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See, I decide on a publishing schedule and I stick to it.  Here’s chapter 9.  It’s mostly a fun chapter, hope you like it!

Sacrificial Lamb Chapter 9

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Hey folks, sorry for the delay yet again.  To save myself having to issue this apology frequently over the next however many weeks/months, I’ve decided to set up a posting schedule.  I’m going to post a new chapter every Saturday, come hell or high water (what is the point of that saying?).  The new football and TV seasons are fast approaching so you know I’ll be doing that blogging, so it’s easier for me to just do one chapter per week, in order to preserve my sanity.

The next few chapters are light on the angst but heavy on the fun; wedding planning and sex talking and parties.  I’m sure you all can enjoy that, can’t you?  Hope you like it!

Sacrificial Lamb Chapter 8

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Sorry for the delay, guys, after my swine flu it took me awhile to get back into the writing groove.  I’m feeling the story again now so I’ll have more sooner, I promise!


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I’ve been promising it for awhile now and I’m finally ready to do another fanfiction blog.  My other blog is still amazingly popular (and I’m truly flattered that people are coming here to find fic to read) so I figured a second one would probably go over well as well.  I got a lot of these from the Twilight Indie award nominees.  Some of the fics I’ve read lately have taken a decidedly darker turn so there’s an interesting mix to be found here.  I will keep adding as I read more, meanwhile I hope everyone finds something to enjoy!

Bare by stella luna sky.  Bella is the new girl at school and Edward immediately insults her by telling her she’s not beautiful.  They start communicating via her notebook, him through pictures and her through words. Romance develops.

The Woods are Lovely, Dark & Deep by bananapancakes7.  I’m not quite sure where this one is going yet.  Bella comes to Forks and stays at an Inn where she meets Edward Masen.  He is staying in the room next to her and haunted by some kind of nightmares.  Both are human, at least right now, though the Cullens are vampires so I don’t know.  Bella and Edward are drawing closer together after a shaky start.

Boy In The Red Sweater by starrynytex.  Bella and Alice are best friends and social misfits at Forks High.  They bond over Bella’s writing and Alice’s art.  New boy Edward Cullen comes to the school and is immediately the new target of the “in” kids.  Bella feels bad for him and she and Alice set out to draw the wrath of Lauren and her minions to keep Edward from their torment.  He won’t talk to anybody and wears a red sweater to school every day.  She gets him to talk and a relationship evolves.  I really liked this one.  The kids are all pretty messed up in the head; Jasper is a raging psychopath, Alice is co-dependent and plenty of other stuff, Bella is messed up over her mom’s suicide, Edward is neurotic, Angela is a cutter…it’s not the lightest of reading but there is a lot of humor mixed in and the relationship does become rather beautiful.

Cowboys & Indians by minisinoo.  This one is specifically here for Rameau.  It’s only 10 chapters and it’s about Jasper and Leah becoming unlikely friends.  It’s very intellectual in the beginning and was far over my head, but I think she’ll like the bond between Jazz and Leah and their discussions over racism.  They go on a road trip with Edward and Seth and that’s pretty cute.

Primal Desires by Velvet Blood Roses.  Picks up after Italy in New Moon.  Bella returns home with Edward and they have a fight with Jake.  They make love and he changes her right then at her request.  Her death is faked and she and Edward move to London.  There’s a sequel as well.  It’s a light story, nothing overly complicated.

The Locker Next Door by UnoriginalScreename.  Bella has a blog and she uses it to rant about her bio partner who treats her badly.  She calls him “Norman”.  She tries to figure out just what’s wrong with him.  Easy read, just a blog and some fake messages.  One of her readers may just be “Norman” himself.

Not Her by Heaven’s Immortal.  Supposes that Edward does not save Bella from Tyler’s skidding van.  Instead he runs up and bites her while she’s wedged between her car and his.  It causes her to change and the Cullens have to take her in.  She’s none too happy about this forced change and she doesn’t know that Edward is the one that bit her, she blames Carlisle.  She and Edward eventually start to bond but she doesn’t know that he’s the one that caused her to “die.”  Interesting concept.

