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Lost: The End

I tried to think of a clever title for the finale episode but I just don’t have anything creative in me.  I was beyond words when the episode ended.  Well, that’s not true.  I had plenty of them.  I misread the situation and then I freaked out for a bit thinking the island hadn’t been real the whole time.  About 15 minutes later I processed what Hurley and Ben’s conversation had confirmed as well as Jack and Christian.  So I felt better then.

Prior to that final 5 minutes?  I thought it was the best episode of television I’d ever seen.  I tweeted the word epic several times actually.  I cried 5 or 6 times, mainly at each coupling reunion in the alternaverse.  Hell I cried at couples I’d managed to forget about, like Sayid and Shannon.  How hot was that makeout session in the alley?  You go Sayid!

I saved the episode and need to rewatch but I thought it was brilliant from start to almost finish.  I have to see how I feel about it now that I won’t have that initial slap in the face shock that I did when Jack started talking to Christian.

I’d like to go back to the episode prior, since I was so lax in my Lost posts, and comment on the return of my Ben.  When he shot Charles Widmore, I stood up and applauded.  That Ben…dear God, he took my breath away.  I know, I probably should root for him to be good but I love the Ben that is out for #1.  And he did turn on NotLocke when he realized his intention to destroy the island.  Ben valued that island above anything, including himself and unfortunately his daughter.  In the end, he got it as well.  I was happy to see my Ben shine again though…there were far too many instances this season where he was a shadow of himself.  Real Ben makes me happy, whether he’s getting his ass beaten or killing someone.  I’m aware that I have issues.

Okay, back to the finale.  The moments that got to me the most were the reunions, as I said.  I was a friggin mess when Sun & Jin remembered their time on the island over that baby monitor and knew about their child.  Their joy in that and in one another was truly beautiful.

Charlie/Claire set me off in a major way.  Him, up on that stage, catching sight of her in the crowd and following her as she went to give birth.  I loved the inclusion of Kate in the birth again and having that be her and Claire’s epiphany.  And then Claire and Charlie cuddled together holding Aaron.  Gah…I’m tearing up just thinking about it and I wasn’t even a huge Charlie/Claire shipper.

I screamed with joy when Sawyer and Juliet met by that vending machine and touched and knew one another.  And then they just held each other until she told him to kiss her.  I know many Skate fans were pissed off but to me Suliet just worked together.  They had a beautiful, settled love that felt real.  Skate had hot sexing, no doubt, but they never formed a true foundation based on love and respect.

I never really cared about who Kate ended up with but when it turned out to be Jate, well I was actually happy.  I forgot, until I rewatched the pilot, which I will talk about in a bit, that I actually liked their chemistry in the early going.  They were cute and hot on the beach when she was stitching him up.

I liked how the constants were not all couples.  Aaron being the trigger for both Kate & Claire, Christian for Jack, Jack for Locke…it was a good mix of romance and family ties and fundamental differences.

Okay, island stuff.  The Jack/Locke stuff was interesting.  I thought it was anticlimactic, the final battle, but enjoyed them working together to lower Desmond into the cave of light.  I don’t understand why Des uncorked it and nearly destroyed everything but I guess that’s what Locke wanted.  Though I didn’t think much of the final battle scene, I did like that Kate was the one to shoot Locke.  It was nice to see a woman saving her man.  And their goodbye on the rock was lovely.

Jack/Hurley & Ben, the island’s oddest grouping perhaps, made me smile.  I thought Jack’s sacrifice was poignant as hell and I loved that Vincent found him and laid next to him as he died with a smile on his face from seeing that his friends had gotten out safe.

Now, am I alone in wanting to see the adventures of Ben & Hurley on the island?  They had to have some interesting conversations and arguments along the way didn’t they?  I’d love to know how long they were there together…before a new Jacob came along.  Or did one?  My father’s theory of why Ben didn’t go into the church was that he may still be the island guardian.  He was there to see them off but he’d return to the island  after they left.  That, or he was not yet forgiven.  Or, my other thought was that he still felt like an outsider amongst the group.  He never really fit in.  Loved his moment with Locke before he went in, as well.

I watched the pilot the night before and it was incredible to see how far they’d come.  I forgot how much I used to hate Jin in the early days, what an utter ass he was.  And though I always found Sawyer hot, he was kind of a racist asshole in the beginning.  Shannon was a useless bitch that I hated up until she got with Sayid.  Boone was adorable.  It was really cool to see them then and then see them again in their afterlife.

I am extremely happy that the island was real.  Though I mostly enjoyed their lives in the alternaverse, it would have been a huge cheat to negate all they went through.  And I’m really kinda glad that they all waited for one another before moving on.  I…love it.  Honestly, I love that they all had to wait for one another.  That’s as it should have been.

I don’t know if there’ll ever be another show that I obsess over to this degree, that challenges my mind and blows it consistently.  I hope there is.  But this one will always be special.  Namaste Lost, you will be missed.

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Yes, I have been terrible at blogging.  I can only plead the fact that I’m working on two fics at once.  I’m pretty close to an SL wrap so hopefully I’ll be making more time soon.  SPN is back tonight so you know we’ll be discussing it.  Lost is awesome but confusing and I haven’t had much to say.  I’m working on it!

I just uploaded Taste of Innocence Chapter 6 and Sacrificial Lamb Chapter 37 and 38 so we’re all good again.  I’m getting better!  Click the tabs to catch up!

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Don't look so surprised, Sayid, you're a badass.

So if there’s anything I love nearly as much as Ben episode of Lost, it’s a Sayid episode of Lost.  Does it say something disturbing about me that my favorite characters on this show are/were: a master manipulator/killer, an assassin/torturer and a drug dealer/killer (Oh Eko, I miss you!)?  Yes, it probably does but I accept that I have some issues and move on without examining myself too closely.

