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I finally have my author blog set up and wanted to link it here.  I hope you’ll stop by and check out Code Red, which was just released!  Very exciting!  I’ll try to post here as well, but there you’ll find the most current information on my books.


Code Red by Amy Noelle

I know it’s been far, far too long since I’ve posted here but life has been nuts, so nuts, in fact, that I have a publishing deal and my first book is coming out on April 11th!  The synopsis is up now so you can check it out and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as many of you have enjoyed my fanfiction and blogs over the years!  Thanks for the support!



First & Ten Teaser

“Where’s Mom?” I asked, since she’d been silent since she started talking about his aura.

“I’m here, dear. I just had to look up…oh, my. You are a handsome one, aren’t you?” Oh, no. She was on the internet. This would not be good.

Edward chuckled. “I like to think so. Bella does, too.”

“Bella, have you seen this picture of him wearing those low hanging jeans and no shirt? My oh my, you could cut glass on those abs. You are one lucky girl.” Edward was shaking with laughter and those abs of his were bunched up against my thigh.

“Yes, I am, mother. Now would you stop ogling pictures of my boyfriend?”

“But there are just so many! Have you seen that one of him holding a puppy? That’s just so sexy! I feel my insides melting.”

“Mother, he’s right here!” He couldn’t talk to save his life, though. Tears were actually streaming down his face he was laughing so hard.

“Well, he knows he’s hot, Bella. I’m sure it’s no surprise to him!” My father let out another humph that my mother just ignored. “I really just wanted to look up his birthday. Ah, there it is. June 20th, 1985. I’m going to work up his astrological chart and yours. I can already tell you’re a wonderful match.”

Edward finally calmed himself enough to gasp a reply. “We certainly are.”

“Yes,” she murmured, already lost in the stars. “I’ll have it for you shortly. You’re very passionate sort, aren’t you?”

Edward opened his mouth and I covered it again. “Really, Mom, Dad doesn’t want to hear that.”

“No, I don’t,” he practically growled into the phone. “He better keep his passion on the field, when he’s not playing the boys in blue, that is.”

First & Ten Teaser

“It’s going to be great, Bella.  You’ll see.”  He gave me that killer smile and bent his head to kiss me.  I made some pathetic little moaning sound and wrapped my arms around Edward, needing to get lost in him for a few more seconds.  It had been a heck of a day and it wasn’t over yet.

“Should we say something?” I heard a male voice nearby whispering.

“Shhh!  They’re so cute together.”  Dear God.  I yanked my lips away from Edward’s and turned my head to the right, taking in the couple grinning at us from the doorway.  Great first impression, Bella.  Let them see you sucking their son’s face off in the driveway instead of saying hello and shaking hands like a normal person.

Edward, of course, just answered their grin with one of his own, sliding his arm around my waist and propelling me forward.  He probably knew I was contemplating throwing myself back in the car and attempting to figure out how to hotwire it to get the hell out of there.  It couldn’t be that hard right?  Red wire to black wire?  Red to green?  Or was it blue?  Damn it, I needed to watch more action movies.

Edward’s parents stepped forward together as a unit, and I noticed they were holding hands.  How cute was that?  They’d been married over 25 years; I think he said it was 27.  I’d seen them both in person before, of course, but they were still a stunning pair.  Edward had his father’s smile and strong jaw and his mother’s eyes and hair.  It was like he’d taken the best of both of them and made it even better.  I felt a little overwhelmed by all the beauty surrounding me at once.

“Bella!  It’s so good to finally meet you!”  Esme Cullen pulled me away from Edward, after shooting him a narrow look, and into a soft hug, the type that moms seem to be able to give that warm you all over.  I hugged her back, surprised but pleased that she seemed to be so happy to meet me despite the fact that I was practically mounting her son for the entire world to see.

“Thanks for having me, Mrs. Cullen.”

She laughed and shook her head as she released me.  “Please, call me Esme.”  She glanced at Edward and smirked.  “Or Mom.  That’s what Emmett calls me.”

Mom?  My heart started pounding but before I could say anything Dr. Cullen held his hand out to me.  I took it and couldn’t help but notice his son had inherited his fingers, which immediately made me think the kinds of thoughts I specifically did not want to be thinking when I was meeting Edward’s parents.  Still, Esme must be quite the happy woman having those at her disposal for nearly three decades.

“It’s nice to officially meet you, Dr. Cullen.  You have a lovely fingers.”  His blue eyes widened and so did his smile.  “Home ! I meant to say home!”  Damn me and my obsession with Edward’s hands.  Edward, who was currently snickering away next to me.  Jerk.  It just figured that I would have the same flub with the father as I had the son.

