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Okay, my latest fanfic is up and running over at ff.net.  It’s for the Darkward Vampfic contest.  Here’s a link!


I will add it under my fanfiction section after I see if it gets picked up for the competition.

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Deciphering Ink

Snarky Sylar makes me smile.

Snarky Sylar makes me smile.

This week’s episode of Heroes was almost thoroughly enjoyable.  Color me shocked at typing that sentence.  Of course, about 45 minutes in it occurred to Tripp and me that Hiro, Mohinder and Tracy had all failed to make an appearance.  Coincidence?  I think not!  Doing away with those characters might actually drive the ratings up, I think they should give it a try!

Emma and her iPod buds.

Emma and her iPod buds.

The big thing, really the only thing that I couldn’t stand this episode, was the new woman’s power.  Her name is Emma and she’s deaf.  She doesn’t like people to know she’s deaf so she walks around with iPod buds in her ears connected to nothing.  Why not go the whole route and use the iPod too?  Well I guess that would make it too hard for Pretty but Dim Peter to figure out that she’s deaf.  I’m actually not 100% certain that he did figure it out but he did notice the lack of iPod so maybe.  He’s not here for his brains anyway.

Seriously, what do you do with this power?  I did like that she could suddenly play music though.

Seriously, what do you do with this power? I did like that she could suddenly play music though.

Emma seems very sweet and I’m completely on board with her but what the hell is her power?  Somehow, she’s seeing light in place of sound.  Her alarm clock gives off light, a shattered coffee cup, a cello…weird.  Not everything does, mind you, she didn’t see like when Peter was talking to her so I don’t know what distinguishes what will and will not illuminate for her.  And what purpose does the light serve?  What can you do with that?  It seems very pointless but as I told Tripp, they’ve got her in Peter’s orbit and she’s attractive and they might possibly use her to get him naked.  So, even if her power is retarded (and I’m not sure it is yet but I am preparing for it) she will serve a very vital purpose to the show if she leads to shirtless Peter.

Samuel wants my Peter for something, I know not what.

Samuel wants my Peter for something, I know not what.

Speaking of Peter, he spent most of the episode getting dicked with by Samuel.  He dressed up to leave the circus and pretended to be some victim that Peter saved from a bus crash that he’d injured.  Peter was wracked with guilt but confident that he hadn’t ever met Samuel.  He went to his wall of clippings but Sam had beaten him to the punch and used his Inky Power to insert himself into the photograph.  I think this particular power is weird and I still don’t understand it but I think it’s kinda fun too.  I could insert myself into pictures with Jensen and Rob as proof of our meant-to-beness.  What?

Anyway, Samuel was testing old Peter for some reason, he wants him to replace Joseph in their circus of powered weirdos.  Peter apparently passed because Samuel decided to drop the fake lawsuit after Peter talked to him about his brother.  Yippee.  Then, at Peter’s urging, Samuel returned to the fancy home he and brother Joseph had grown up in.  I wondered, briefly, if it was PAtrelli’s house but sadly that was not the case.  Apparently their parents were the butler and maid to some rich bitches.  Samuel asked the new rich bitch owner if he could go to the guest house to see where he lived but she refused.  This irritated him so he raised a gigantic sinkhole and sunk the whole house.  Remember this if anybody comes knocking on your door wanting to see their old abode.  It doesn’t hurt to be kind!

Samuel’s power is apparently control of the earth, I imagine he can cause earthquakes and such.  I still don’t understand how he controls ink, but Tripp thinks maybe it’s hemp ink from the earth and thus it counts.  Damned if I know but whatever.  It’s been than seeing light instead of sound.  Hee!

Seriously, would you not freak out if that appeared in the mirror behind you?  She looks like Wednesday Addams.

Seriously, would you not freak out if that appeared in the mirror behind you? She looks like Wednesday Addams.

Gretchen the stalker was all about harassing Claire this episode.  Not sexually, not yet, but she kept trying to get Claire to talk to her and totally conned Noah into inviting her to lunch with him and Claire.  She thought she was all slick dropping these hints about Claire’s powers at lunch but Daddy caught on and was all about bringing in the Haitian.  I was all on board with this myself, fry her brain and get her the hell off my screen but alas, Claire is grown up and wanted to deal with it on her own.  Damn you Claire.

While still annoying, Claire is way beter with cute, real hair.

While still annoying, Claire is way beter with cute, real hair.