Some are probably upset that Sayid appears to have gone total darkside, joining Team NotLocke and helping in the killing of several people we care nothing about.  I say, screw that, I’m on Team Smokey.  Unless he kills Ben next week (and I am PETRIFIED for next week now) at which point I will assuredly change my mind.

So anyway, in alternaverse, Sayid goes to visit Nadia and we find out she’s married to his useless brother and has a couple kids with him.  She’s in love with Sayid, he’s in love her but he’s too busy assassining around the world and feels she should be with someone good like his brother.  I loathe that, by the way.  I can’t have you, so I’m going to push you toward my family member so I can see you and pine after you forever.  What crap.  She’s not an old shirt, she’s a person.  AlternaSayid, you upset me with that shit.  Fortunately for you, you awesomed out later and I forgave you.

Anyway brother dearest was not all that good, apparently getting in over his head with the mob when he borrowed money.  Tripp and I began talking about where one goes to get mob money?  Are they listed in the yellow pages?  Do they have a website?  I have yet to run across anyone, in my 35 years of living, that worked for the mob loan service.  Can anyone hook me up?  I need some cash.  Sorry, sidetracked.  Brother dear owes money to bad people and wants Sayid to help but he refuses and plays the good uncle to the kids he wishes were his.  Nadia gets pissy about them not being together but Sayid still lives in denial.  Doesn’t she know that if he does get with her, she will die?

Sayid plans to stay out of bro’s issues but he gets kidnapped, ironically while waiting for the kids to come home from school.  He’s taken to some empty restaurant or some damn thing and this douche is cooking and offers him food.  The voice is familiar and the guy turns around and it’s Martin whatever, the asshole that killed Ben’s notdaughter Alex!  Holy crap!  That excited me.  As did seeing Sayid glance around and take in all the potential weaponry at hand.  Martin annoys Sayid and he grabs one of the goons, the other shoots said goon as Sayid uses him as a shield, he takes his gun, offs the goon and then Martin tries bargaining with him.  Sayid, not being the bargaining type, shoots Martin and we all laugh with joy as that dick dies again.  He then hears banging in the freezer and finds none other than AlternaJin, who of course had his finger in some dirty pies back then.

Lying liar who lies sends Sayid off to die. Too bad he dies instead. HA!

On the island, Sayid is a bit perturbed that Emperor Dugan tried to kill him.  They get into some fight and Sayid is actually nearly killed by Dugan, which pissed me off royally because; bitch please, that dipshit is not going to best Sayid.  Tripp was forced to calm me by pointing out that Sayid did just die so maybe he’s a little off his game.  Fine, I accepted that.  Anyway, Dugan tells him that he needs to go off in the jungle and stab someone that he knows that is dead.  Sayid, not surprisingly, doesn’t really care to help the man who tried to kill him but somehow he is convinced to go ahead.  And he sees a baseball, which I do not understand.

How do you kill an already dead guy? Even an assassin does not have the answer.

He heads off and runs into NotLocke and stabs him immediately like Douche Dugan told him too.  Of course, this does not kill NotLocke, who informs him that he’s rather offended that he stabbed first and asked questions later.  He also, as I FULLY expected when Douche asked Sayid to kill him, told him that Dugan knew that he couldn’t kill him and sent him off to die, again.  If you know me at all, you know that I was raging at the TV at this point demanding that Sayid kill Emperor Douche.  I was already raging about it prior to this but even moreso now.

Anyway, that plus NotLocke promising him he can have his dead Nadia back is enough to motivate Sayid to stroll back into the temple.  Emperor is not happy that he is back and Sayid’s all like, whatever, you sent me to die again.  Now you will die.  Emperor tells how he got roped into coming to the island by a similar promise for his dead son, who I am guessing owned the baseball we kept seeing.  Kid got killed in a car accident when he was 12.  Sayid listens and seems all pensive and Sayid-like and then promptly throws Emperor into the water and drowns him, just as he was drowned.  Excellent.  My call for death was again answered.

Douche’s little lackey, who’s name I could not be bothered to learn, we’ll call him Glasses because that’s all that really registered with me, came screaming at Sayid about killing Dugan and saying that would let NotLocke into the temple.  Sayid said he knew that and then promptly slit Glass’ throat.  I cheered again.  That was a bonus death that I was rooting for but didn’t demand.

See, her life served a purpose. She will die, I know she will. Eventually.

Anyway, Sayid told those that wanted to live that they better leave.  Some were wise and did so.  Some were not.  Smokey came in and killed those that didn’t leave, except for Kate who was hanging out in a hole with Crazy Claire, and Miles, who was saved by Ilana (see, this is why she gets to live for awhile, she will die though, I will see to it) and Frank and Sun.

Ben broke off from the group and approached Sayid to save him but then saw him with the bloody knife and realized that Sayid was not on Team Jacob and hightailed it out of there.  And what of Jacob?  He got Hurley and Jack to safety but left everyone else that followed him to die.  Nice, leader boy.  Very Ben-like if I’m being honest.

Now we have to see if Claire will attempt to kill Kate for taking Aaron away.  Kate’s the only non-infected person following NotLocke (well Sawyer too but we didn’t see him this episode) and NotLocke seemed amused and not bothered by this.  We also have to see what the hell Jacob plans because all he has left are Jack, Hurley, Ilana, Frank, Miles and Sun.  Can you blame me for being Team Smokey right about now?  Especially if they get Ben?

Previews indicated that next episode could be when Ben has to face all his sins and I am very very scared.  Hopefully Smokey will offer him a place of honor in the hierarchy and all will be well.  Or Jacob will save him.  I cannot do with DeadBen.  Do not do it to me Lost.  I’ll be here next week, hopefully not screaming over the loss of Ben.  If he dies, you might want to avoid me for a few days.  Just sayin!

