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Stealing Home Chapter 2 is up on fanfiction.net.  I hope you like it!


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Up on FF.net, I’ll put it up here tomorrow when I have a little more energy and motivation.  Here’s a link:  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5412456/13/Taste_of_Innocence

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I wrote a new one-shot baseball fic that will be a two-shot because I’m wordy (hush rameau).  I’m not planning on posting it here unless I get requests to do so but here’s a link to the first chapter.


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Up here, up there, up everywhere.  Here’s a link to the listing on FF.  I also just wanted to share my awesome new banner with you.


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So yeah, I posted yet another fic, this one was going to be a one shot for a sports one shot contest but I’m getting such great responses that I’ll be forced to expand this one as well.  Wanna check it out?  Here’s a link:

First & Ten

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I liked this picture, what can I say? Obvious reasons. Take her out, insert me, happiness.

So, know that this is my initial blog post on this movie and I’ll either come back and edit, add or create a whole new blog after subsequent viewings.  I don’t think I wrote my Twilight blog for about 4 months after the movie which I had seen 20 odd times by then.  So, needless to say, I had a lot more to say then.  But we’ll go with what I feel right now and then expand as needed, okay?

So, my first initial reaction?  After I have a couple of kids with Rob I would gladly pop out a little one in honor of Chris Weitz.  Yep, he earned a child in my eyes.  Now, you don’t think this because you don’t watch football with me, but about a decade ago, when my teams were good, I used to promise players children if they would do something I appreciated.  Thankfully I was never held to said promises, because I would have a hundred or so kids by now, but you get my drift.  It’s a high honor that I bestow on the worthy.  Weitz is worthy.  He got it.

The last movie I broke down on various points so I think I’ll do that again.  It worked well for me last time.

If you didn't know, Paul is on the left. He is yummy. I approve of the shirtlessness, heartily.

The Aesthetics

  • How about that shit, Chris Weitz knows what a meadow is!  Flowers, lots of pretty multi-colored flowers surrounding our young lovers in Bella’s dream.  I’m quite glad he didn’t go with Hardwicke’s spot of grass with some dandelions stuck in it or whatever the hell that crap was.
  • Sparkling!  You could actually see the sparkles when Edward stepped into the light without the aid of high def TV that was required with the first movie.  Not to say the sparkling was magically cool, but at least it looked better.
  • Make-up.  So much better.  The vamps looked more natural, particularly Carlisle who I thought looked terrible in the first movie.
  • Hair.  Still not great, but somewhat better except in the case of Jasper.  His curly girly ‘do does not work for Jasper, at all.  Go straight and shaggy and maybe a little long and he’d be perfect.  Well, better anyway. hehe No, still not in love with Jackson Rathbone but I disliked him less this go-round.
  • Camera work.  One of the things that most drove me nuts in Twilight was that the camera work was shoddy at hell.  Take the pivotal non meadow scene where Edward is in the tree and telling Bella that he wants to eat her.  Half of those shots you’d see only part of Rob, if any of him, one shot you randomly see his body for no particular reason, other shots you have half his face…watch that scene again and tell me that’s not crappy.  I didn’t have a scene that stood out that way this time around, there was some cutting between Edward/Bella during the break up scene that I would rather have seen both their faces but it didn’t bug me.
  • Shirtlessness.  You can never really have too much male shirtlessness in a movie, at least in my book.  Did any of the wolves ever wear shirts?  Only Jacob I think.  Hilarious really.  No complaints though.  And you know I always like Rob to be undressed, so bonus points for that.

What? Like I wasn't going to use more Edward pics than anything else?


