to find out that the Chinese used a “more attractive” little girl lip syncing to the “less attractive” girl’s singing.  Nice message that you’re sending to that child and millions around that world.  You’re not pretty?  Screw your talent.  Idiots.
  • On the baseball front, the Giants had some kind of anniversary celebration and Bonds showed up and tried to mention, yet again, that he’s not retired.  No, you’re not retired, Barry, but you are done.  Go home, Barroid, nobody wants you.
  • Big baseball trades recently, Manny Ramirez, Jason Bay, Adam Dunn, etc.  I’d like to get worked up about some of them, but why?  Is anything going to change the fact that the Angels are the best team in baseball?  I say no.
  • Speaking of baseball trades, my beloved Cardinals sat on their asses and did nothing at the deadline.  Nope, we don’t need any help.  It’s not like the bullpen hasn’t blown a major league leading 30 saves or anything.
  • Had the Cards not blown those 30 saves, they’d actually be leading their division by a comfortable margin probably.  As it stands now, they’ll finish third behind Milwaukee and the Cubs.
  • As for the Cubs, enjoy your run to the playoffs, you aren’t winning the World Series, yet again.  I’m sick of your lovable losers nickname.  There’s nothing remotely lovable about petulant, tantrum throwing pitchers, getting announcers fired, corking bats and picking fights with teammates.  The Cubs in the last 5 years ladies and gentlemen, real lovable.
  • On the football front, McNabb came out today and complimented TO on his finally becoming mature in his 30’s.  Donovan, I love you, I really do, but stop focusing on TO, that’s so two years ago.  Move on, he did.
  • You know, with all the hoopla from the last year, the Pats have been amazingly quiet this year, they might be the team I’ve heard the least about.  I feel better about that Super Bowl pick daily.
  • I still hate the 72 Dolphins, bitter old men.
  • Back to the Olympics, the US basketball teams are rocking right now.  I hope they keep it up, if the men flub again this year it’s just embarrassing.  With the talent we have on that team, there’s no excuse for not taking gold.

I think that’s all I’ve got right now.  Hopefully Phelps and the swimmers will give me more to talk about along with the gymnastics team.  Michael is 3/3 and going for two more golds tonight.  I’ll be able to stay up for the first one but probably not the second.  Sigh.  I hate the broadcast times.  Go Phelps!

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Yes, I know I played fast and loose with the spelling of dynamic, but us TWoP users like to incorporate the Di from DiMera into a bunch of different words.  They live in DiMansion, they’re Dilightful, the DiMen are awesome, etc.  So now you know, if you didn’t already.

I have a mad crush on the DiMera’s.  Not just the gorgeous EJ, but also Stefano and Tony.  Since NuJohn technically counts as DiMera, he must be included and I do like him, but I’m waiting for old John to return and then I will go back to ignoring him.  But it’s the 3 DiMen that have me most intrigued right now.  Days has been clicking lately and I attribute that to whomever staged the writing coup we heard so much about and the reappearance of one Stefano DiMera.

I cannot begin to rehash all the plot lines that have evolved with Stefano over the years, but I will say that over the course of my Days watching, he’s appeared and disappeared with startling regularity.  He had a hatred for Roman Brady and began screwing with him and his family first, but he moved on to include S&K and John and his own kids and Sami and most of the main players in Salem.  He is a villain in every way and I love him.

Joe Mascolo seems to take such delight in playing Stefano, he really puts a ton of energy into the role and roll’s his rrrrrr’s with such gusto.  He enjoys manipulating everyone around him and he can be more threatening from his bed than most people can be when holding a machine gun.  Past incarnations of Stefano had the ability be cartoonish, but the more recent version has been more twisted and evil and less of a buffoon and I couldn’t be happier about it.

But the thing that I am most enjoying right now is that in just a matter of a few days, Stefano’s appearance has really effected his two sons.  Tony DiMera holds the distinction of being one of the town’s beloved citizens.  The fact that he was raised by Stefano is overlooked because he’s usually been a good person.  Anything bad he did was retconned by the last writer to having been his cousin Andre, real, good Tony was alone on an island for 20 years thanks to his father.  Needless to say, no love lost between father and son on that one.  (Tony is not Stefano’s biological son currently but give them time and he will be again, plus he calls him Father so that’s good enough for me).

Anyway, since Stefano has been awake, Tony has been shown to be a bit more conflicted about his father.  He, of all the DiMera siblings, was the one most gung ho about slapping Stefano in a home and not looking for any kind of solution to whatever put him in the coma.  Now, however, he seems to feel somewhat bad about that and he was willing not to tell anybody that Father had awakened, up until he found out that EJ knew as well.  Today we got even more conflict from Tony when Marlena admitted to him that she was the one who put Stefano in his coma state.  He called her on it and said that she stooped to his level and was no better than his father.  That was a real powerful moment for me, because you know damn well that most of the town is going to whitewash Marlena’s actions (she never ever pays).  For her dear friend Tony to be disappointed in her was a big deal.  He’s also been trying to reign Anna in on her railing against his father as well.  I get the feeling that Tony might be taking a step closer to his family in the near future and I’m all for it.

