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Was finally able to upload after FF was fail for me and me alone yesterday.  Here’s a link:


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Swap Meat

I wasn’t going to do a post on this week’s Supernatural until the last minute of the show.  And this is going to be short and sweet (surprise, I know).  I am capable of it, I swear!

You know the story, witchcraft practicing kid switches body with Sammy in order to kill Dean and collect a bounty from the demons.  But he actually starts liking Dean and fails to kill him.  Sam, meanwhile, is trapped in the 17 year old kid’s body and stuck living his life while trying to gain back his own buff bod (the kid’s reaction to Sam’s muscles was priceless).

I really enjoyed the episode, even if it was just another fun stand alone type.  I laughed at Sam’s clothing and talking back to the parents and such as well as the kid’s reaction to being in the bar (though I do think Sam would order a banana daquiri and why not?  They’re good).  His going to get “the sex” cracked me up and I’m rather disappointed we didn’t get to see some after affects of the dominatrix chick.  Or him bragging to Dean about it at least.

I really don’t need to do a step by step breakdown.  What was interesting was the last minute, when Sam & Dean returned the kid to his house and Sam told him that he should enjoy his life, he has it way better than they ever did.  Something I would definitely expect old Sam to say.  Then he gets in the car and informs Dean that he was lying and the kid’s life truly sucked and he’s glad they didn’t grow up that way.

To say Dean was surprised would be an understatement.  For so long he’s longed for that life and so has Sam.  Now Sam gets it, albeit briefly, and soundly rejects it.  “All that apple pie family crap, it’s stressful.  Trust me, we didn’t miss a damn thing.”  He sounds like he means it too.

Dean counters with, “Or we don’t know what we’re missing.”  He still longs for it, that childhood and family that he never got.  The fact that Sam doesn’t is jarring and once again doesn’t bode well for future Sammy.  Just feels like another portent of things to come.

I like when SPN slips something that resounding into an episode that is otherwise fun but forgettable.  Since we get to see young John & Mary again next week, I’m hoping the boys longing for a real family does get explored even further.  And I’m glad Cas is back, I’ve missed that handsome angel.  Oh, and I think my Anna hatred is now officially justified with what is coming.  Hope they kill her!  Hee.

Back next week with a longer post since we’re going Apocalyptic again!  Can’t wait!

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I finally updated Taste of Innocence on FF.net.  Apologies for it taking so long but I’ve been working on my other story.  Next chapter won’t take nearly as long I promise!


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Chapter 30 is up on fanfiction.net.


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Boys, Interrupted

I’m not sure why they titled the latest episode of Supernatural Sam, Interrupted when it was more of an equal split between Sam & Dean.  In fact, if anything I thought it was more about Dean until the very end.  So, to rectify it, I named this blog Boys, Interrupted because what this was was a fascinating look into the psyche of both boys.

Sam & Dean make their way to a mental institution housing one of their fellow hunters.  A rash of suicides have occurred there but the patient’s are claiming seeing a monster.  What better place for a monster than a psych ward?

I will be honest with you here, I’m scared of mental institutions.  Not as scared as I am of clowns, but I am still scared of them and when they’re used in TV shows or movies it never fails to give me the heebie jeebies.  So, for SPN to go there was pretty good.  Imagine my trauma, by the way, when Dean was looking at some clown drawings that the hunter (was it Maxwell?) had on the wall.  Gah!  Thankfully the killer was not some demented clown or I probably wouldn’t be remotely coherent today.

The sad thing, of course, was that Dean & Sam told the doctor the truth when he was trying to figure out why they were there.  They went on about Sam starting the apocalypse and then Dean told the doc to fix Sam so they could get back to hunting monsters and bammo, they’re admitted.  Or maybe I should say committed.

I guess I rarely think about how the outside world would perceive Dean & Sam.  We don’t get exposed to that much.  We see them lie and we know why they do but seeing them tell the truth and get thrown into a mental institution for it really drove the point home in a way that I just never really thought about.

One of the most interesting things, immediately, was that the doctor separated Sam & Dean during group because he felt they were way too co-dependent on one another.  Pretty good pick up in that short amount of time that he spent with them, wasn’t it?  Dean looked pretty lost when they took Sam away and watching him play checkers by himself just made me giggle.

Sam finds out in group that one of the guys there saw a monster but the other nutbag girl pipes up and interrupts and makes the poor crazy guy’s story moot.  But Sam has a place to start, because at that point they had no idea what they were hunting.

Dean, meanwhile, got a visit from a shrink.  When he told her his story…it just tore me up inside watching him tell her about how it was his responsibility to save everyone in the world.  And she was damn right when she told him that he took way too much responsibility on his shoulders and asked how the hell he got out of bed every day.  Believe me, I’ve asked that question more than once, particularly since he got back from hell.  The drive he has to save others is astounding and incomprehensible.  He was never really able to answer her question of why he did it either.  He just has to.  It’s as much a part of him as his beautiful face and his green eyes.