“I like them,” Esme said, sending all three of them into near hysterics.  Back to the car wires.  Maybe it’s black to red.  But where does the green come in?  Damn it, I think there’s a yellow one too.  Maybe I could call Rose.  Edward might be pissed if I ripped the wires out of his dashboard but surely he’d forgive me, eventually.

Well, screw it, I was stuck anyway.  I may as well join them, gracefully as opposed to gracelessly, which was my usual style.  “I have no doubt that you do.”  I took Edward’s hand in mine and brought it to my lips, giving it a quick kiss.  He stopped laughing and gaped at me while his parents continued to chortle away.

First & Ten Teaser

Mom just tilted her head and continued to watch me.  “What?”  Was she trying to read my mind?  Could she read my mind?  That would really suck.

“I was just waiting to see if you’d give me the look.”

“Look?  What look?”

“That look you gave at the game when you came out of the tunnel,” she replied, her lips twitching yet again.

“You saw that?”

“Of course I saw that.  Everyone saw that.”

“And you thought that was for you?”  How had I looked?  Was it remotely mother-friendly?  I didn’t think so, not judging by Bella’s reaction last night.

Jasper was choking on his food he was laughing so hard and Dad whacked him hard on the back.  Emmett was grinning but still stuffing his face.  He had his priorities.

“Who else would it be for?” Mom asked sweetly, sipping her tea and watching me closely.


“And then the touchdown dedication.  For me!  I have such an incredible son.”

“Dude!  Sexy look!  Your mom!  For her!”  Jasper was having a hard time breathing and talking between his laughter.  Dad continued to pat him on the back but he was also trying not to smile.

Emmett piled more food on his plate and looked at me.  “Better hurry up and tell her before we get some kind of weird Greek tragedy going on in here.”

First & Ten Teaser

We made our way into the stadium and Alice grabbed my hand and squealed when she saw the team store right in front of us.  “Come on!  We have to get you something better to wear!”

“Alice, I look fine.”  She ran her eyes down my plain shirt and just raised an eyebrow at me.  “What?”

“You look like you’re going to wash your car, not see your boyfriend play.”

“Shhh!”  I glanced around but nobody was paying us any attention.  Alice pulled me into the store and made a beeline toward the jerseys hanging on the wall.  “He’s not even going to see me.”

“Maybe not but don’t you want a little piece of him on you?”  She gestured down to her jersey and smiled brilliantly.  “I love it, it’s like I’m marked or something.”  A big, balding guy with a beer gut reached around her and plucked an 81 jersey off the rack and walked away with it.

“Looks like he’s marked by your man too.”

Alice giggled and elbowed me.  “You know what I mean.”

“Your man has all different types, it seems.”  An older woman wearing a Whitlock jersey was pawing through the hats.  “Cougar,” I whispered and Alice chortled.

“My Jazzy really gets around, it seems.  Then again, I see way more number tens.”  That was an understatement.  Every other person was wearing something with Edward’s name or number on it.  It made me feel warm and a little dizzy.  “Edward’s a total manwhore,” Alice declared with a giggle.  I shot her my own elbow and she flew into a rack of t-shirts.

“Okay!  I was just kidding, jeez.  Still, I think you’d look adorable in a jersey.  Everybody else is wearing his number, so should you.”

I didn’t own anything with Edward’s number on it.  I let Alice take me over to some t-shirts and she thrust one at me.  “Edward Cullen is a perfect ten?  Really, Alice?”

She giggled and nodded.  “From everything you’ve told me, you can’t tell me you don’t agree with it.”

“It’s pink.”  I loathed those stupid girlie outfits that they made for NFL teams now.  If you love your team, you wear their colors and no NFL team would ever have pink as one of their colors.  Thanks, Alyssa Milano, for even managing to ruin pro sports.  Go back to your insipid TV shows, please.

Alice eyeballed me as she put the shirt back.  “You’re silently cursing Alyssa Milano again, aren’t you?”  Okay, I knew I had an irrational hatred for her but I couldn’t help myself.  And pink?

“Maybe.”  Alice laughed and held up a red t-shirt with Arizona Cardinals on the front and Cullen 10 on the back.  It was simple and fitting so I took that and smiled at her.

“Much better.”

“Is that all you’re going to get?  What about a jersey?”

I wanted his jersey but they were ridiculously overpriced and…”I’d rather steal one of his like you did Jasper’s.”

