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I finally have my author blog set up and wanted to link it here.  I hope you’ll stop by and check out Code Red, which was just released!  Very exciting!  I’ll try to post here as well, but there you’ll find the most current information on my books.


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I know it’s been far, far too long since I’ve posted here but life has been nuts, so nuts, in fact, that I have a publishing deal and my first book is coming out on April 11th!  The synopsis is up now so you can check it out and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as many of you have enjoyed my fanfiction and blogs over the years!  Thanks for the support!



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First & Ten Teaser

“Where’s Mom?” I asked, since she’d been silent since she started talking about his aura.

“I’m here, dear. I just had to look up…oh, my. You are a handsome one, aren’t you?” Oh, no. She was on the internet. This would not be good.

Edward chuckled. “I like to think so. Bella does, too.”

“Bella, have you seen this picture of him wearing those low hanging jeans and no shirt? My oh my, you could cut glass on those abs. You are one lucky girl.” Edward was shaking with laughter and those abs of his were bunched up against my thigh.

“Yes, I am, mother. Now would you stop ogling pictures of my boyfriend?”

“But there are just so many! Have you seen that one of him holding a puppy? That’s just so sexy! I feel my insides melting.”

“Mother, he’s right here!” He couldn’t talk to save his life, though. Tears were actually streaming down his face he was laughing so hard.

“Well, he knows he’s hot, Bella. I’m sure it’s no surprise to him!” My father let out another humph that my mother just ignored. “I really just wanted to look up his birthday. Ah, there it is. June 20th, 1985. I’m going to work up his astrological chart and yours. I can already tell you’re a wonderful match.”

Edward finally calmed himself enough to gasp a reply. “We certainly are.”

“Yes,” she murmured, already lost in the stars. “I’ll have it for you shortly. You’re very passionate sort, aren’t you?”

Edward opened his mouth and I covered it again. “Really, Mom, Dad doesn’t want to hear that.”

“No, I don’t,” he practically growled into the phone. “He better keep his passion on the field, when he’s not playing the boys in blue, that is.”

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First & Ten Teaser

“It’s going to be great, Bella.  You’ll see.”  He gave me that killer smile and bent his head to kiss me.  I made some pathetic little moaning sound and wrapped my arms around Edward, needing to get lost in him for a few more seconds.  It had been a heck of a day and it wasn’t over yet.

“Should we say something?” I heard a male voice nearby whispering.

“Shhh!  They’re so cute together.”  Dear God.  I yanked my lips away from Edward’s and turned my head to the right, taking in the couple grinning at us from the doorway.  Great first impression, Bella.  Let them see you sucking their son’s face off in the driveway instead of saying hello and shaking hands like a normal person.

Edward, of course, just answered their grin with one of his own, sliding his arm around my waist and propelling me forward.  He probably knew I was contemplating throwing myself back in the car and attempting to figure out how to hotwire it to get the hell out of there.  It couldn’t be that hard right?  Red wire to black wire?  Red to green?  Or was it blue?  Damn it, I needed to watch more action movies.

Edward’s parents stepped forward together as a unit, and I noticed they were holding hands.  How cute was that?  They’d been married over 25 years; I think he said it was 27.  I’d seen them both in person before, of course, but they were still a stunning pair.  Edward had his father’s smile and strong jaw and his mother’s eyes and hair.  It was like he’d taken the best of both of them and made it even better.  I felt a little overwhelmed by all the beauty surrounding me at once.

“Bella!  It’s so good to finally meet you!”  Esme Cullen pulled me away from Edward, after shooting him a narrow look, and into a soft hug, the type that moms seem to be able to give that warm you all over.  I hugged her back, surprised but pleased that she seemed to be so happy to meet me despite the fact that I was practically mounting her son for the entire world to see.

“Thanks for having me, Mrs. Cullen.”

She laughed and shook her head as she released me.  “Please, call me Esme.”  She glanced at Edward and smirked.  “Or Mom.  That’s what Emmett calls me.”