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Not So Lost Any More

The best Locke is NotLocke but I am still pretty partial to DeadLocke.

Well hello fellow Losties! I apologize for not posting last week but all you would have gotten was a giant WTF? about 283239 times over so I refrained.  I wanted to ponder what we saw and by the time I was done with that the next episode was on.  And I’m far happier for having watched it.

FINALLY!!!! we have the answer to the numbers.  And even though it spins out a whole new set of questions, since this has been plaguing us since season 1 I’m pretty darn happy that we got that much.  As we now know, the numbers correspond to Jacob’s list on the cave wall that NotLocke showed Sawyer.  Only 6 numbers remained, our fated 6 that we’ve been hearing from the beginning.  And those number corresponded with the names Shepherd, Locke, Forde, Jarrah, Reyes & Kwon. These are the possible candidates to be the new Jacob, protector of the island.

On the surface it would appear that that means Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley or Jin/Sun are eligible.  Not necessarily though.  Let’s not forget that Claire is Jack’s sister and disappeared and the Emperor Toga (whatever his name is) indicated that Smokey had her.  Just like he supposedly has Sayid.  What I actually think happened is that they murdered Claire and Sayid to try to make them a vessel of Jacob and for whatever reason it didn’t work.  That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re compromised by Smokey but Temple Freaks believe that.  We’ll see.

Anyway, since Claire is a Shepherd, so is baby Aaron.  And after we saw that random blond kid yelling at NotLocke about how he couldn’t kill Jacob, it seems a good possibility that young Aaron could be future island leader, at least in my mind.

I’m not sure how Locke is still on the list when he’s dead and his form is being used by Smokey, but whatever.  What’s interesting is who is not on the list that’s lived: Kate, Rose & Bernard.  Now we know Rose & Bernard are unimportant to the island, they’ve barely been on at all.  But Kate’s been all over the damn place and she was marked by Jacob as a kid so I’m surprised she’s not part of this.  Unless, of course, her part was to take care of Aaron; seeing as she’s helped with him in both our reality and the alt reality this seems to be highly probable.  If I were to dip into biblical terms, she’s kind of the Virgin Mary of the situation.  Hee, Kate a virgin, right!  But you get my point, I hope, that like Mary, she was given the responsibility of raising the chosen child.  Just a thought.

Tying Lost back to the bible is never going to be my forte, as my churchgoing is limited to once a year at Xmas, but I’ve read enough biblical comparisons that I feel pretty comfortable with the parallel.  Even if Jacob is not exactly God and Esau/NotLocke is not exactly the devil; Tripp pointed out to me that they are probably good/evil and they are both needed to balance the scales.  This was backed up quite prominently when there was actually a scale in the cave holding a white rock and a black rock and NotLocke threw the white rock into the water.

In other island news, Ilana whined about her dead compatriots and I didn’t care and rooted for Ben to kill her.  Alas, he did not but he gave the awesomest of burial speeches for DeadLocke and made me happy all the same.  “He was a good man, a true believer, blah blah and I’m very sorry I murdered him.”  HEE!  I loved how everybody was like WTF? and Frank was all hilarious with his commentary about the craziness.

Sawyer is hanging with NotLocke and he was given the option to become the keeper of the island or to get the hell off and not surprisingly Sawyer took the road that would get him home.  Once his friends start dying, though, methinks he’ll get the hell away from NotLocke.

Richard was also given the option of partying with the dark side but he chose the light.  I still don’t get him.  I guess if we’re paralleling again, he’s some sort of disciple?  A true follower that never waivers.  Hmm…so who’s our Judas?  Ben?  Do we not have one yet?

In other news, this was a Locke episode off the island which you knew I was not going to truly like.  I was smacked over the head with his wussiness time and again and did not enjoy it.  Though I did laugh when his lift didn’t work right and he fell on the lawn and got sprinkled. hehe I’m an evil bitch and would totally hang with NotLocke and Ben.  I admit this freely.

Anyhow, in alt reality Locke still has beloved Helen but he does not have his job, cause they were pissed that he lied about his trip to Australia.  He then runs into Hurley who offers him a job within his company and sends him to none other than Rose.  Locke gets pissy about what he can and can’t do and Rose smacks him down with her “I have terminal cancer, you’re just in a wheelchair, I win” and tries to help him find a job he’s qualified for.  How that turns out to be teaching in a high school is beyond me but that’s where he ends up.

Ladies & Gentlemen, you're European History teacher! Hee!

And who is there?  None other than one Mr. Benjamin Linus, that’s who!  I about fell over when I heard his voice in the teacher’s lounge, bitching about the person forgetting to change the coffee filter.  Then Locke announces that he wants tea (like what, Ben is going to serve him? Bitch please!) and Ben turns around, excited to have a man of taste on board.  He introduces himself as the European History teacher.  Hehe Can you imagine beady-eyed Ben as your teacher?  I’d be freaked the hell out, that’s for sure.  I love him so.

Also, while Locke was in the midst of his billionth whine about his life sucks, he told Helen that he was not going to meet with Jack for his free consult and together they ripped up the card.  Jackass.  I was hoping Jack might kill him on the operating table.  Oh well, I guess one DeadLocke is all I’m going to get for now.

So, what else?  I’m thrilled to see Ben being Benlike again, you can’t keep that crazy guy down for long.  I laughed when he lied and told Ilana that NotLocke had killed Jacob, that might come back to haunt them at some point.  She gathered up some of his ashes, which I found interesting.  Very Smokeylike, no?  Maybe they need those to make TrueJacob rise in whomever agrees to house him.  Right now my money is on Jack who is NewLocke, or over course Aaron.  We shall see.

Soooo that’s it for now, hopefully next week will have more awesomely stunning revelations and we can talk about em here!

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NotLocke is actually cool enough to hang out with Real Ben.

