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Daniel decides that the past can be changed due to people being variables.

Daniel decides that the past can be changed due to people being variables.

So instead of making this one of my long recappatory (yes I made a new word) Lost blogs, I thought I’d just discuss the very interesting and truly fucked up things that happened in tonight’s The Variable episode.  Yes, I just got done watching the show and I had to do my blog now because of where it has taken my mind.

First, I’d like to compliment them on actually answering what we suspected all along.  Widmore is Daniel’s daddy, Scary Poppins is indeed his mom.  We got to see why he was crying when he saw the plane crash on TV the first time we saw him, his memory loss and his messed up relationship with Mom.  Of course we didn’t get to see how really and truly messed up it was until the very end did we?  I mean, the woman sent her own son back to the island knowing that she was going to kill him.  That is lovely.  Truly.  I mean, I thought Angela Petrelli was a fucked up parent.  I thought John Winchester was as bad as it gets.  But no, I think Eloise Hawking takes the cake.  And of course Daddy Widmore gets a big slice of that himself, seeing as he was instrumental in him being there as well.  But we already knew he sucked as parent, so Daniel struck out twice in that lottery.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately for Scary Poppins, depending on what side she comes down on, before she killed her son he was able to tell Jack and Kate his master plan of blowing up the electromagnetic part of the island so that the hatch is never built, Desmond never fails to press the buttons, their plane never crashes, the freighter never comes…and god knows what else doesn’t happen.  Charlotte never returns and dies, which is the driving purpose for Daniel.  Jack is all about getting to the hydrogen bomb and enacting said plan now, from the looks of next week.

And you know what?  As I was watching and discussing with Tripp, I told her that it would be just like Lost to actually do that.  To end the season with them exploding the bomb and giving us a hint that next season is all about these regular people with regular lives who don’t know one another.  Each of them having an episode to tell us how they ended up.  Sun & Jin, never had their baby probably and maybe split up.  Locke staying wheelchair bound (man will he be pissed), Jack never drugging up, Kate in jail, Hurley never winning the lotto and going insane, Charlie living, Claire giving up Aaron…think about it.  Doesn’t it sound completely like the kind of mindfuck they’d pull?  And I can’t decide if it will piss me off or it it will blow me away.  Knowing this show, I’m banking on the latter, they’ve yet to let me down.

And what would come of the ones that actually were on the island?  Richard and Ben?  Does Ben die of his cancer since Jack’s not there to save him or does he leave the island after the bombing and live some regular life?  Okay, not regular, I imagine he’d still be manipulating people in the real world, but it’s something you just have to think about.  It’d be amazing.  What would become of Widmore?  Scary Poppins?  Horace?  (I don’t really care about Horace, wanted him to die tonight.)

Other than that rather big thing to ponder, Sawyer and Juliet are now in some trouble thanks to Jack and Kate and Daniel getting caught on their trek out to steal a hydrogen bomb, and of course having annoying Phil in the closet didn’t give them much time to explain themselves or fabricate anything.  Go figure that Jack and Kate complicate things again.  I thought Sawyer and Juliet had some very nice moments in this episode and I’m really liking them as a couple.  Of course if I’m right, they’ll end up never meeting…mind messing, serious mind messing.

So what do you all think of this?  If they go there, if they allow Jack and Kate to blow up the electromagnetic area of the island that caused them to crash, will it be an epic cop out?  Or will it be epic?  We’ve only got a couple episodes to know for sure but it definitely feels like something they would do to me.  I can’t decide how to feel.  It’s probably not going to happen since it’s so obvious right now…that’s probably the twist we’ve been promised.  It just feels so right to me.  Well either way, I’m along for the ride!

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Two Dankos?  I'd rather have two Sylars!

Two Dankos? I'd rather have two Sylars!

Well, I knew this shape shifting business was going to confuse me, I was prepared for it, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be quite so soon and quite so frequently.  I think I have it figured out now, but I hope that Sylar dials back on it some, if only because I miss seeing his pretty face when he’s busy being other people!  Not a win!  I think I’m going to go back to my tried and true list of what I liked and what I didn’t this week because I thought this episode was a bit of a mixed bag, probably helped by the return of Hiro and Mohinder to the forefront.  Never good for me, those two!  On to the list!

Noah really lost it this episode.

Noah really lost it this episode.