  • The newbie vamps?  No complaints whatsoever.  Aro was made of awesome, I really want him to have an expanded role in subsequent films even though he’s not even in the book Eclipse as I recall.  Damn, I have depressed myself.  Caius and Marcus, bit parts but well represented, still would prefer an older Caius but I thought the actor did a good job in limited role.  The other vamps were all good, particularly Dakota Fanning as Jane, but I love her so that was to be expected.  Felix was hot, Demetri would have been hotter with black hair but I still liked him, Alec was rather cute for a vamp, hehe.
  • The wolves?  Hello Paul.  It’s nice to meet you and your abs.  I wanted to lick him, sorry if that’s an overshare but it’s my blog and I’ll drool if I want to.  Liked the new Sam a lot.  Quil didn’t fit my image of him but liked all the rest.  Emily I expected to be prettier but she wasn’t bad.
  • Charlie Swan, again, was made of awesome.  I am rather in love with Billy Burke.  He just adds a layer to Charlie that the books did not, he’s funny and sarcastic and loving and sweet and really fatherly.  Probably too fatherly if we’re looking for being close to the book but it doesn’t matter.  He was very good, again.
  • Edward…what more can I say?  Rob is Edward in my book and I thought he nailed the tortured soul yet again.  He looked pained saying goodbye to Bella and so defeated when he thought she was dead that it took my breath away.  I didn’t cry but I came damn close.
  • Bella.  If you read my Twilight blog you know that I didn’t care for KStew’s Bella at all.  I may have used the word hate somewhere in there, it wouldn’t surprise me.  This time out?  I still don’t love her and I can still think of many other actresses I would rather be her but she was somewhat better.  I’m not sure if this is because Bella is numb for so much of the movie and that’s an emotion that KStew can actually do or if she’s learned a little.  I will say that I liked the way Bella kept pushing Jake away and felt that it was made clear that despite all the time she was spending with him, Edward was still everything to her.

    TL bulked up nicely but still doesn't entirely work for me. I do hate him less though. High praise! hehe

  • Jacob.  I was not overly happy that Taylor Lautner was returning as Jacob and though he won me over a little bit I still would rather they recast.  He’s still so damn short…in his brief scene with Rob I just felt like I was watching the child he actually is instead of the manchild he’s supposed to become.  And yes, his muscles are quite impressive, but he’s so short.  It kills me.  Beyond that, though, once he lost the wig he looked pretty good and the acting was fine.  I actually felt bad for him a time or two and anybody that knows me knows that I don’t feel bad for Jacob.  Not in the books anyway.
  • Alice.  Loved her.  I liked her in the first movie in her limited role but this time around she got a chance to shine a little and Ashley Greene took it.  She actually sounds like Alice, you know?  I loved her snark at Jacob, actually made me think of Rosalie in Breaking Dawn more than Alice but it worked.
  • Jasper.  I still don’t get the Jackson Rathbone love that I see in fandom but I will say that Jasper got to have a snarky line or two and I thought he delivered them well.  He still doesn’t look right but I liked the voice he used and enjoyed him in the voting scene because of it.
  • The rest of the Cullens?  Still can’t stand Nikki Reed as Rosalie but she might have had two lines in the movie so it’s not a deal breaker.  Loved the little Emmett we got, including a scene that reminded me of my fic Emmett and pleased me highly.  Carlisle and Esme were fine in their minimal scenes as well.

The Story

  • Very close to the book with a few deviations that worked.  This is spoilery so if you haven’t seen it yet, this is the portion of the blog you might want to skip by the way.
  • I liked that they made Victoria responsible for Harry Clearwater’s death.  That totally did not happen in the books but having her more or less frighten him to death while he was helping Charlie hunt the wolves was a pretty cool addition I thought.  Knowing that one of the wolves (Jacob?) thought they saved him adds weight down the road, should they decide to mine that, with resentment from the wolves to the vamps.
  • Loved that after the Cullens left Bella sat at their lunch table alone for the months they were gone up until Charlie threatened to send her to Jacksonville.  It was a nice touch that worked instead of the books version of her sitting with her old friends and not talking. Made a more powerful visual.
  • The humor.  Instead of B&E watching Romeo and Juliet alone at her house, having them do it in the classroom and seeing the teary reactions to the movie by Angela and much more hilariously Eric gave me a giggle.  Also, anytime you’re going to have the teacher call out Edward and have him recite some Shakespeare is made of win in my book.  Yum.
  • There were a couple quick cuts wherein we were in one place, like class, with Edward telling Bella a little about the Volturi and then all of a sudden we were at their house and he finished telling them about them.  It was alright, not too jarring but a little choppy for my taste.  Would rather he have done it all in once place.  I guess I could have put this in the few complaints I had but it didn’t take me out of the movie so I’ll leave it here.
  • The action.  SO good.  The Jacob/Paul fight scene was easily my favorite and you could almost feel the ground shaking the way it was shot.  Really good.  Also enjoyed the Volturi fight and of course the wolf/vamp hunting.  I have no complaints about the effects, that’s for sure.
  • The movie within the movie.  I enjoyed Bella’s outing with Jacob and Mike Newton.  Face Punch?  Awesome, totally want to see that cheesy ass movie. hehe
  • I did like the ending, cliffhanger or no, leaving it with Edward asking Bella to marry him if she wanted him to change her made me feel warm and happy inside!
  • Addition #1.  Major fail for me, I forgot to mention that I really LOVED the way that instead of the Bella voiceover chatting at us when Edward was gone, she was writing to Alice via email and reading it to us that way.  It felt so sad and lonely…awesome.