I know, I’ve slacked on getting my first Lost post up but you know, I had to think about something like that for awhile.  Not that I’ve come to any new conclusions, but still, I’ve pondered things quite a bit.  I’m just thrilled the show is back and still epically absorbing.

So it appears we have two separate realities going, the one back on the island and the one where the plane lands.  You may remember that I predicted the plane would indeed land and everyone would be alive and such.  I was feeling rather triumphant for about a minute until we saw our Losties also still on the island.  Shouldn’t be surprised though, I rarely get anything right when it comes to this show.

Kate got moments with both her men in 2004.

How great was it to see Boone again?  He was totally channeling Damon from Vampire Diaries too.  You can’t tell me otherwise.  hehe I liked seeing him interact with Locke, I’d forgotten they were friends.  Charlie’s OD and saving by Jack was also a nice callback to earlier island happenings.  I adored the Kate/Jack glance and the Sawyer/Kate interaction as well.  I thought they might make him an even more active participant in her escape but his help in the elevator was fun and very Sawyeresque.

Hurley the good luck guy was definitely jarring but it totally made sense.  The numbers were no longer cursed so Hurley was just living the high life and buying chicken franchises.  Fitting.

The big, weird thing was Desmond being on the plane.  Of course, it makes sense that he wasn’t on the island anymore as his ship would not have crashed but why was he on Flight 815?  Tripp said something about him maybe being the exception to the rule, being able to float between the two realities and that makes sense to me.  I suspect someone like Daniel might also have that ability, if and when he appears.  Why?  Don’t ask me.  Just a gut feeling.

They're at it, again. With good reason this time at least.

On island, our Losties were all blown back to the future, so everyone is operating in the same time period apparently.  I like to think that this means time travel is done.  2007 in one storyline, 2004 in the other.  That’s enough to keep track of, but this is Lost and they’ll probably continue to mess with the mind.  It’s how they roll.  Anyway, Sawyer was immediately pissed at Jack that it didn’t work but in the midst of trying to kill him they heard Juliet calling from below.  They managed to dig her out and Sawyer got to hold and kiss her one more time before she died as she was trying to tell him something.

A final goodbye, not gonna lie, I cried.

Everybody was so busy with that that they forgot that Sayid was pretty much dying in the van but finally they all remembered and took off to the temple at the recommendation of Jacob, who appeared to Hurley and informed him that he’d died about an hour before and gave him a note to take to the temple dwellers.  They locate the temple and are taken hostage by some random people and taken to the Chinese Emperor, whose name I do not know so that’s what I’ve named him.

Emperor and his minions read the note and agree to help Sayid.  They do so by putting blood in some water and holding Sayid below until he drowns and announce that he’s dead.  Yeah, thanks for the help bastards.  Jack’s pissed and tries to revive him but no dice.  Fortunately, like half an hour later Sayid sits up.  Or is it really Sayid?  Coming back to that momentarily.

Manhandle Ben and die. DIE DIE DIE

On the other end of the island, Ben is all stunned over the fact that he killed Jacob and NotLocke is smug as hell but funny.  Some of Ilana’s idiots come in demanding to see Jacob and NotLocke points them to the fire.  This pisses off the big dude and he attempts to kill my Ben, which makes me shout in outrage and demand his immediate death.  Lost, as it sometimes does for me when I root for a murdering, comes through.  Or NotLocke does in the form of Smokey.  He comes in and kills the hell out of everyone but Ben.  Sadly Ilana was not in the room at that time.  Ben just sits in a stupor for awhile which upset me but later there was some life in him.

Ben sees that Locke is really and truly dead. Yay!

Ben and NotLocke come out of the tunnel and Richard demands to know where Jacob is.  Ben’s all like, “he’s hanging in the cave, totally cool, John’s back there too” and Richard shoves him toward Locke’s dead body, further stunning him.  NotLocke comes out and says they’re going to the temple I think and Richard tries to confront him but NotLocke knocks him out and throws him over his shoulder and off they go.

Back at the temple, they start freaking over Dead Jacob and laying out smoke rings to keep the monster out (big guy attempted to do that before Smokey killed him but it found a way to kill him anyway).  Then Sayid sat up, alive.

So, I assume that the note that Emperor had told him to shove Sayid in that water and let him die so Jacob could inhabit his body.  Smokey apparently takes shapes but Jacob has to take over bodies, which might explain why Dead Christian Shepherd strolls around the island all the time.  I always thought the island was going to come down to a showdown between Jack and Locke but right now it looks like Sayid vs. Locke.  Interesting.  Unless Jack dies and Jacob takes him over down the line.  Could happen.

It seems the temple dwellers are disciples of Jacob (I use that word because many people think Jacob is God and Smokey is the devil, which makes as much sense as any other theory I’ve heard) and that is the place where the kids from the flight ended up being taken along with the stewardess from the tail section.  Who else is there?  Time will tell I guess.

I didn’t like how defeated Ben appeared for much of the episode but after he got over the DeadLocke shock he kinda had that plotting Ben look that delights me to no end, so we’ll see what kind of trouble Mr. Linus can cook up for NotLocke.

I’m not really looking forward to Sawyer vs. Jack round 293218253 or whatever it is but at least Sawyer has decided that making Jack live and suffer is more fun that deadening him.  I don’t give a damn about the triangle but it would piss me off if Sawyer/Kate hooked up quickly because I truly believe in the love that he and Juliet shared.

Other observations and questions:

I’m not thrilled with the return of 2004 asshole Jin.  I did enjoy Sun refusing to speak English and clarify things for him in customs.

Where was Eko?  You know I love him and need to see him once since he should be alive and well in 2004.

Is Desmond still with Penny in alt universe?  Can he hop around until he is again cause they need to be together.

Is all that Miles heard from Juliet that it did work?  And how does she even know that?

Will Miles be able to talk to DeadSayid if Jacob is inhabiting him?