Mom?  My heart started pounding but before I could say anything Dr. Cullen held his hand out to me.  I took it and couldn’t help but notice his son had inherited his fingers, which immediately made me think the kinds of thoughts I specifically did not want to be thinking when I was meeting Edward’s parents.  Still, Esme must be quite the happy woman having those at her disposal for nearly three decades.

“It’s nice to officially meet you, Dr. Cullen.  You have a lovely fingers.”  His blue eyes widened and so did his smile.  “Home ! I meant to say home!”  Damn me and my obsession with Edward’s hands.  Edward, who was currently snickering away next to me.  Jerk.  It just figured that I would have the same flub with the father as I had the son.

“I like them,” Esme said, sending all three of them into near hysterics.  Back to the car wires.  Maybe it’s black to red.  But where does the green come in?  Damn it, I think there’s a yellow one too.  Maybe I could call Rose.  Edward might be pissed if I ripped the wires out of his dashboard but surely he’d forgive me, eventually.

Well, screw it, I was stuck anyway.  I may as well join them, gracefully as opposed to gracelessly, which was my usual style.  “I have no doubt that you do.”  I took Edward’s hand in mine and brought it to my lips, giving it a quick kiss.  He stopped laughing and gaped at me while his parents continued to chortle away.

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Lost: The End

I tried to think of a clever title for the finale episode but I just don’t have anything creative in me.  I was beyond words when the episode ended.  Well, that’s not true.  I had plenty of them.  I misread the situation and then I freaked out for a bit thinking the island hadn’t been real the whole time.  About 15 minutes later I processed what Hurley and Ben’s conversation had confirmed as well as Jack and Christian.  So I felt better then.

Prior to that final 5 minutes?  I thought it was the best episode of television I’d ever seen.  I tweeted the word epic several times actually.  I cried 5 or 6 times, mainly at each coupling reunion in the alternaverse.  Hell I cried at couples I’d managed to forget about, like Sayid and Shannon.  How hot was that makeout session in the alley?  You go Sayid!

I saved the episode and need to rewatch but I thought it was brilliant from start to almost finish.  I have to see how I feel about it now that I won’t have that initial slap in the face shock that I did when Jack started talking to Christian.

I’d like to go back to the episode prior, since I was so lax in my Lost posts, and comment on the return of my Ben.  When he shot Charles Widmore, I stood up and applauded.  That Ben…dear God, he took my breath away.  I know, I probably should root for him to be good but I love the Ben that is out for #1.  And he did turn on NotLocke when he realized his intention to destroy the island.  Ben valued that island above anything, including himself and unfortunately his daughter.  In the end, he got it as well.  I was happy to see my Ben shine again though…there were far too many instances this season where he was a shadow of himself.  Real Ben makes me happy, whether he’s getting his ass beaten or killing someone.  I’m aware that I have issues.

Okay, back to the finale.  The moments that got to me the most were the reunions, as I said.  I was a friggin mess when Sun & Jin remembered their time on the island over that baby monitor and knew about their child.  Their joy in that and in one another was truly beautiful.

Charlie/Claire set me off in a major way.  Him, up on that stage, catching sight of her in the crowd and following her as she went to give birth.  I loved the inclusion of Kate in the birth again and having that be her and Claire’s epiphany.  And then Claire and Charlie cuddled together holding Aaron.  Gah…I’m tearing up just thinking about it and I wasn’t even a huge Charlie/Claire shipper.

I screamed with joy when Sawyer and Juliet met by that vending machine and touched and knew one another.  And then they just held each other until she told him to kiss her.  I know many Skate fans were pissed off but to me Suliet just worked together.  They had a beautiful, settled love that felt real.  Skate had hot sexing, no doubt, but they never formed a true foundation based on love and respect.

I never really cared about who Kate ended up with but when it turned out to be Jate, well I was actually happy.  I forgot, until I rewatched the pilot, which I will talk about in a bit, that I actually liked their chemistry in the early going.  They were cute and hot on the beach when she was stitching him up.