I needed more for the reunion, can't help it.


  • I don’t have a lot to bitch about this time out, which is a nice change, but of course I do have some issues.  Most of them are Jacob/Bella related because I’m an Edward girl, what can I say?  I didn’t care for the near kiss scene because their lips were actually touching, albeit barely.  I am not supposed to endure a B&J kiss until Eclipse and that’s going to be very difficult for me, so I didn’t approve.
  • Bella telling Jacob she loves him right in front of Edward.  Um…no.  First of all, she doesn’t utter those terrible words until Eclipse.  I should know because I’m doing my fic rectifying that shit.  Yes, she did follow it up by telling him that if he asks her to choose between him and Edward there is no choice, it’s always Edward, which pleased me.  But still.  No I love you, especially when they’re so stingy with giving me those three words between E&B.
  • The Edward/Bella talk when reunited.  One of my favorite scenes in the books and one of my least favorite in the movie because it was too damn short and Bella was too quick to accept it.  No, I’m not saying that we should have been left to wonder about whether she would take Edward back, but the self-doubt was not apparent then like it was during the break up.  Her belief that he couldn’t possibly love her carries into Eclipse and it’s pretty important.  It just felt like he said sorry, I lied and I love you, always, and she was on board.  I needed more from that scene.

Wow, so I think those are all my complaints and that’s not too bad at all, really.  The first two were to be expected as a B&E fan so not a surprise.  The movie felt like it was over too quickly despite its 2:10 minute running time and I felt like walking right back into the theater and seeing it again, so pretty good endorsement huh?  I’ll be seeing it at least once more this weekend and likely twice, so I’m sure I’ll have more to say when I’m not as swept up in subsequent viewings.

I was thrilled to discover that New Moon blew away the opening night record and bought in $26 million overnight.  That’s awesome.  And for going to a 9:40 AM movie, it was pretty damn crowded this morning as well.  Mostly adults, too, though there were some kids who were clearly skipping school.  Ahhh, good times.

Anyway, I give the movie and Chris Weitz a ringing endorsement, especially when compared to Twilight.  I wish he had been in charge of that one too because I bet we would have had a much better movie, budget woes or no.  That’s neither here nor there, I guess we’ll see what David Slade can do with Eclipse.  Here’s hoping BD finally gets it’s green light and I’d be more than okay with a Weitz revisit if they decided to go there.  I’ve rambled enough for now, I’ll add more later.

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New chapter is up at ff.net.  I’ll get 16 and 17 loaded here sometime today as well, lazy I know!


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Creative license, putting a hot Rob pic on fanfic blog. So so pretty.

Well it’s been ages since my last Twific post but I haven’t stopped reading, despite my rather busy writing schedule.  I can’t say when the next post will happen now that TV and writing are taking precedence but I intend to keep posting these as long as I keep reading.  I’ve got some really good ones to recommend this time out, so happy reading!