I’m not overly happy about all these new cast members and I totally don’t care about the temple dwellers and Ilana’s crew.  Give me my Losties and Frank because he is awesome.

I’m sure I have other thoughts and questions but I didn’t do a rewatch and it’s been 3 days and I’m not that bright anymore so I forget things. hehe  I’ll be more prompt next week, I promise!

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Another tragic death in a Lost finale.

Another tragic death in a Lost finale.

Lost continues it’s streak of awesome, jaw dropping finales, even though this episode felt a little bit slower to me than previous ones.  I think this was due to the Jacob set up plus the inclusion of Ilana, who much to my consternation is still alive.  She may not be the evil bitch that I previously thought but I still don’t like her.  At least I got to see Phil get offed.  Small comfort, that!

There’s really so much to talk about that I don’t know where to start.  I guess perhaps with Jacob, since that’s who we started with on the show.  He starts off with some random dude, kicking back on the island.  Random Dude tells him that he’s going to kill him some day and I’m thinking he did.  Someday came some many years later in the form of Fake John Locke, but I’ve decided that Random Guy must have found a way to take Locke’s form and kill Jacob.  At least this explains how damn confounding John Locke’s been acting.  He isn’t him!  Figures, I was actually liking the guy (mainly cause he acted more like my Ben, hehe) and he’s not even him.

Interestingly, Jacob showed up at major moments of our favorite Losties lives.  He was there for Kate’s first foray into crime, Sawyer’s parents funeral, Jack’s first solo surgery, Sun & Jin’s wedding, Locke’s header from the window (in fact it looked like he brought him back to life), Sayid’s wife’s death (he may have saved his life by chatting him up while she got run over), and Hurley’s release from jail.  He was the one who convinced Hurley to get on the plane, not Charlie like previously thought.  Though that could still be Charlie’s guitar, right? So clearly they were all destined to be on the island, come hell or high water.

Will the real John Locke please stand up?  Or at least, slump out of a box?

Will the real John Locke please stand up? Or at least, slump out of a box?

We also got to see him meet Ilana where she was lying all mummified in a bed.  He asked her to work for him and she agreed and I guess got the team together we see her with today.  They show Frank what’s inside their big silver box they’re lugging around and it’s enough to freak Frank right out.  Tripp thought it might be a body and she was right, but neither of us were expecting it to be Locke’s body!  At the end, while Fake Locke and Ben were in with Jacob, Ilana and her group showed Richard that they had dead John the whole time.  Would have been good to know about 30 minutes earlier peeps.

My Ben is a shell of the magnificent, manipulative bastard he used to be.

My Ben is a shell of the magnificent, manipulative bastard he used to be.

What can I say about my Ben?  He’s broken!  I’m so wounded!  If Fake Locke is now Benlike, then Ben is now faithless Lockelike while Jack is faithful Locke.  I swear, all this role changing could give a girl whiplash.  Fake Locke convinced Ben that he was going to kill Jacob and wisely asked Ben why he wouldn’t want to.  It was the perfect manipulation of Ben, playing into Ben’s insecurities over never having met Jacob and the island letting him get cancer and losing Alex.  He made Ben want to kill him and when Jacob was trying to convince him to go and leave him and Fake Locke alone, Ben got mad at that and stabbed away.  Then fake Locke, finally doing his own dirty work, kicked Jacob into the fire.  Tripp astutely pointed out that maybe you can’t be leader of the island if you commit murder.  She came up with this earlier in the show when we were chatting about Locke being a wuss and not doing his killing himself.  I pointed out that Locke had killed Naomi, but that was in defense of the island so maybe it didn’t count.  Of course now we know that he’s not Locke, so maybe Random Dude never killed anyone before.  Although he did kick Jacob into the fire, so maybe he did.  Interesting to ruminate on, anyway.  Farewell Jacob, we hardly knew ye.  And I do mean hardly.  Would dying in a giant statue of a foot be a good way to go?  I got quite the giggle over Jacob living in the foot, I must say.  Good one.

And the triangle will now live on....or will they all never meet?

And the triangle will now live on....or will they all never meet?

Elsewhere, Kate interrupted Sawyer and Juliet’s happily ever after…permanently.  Sigh.  The ironic thing, of course, is that Juliet convinces Sawyer to go back to the island (and I do mean convinces by knocking out one of the sub guys) to stop the bomb so they can be together forever.  But then they meet up with Rose and Bernard (AND VINCENT!!!) who have been living in peace alone for 3 years.  They are none too pleased to be found, which was hilarious, as they are in retirement and done with all the drama.  Seemed a commentary on some fans, didn’t it?  Rose had the line of the night when she reacted to the bomb news by saying, “It’s always something with you people, isn’t it?”  HA!  Anyway, she and Bernard talked about how happy they were to be together and if they died together, so be it.  Sawyer happened to glance at Kate during that little speech and Juliet saw it and decided bomb’s away!   They head off to find Jack…

Who only gets to the Dharma initiative with Richard before Richard knocks out Eloise and takes her to safety, telling Jack and Sayid they’re on their own.  Fortunately Sayid is the bomb dude, so who needs em?  They come out in Dharma and there’s a big gun fight thanks to the assmunch Roger Linus seeing them and shooting Sayid in the gut.  He’s lucky that Sayid is probably still alive, though I don’t know that for sure.  Bastard.  He can’t die soon enough for me.  Jin and Hurley and Miles rescue Jack and Sayid and they head off to the Swan station to bomb it.

They run into Sawyer and Juliet and Kate and Sawyer gets Jack alone for a season 1-like pounding between our two would-be heroes.  What’s Lost without them beating each other down?  Juliet interrupts and tells Sawyer to let Jack do what he came to do.  Sawyer is rather floored by this, seeing as it’s an about face from her previous position.  She tells him that he looked at Kate and he tells her he’s with her and she says she’d rather they never meet than to live through the heartbreak of losing him.  Yikes.  And Jack pretty much wants to bomb the island because of losing Kate.  What is it with that woman?