Little brother EJ has also shown a bit of a turnaround since Stefano reappeared.  He was more than willing to ally with John to take down the Kiriakii and to help with the family empire a couple of weeks ago, now he tells Stefano that he has his reasons for working with John and he intends to go after him himself.  Well, well, well, color me intrigued.  Is EJ playing his father, his uncle, or both of them?  Anything that brings back gray EJ is good in my mind, so I hope he’s straddling that line and like he told John, if he has to choose between the two of them, he’s choosing himself.  (Kelly Taylor moment for EJ, who’d have thought it?)

That of course could be just big talk, because the moment that Stefano called out his name, EJ had a beautiful look of fear and panic cross his face.  He agreed to cover up that Stefano was awake and has also been trying to keep everyone from going after Stefano, especially John.  Today when the hospital lock down began, EJ knew right away it was his father behind it and seemed resigned to whatever was coming.  He knows Stefano has revenge on his mind and he’s not afraid to include his children in his retribution.

Honestly, for the first time in ages, I cannot wait to see what’s coming next.  That’s the power of Stefano DiMera.  He can cause chaos in many avenues and I love to watch for the fallout.  His verbal joust with Anna today was beautiful as well, asking Tony how he could have married the scheming bitch.  John was choking the man and he just sat there and waited calmly for John to realize that hurting him would only lead to Marlena never getting better.  I just love the power he has, I’m a junkie like that I guess.

I would say something about the other DiMera, Lexie, but as usually she is pretty much left out in the cold.  She’s not in this storyline so odd woman out again.  And that’s ok by me, because really, it’s DiMen that are intriguing and exciting.  I can’t wait to see what path EJ & Tony take, will they unite with their father, John, or go out on their own?  I don’t know the answer to that, but I can’t wait to see.  The DiMera’s are DiLightful!

Ej, Tony & Stefano; DiMen

Ej, Tony & Stefano; DiMen

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Since I’ve yammered about football the last two days, I thought maybe it was time to put it on the line and offer my fearless preseason predictions.  I’ll lay it out by how I expect things to go divisionally and in the playoffs as well as guess at some potential MVP candidates. I, of course, reserve the right to change my mind if some big injuries occur in the next few weeks, but we’re a month out from the first regular season games so let’s go for it.

AFC East:

Patriots, Bills, Jets, Dolphins

AFC North:

Browns, Steelers, Bengals, Ravens

AFC South:

Colts, Jags, Titans, Texans

AFC West:

Chargers, Broncos, Chiefs, Raiders

AFC Playoffs:

Patriots, Colts, Chargers, Browns, Steelers & Jaguars

NFC East:

Cowboys, Redskins, Giants, Eagles (toughest division to pick right here)

NFC North:

Vikings, Packers, Bears, Lions

NFC South:

Saints, Bucs, Panthers, Falcons

NFC West:

Seahawks, Cardinals, Rams, 49ers

NFC Playoffs:

Cowboys, Saints, Seahawks, Vikings, Redskins and I’ll put my Bucs here, though I wouldn’t be surprised if both wildcard teams came from the NFC East.


Patriots defeat Cowboys


Peyton Manning

Offensive Player of the Year:

Adrian Peterson

Defensive Player of the Year:

this is tougher….I’ll go with a refreshed Jason Taylor on a new team

Offensive Rookie of the Year:

Darren McFadden, Raiders

Defensive Rookie of the Year:

Sedrick Ellis, Saints

So that’s where I am right now.  I may sneak in and make some changes as sanity prevails, but this is what my heart says right now.  Any other football fans out there, feel free to add your picks in my comments section or just make fun of mine.  I’m sure they’ll be laughable by the time the season ends.

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So I wake up this morning at midnight to a text message that Favre has been traded to the Jets.  And honestly, I was annoyed.  Yes, I know what I said in my last post, but I had sorta resigned myself to him coming.  All the hoopla got me worked up and I bought into it.  Now, nothing changes except the Jets get a little better.  They’ll still not be in the playoffs, but whatever.

And now Tampa has to deal with their current qb, who is probably a bit disgruntled about the fact that they were ready and willing to replace him.  Sigh.  I had high hopes for this year and now there’s a big question mark and controversy looming.  You gotta love that.  Ugh.

Brett would not have been a great fit here, I already covered that, but the fact is that people were interested and excited about him coming.  I’m glad we wouldn’t give up a huge concession, but couldn’t we have made a sliding pick the way the Jets did?  Maybe not sliding all the way up to a first rounder unless we won the Super Bowl, but something?  I’m just irritated.

I didn’t even want the guy but then I got used to and into the idea.  Tampa would have gotten some actual attention going into the season and maybe not have been such a “surprise” like they were when they won their division last year.  I’m very worried that the Saints are going to take the title this year, so we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, I’m disappointed that I fell into the hype, I know better.  Enjoy mediocrity in NY Brett, you’re never going to win a Super Bowl in that division.  That’s Patriot territory and you’re not enough to push the Jets over the top, not nearly.  Oh well, at least it’s over!

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