High Anxiety by EdwardsBloodType.  I really, really love this story.  Bella moves to Forks to live with Charlie after some mysterious scandal drove her from living with her mom and Phil.  She takes meds to deal with anxiety attacks.  Edward lives down the street from her, he’s also on anxiety meds for an issue in his past that drove the family to move from Chicago.  He’s not allowed to touch a female, at all, and of course he and Bella want each other.  Talk about a slow burn romance!  Jasper likes Bella as well so there’s some infighting between the brothers.  Really good story, love their bonding in the treehouse over weed.

Landscapes by lambcullen.  Bella is a talented artist that Edward wants to come study at this art school he runs, The Dairy.  He’s an ass who has major issues after the death of his parents.  There’s a lot of hate and heat between the two that eventually boils over.  Edward also doesn’t get along with his sister, Alice (calls her Doom, hehe) but she and Bella bond.  It’s different, really well written and compelling.

The Boy By The Window by hopefulhappenings09.  Do you like your Edward manipulative and possibly psychotic?  Yeah, me too.  On occasion anyway.  Bella moves in next door to Edward, who is living alone after his parents death.  He watches her for a month and eventually draws her in, pretty much telling her she belongs to him.  But she draws him in as well and some of his barriers may be coming down at her hands.  Edward was once really close with Jasper but they had a falling out, Alice was caught in between.  Rose is knocked up with Emmett’s kid and yeah they’re all in high school.  This one is twisty and on edging on dark but quite interesting.

Clipped Wings & Inked Armor by hunterhunting.  Up to date link, another fic pulled and moved.  Another Tattward and Inkella story.  I don’t care for all the markings and piercings but the stories that come out are compelling.  Bella is haunted by the deaths of everyone she loved in a plane crash.  She meets Edward, a tattoo artist, and wants him to do a design on her back to represent said people.  She has a lot of demons over this situation and they fall but she won’t tell him everything…will it drive them apart?  He also has a lot of guilt over his parents murders.  Good story but if you can’t get past all the piercing/tatt stuff I understand, I like it despite that.

Secrets Don’t Keep Friends by KTBass.  Bella loves Jasper.  Jasper is with Alice despite some major feelings for Bella.  Alice knows that Bella loves Jasper but she ignores that because she is sure Jasper is right for her.  Edward arrives in town and he and Bella start to bond.  Jasper doesn’t like that and sets out to sabotage them.  Bella is torn between going with her old love and getting a chance with him vs. exploring something new with Edward.  A very good read.

Salacious Behavior & Earnest Speaking by ThisColony.  Bella’s been in a give and no take relationship with Jasper for years.  She meets Edward at the opening of one of Jasper’s club.  They want each other but she’s under Jasper’s thumb.  Jasper thinks he loves her but doesn’t know how to tell her that yet he sees other women.  They break up and she and Edward move forward but Jasper still wants her.  Very interesting dynamic between B&J here, twisted type relationship, Edward is the healthy choice but will she do what’s healthy?

To Desire by Erestellea.  Pretty much Twilight with advanced maturity.  Edward and Bella are making out in the gym a day or so into school.  Hasn’t been updated in awhile so not sure what the deal is but it’s a fun read.

Ethan Church by dryler.  Bella is asked to write the memoirs of a reclusive author, Ethan Church.  He’s dying and wants to tell his story.  While there she meets/sees a ghost that sounds like Edward.  But Ethan himself sounds like Edward.  Which one is Edward, are they both?  It’s intriguing and well written and somewhat confusing but really really good.  I have no answers yet but I love each new chapter she gives me.

Scotch, Gin & The New Girl by jandco.  This is a rameau rec but I had to re-rec it in case it got lost in our commentary on my last blog.  This is basically an ode to Cruel Intentions, a movie that I love beyond belief.  Rose bets Edward that he can’t land the new girl, Bella.  He bonds with her and wants her but he wants to win the bet as well.  Meanwhile Rose bets Bella that she will sleep with Edward, Bella wants to win that bet so he’s trying to get her into bed and she’s trying to avoid.  Very well written, push and pull.  Offputting beginning with Edward wanting to bed both Rose & Alice but get past that and you’ll love it.