Anyway, Sawyer and everyone else head to the Swan and start shooting so Jack can come running in and hurl the bomb down the hole.  Of course he hesitates but finally throws it down and nothing happens.  Well, something does happen, the drill hits the electromagnetic field and everything magnetized starts flying into the hole.  People are down everywhere and Phil hilariously dies when a steel rod flies into his chest.  Take that Phil.  Unfortunately Radzinsky gets away, which I guess makes sense since he’s the guy who was trapped in the hatch with Desmond all those years.  Kinda nice karma for the bastard, since he was so determined to drill that hole.  Dick.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Lost finale without a major death and sadly we got it.  Juliet got wrapped up in some chains and dragged into the hole.  Sawyer caught her before she fell all the way but was unable to hold on to her for long enough.  She told him to let her go and the love between them was clear as day.  She fell and Kate and Jack got Sawyer out of there.  We ended with Juliet waking up in the bottom of the hole, clearly in pain.  She sees the unexploded bomb and drags herself over to hit it with a rock.  She finally sets it off, flash of white light and then the end.  Dear lord.  I have to wait 9 months to find out just what came of the bomb being set off?  Not even a clue??? Fabulous ending.  Gut wrenching, but fabulous.

My thought is that Juliet couldn’t have set off the bomb if Jacob were still alive.  It seems to me that with him dead, everything changes and maybe they will change the future.  Maybe not, but we’ll see.

I wanted to highlight some other good stuff in the episode that didn’t fit in with the flow of my commentary.

  • Kate stole a New Kids On The Block lunch box?  How old is she supposed to be?  And how uncool?  Steal some Scooby Doo or something.
  • “He never seemed particularly special to me.”  Richard to Jack regarding John Locke. HA!  As a notorious Locke disliker, this cracked me up.  Of course, Jack of old would have agreed but Jack, the new Locke, said there was more to him than met the eye and not to doubt him.  Maybe that’s why Richard is so accepting in the future.
  • “I lied, that’s what I do.”  The other line of the night, uttered by Ben.  It is what you do, darlin, and I love you for it.  Bring back my Ben!
  • “What’s done is done.”  Sawyer’s line to Jack when he told him about his father shooting his mother and how he could have gone back a year ago and stopped it, but didn’t because he figured what happened, happened.  A Danielism until he decided it need not apply.
  • “If I never meet you, I never have to lose you.”  Juliet to Sawyer.  So sad that that’s what changed her mind but at least she managed to set that bomb off.  I can only hope she doesn’t die in vain.

So those were the big things from last night’s show.  I didn’t nearly begin to touch on everything but I think I hit the major stuff.  I honestly resented the time taken up by Ilana and even Jacob up until the end when I understood why better.  Of course we still don’t know why Jacob wanted these people on the island in the first place and who Fake Locke is and why he wanted to kill Jacob for all those years.  And of course we don’t know if we’ll see the Losties land safely in LA in the next episode.  They just might now, and I think it’ll end up being pretty cool if they do.  As long as we still get some island answers!  I guess we have plenty of time to come up with scenarios, maybe that’s how I’ll entertain myself til February.  See you then for the end to an epic ride!

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Anyone who has read my NFL recaps knows that I have a special affinity for the word “douche”.  I dubbed my bad player of the week award the Sage Rosenfels Memorial Douchetard Of The Week Award for this very reason.  I think it’s a fabulous word and I use it often in my daily vocabulary.  Lately, though, I’ve been struck by the use of the word on some of my favorite TV shows.  Now, Supernatural has used it at least for the past year or so and I love that Dean’s favorite word often appears to be “douche” as well.  Yet more evidence that we should be married.  But SPN alone is not the only show that I’ve heard use my word lately.

How I Met Your Mother whipped it out a week or two ago.  LOST used it when Hurley was talking to Miles about his father.  Hilariously, I was IMing with Tripp, as we do through every Lost and Heroes episode, and I wrote, “Dude, your dad is a dick” but I wanted to write “douche”.  A second later, Hurley said, “Dude, your dad is a douche.”  I nearly died.  It was a triumphant moment for me and I should have stuck with my gut and said douche like I planned.  Still, awesome.

Reaper also used it a couple weeks ago.  All these shows that I watch and love are using my word and I’m partially thrilled but also a little bothered.  Is it too much of a good thing?  Will “douche” get overused and then not be special to me anymore?  I can’t decide.

It cracks me up just how far TV has changed since the days of George Carlin’s 7 words you can’t say on TV speech.  How many of those words are still on the list?  Fuck for sure, but what else?   I have heard piss said plenty, so that’s mainstream.  Shit you can say now.  The other 4 words are cocksucker, motherfucker, cunt and tits.  Can you not say tits?  I could swear I’ve heard that one.  So let’s assume that we’re down to 4 or 5 from that original list.  I think those will stay as unusable, but who knows?

This is kind of a silly little blog but I wanted to celebrate the arrival of douche to mainstream TV.  Long may it live and prosper!  Yep, I saw Star Trek this weekend, so this works doubly for me.  No douche in there though, at least not that I heard!

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The new John Locke is quite different.

The new John Locke is quite different.

Wow…I really don’t know what to say about Lost.  Fantastic episode with Locke’s final line being a total blow me away type moment.  This was one of those rare episodes that didn’t necessarily feel like anybodies episode…perhaps it was Locke’s but Sawyer, Richard, Jack & Kate & Juliet…everybody was pretty heavily featured.  I’m not up to a total recap conversation so I thought I’d just post the stuff I found to be most interesting.

Will Locke bond with Ben again, and will the outcome be different this time out?