I liked how the constants were not all couples.  Aaron being the trigger for both Kate & Claire, Christian for Jack, Jack for Locke…it was a good mix of romance and family ties and fundamental differences.

Okay, island stuff.  The Jack/Locke stuff was interesting.  I thought it was anticlimactic, the final battle, but enjoyed them working together to lower Desmond into the cave of light.  I don’t understand why Des uncorked it and nearly destroyed everything but I guess that’s what Locke wanted.  Though I didn’t think much of the final battle scene, I did like that Kate was the one to shoot Locke.  It was nice to see a woman saving her man.  And their goodbye on the rock was lovely.

Jack/Hurley & Ben, the island’s oddest grouping perhaps, made me smile.  I thought Jack’s sacrifice was poignant as hell and I loved that Vincent found him and laid next to him as he died with a smile on his face from seeing that his friends had gotten out safe.

Now, am I alone in wanting to see the adventures of Ben & Hurley on the island?  They had to have some interesting conversations and arguments along the way didn’t they?  I’d love to know how long they were there together…before a new Jacob came along.  Or did one?  My father’s theory of why Ben didn’t go into the church was that he may still be the island guardian.  He was there to see them off but he’d return to the island  after they left.  That, or he was not yet forgiven.  Or, my other thought was that he still felt like an outsider amongst the group.  He never really fit in.  Loved his moment with Locke before he went in, as well.

I watched the pilot the night before and it was incredible to see how far they’d come.  I forgot how much I used to hate Jin in the early days, what an utter ass he was.  And though I always found Sawyer hot, he was kind of a racist asshole in the beginning.  Shannon was a useless bitch that I hated up until she got with Sayid.  Boone was adorable.  It was really cool to see them then and then see them again in their afterlife.

I am extremely happy that the island was real.  Though I mostly enjoyed their lives in the alternaverse, it would have been a huge cheat to negate all they went through.  And I’m really kinda glad that they all waited for one another before moving on.  I…love it.  Honestly, I love that they all had to wait for one another.  That’s as it should have been.

I don’t know if there’ll ever be another show that I obsess over to this degree, that challenges my mind and blows it consistently.  I hope there is.  But this one will always be special.  Namaste Lost, you will be missed.

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Boys, Interrupted

I’m not sure why they titled the latest episode of Supernatural Sam, Interrupted when it was more of an equal split between Sam & Dean.  In fact, if anything I thought it was more about Dean until the very end.  So, to rectify it, I named this blog Boys, Interrupted because what this was was a fascinating look into the psyche of both boys.

Sam & Dean make their way to a mental institution housing one of their fellow hunters.  A rash of suicides have occurred there but the patient’s are claiming seeing a monster.  What better place for a monster than a psych ward?

I will be honest with you here, I’m scared of mental institutions.  Not as scared as I am of clowns, but I am still scared of them and when they’re used in TV shows or movies it never fails to give me the heebie jeebies.  So, for SPN to go there was pretty good.  Imagine my trauma, by the way, when Dean was looking at some clown drawings that the hunter (was it Maxwell?) had on the wall.  Gah!  Thankfully the killer was not some demented clown or I probably wouldn’t be remotely coherent today.

The sad thing, of course, was that Dean & Sam told the doctor the truth when he was trying to figure out why they were there.  They went on about Sam starting the apocalypse and then Dean told the doc to fix Sam so they could get back to hunting monsters and bammo, they’re admitted.  Or maybe I should say committed.

I guess I rarely think about how the outside world would perceive Dean & Sam.  We don’t get exposed to that much.  We see them lie and we know why they do but seeing them tell the truth and get thrown into a mental institution for it really drove the point home in a way that I just never really thought about.

One of the most interesting things, immediately, was that the doctor separated Sam & Dean during group because he felt they were way too co-dependent on one another.  Pretty good pick up in that short amount of time that he spent with them, wasn’t it?  Dean looked pretty lost when they took Sam away and watching him play checkers by himself just made me giggle.