Tie Me Down To This World by Struck Upon A Star.  This got mentioned in the comments on my last blog but needed a place here.  Alice & Jasper story.  Both of them are in the hospital, him badly burned, her hurt in a car accident with no memory of her life or anything about herself.  The bond through the walls of the hospital.  Much angst and heartbreak follow but it’s a beautiful story with the best love scene ever.  That’s enough, read it even if you’re primarily an E&B fan like I am, it’s worth it.

The Port Angeles Players by WriteOnTime.  Primarily a fluffy one.  Bella and Jasper are English teachers at the high school and get roped into trying out for a play.  Alice comes along and bonds with Jas.  Bella gets the lead and Edward is the male lead.  Instant sparks and mostly a fluffy love story.  Lighter fare after much heavy stuff.

Work In Progess by araeo.  Bella works at one of those Brazilian meat places as a bartender but has to step in one day as one of the sword brandishers.  Of course that’s when she meets Edward, and Emmett, who is dubbed Meat Sweats which is awesome.  Mostly a funny fic, some angst as Edward is a recovering alcoholic carrying a lot of guilt around but it’s not too heavy and has a lot of laughs.

Bad Habit by AmeryMarie.  Flips back and forth between present day and 5 years ago when Bella befriended Alice and met her manwhore brother, Edward.  They were told to stay away from each other but were drawn anyway.  Lots of fighting and a hidden relationship that apparently dragged on for a couple of years but may be on the verge of ending.  Angsty as hell but good.

The Caged Bird by Kristen Nicole.  I LOVE this fic!  LOVE!  Bella has been raised by ultra religious Renee and goes to a private school where she’s picked on.  The only thing she’s really allowed to do is work at the public library.  There she meets Edward, serving community service for lewd behavior.  hehe  He’s into her and vice versa but she’s innocent as the day with an inquisitive little mind.  The first time they do sexual stuff, for instance, when he orgasms she thinks she killed him because he lays there like the dead and when she finds out he’s alive she asks him what that white goo is.  It’s hysterical but sweet at the same time.

Faking It by spanglemaker9.  Bella’s band has won a reality show contest and they’re the darlings of the media.  Edward is a huge movie star with a bad reputation in need of a makeover.  Their managers get them to agree to be a fake couple to keep her in the limelight and fix his rep.  They fall for each other eventually but the public eye can be too much…mostly light but some angst.

Reluctance by eye ree.  Edward is a rather weird guy who wears a beanie and is really into the environment.  Bella sees him on Alice’s facebook and wants to meet him.  They hook up but he’s reluctant to open up to her, hence the title.  She pushes, he pulls back.  He nearly screws everything up and has to try to win her back because of course he loves her, he just doesn’t know how to show it.

The Coven by phoenixhunter47.  Different one.  Bella is going to Yale.  While there she starts researching secret societies and catches the attention of two of them.  The Volturi are who you think they are.  There’s another group the Cullens are in that seems to have the whole mating thing happening.  Bella and Edward are destined for each other but neither know it.  It’s complicated but very good.

Time And Again by ooohlalaaa  Another that flashes between past and present.  Bella is taken in as a foster kid by the Cullens.  She and Edward bond and hook up.  Alice is in love with Edward and sets out to keep them apart.  Bella and Jasper bond, he knows of her relationship with Edward.  Edward pushes her away and manwhores around.  He eventually leaves and we go to present day when Bella is getting ready to marry Jasper.  Alice reveals that she kept Edward and Bella apart, he’s around and wanting to stop the wedding, Bella can’t decide what to do, Jasper is scared as hell…much angst.

Bloodline by ooohlalaaa.  New take on vamps.  The kids are all at a school and it’s clear that Em and Alice and Rose are vamps but Edward has green eyes.  It seems vamps are sometimes born and not just made in this one.  The Cullen kids turned when it was there time and Edward turns in this after he and Bella fall in love.  She’s seemingly a normal kid but is she?  There’s a threat from the Volturi who don’t like kids with powers.  Very good one.