Will Locke bond with Ben again, and will the outcome be different this time out?

  • He’s baaaaaack!  No, not Locke, Sayid!!!  Just as some Other was about to plug Kate full of holes for wanting to return to the Dharmites, Sayid guns the fellow down.  Awesome.  Good thing Eloise took that random guy along with her and Richard, no?  I’d love to know where he’s been since he shot Ben, hopefully we’ll get that answer next week.
  • Sayid’s pride in changing the face of the island sure wavered when he found out that Kate and Sawyer had taken Ben to the Others to get healed or reborn or Islandized or whatever happens.  He was sure pissed…cracked me right up.  I loved Kate’s question to him asking when they became people who killed kids.
  • Eloise, aka Worst. Mother. Ever., apparently got on board with Jack’s plan because she killed her son.  Why she couldn’t have gotten on board before killing poor Daniel is beyond me.  Poor Dead Daniel, he sure spent more time on our screens dead than anything else this season.
  • Are Jack & Co in the same spot where Ben had to face the smoke monster?   It looked similar but I wasn’t sure.
  • Kate…I get that you’re not on board with wanting to blow up the island but why in the hell would you march back to the Dharmites?  I know, you wanted to see Sawyer again but damn, getting captured is not my idea of a productive reunion.
  • Most. Awkward. Reunion. Ever. (yeah I’ve been watching The Simpsons a lot lately, sue me)  Just as Sawyer and Juliet seem to be heading toward couply bliss, in comes Kate.  Juliet’s face was priceless.
  • Radzinsky and Phil have to die.  Period.  If they do not die, I will throw a fit of epic proportions.  Nobody beats up Sawyer and Juliet and gets to live.  Where’s Ben when you need him?
  • Well we know where Ben is, 30 years in the future and quite confused about this new and improved Locke.   They seem to be bonding and I think my boy is back to trying to manipulate Locke and Richard, although Locke may have pulled the rug out from under him with his plannnnn.
  • Loved that Locke was the one to make Richard go to himself and help him with his gunshot and tell him that he has to die.  Richard’s face and confusion was totally awesome.
  • Richard may have bit off more than he can chew with Locke as leader.  He didn’t seem too pleased to be carrying out Locke’s orders and getting called out in front of the whole crew.  Maybe he’ll realign with Ben to take Locke down?
  • Now Miles knows that his daddy forced him and mom off the island to save them.  I guess his viewpoint toward Dr. Chang/Candle might have changed just a bit.
  • LOVED!!! Dr. Chang’s test when Hurley tried to keep up the facade that they’re not from the future.  Hurley’s 1931 birth, making him 46 and his inability to name the president just killed me.  Oh, Hugo, you’re so sweet but so useless.
  • Back to Richard (yes, I am just writing random thoughts with no guideline) why is he so content to be the number 2 guy?  In the past he’s being ordered about by Charles and Eloise and in the future it’s now Locke, previously Ben.  Why would he do that for the 50 to 60 to whatever years he’s been on the island?  He’s the one who is immortal or unchanging or whatever, I think I’d throw down and take over.
  • Richard saw the Dharmites all die huh?  Interesting.  Did they really die in the bombing or did they just poof back to the future like my last week’s blog pondered?  I keep hearing that the finale is yet another game changer so I’m thinking I just may be right, even though I think I’m insane.  But they probably are too, so we’ll see.
  • Finally, Locke’s revelation to Ben that he was taking the crew to go meet Jacob so he could kill him.  Well slap my face and call me Sally, that was truly stunning!  Ben’s look was priceless.  He’s only been that floored one other time, when Alex was killed.  I’ve never been that floored by a line on this show.  Here I thought Locke wanted to hang with his boy Jacob and instead he’s out to kill him?  Has the island told him to do this or has he decided he needs to be to be the “real” boss?  Would setting off the bomb coupled with killing Jacob in real time combine to make the island vanish forever?  I just don’t know!
Ben's reaction to the new Locke is a mirror of my own.

Ben's reaction to the new Locke is a mirror of my own.

Those were the big things that hit me while watching the show last night.  I don’t really know what is going to happen in the finale but I know I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see Locke’s showdown with Jacob and what this bomb ends up doing.  I can’t believe Lost is so near the end and I can’t wait to see how it all wraps up.  See you next week, bet our minds will be blown!

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Daniel decides that the past can be changed due to people being variables.

Daniel decides that the past can be changed due to people being variables.

So instead of making this one of my long recappatory (yes I made a new word) Lost blogs, I thought I’d just discuss the very interesting and truly fucked up things that happened in tonight’s The Variable episode.  Yes, I just got done watching the show and I had to do my blog now because of where it has taken my mind.

First, I’d like to compliment them on actually answering what we suspected all along.  Widmore is Daniel’s daddy, Scary Poppins is indeed his mom.  We got to see why he was crying when he saw the plane crash on TV the first time we saw him, his memory loss and his messed up relationship with Mom.  Of course we didn’t get to see how really and truly messed up it was until the very end did we?  I mean, the woman sent her own son back to the island knowing that she was going to kill him.  That is lovely.  Truly.  I mean, I thought Angela Petrelli was a fucked up parent.  I thought John Winchester was as bad as it gets.  But no, I think Eloise Hawking takes the cake.  And of course Daddy Widmore gets a big slice of that himself, seeing as he was instrumental in him being there as well.  But we already knew he sucked as parent, so Daniel struck out twice in that lottery.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately for Scary Poppins, depending on what side she comes down on, before she killed her son he was able to tell Jack and Kate his master plan of blowing up the electromagnetic part of the island so that the hatch is never built, Desmond never fails to press the buttons, their plane never crashes, the freighter never comes…and god knows what else doesn’t happen.  Charlotte never returns and dies, which is the driving purpose for Daniel.  Jack is all about getting to the hydrogen bomb and enacting said plan now, from the looks of next week.