Sam & Dean go to see the patient who saw the monster but they can’t get into his room in time to save him.  Instead, it appears he hung himself.  They break into the morgue area and study the body and Sam finds a huge hole in the guys head so he proceeds to use the bone saw and cut the head open.  I’m not ashamed to say that I would have been standing right next to Dean in the hallway while all that was going on.  Really, SPN, you had to up the gore factor this first episode back didn’t ya?  All the open brains and gushy sounds…I was eating at the time dammit!  Fortunately, nothing quells my appetite, but still.  Anyway, Sam finds that the brain has been sucked completely dry and Max tells them what they’re hunting then.  Hilariously, they are caught by the nurse and she asks what they’re doing so Dean pulls down his pants and yells “Pudding!”  I could make several lewd and rude comments here but I will refrain.  I can be a lady occasionally.  Okay, I can’t.  Dean, I want your pudding.  There, I could have been more foul but you get the picture.

You can see the wraith’s true self when looking at it in a mirror and Dean sees the doctor as the wraith so they get hunting, minus Max who apparently had some bad thing happen in Albuquerque and can’t hunt anymore.  Silver will make a wraith’s blood boil so they get some silver plated letter openers and go after the doc.  Sam finds him and cuts his arm open and then is grabbed by some orderlies.  He flattens them and goes after the doctor again but Max stops him by pointing out that the blood isn’t boiling.  Sam gets slapped into solitary and drugged up good.

Dean manages to get in to see Sam and experiences his drugged up babble, which is both adorable and insightful.  He tells Dean that maybe he’s gone crazy after all, he’s always been close to that edge and maybe being in there brought that out of him.  Of course Dean is not thrilled to hear this and after Sam’s “I love you” decides to leave to find the thing.  But alas, he gets in the hallway and has another talk with the all knowing shrink about his hunting and need to save the world but she’s not really there.  He starts seeing the wraith everywhere he looks and ends up a babbling mess sitting in the corner.

The doctor Sam attacked visits him and Sam apologizes.  The doc isn’t that worried about the monster issue, he’s more worried about the anger Sam is hauling around.  He said he was like a man possessed as he attacked him and that scares Sam, because he knows it’s true.  Sam is a very angry character.  Dean represses, Sam rages.  Sam gets the right to go back out into the mental population but he’s not out there for more than minute before he starts seeing all the patients calling him a freak and blaming him for their future deaths.  Dean huddles in the corner as Sam throws punches in the air at nothing and then hits some orderly and gets taken to the padded room.

Dean eventually finds his way to Max and tells him he’s going crazy and fears that it’s for real but it doesn’t make sense that he and Sam would succumb on the same day.  He’s not surprised that both of them would go nuts, it’s clear that he expects that in his future.  He’s just disbelieving it could happen on the same day.  They figure out that the wraith must have touched both of them and made them crazy.  Dean and Max go after Wendy, the patient that got to suck face with both boys (lucky bitch, why can’t I have that role?) but she’s in the process of being attacked by the wraith, the nurse that did their admission exam.

She manages to get away but does have a cut on her hand, so she sends the orderlies to the room.  Max distracts them and allows Dean to get away while the wraith goes into the padded room and feels up Sammy a little.  Can’t blame a monster, can ya?  If I had a Winchester strapped to a bed…well, we’ve already talked about pudding.  Nuff of that.  She does tell Sam that she can’t make a person crazy, she can only take the crazy that’s already there and elevate it.  No surprise, of course, that our boys have a little bit of the psycho within them.  That went without saying.  Dean bursts in just as Sam is about to be probed (not the fun kind) and wrestles with the wraith.  Her brain sucking tool comes out and Dean manages to break it, which freaks her out and then he silver stabs her and releases Sam.

They get the heck out of the institution but Sam stops and tells Dean that he’s too angry all the time.  He’s blamed it on Dad and Dean and Ruby and the demon blood but really it’s just him.  You know I love my Dean, but he’s wrong when he tells Sam he just needs to suppress it and get in the car and continue on with the living.  That’s how Dean survives, yes, but it’s sure as hell not healthy and it doesn’t work with Sam.  Sam erupts and he does it at the worst possible times.  It’s the thing that will probably make him submit to the devil one of these days.  Sam gets in the car but you know that’s not the last of it.

I truly liked this episode.  It’s been a long time since we got to explore the boy’s heads for awhile and having the doctors, real and imagined, be so dead accurate in their assessments of the boys was a cool twist that we haven’t seen before.  Let’s face it, both of them could benefit from some intensive psychotherapy but that’s just not how they roll.  At least not Dean and he’s not about to let Sam do it either.  Sigh.  Sam’s anger is clearly going to come into play, we know the devil loves that about him.  Fascinating character study and effectively done.  I can’t wait for next week.

Pictures will be up when they post them, the CW had none for this episode.  Most uncool!  I admit that Sam and Dean in medical garb is not as attractive as Sam and Dean in other states of dress but still, they’re always appealing.

