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I know I’ve been quiet this summer, well other than my lengthy Twilight Fanfiction blog that I update almost daily.  It’s been a wonderful escape from real life for me.  I was going through a medical scare for a month or so but everything appears to be fine now.  I wanted to thank all my readers and especially contributors for providing me with an outlet to lose myself from my “worst case scenario” tendencies.  I tend to get overly dramatic when I think something is wrong with me and this time around I went to a bad place.  Thankfully you guys were all there to communicate with…just having others who enjoyed the same things I did and kept comments coming on simple pleasures like hot men and vampires meant a lot.

So, I just wanted to thank you guys for being there, you lifted my spirits more than you could know.  Special thanks to Tripp, who got me started here and has become a true friend that I can talk about anything with.  Rameau, who always makes me look deeper into things and brings more of an appreciation of books and TV and movies and all my favorite forms of entertainment into my life.  AGO, who seems to have the exact same taste as me, kinda like having an internet soul sister!  Lady, who gave me the push to explore my inner vampire fangirl and has great appreciation for some of my favorite things.  Doublebitch for just being sarcastic and hilarious and awesome.  All my Days readers who I have neglected terribly in recent months, I promise I’ll get my shit together soon.  All my one time posters, anybody new makes my day.  And also to those who read but don’t comment.

I’ve taken a lot of joy with recent blog hits.  A lot of people are linking to the Twilight fanfic through me, which brings me happiness.  I hope some of them will come back and post reactions and other recommendations, as my interest in the subject does not seem to be abating.  I also have to throw out a grin to all the people who are finding me by searching for Kirk Cameron and Corey Haim.  Seriously, one day I got 15 hits for Kirk Cameron.  I don’t know who you people are, but I think it’s pretty awesome that 15 people were searching for Kirk Cameron in the same day.  I am weird, I know.  Hopefully my Old School Crushes brought on some fun memories for them.

I lack a lot of inspiration for writing this summer, other than a possible fanfic idea that I don’t know if I have the balls to explore, but I promise I will try to update more often.  Really, I got wordier than I intended to (what else is new?) but I wanted to say thanks to all my readers, new and old.  You guys rock!

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