He chortled and jumped out of my way when I attempted to tackle his ass.  “Get in the damn car, Jasper.”  The sooner we got the day started, the sooner it would be over and I could see Bella again.  Eight o’clock seemed a long time off.

“I’ll drive,” he suggested, giving me a smirk when I groaned.  I followed him over to his beat up black Ford truck that he’d had since he was sixteen.  He could afford to buy a damn truck dealership but he continued to drive this old beater for reasons that escaped me.

I opened the door and rolled my eyes at the metallic grinding noise that accompanied the movement.  “Damn it, Jasper, why do you insist on driving this piece of shit?”

“It’s not a piece of shit.”  He shot me an injured look as he climbed in his truck and patted the dashboard.  “It’s a classic.  It’s my first car.”

“It’s your only car, jackass.  I’ll buy you a damn car if you’ll retire this stupid thing.”

“Shhh, you’ll hurt her feelings.”  He continued to lovingly stroke the dashboard and I glared at him.

“Just drive, freak.”

“Freak?” He chuckled and started the truck, the rattling engine echoing through the parking garage.  “I’m not the one who was just standing there staring at air as if it would bring my girl back.”

“I wasn’t doing that, exactly.”

He smirked and backed out of the parking space.  “Then what were you doing, exactly?”

Aching for her.  Thinking about making love to her again.  Wanting to hear her say something crazy and then make her laugh about it with me.  Just…wishing.  Not that I was about to tell him that.  “Just thinking.”

“Dude, you’re so gone for her.  Why don’t you just admit it?”

Because admitting it to him meant admitting it to her soon.  And I wanted to but it scared the living shit out of me.  “Obviously I care about her, a lot.  And I’d like to explore…”

“Oh my fucking God, you sound like Oprah or something.  Just spit it out man.”  Jasper pounded on his beloved steering wheel to punctuate the irritation I heard in his voice.

“What do you mean?”  I most certainly did not sound like Oprah.

“Okay, maybe not Oprah.  That Dr. Phil dude, that’s who you sound like.  Analyzing your damn feelings instead of just feeling them.  Did you forget who you’re talking to?”

“I think I may have, since you just revealed that you’re spending your time watching Oprah and Dr. Phil.  I thought you were my best friend but you seem to be some woman I’ve never met.”

He snorted and pulled into the parking lot at our training complex.  “I am your best friend, which is why I know when you’re spewing bullshit at me.  And if being secure in my feelings makes me a woman, then I guess you can buy me a damn dress.”  He drawled the last part at me and of course I immediately pictured him in some slinky black dress which made me laugh hard. He parked the car and just sat and stared at me while I howled with laughter.

Vampire Dean is hotness.

So in the first 15 minutes of last night’s Supernatural I figured my blog (if I got to it, yes I am fail) would center on the Twilight thing but thankfully along came Sam to make me not care that much about the cheesiness of the Twi shots.  Sorry, SPN, I expect better than Robert and Kristen and sparkles and straight up dialog rips from you and you didn’t make me laugh but once or twice during the shots at Twi.  It’s all been done a billion times before and I thought you’d bring something fresh to it but you didn’t.  I guess some were amused, judging by Twitter, but I truly was let down.

Didn’t matter, though, because like most “funny” SPN episodes, you went beyond that and showed something important.  Now, everybody knew something was off with Sam but I don’t think anybody expected him to just stand by and actually fucking smile while his brother was being attacked by and then fed vamp blood.  Sam could have stopped it but he chose to sit back and let it happen, ostensibly to let Dean infiltrate the vamp nest and lead them to the alpha vamp.  I’ve pretty much disliked Sam since he called Dean weak about 450 times in season 4 but as of that moment he was officially dead to me.  I don’t care if he’s Satan in disguise, I hate that character and I wanted Dean to shoot him in the face last night after he asked if he had his back and Sam lied right to his face.

What I thought was interesting was that Samuel for once came off as possibly not being on the same page as Sam.  He called him out on the possibility of him letting Dean get vamped so that he could find out more information and Sam denied it but we all knew it was true.  He also denied knowing about the all too convenient never before heard of “cure” that Samuel claims he told him about.  If Samuel was on the same mission that Sam was, I think he would have been all for the vamp Dean plan.  But he seemed to actually maybe care about his grandson unlike his dick of a brother.  So, I’m interested to see where this divergence is and what is behind it.

I’m unsure about the “trip” that Dean went on in the vamp nest and I haven’t rewatched the episode where we last saw Raphael but it occurred to me that maybe he is behind all the “weird” monsters and the sudden “alpha” vamps and dijins and whatnot.  What if Raph is trying to keep the hunters busy while he wages war in heaven, so that Dean (let’s face it, he’s likely the one, again) can’t help Cas take him down?  There was a man in Dean’s trip and I couldn’t tell if it was Raph or not but that would be interesting.