Sam finds out in group that one of the guys there saw a monster but the other nutbag girl pipes up and interrupts and makes the poor crazy guy’s story moot.  But Sam has a place to start, because at that point they had no idea what they were hunting.

Dean, meanwhile, got a visit from a shrink.  When he told her his story…it just tore me up inside watching him tell her about how it was his responsibility to save everyone in the world.  And she was damn right when she told him that he took way too much responsibility on his shoulders and asked how the hell he got out of bed every day.  Believe me, I’ve asked that question more than once, particularly since he got back from hell.  The drive he has to save others is astounding and incomprehensible.  He was never really able to answer her question of why he did it either.  He just has to.  It’s as much a part of him as his beautiful face and his green eyes.

Sam & Dean go to see the patient who saw the monster but they can’t get into his room in time to save him.  Instead, it appears he hung himself.  They break into the morgue area and study the body and Sam finds a huge hole in the guys head so he proceeds to use the bone saw and cut the head open.  I’m not ashamed to say that I would have been standing right next to Dean in the hallway while all that was going on.  Really, SPN, you had to up the gore factor this first episode back didn’t ya?  All the open brains and gushy sounds…I was eating at the time dammit!  Fortunately, nothing quells my appetite, but still.  Anyway, Sam finds that the brain has been sucked completely dry and Max tells them what they’re hunting then.  Hilariously, they are caught by the nurse and she asks what they’re doing so Dean pulls down his pants and yells “Pudding!”  I could make several lewd and rude comments here but I will refrain.  I can be a lady occasionally.  Okay, I can’t.  Dean, I want your pudding.  There, I could have been more foul but you get the picture.

You can see the wraith’s true self when looking at it in a mirror and Dean sees the doctor as the wraith so they get hunting, minus Max who apparently had some bad thing happen in Albuquerque and can’t hunt anymore.  Silver will make a wraith’s blood boil so they get some silver plated letter openers and go after the doc.  Sam finds him and cuts his arm open and then is grabbed by some orderlies.  He flattens them and goes after the doctor again but Max stops him by pointing out that the blood isn’t boiling.  Sam gets slapped into solitary and drugged up good.

Dean manages to get in to see Sam and experiences his drugged up babble, which is both adorable and insightful.  He tells Dean that maybe he’s gone crazy after all, he’s always been close to that edge and maybe being in there brought that out of him.  Of course Dean is not thrilled to hear this and after Sam’s “I love you” decides to leave to find the thing.  But alas, he gets in the hallway and has another talk with the all knowing shrink about his hunting and need to save the world but she’s not really there.  He starts seeing the wraith everywhere he looks and ends up a babbling mess sitting in the corner.

The doctor Sam attacked visits him and Sam apologizes.  The doc isn’t that worried about the monster issue, he’s more worried about the anger Sam is hauling around.  He said he was like a man possessed as he attacked him and that scares Sam, because he knows it’s true.  Sam is a very angry character.  Dean represses, Sam rages.  Sam gets the right to go back out into the mental population but he’s not out there for more than minute before he starts seeing all the patients calling him a freak and blaming him for their future deaths.  Dean huddles in the corner as Sam throws punches in the air at nothing and then hits some orderly and gets taken to the padded room.

Dean eventually finds his way to Max and tells him he’s going crazy and fears that it’s for real but it doesn’t make sense that he and Sam would succumb on the same day.  He’s not surprised that both of them would go nuts, it’s clear that he expects that in his future.  He’s just disbelieving it could happen on the same day.  They figure out that the wraith must have touched both of them and made them crazy.  Dean and Max go after Wendy, the patient that got to suck face with both boys (lucky bitch, why can’t I have that role?) but she’s in the process of being attacked by the wraith, the nurse that did their admission exam.

