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Hello dear readers.  We now take a break from my fanfiction writing to give you an update on the real world. You may remember that a month ago I was convinced I was dying of cancer.  That has been debunked, much to my utter relief.  So jump ahead a month and I’ve tested positive for the H1N1 virus.  Yep, barring a false positive, I have the swine flu.

How did this happen, you may wonder?  I went to a birthday party on Sunday night for my friend’s daughter.  Said daughter was not feeling well at all but she’s asthmatic and that’s what everybody assumed was wrong.  I came home that night and woke up feeling nauseous.  Woke up Monday morning feeling like I had a bad cold.  My friend called me on Tuesday to tell me her daughter had tested positive for the H1N1 strain of flu, AKA the precursor to being told you have the swine flu.  I then informed her that I wasn’t feeling my best and decided I’d better get in.  I went in today and the doc tested me, it’s supposed to take 10 minutes for the results but mine came up in 4.  He put me on tamiflu for the next 5 days and seems to think that’ll take care of matters.  I feel crappy but not knocking on death’s door crappy, I”m happy to report.

I really just wanted to let ya’ll know what was up with me cause I think my writing is going to go by the wayside for a couple of days.  I’ll still post Chapter 6 in the next day or two, but anything new might wait until I’m a little more coherent and functional.  I’m working just a low grade fever of about 100 right now and just sore and nasally and all that stuff.  I’ll be back with ya’ll soon, I promise!

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