Mens Rae: A Guilty Mind by forbidden-fruit81.  Edward is a rich author and professor with a live-in girlfriend that he likes to fight with and screw.  One morning after that he wakes up to a dead Tanya.  He thinks he killed her when he choked her while doing her.  Jasper hires Bella to defend him.  He wont’ really defend himself, thinking he’s guilty.  He’s also instantly attracted to Bella and hates himself for that as he’s made his relationship with Tanya into something beautiful in retrospect when it was really rather poisonous.  Really well written and a good mystery.

The Tutor by ItzMegan73.  Bella’s a new kid at school and she’s assigned to tutor Edward in English.  Turns out he can’t read.  They have to hide their tutor/tutee relationship and of course they fall for each other.  Rose is out for sabotage since she’s into Edward.  Alice gets caught in between as she starts liking Bella.  Simple one but not a bad read.

Intersection by Lilybellis.  Bella has a bad past that includes dead little brothers and a sister and stepfather Phil.  Renee hates and blames her for their deaths and Bella pretty much does as well.  She moves to Seattle and meets Edward.  They bond but have to face her past demons in order to move forward.  They turn out to have a sweet connection from their youths.  Cute one.

The Screamers by KiyaRaven.  Edward is a big time rock star on the run from some fans.  He ducks down an alley and meets Bella, a homeless girl.  He ends up knocking her over and giving he a concussion so he takes her to his hotel to fix her up.  His sister/manager Alice is immediately taken by her and hires her as a PR rep as well as fake girlfriend.  She orders them to keep their hands off one another but they can’t.  Edward has an addictive personality, it was drugs and alcohol and sex, it becomes Bella.  Her past is a major issue for them to get over as well.  Hot times, some definite angst, fun inclusion of Robert Pattinson who happens to look like Edward and likes Bella…good read.

The Masque Of The Red Death by Jeesiechreesie.  Do you like your Edward dark?  Very dark?  Very very dark?  I do.  This Edward is an unapologetic killer who enjoys toying with his prey.  He wants Bella and he sets about courting her in his own sick way, starting with killing her mother and then anybody who treats her badly.  She becomes an outcast as everyone thinks she causes these deaths but she handles it pretty well.  It’s fascinating and dark and god help me but I like it too. hehe  Issues.

Elemental by TallulahBelle.  I adore this one.  All our vamps are witches instead.  Bella’s family hauls her back to Forks to live in this community with the rest of the witches.  They all have various affinities, Bella’s is earth and she’s quite powerful although she didn’t know she was a witch.  Something is coming and they need to unite to save the town.  Witches tend to imprint when they turn 18, guess who she imprints with?  Edward is the eventual leader of the witches, very powerful with Air and Water affinity.  Bella also has fire affinity so combined they have all 4.  Very interesting story, intriguing.  Now that they’ve imprinted, they need to be together but Edward was a dick to her pre-imprint so of course she has issues with their pairing but they can’t fight it, it physically tears them up to be apart.

Love Amongst The Ruins by theladyingrey42.  Bella starts working at a library in San Francisco.  Edward is there and they’re attracted to one another but he has a bad past with someone else at the library and can’t act on the attraction.  He’s also in bad physical pain due to an accident when he was a child.  Some real angst in this one but really well written and rather a beautiful love story.

How My Life Was Ruined In 14 Days by moon.witche.  Hilarious.  Bella has her whole life planned down to a T.  She sees The 40 Year Old Virgin and decides she needs to pencil in some sex into her plan so that she doesn’t die a virgin.  She decides to ask Edward to be her partner.  She’s very straight forward about it and he’s taken aback but agrees only if she will let him take her out on a date first.  That doesn’t fit into her plan but she wants the sex so she has to start altering her plan.  Only a few chapters in but it’s awesome and funny.

Tragic Turn by L is a dreamer.  Edward is in a band and one night on the way to a gig he stops to help a girl caught in the rain.  He’s intrigued by her right away and her perfume haunts him.  She goes to private school with his sister Alice and they start hanging out and formally meet.  Instant attraction.  Not really angsty or anything at this point, just a light romance but not too far in so not sure where it will go, Tragic Turn is the band name though and not necessarily indicative of the story at this point.