She manages to get away but does have a cut on her hand, so she sends the orderlies to the room.  Max distracts them and allows Dean to get away while the wraith goes into the padded room and feels up Sammy a little.  Can’t blame a monster, can ya?  If I had a Winchester strapped to a bed…well, we’ve already talked about pudding.  Nuff of that.  She does tell Sam that she can’t make a person crazy, she can only take the crazy that’s already there and elevate it.  No surprise, of course, that our boys have a little bit of the psycho within them.  That went without saying.  Dean bursts in just as Sam is about to be probed (not the fun kind) and wrestles with the wraith.  Her brain sucking tool comes out and Dean manages to break it, which freaks her out and then he silver stabs her and releases Sam.

They get the heck out of the institution but Sam stops and tells Dean that he’s too angry all the time.  He’s blamed it on Dad and Dean and Ruby and the demon blood but really it’s just him.  You know I love my Dean, but he’s wrong when he tells Sam he just needs to suppress it and get in the car and continue on with the living.  That’s how Dean survives, yes, but it’s sure as hell not healthy and it doesn’t work with Sam.  Sam erupts and he does it at the worst possible times.  It’s the thing that will probably make him submit to the devil one of these days.  Sam gets in the car but you know that’s not the last of it.

I truly liked this episode.  It’s been a long time since we got to explore the boy’s heads for awhile and having the doctors, real and imagined, be so dead accurate in their assessments of the boys was a cool twist that we haven’t seen before.  Let’s face it, both of them could benefit from some intensive psychotherapy but that’s just not how they roll.  At least not Dean and he’s not about to let Sam do it either.  Sigh.  Sam’s anger is clearly going to come into play, we know the devil loves that about him.  Fascinating character study and effectively done.  I can’t wait for next week.

Pictures will be up when they post them, the CW had none for this episode.  Most uncool!  I admit that Sam and Dean in medical garb is not as attractive as Sam and Dean in other states of dress but still, they’re always appealing.

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Fanfiction is being royal fail right now but I think my chapter is finally uploaded.  Here’s a link.


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Sexing Janice does not bring out the best look for Sylar, in any way. NEVER AGAIN!

Last night’s Heroes was all about identity issues.  Claire apparently is thinking about hooking up with Gretchen but she’s afraid of ruining their friendship.  Not afraid of doing a chick, mind you, just their awesome friendship that thus far is based on stalking and lies.  Yay.  Matt apparently really does have Sylar inside of him, which may invoke more sexual images but that’s not where we’re going here.  Sylar’s using Matt’s mind control now and having a blast with it.  HRG doesn’t know what the hell to do with himself anymore so he wastes his time trying to save a freak.  Tracy has nothing going on so she decides to be helpful as well.  The only person not having an issue is Samuel, who is busy being awesome.  I am in love with Samuel now, even if I hate his circus of freaks.


Nothing like a little hazing...Gretchen should be forced to wear the bag 24/7.

Where to start?  With a little girl on girl?  That’ll get the attention, won’t it?  Sadly, not so much.  Actually, despite the annoying lesbian undertones, the Claire/Gretchen stuff was kinda fun.  The sorority kidnapped them and took them to a slaughter house where they had to find clues and whomever won would get to avoid hell week.  Seeing as hell week started off with kidnapping and near death, avoiding it would probably be a good thing.  For some reason, there were only 4 girls involved in said hunt, teams of two.  Not much of a competition, especially when the other two are typical ninnies screaming at every little thing.  We got a Carrie homage and had flying meathooks and all sorts of things.


They took every opportunity to bring these two closer and closer.

Of course, while Claire and Gretchen are strolling through the house of death they decide to converse about the kiss.  It seems that Gretchen swings both ways and has apparently sexed up 6 or 7 dudes.  I call foul on that cause I can’t imagine 6 or 7 dudes wanting her, but whatever.  She’s had girlfriends too.  Yay.  Claire is all virginal and embarrassed about it.  I imagine Gretchen can guide her into the world of sexual discovery, no?  That’s what they kept hinting at, from the time they were smooshed into a trunk together to Claire falling on top of Gretchen to save her from a hook.  Very subtle sexual signals, writers.