Prey by summer35.  What would a list of fanfics recommended by me be without having one that had a disturbing, dark Edward that I found inexplicably hot?  This one might even upset me more than The Blessing & The Curse.  Edward happens upon 8 year old Bella who has cut herself in the woods.  He immediately starts licking her wound and biting her.  The Cullens take him away before he can do too much damage.  Fast forward 9 years and she’s back in Forks after moving to Arizona with her mother.  She’s human but not all the way.  She has some vampire qualities and her blood still calls to Edward, but now it’s more sexual in nature.  She recognizes him and confronts him about what he did.  Somehow their blood bond could kill them both if she doesn’t change.  There is some confusion involving the Volturi and the wolves but the real story here is the draw between the two.  He’s forceful in his attention to her and I did see a comment or two about their first time being “rape”.  I disagree on that front but it’s not a pretty romance.  Very interesting though!

String Theory by Dooley.  An alternative Forks.  Bella and Jacob are brother and sister, more or less, due to Charlie and Renee taking in Jacob when Billy died when he was a kid.  Edward and Emmett are miserable foster kids.  Alice is a runaway taken in by the Whitlock family; she and Jasper are a couple.  Dr. Cullen comes to town and watches them all saying that something isn’t right.  Turns out they’re in an alternate dimension and he wants to restore things to the way they should be.  Emmett has dreams about Rosalie; Bella dreams about vampire Edward (and doesn’t even realize that he’s the Edward that is Jake’s friend).  It’s a little strange but different from anything else I’ve read.

Letters to Gramercy by OhMyWord.  Back to romance.  Bella goes to NY with Rose & Alice and while there she sits in a bar writing a letter to herself about wanting to change her life.  She’s in a lifeless relationship with Mike Newton and trying to work up the nerve to end it.  She runs into someone in the bar and loses the letter.  Edward finds it; it speaks to him and he writes her back.  They start corresponding via letter, then email, then webcam and finally meet in person.  Bella has some past hurts she can’t get over and she pushes him away (annoyingly, I wanted to smack her several times).  It was rather sweet most of the time though and as a web nerd, I just find romance via letter and email to be appealing.  Sue me!

Breaking by OhMyWord.  Way different tone from Gramercy.  Starts off with Bella and her boyfriend attempting suicide.  She didn’t go through with it, he did.  She’s in a mental hospital and Edward’s her doctor.  He’s drawn to her, inappropriately, and she is as well.

No Sleep For The Wicked by justaskalice.  Bella and Jake are in a four year relationship that’s gone stale, at least on her part.  She sees Edward one day in a coffee shop and he inspires her to begin writing again.  She then meets him through Rose and Emmett.  Her relationship with Jake ends and she and Edward get closer.

Once Upon A Time, In Therapy by AllyR.  The title tells you what it is.  Bella is an anorexic abuse victim at the hands of her boyfriend, Jake.  Her father makes her go to group therapy.  The other kids there are Alice, an upper taking shoplifter; Emmett, a roid rager; Jasper, an alcoholic suicide attempter; Rosalie, abused by her father and raped (much like Rose’s real story); and Edward, a coke addict and car thief.  The kids begin to bond through their mutual disdain for their counselor; minus Edward.  Bella eventually reaches him though and they start falling for one another.  It’s not a pretty story but it’s well written.  Jake’s a complete ass, so if you hate him, this is a pretty good one for that.  Edward gets to administer a beat down, it is lovely.

Same Time Next Year by socact.  A class trip before senior year.  Bella’s the new girl.  She and Edward are drawn to one another but don’t want to be.  Jasper makes Edward keep Bella occupied so he can make the moves on Alice and they end up spending the weekend together in the honeymoon cabin.  They eventually fall and come up with a pact to meet at the same time every year and spend the weekend together.  Chronicles at 10 year period of them being both romantically involved and broken up but still meeting up.  Rather romantic, I felt.