What I liked:

  • The chapter title being on the body bag carrying faux Sylar.  That was a nice effect.
  • HRG being suspicious of Danko.  I’m glad that he didn’t buy into dead Sylar at all.  He wouldn’t be HRG if he didn’t test the theory.
  • Vengeful Matt.  Oh yes, it was good to see that guy again, taking charge and attempting to kick ass.  Of course he stuck at the point when it came to killing the girlfriend, but he wouldn’t be Matt if he had killed her.  Still loved him working the mind control on Danko and ferreting out his girlfriend and telling her of his lies.
  • While I may have gotten a little overtired of all Sylar’s disguises, I did enjoy his joy in each one.  The hubris he showed as Danko, the attitude he gave Sandra with her divorce papers…Sylar characteristics leaked out and that was cool.
  • Okay, the face that Ando had to make to make baby Matt Parkman happy did amuse me.
  • Coyote Sands.  Well we have a direction that most everybody is headed at least.  HRG, the Petrelli’s, I assume Parkman and Hiro and Mohinder.  Maybe, just maybe they’re all going to go come together and figure things out!  I can hope!
  • HRG holding the gun on Sandra thinking that she was still Sylar.  I kinda loved that it took Lyle calling with a Mr. Muggles related question in order for him to be convinced that it was his wife he had a gun on.  Of course, by then it was too late and she didn’t want to talk to him anymore, but that was well done.  HRG really was awesome the whole episode running the gamut of emotions.  I was very impressed.
  • Matt using mind control on Danko to make him tell Elana that he was lying about his whole life; loved watching him fight doing it but not being able to.  And I loved her realizing that he was willing to watch her die before giving up his hunt.
  • Hiro stopping the bullet from killing Parkman.  So, he has his uses from time to time, if he does more stuff like that I might grow to like him again.
  • Well, at least we have parallels.  Everybody’s losing their love.  Danko, Parkman and HRG…poetic justice I guess.
  • HRG pretending to be Sylar and giving Danko his files as a test to prove that he knew about Sylar.  While it messed further with my head, I enjoyed HRG’s brief moment of power and control.  Didn’t last for long though!
  • Matt meeting his son.  It was cute.  I’m a sucker for dads and their babies, so this one was easy.  But…I’d have liked to see him ask some questions there, instead of just accepting it.
  • Good move on Sylar faking being really and truly dead and making the ninja’s think that HRG had murdered one of their own.  I did love his telling Danko that he squeezed out some extra blood for show.
  • Sylar’s irritation at nearly being killed, coupled with him spitting out the bullet.  At least this week Danko showed he was thinking on his feet more again.  After Sylar was shot and he pretended not to know what HRG was talking about, it was a good move.
  • Danko and HRG leaving messages to their non-receptive women at almost the same time.  Again, nice parallel.  I don’t know that Sandra/HRG are done forever but Elana seems to have come to her senses anyway.
  • HRG is reunited with Claire.  I may not like her, but he does and he clearly needs her right now, so I guess that’s good, since we’ll never be without her.
Matt Parkman meets Matt Parkman.

Matt Parkman meets Matt Parkman.

What I disliked:

  • I said it above but it bears repeating, Sylar was Danko, Sandra and some random ninja dude this episode.  That’s too much.  Trying to figure out who was whom hurt my head, hence the blog title!
  • Baby hijinks.  You knew it was coming.  I’m thankful that Parkman has met his son if only to keep Hiro and Ando off babysitting duty for too long.
  • Promise me an Angela episode and then just give me a teaser at the end?  Not cool.
  • Japanese Texas Truckers.  It’s like they tried to figure out someone more annoying than Hiro.  They succeeded.  Kudos.  Of course he was around less, so he was less bothersome.
  • I don’t like to see HRG lose his mind the way he did but I did think it was well done.  I’m glad he’s headed to Angela and co.
  • Angela making them dig up the bodies instead of just telling us whatever happened at Coyote Sands.  I mean, it’s clear as day that people with powers were killed there, so why not just spit it out?  I guess we have to wait until next week.
Can you blame baby Parkman for crying with these two in charge of his well being?

Can you blame baby Parkman for crying with these two in charge of his well being?

So that was that.  I guess I weighed more in on the liked side than disliked, I just found the episode a little confusing with the many faces of Sylar.  On rewatch, it was easier to tell when it was him, of course, I knew that this time around, but I would say clues are given in body language and attitude.  I can learn to deal with it, I guess, but I hope they don’t overuse it.

All politicians have skeletons buried in their closet, guess it's fitting that Nathan should have to dig some up.

All politicians have skeletons buried in their closet, guess it's fitting that Nathan should have to dig some up.

Things are finally coming together, heroes are uniting and with only 3 episodes left for the year, that needed to happen.  I’m looking forward to whatever Angela might deign to reveal to us next week.  I love the woman but she drives me insane.  Still, I think we’re going to get something at least!  I look forward to it.

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