Once you got beyond all the sexual tension, the murder stuff was actually kinda fun.  Becky was trying to kill Gretchen but Claire kept saving her and then Becky pinned her to the wall with some piece of wood but Claire swung something and knocked her down and suddenly they all saw her.  Her plan of isolating Claire actually backfired because the other two sorority girls walked in and ran to help Claire and Becky took off.  So I guess she has more explaining to do, seeing as Gretchen pulled her off the wall and they all watched her heal.  More friends!  HRG will no doubt be pleased that his daughter is acclimating so well and the world knows her secret.


Tracy bonded with murder boy.

HRG, meanwhile, was in Georgia with annoying Jeremy.  His belief that if they called the cops everything would be fine didn’t so much work out, as the cops refused to release him and were charging him with the murder of his parents.  Jeremy didn’t help matters by sulking and refusing to do anything to contradict the charges.  HRG called in Tracy to pretend to be the annoying kids aunt.  She got on board and was all drawn to the kid for some unfathomable reason.  They set him up with a new life in Georgetown and had everything ready to go.


Farewell, Jeremy, you will not be missed. Go be emo in heaven or hell. Probably hell I guess.

They get him out of prison, though, and some protesters come up and start yelling at Jeremy.  He reaches out and puts his hands on one and kills him, then turns around and walks right back into prison.  What the hell? you may ask.  What the hell indeed.  Tracy is pissed that she wasted her time and HRG is shocked.  Jeremy gets led outside by some rogue cops and chained to a truck.  He doesn’t choose to save himself and Tracy and HRG find him dead in the road.  Nice.  At least we don’t have to deal with him anymore.  HRG is lost again.  Tracy, meanwhile, wants nothing to do with HRG anymore and takes out the compass that Samuel hooked her up with earlier in the episode.  Looks like she’s heading to the circus.


Why didn't she just stay away?

Sylar/Nathan saw her there and remembered how she helped him once and Samuel got pissed and told him that she helped Nathan and he needs to get the real him back.  Sylar wonders where the real him is and then we find out he’s inside Matt.  Well first he’s inside Janice, er, Matt’s inside Janice but it’s Sylar doing the deed?  Whatever, gross.  She is undeserving.  She was quite satisfied too, much to Matt’s chagrin when he realized it was Sylar.


This is what Circus Sylar was wearing. There are just no words. NEVER AGAIN AGAIN!

Sylar was on fire this episode, taunting Matt about the forbidden fruit and laughing at the irony of someone else controlling Matt’s mind.  He tries to order him to find his body and return him to normal but Matt starts drinking.  He finds that by drinking he can silence Sylar, so he gets trashed.  Prior to that he tried to send Janice and the baby away, but she just went and got his partner who told him sobriety day one starts again.  Hello, throw his ass in rehab, morons.  While Matt was passed out, Sylar took control back and seemed quite happy about matters.


Samuel takes out the police and enjoys it. Nice to have a psycho again!

Samuel, as mentioned, went to Georgia to retrieve Tracy and show her the glory of circus life.  She was unimpressed but when the kid died she seemed to be planning on using the compass to get back to him.  Samuel, unlike HRG and Tracy, decided to do a little something about the cops killing a 17 year old.  He collapsed the entire police station, tres awesomely.  It’s nice to have SOMEONE taking care of business.  If he brings my Sylar back all the way I will love him beyond all reason.

So that was all.  Next week, Hiro reunites with his girl and they sing a song.  Okay, I am lying about the song part, but it would be way more interesting than Hiro himself is.  On the bright side, we’ll get to see old school Sylar there to kill her, so that’s a good thing, right?  Right???

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The wedding chapter is up, I’ll link to it here and at fanfiction.net.

Sacrificial Lamb Chapter 14


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The latest chapter in my fic is up.

Sacrificial Lamb Chapter 12

And I have officially uploaded all 12 chapters to fanfiction.com.  Here’s a link if anybody wants to go there, I could use some love!


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