Over The Limit by socact.  Just 5 chapters so far.  Edward gets busted for speeding and ordered to an anger management class and community service.  Bella gets busted the same night for speeding and assaulting a police officer, who she freaked out on for no good reason.  They attend class and rub each other the wrong way right away but they have forced interaction.  Early but I like it.

Deconstructing Dracula by hmonster4.  Bella is working on her thesis on Dracula and her best friend, Rose, talks her into coming to London with her for 6 months.  Bella is fresh off a break up with Mike Newton so she goes.  There she meets Edward, a British rogue who enjoys playing games with her.  Their relationship is complicated by the fact that she looks just like a woman from his past.

Inked by ARenee363.  Edward is a tattoo artist.  Bella is a tattoo getter. Immediate attraction.  They enjoy exploring one anothers tattoos.  I’m not big on needles or pain or the thought of my Edward all covered with tats but this is pretty well written and there’s great chemistry.  And push and pull.

Penny For Your Thoughts by neverstopdreaming.  Bella is human but telepathic and can read minds.  She hears Edward’s desire to kill her and confronts him instead of running.  She can shield Edward from reading her thoughts.  They end up bonding and she ends up hanging out with the Cullens.  James happens upon her and senses her talent.  He challenges her and she uses her mind mojo to throw him across the room.  This makes him want her as a future vamp and ally.  Edward wants to protect her.

The Day The Earth Stood Still by Sare Liz.  Edward can hear Bella’s mind and he’s intrigued by her right away on her first day of school.  He even goes at night and listens to her dreams of him.  She’s not his singer but he finds that slipping into her mind when they’re close makes him not have any blood lust for her at all.  They communicate through her thoughts a lot.  Cute one.

Bright Like The Sun by dryler.  Pretty much Twilight without the vampires.  Edward is antisocial and has possible bad boy tendencies.  He saves Bella from Tyler’s van but breaks her arm in the process of saving her so he volunteers to drive her to and from school for 2 months.  They get to know each other.  They’re very snarky with one another.  No romance at this point but I enjoy the heck out of them.

Crush’n’Push by dariachenowith.  Ha, I found the stalker Edward one.  I forgot, it goes off the rails there at the end and she tries to do too much, but in the first half of the story Edward toys with Bella quite a bit but she gives as good as he does.  I recommend it for that alone.

Oh, Inverted World by DevilKalika.  Edward is a Catholic school virgin with a haunted past.  He meets Bella when his cousin, Alice, drags him shopping in Port Angeles.  She’s pretty much his perfect woman but he gets flustered when he tries to talk to her.  She makes the moves and he falls in line, but he’s afraid to open up about his past.  Very snarky and fun but also serious.  I really like it.

Stripped by punkfarie.  Bella’s dumped on her father, Charlie, when she can’t get over her boyfriend, Jacob’s, death.  She meets the Cullen kids and she and Edward start falling for each other.  Unfortunately, Charlie has a major hate-on for Edward because he thinks he abused one girlfriend and raped another.  Alice helps them to get together but when Charlie finds out he’ll rip them apart.

Stephenie Meyer and the Renegade Characters by browniechadowes.  Hilarious.  Basically she retells Twilight with snarky commentary from the characters themselves.  Bella can’t get over her insta-love with Edward and her complete lack of self.  Jessica is especially awesome in this one.  Love the Mike lines as well.  She did all 4 books, I’ve only read this one so far but it had me in tears.  Minus points for her having a Jacob jones though, there’s some blatant Jake loving in there that I could do without but it’s still funny as hell.  I have since read all the others and must recommend them all.  Particularly the Uterus of Steel, AKA Breaking Dawn parody.  Made of awesome.