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Chapter 29 is up at ff.net.  On here shortly.


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So I did it.  I promised, when word leaked that Max Brady had been cast as a QB on a Spike TV show, that I would watch and blog that bad boy.  So, last night at 10 PM, after searching the net to find out what the hell channel Spike TV was on, I tuned in to watch Darrin Brooks attempt to convince me he could be a quarterback in college.  Yeah, it was as I anticipated.  Couldn’t he have been forced to attend Manning’s throwing camp before they put him on the air?  I’m pretty sure a guy should not look limp wristed as he releases the ball.

It was out of dedication to Paxton and all my Days/sports fans that I watched, so you better realize how much I love you now.  I don’t love you enough to ever watch this steaming pile of crap again (and the 2nd episode featured not one, but two, steaming piles of crap so I know of what I speak) but I did choke down 2 episodes.

And I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever watched a worse show in my entire life.  The acting was terrible, the stories were terrible, the jokes were terrible.  You get the gist.  And they were not terrible in a holy hell, I can make such awesome fun of that way.  They were just bad.

Let’s go through the issues.  First of all, DB cannot play a QB.  I established the throwing issue but also, I had to endure him shirtless more times than I care to count and no.  Just no.  The QB tends to be the most cut guy on a team.  Not the most muscular, but what is there tends to be very defined.  Abs you could cut glass on.  And lick.  Yes, I do have a thing for QB’s.  No, I do not have a thing for DB as a QB.  Oh, and he’s supposed to be a freshman.  Yeah…maybe a freshman that took a 10 year sabbatical to do something else.  He looked like Chris Weinke out there, minus the talent and general awesomeness of course.

Anyhow, his name is Alex Moran, I believe, and he’s the backup QB at Blue Mountain State which is apparently a big wig on the college landscape.  Um…yeah.  And Alex is proud as hell of being a backup because he doesn’t have to get hit or do anything other than drink and bang girls.  Now, I attended a big time college program, the biggest in the 90’s (FSU) and I can tell you that the backup QB does not get a lot of play UNLESS he’s believed to be the second coming.  Then, yeah, girls will try to get their hooks in.  But seeing as Alex’s ambition seems to be to never start?  No, I don’t think so.  Plus, he’s incredibly not hot, irritating, egotistical for no reason and an ass.  So, yeah, I don’t think he’d get laid by 3 different girls the first week of school.

Besides him, we have some linebacker who has gay tendencies though he denies them who loves torturing the rookies, the star rookie running back whose girlfriend won’t give it up and appears to actually be a lesbian, and the mascot.  Yes, the mascot is Alex’s best friend and a complete dork who even manages to get laid.  No.  Just no.

I would talk about the plot but there really wasn’t one other than the linebacker making the rookies do gay things (like shave one another’s balls and run a race in their jock straps with a cookie between their butt cheeks, that they then had to eat when Alex’s cookie came out).  That’s right, I got to see Max Brady in a jock strap.  There are some things you just can’t unsee.  I hope you realize what I’ve gone through for you.  Send flowers and gifts if you must 🙂

The second episode, which I still can’t believe I watched, had the running back’s girlfriend going out of town so she made him wear a promise ring.  Alex decided he needed to celebrate his promising so they took him to a strip club wherein he lost said ring.  He didn’t drop it, mind you, he lost it INSIDE a girl.  So they had to go back to investigate and didn’t find it.  Then, Sandy the Mascot boy, decided to help him out by trashing his room and making it look like a robbery.  Alex and the RB and his girlfriend came back to find the place trashed and aforementioned steaming pile of crap on the coffee table.  And in said crap?  The ring!  Sandy spent much of his time at the strip club paying $30 a pop to go down on strippers and he apparently swallowed it.  Isn’t that high class, awesome television?  Don’t you feel good having read that synopsis?

Alex, meanwhile, had been flirting with the linebacker’s half sister and took her to the strip club with him twice.  Classy.  She liked it though and became a stripper herself, much to Alex’s chagrin because apparently strippers are like paintings in a museum, you look and enjoy but you do not date them.  Anyway, linebacker groped his sister at the club before he knew it was her and then he was mad so he ran to Alex’s, trashed his room and crapped on the coffee table as well. Steaming pile #2 if you will.  Steaming pile #3 was the show itself.

So, there you have it.  I’m sorry I couldn’t live blog my reactions as I watched but I can’t rewatch that.  I just cannot do it.   I would rather get teeth pulled without Novocain than go through that again.  There was not one likable character.  Even the virgin running back was annoying because he kept giving in and going along with Alex and whining about not getting laid.  I think I’ll stick with a quality football show in FNL and forget that BMS even exists.  It’s better that way.  I include no pictures on this blog because none are worthy of being on my page.  Hope you enjoyed my description…I’m sure, like me, you feel the need to go take a shower now.  Gross.

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