Alphabet Weekends by the-glory-days.  Edward and Bella have been best friends since the age of 4.  They live together and are bored so decide have sex every Saturday using letters of the alphabet.  Of course they’re in love with one another but don’t realize it until they start getting heavily involved in the sexing.  This one is pretty light and kinda fun.

Type O-Negative by quothme.  Fascinating.  Twilight with a snarky but clueless Bella.  Edward, Alice and Jasper are vamps that move to Forks.  Everyone obsesses over Edward including Bella though she denies it.  He has himself moved from her bio table and sits with Rose (human).  Bella thinks he’s obsessed with Rosalie but he’s really just avoiding her.  They get assigned a project and start spending time and he’s fighting the attraction to Bella but she doesn’t see it.  Good story, not updated in over a month though.

Just Wait by InstantKarmaGirl.  Excellent story.  Bella gets sent to live with Charlie after she steals a car in Arizona.  Turns out that Renee has been abusing her all her life and Charlie didn’t know.  As part of her sentence, she has to attend therapy run by Esme.  Edward and co are all there for various reasons and she and Edward are pair.  He stutters very badly and gets picked on at school.  It’s not said yet but heavily implied that there is abuse in his past as well.  Bella uses drugs and sex to escape, Edward uses music.  They’re starting to spend time together and forging what will likely be an interesting relationship.  Highly recommended.

Okay, I think that’s plenty for now!  I’m sure I’ll add more as we go, in fact I left some off because I couldn’t remember what they were and I didn’t want to reread them right now.  That’s right, I read way too much.  Happy reading and let me know what you think!

Emancipation Proclamation by kharizzmatik.  Link now updated to new location.  I spent 3 days lost in this fic, it’s long as hell and shows no sign of stopping 53 chapters in, so be warned that you need time to dedicate to this one.  But I liked it.  A lot.  Very different from any other fic I’ve read.  I will be honest and admit I read and rejected the description several times before I gave in and started it.  Basically, it’s 2005 and Bella is a slave sold to Carlisle, a powerful mafia figure.  I know, right?  Sounds ridiculous which is what kept me from starting it for so long.  But it works.  He takes her to his home on her 16th birthday, having purchased her from her owner/father, Charles Swan.  The 3 Cullen boys are his kids and of course she and Edward fall in love but it’s even more complicated than master/slave.  There’s ties to the kid’s past that have resulted in Edward’s mother’s being murdered when he was 8 and Bella’s DNA comes up as well (no they’re not related).  I don’t want to give too much away and the honest answer is that 53 chapters in the reader doesn’t know everything yet.  It’s a good story though.  Edward’s a total manwhore who reforms and Bella learns to speak up.  It did change my view of Carlisle for awhile, wasn’t sure if I could ever look at him as the kindly doctor man again after something he did to Bella but I’ve softened a little.  Would love to talk about this one with people who have had/will read it.

A Rough Start by ItzMegan73.  Edward, Jasper and Emmett work in a lumber mill (yeah no Rich Cullen boys here).  Edward finds out that he has a 5 year old son with ex-girlfriend Jessica, who has died.  He goes to get him and they try to forge a relationship.  Bella is a new kindergarten teacher who can’t understand why little Anthony keeps getting dropped off way before school starts.  She sends a letter home to Edward which pisses him off and needless to say they don’t get off on the right foot.  It’s only 12 chapters in and the relationship has progressed to friendship with interest.  It’s sweet, with Edward and his son trying to get to know one another and Bella having an effortless relationship with him.

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Rameau and I collaborated on an entry into the DILF contest by Ninapolitan.  You can find it on her and my profile on FF.net.  Here are links to both of them, same thing, just different spots:



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Okay, my latest fanfic is up and running over at ff.net.  It’s for the Darkward Vampfic contest.  Here’s a link!


I will add it under my fanfiction section after I see if it gets picked up for the competition.

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