Cullen Family Camping Trip by LeesaM.  This is another humorous one.  Charlie is going out of town so he requests that the Cullens let Bella go camping with them.  It’s rife with typical Bella clumsiness and issues, plus you get to enjoy the Cullens idea of what a human would do on a camping trip.  Rather cute, really.  She is doing a second one wherein Charlie signs Bella and the Cullens up to be camp couselors, it’s just started but in the same vein.

Living Backwards by caiobella27.  This one imagines Bella and Alice and Rose after college.  Bella gets drunk, falls, and wakes up back in 1999, a senior in high school.  She wasn’t friends with Rose and Alice then and sets about to become their friend and rectify some issues they have in the future.  Alice is in a bad business partnership with Tanya and Rose and Emmett took about a decade to get together.  Bella looks to step out of her bookworm self and become more a part of school and part of that is talking to and spending time with one bad boy Edward Cullen.   Cute one.

My Little Black Ache by istandcorrected.  Bella tried to commit suicide a year and half prior to when this story starts.  Nobody forgets this fact and she’s rather an outcast.  Jasper is her best friend and Rose and Emmett are close with her as well.  She goes to a party and drinks for the first time in a year or so and stumbles upon a fight between Mike Newton and Edward.  Attempting to stop it, she accidentally gets hit by Edward and a weird relationship starts to form.  Only 8 chapters so far but kinda interesting, some dark humor.

A Deeper Shade of Green by lola84.  Bella the Bitch meets Edward the Asshole.  She’s new at school and sets out to establish herself as the queen bee, don’t fuck with me sort of girl.  Jess and Lauren immediately become her little lackeys.  The Cullens move to the school and word spreads that Edward was a player in Alaska.  He and Bella collide in several of the same Twilight scenarios we’re all familiar with.  Bella’s haunted by a stalker ex and Edward just doesn’t know how to open up.

The List by Laura Cullen.  I’m not gonna lie, this one is pretty hot.  Before their wedding, Bella makes a list of various things that she’d like to do with Edward, sexually.  With a little assist from Alice, she finds Edward receptive to exploring prior to the wedding.  There’s an innocence but also a lot of hotness to the happenings that occur.  Goes right through the honeymoon and changing.

A Darker Shade of Twilight by VampGirl.  The title pretty much says it all.  Quite dark, pretty disturbing.  Imagines that James really did kidnap Renee and he kills her in front of Bella in the ballet studio.  Turns out he killed Charlie before leaving Forks as well.  Then he attacks her much like in Twilight but throws in a rape for good measure.  This fic actually made me cry, not during Bella’s attack but when Edward and co watched the video and you knew he was going to see that she’d been raped.  Really well written and quite traumatizing.  Jake’s a raving psycho as well, so it’s not a story for Jacob fans by any means.  It’s cliffhanger ending with a set up for a follow up story which could be interesting.   It’s pretty depressing but still well written and worth a read.  I’m going to have read a funny fic after this one though!

Son of a Preacher Man by LaViePastiche.  Different one.  Jasper is a player who likes to devirginize high school girls.  He gets a load of private school girl Bella at a bar and decides he wants to have her.  She has a crush on Edward Cullen, who is dating Jasper’s sister Rosalie.  Edward doesn’t know she’s alive until Jasper starts talking about her and he starts feeling protective.  Very good read.  Very different, lots of Jasper/Bella action and only baby steps with her and Edward.  I really do like it, you get all 3 views on what’s happening.

Eye Contact by silver sniper of night.  This one is so different and interesting.  I love it.  Bella is studying to work with children with Autism and interning at a school.  She goes into the music room and sees Edward playing.  She interrupts him and he actually hits her and runs away. Turns out he has Aspergers Syndrome.  He seeks her out to apologize and they begin bonding.  I feel like I’m learning a lot about Aspergers, especially as she writes a few chapters from Edward’s viewpoint and you get to see how his thoughts flow.  Really enjoyable.

Even More Twilight Fanfiction blog now up!

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Chapter 6 is up.


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