And what if Sam is on said Team Raphael?  Say Satan’s still kicking in there or some other evil being…maybe he’s hopping on board to be the next leader of hell and really just wanted Dean to vamp out so he could find out what was up?  May be a stretch, may not.  I’m not sure.  We know Sam’s not Sam but we don’t know the whys or hows at this point.  I’m hoping next week gives a few answers.  Love that Dean goes to Bobby and Cas about Sam.  Cannot wait.

Also good, in my book, was the possible farewell to Lisa.  I’m not getting my hopes up for good but Dean scared her and she’s not taking his calls and stupid Ben got pushed (too bad it probably didn’t give him any personality back) so maybe she’ll do the right and normal thing and say goodbye.  We’ll see.  I’m hoping she’s gone for awhile.  Dean needs to concentrate on whatever is going on with Sam.

And just let me take a moment to celebrate how fucking hot Dean was as a vampire.  When he shoved Lisa against the wall and nearly kissed her….yum.  When he was in that nest killing vamps right and left….double yum.  When he was sitting there with his foot on the head of ugly vamp that changed…good God.  The only thing that sucked was the ugly teeth but thankfully we only saw those once or so. hehe I prefer no fangs or just the two pretty ones like the True Blood vamps rock.  Thank you.


Jensen took me from those sexy highs to just utter heartbreak at the look on his face when he realized that Sam could have saved him and elected not to.  And then when Sam was a LYING LIAR THAT LIES right to his face.  Gah.  I look forward to punches being thrown next week.  I wish Dean could kill him but that would probably damage him too much.    Bobby should.  Thank you.

So, overall, good episode.  Twi stuff was too cheesy but the rest more than made up for it.  And there are two T’s in Pattinson, Sam.  I’ll take one of him and one of your brother and you can go rot in hell where you belong.  As my title says, Die Sammy, Die.

First & Ten Teaser

By popular demand, here’s a teaser for tomorrow’s update:

“Bella, are you okay?” I asked, kissing the line of her jaw.

“Mmmm,” she responded and I laughed and nipped her chin.  “Edward?”


“I want to marry your fingers.  Or your tongue.  Both of them really.  Would that make me a bigamist?”  I couldn’t stop myself from laughing long and hard at that one.

“Well, they’re all yours, whether you make honest organs out of them or not.”  Digits?  Limbs?  Who cared, she could have them all.

She giggled and shook her head.  “I say the craziest shit to you and you never run away.  Why is that?”

I couldn’t really explain it if I tried.  “I love the things you say.”  I just plain love you, but I don’t think you’re ready to hear it and I know I’m not ready to say it yet.  That would wait.  She may not believe me if I said it now anyway.

Her hands began to move over my chest again and she stroked my abs again.  I had a feeling she rather liked them.  “You know, there’s a certain part of my body that’s a little offended that you don’t want to marry it as well.”  My cock was rock hard and wanted a little attention himself.

She smirked and slid her hands down to my jeans, flicking open the button and undoing the zipper.  “Hmmm, well, I need to check that part out before I decide if I want to make a life-long commitment.”  I realized vaguely that I should be scared as hell that we were joking about Bella marrying parts of my body but I wasn’t.  Of course, that could be because her hands had found and were beginning to stroke my cock.  I kicked off my shoes and lifted my hips so Bella could slide my jeans and boxers down.

Her eyes widened as my cock popped free and she let out some mixture of a gasp and a laugh that had me more than a little offended.  My dick wasn’t little so I had no idea what the hell she was laughing at.  “What’s so funny?  It’s not polite to laugh at a guy’s cock, you know?”  I tried to keep my voice light but I could hear the irritation in my tone and I could tell she did too because she patted my dick like it was some kind of dog she was soothing.

NFL Week 5 Picks

Uh yeah, this is late and I have no idea how I did last week other than bad.  This is going to be short and to the point because I am watching my Noles play Miami.  Next week will be better, I promise.

Jacksonville over Buffalo

Cincy over Tampa

Atlanta over Cleveland

Detroit over St. Louis

Indy over KC

Green Bay over Washington

Chicago over Carolina

Baltimore over Denver

Houston over Giants

New Orleans over Arizona

San Diego over Oakland

Dallas over Tennessee

Philly over San Fran

Jets over Minnesota

That’s all I’ve got for ya, more next week, I promise.