And you know what?  As I was watching and discussing with Tripp, I told her that it would be just like Lost to actually do that.  To end the season with them exploding the bomb and giving us a hint that next season is all about these regular people with regular lives who don’t know one another.  Each of them having an episode to tell us how they ended up.  Sun & Jin, never had their baby probably and maybe split up.  Locke staying wheelchair bound (man will he be pissed), Jack never drugging up, Kate in jail, Hurley never winning the lotto and going insane, Charlie living, Claire giving up Aaron…think about it.  Doesn’t it sound completely like the kind of mindfuck they’d pull?  And I can’t decide if it will piss me off or it it will blow me away.  Knowing this show, I’m banking on the latter, they’ve yet to let me down.

And what would come of the ones that actually were on the island?  Richard and Ben?  Does Ben die of his cancer since Jack’s not there to save him or does he leave the island after the bombing and live some regular life?  Okay, not regular, I imagine he’d still be manipulating people in the real world, but it’s something you just have to think about.  It’d be amazing.  What would become of Widmore?  Scary Poppins?  Horace?  (I don’t really care about Horace, wanted him to die tonight.)

Other than that rather big thing to ponder, Sawyer and Juliet are now in some trouble thanks to Jack and Kate and Daniel getting caught on their trek out to steal a hydrogen bomb, and of course having annoying Phil in the closet didn’t give them much time to explain themselves or fabricate anything.  Go figure that Jack and Kate complicate things again.  I thought Sawyer and Juliet had some very nice moments in this episode and I’m really liking them as a couple.  Of course if I’m right, they’ll end up never meeting…mind messing, serious mind messing.

So what do you all think of this?  If they go there, if they allow Jack and Kate to blow up the electromagnetic area of the island that caused them to crash, will it be an epic cop out?  Or will it be epic?  We’ve only got a couple episodes to know for sure but it definitely feels like something they would do to me.  I can’t decide how to feel.  It’s probably not going to happen since it’s so obvious right now…that’s probably the twist we’ve been promised.  It just feels so right to me.  Well either way, I’m along for the ride!

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Some Like It Hoth, But Not Me

Miles spoke to the dead and met his dad.  Yay.

Miles spoke to the dead and met his dad. Yay.

I have become one of THOSE people.  Yep, didn’t think it would happen to me but last night’s Lost drove the point home in a big way:  If a character I don’t care about is heavily featured in my favorite show, I’m going to be thoroughly bored.  Like bored to the point that I can’t even bring myself to rewatch it to discuss it here.  Maybe it’s made worse by the fact that my favorite was the feature in last week’s episode, I don’t know.  But either way, Lost was not compelling for me at all last night.

It was a Miles episode.  We basically got to see him first discover his speaking with the dead ability and found out he was raised by just his mother.  We don’t know what exactly happened, but Miles was born on the island and his father is the awesome Dr. Candle from all the Dharma training videos.  That is cool, though I think everybody under the sun expected that when we met Miles.

Hurley was there to provide the awesome though.

Hurley was there to provide the awesome though.

Last night was not a total waste of course, it is still Lost after all!  Hurley was rather awesome the whole episode, being sarcastic and trying his best to bring father and son together without any subtlety involved.  He did make me laugh several times.  Plus he was all, “My dead people are better than your dead people because I can see them and have regular conversations.”  HA!  Take that Miles!

My Miles disinterest doesn’t make me blind to his potential on the island.  If one of my favorite characters does die, he’ll be there to allow me to hear what they have to say I suppose.  But that’s really the only time I want to see him.  I guess he’s opening his eyes to the fact that his mother may have misrepresented his father’s reasons for not being in his life, as he saw at the end that Dr. Candle was holding 3 month old, adorable baby Miles.  That seemed to bring the idea home that maybe he should get to know dear old dad while he can.

In other Dad news, Ben’s father found him gone and got suspicious of Kate, because she was acting rather obvious about being sorry that he was gone.  In true Roger Linus form, he got his drunk on and got confrontational with Jack about Kate.  Jack went to Juliet and Sawyer and let them know there could be a problem.

Sawyer had other problems because one of the guys had proof on tape of his complicity in helping get Ben to Richard and co.  Sawyer solved this problem by knocking the guy out and telling Juliet to get the rope.  Juliet looked rather turned on by that move I thought. hehe  I like them together, what can I say?

One small thing I enjoyed last night was the “Circle of Trust” that Miles was forced into because Sawyer was off helping Ben.  I guess Horace and Radinski and Sawyer and Dr. Marvin Candle are in the circle of trust.  Of course it made me think of Meet the Parents and I giggled every time it was mentioned, but it was a fun little aside thing.  I guess Hurley’s in it now too since he forced Miles to take him along and found out about the dead guy.  Since I don’t know who the dead guy is I don’t really care what happened to him.  He only brought about the possibility of Hurley seeing the hatch get made and the numbers get stamped into the door.  Fun, see how it all comes back around?  There’s your circle of trust.

Also, hilariously, Hurley was scribbling away in a notebook for much of the episode and Miles finally took it away to see what he was writing, thinking it was a diary.  But no, it was The Empire Strikes back.  Hurley figured that George Lucas hadn’t written it yet so he would rewrite it and make some changes.  Cracked me up.

The only other thing of interest to happen was Miles going down to meet the team of scientists in the sub and out pops Daniel!  He’s alive!!!!  And next week maybe we’ll find out what in the hell he’s been up to for the last 3 years.  I’ll appreciate that more than a Miles episode I’m sure.

So that’s the big stuff on Lost.  It was all about fathers and sons.  We’ve seen that theme from season 1 so it wasn’t overly earth shattering, but I guess we’ve seen a different relationship develop now.  And I do wonder why Miles’ mother takes him away.  I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

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