She decides the best way to deal with it is to tell Gretchen all her secrets.  Gretchen asks for a demonstration and gets all horned up over the power.  I may be exaggerating there, but the girl bothers me so I may see things that not everyone does. Anyhow, Claire decided that living with her stalker was a good idea and invited her to move in.  Countdown to sexperimentation begins.  Two weeks, tops.

A true sign of insanity is seeing pink bunnies.

A true sign of insanity is seeing pink bunnies.

My favorite part of the show, not surprisingly, was Parkman and Sylar.  Matt was on a drug bust with his fellow addict partner and Sylar followed him around the house, demanding that he get on with the power usage and stop wasting his talents.  Parkman resisted for awhile but gave in when he found clues that led him to believe that there was a kidnapped child in the house.  He found the body and proceeded to start whaling on the drug dealer but it turned out that there was no body, it wasn’t ever there.

Tripp's awesome question, why did Matt put on sunglasses to come into the house?  He did not have them on until they got to the front door.

Tripp's awesome question, why did Matt put on sunglasses to come into the house? He did not have them on until they got to the front door.

Sylar took credit for this, of course, saying that he was using Matt’s mind control against him.  I still don’t think it’s really Sylar; I think Matt’s manifesting Sylar in his mind to deal with his guilt over faking Nathan’s life.  But this episode made me question that a little and I rather like the idea that a piece of Sylar is kicking it in Matt’s head and tormenting him.  Whether he is or not, he’s having a fine time snarking on Matt and fucking with his head.  I wish he would do that with all the rest of the characters, taunting Sylar is a world of fun.

I think that was the main stuff I wanted to discuss this week.  It really was an enjoyable episode, I hope they can continue the trend even when the annoyances return.  Next week the circus appears to be after Noah to work for them, so we’ll see how that goes.  HRG can hopefully give us some answers about that insanity.  See you then!

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Time, space and college football shut down at this moment.

Time, space and college football shut down at this moment.

Another wild weekend in college football, with 4 more “supposedly” top 10 teams falling again.  I mean, seriously, can we stop ranking these bastards until October at least?  It’s getting a bit ridiculous.  The only 3 teams that I can say legitimately belong in the top 10, and I’d argue against one of them anyway, are Alabama, Texas and Florida.  Florida, however, has not played anybody yet so I’ll confirm or deny them after their Oct. 10 matchup with LSU.  Who is also in the top 10 but barely won (no offense, Paxton!)

Of course, before I discuss the games, I would be remiss if I did not address the “hit heard round the world” aka the hit that knocked Tim Tebow out of the KY/UF game.  According to ESPN, Gator Nation (puhlease) is waiting with baited breath!  Should we start a candlelight vigil?  Prayer chain?  I guess I should thank old Teebs for taking my teams failure out of the spotlight, but you know I just can’t find it in me to do so.  The kid has a concussion, no doubt about it.  Welcome to football, about time you got injured.

Of course, he shouldn’t have even been playing in the first place, should he?  It seems the Gators have been hit with some “respiratory illness” otherwise known as they have the SWINE FLU but the lying liar who lies known as Urban Meyer doesn’t want to admit it.  And Timmy is one of those sick players.  But God forbid that The Chosen One miss a game so Urbs had him and some other players flown up separately.  Kudos to the cameras for catching that kid puking on the sideliness, quite attractive by the way.  Look, Urban, you were playing KY.  You could have started your third string QB and won that game.  So, it’s on you that Timmy got injured.  You and you alone.  He should have been in bed popping his tamiflu and feeling like a zombie, that’s what I did and I survived, didn’t hit my head or anything.  Sadly UF actually has an off week next week so the concussion is probably not gonna factor in later.   A shame, Meyer deserves to pay for his hubris.

While I’m at it, I want to compliment the KY fans that ignored Meyer’s respiratory bullshit and sported face masks near the Gator bench.  Kudos, compliments, brilliance!  Hilarity, really.  Since I had swine flu and know of what I speak, I have to tell you that it was mortifying to me to show up at the docs office and have all of the assistants wearing masks in my presence.  I felt a bit like a freak, even though it made sense.  So I admire the mask idea against the Gators.

Have I spent enough time discussing Tebow?  I feel like I should have a word requirement for the amount of time spent talking about his awesomeness…will they ban my blog if I fail to meet it?  Issues!  Anyway, moving on, it was a terrible day for the ACC.  I know I tease AGO about the Pac-10 but my conference is no better.  The one legit team in the division this year, Miami, got the shit kicked out of them by Va Tech.  I went into that game fully expecting Miami to win and win big due to Va Tech’s anemic offense, but no.  It was raining and apparently that makes Va Tech’s offense pretty good, who knew?  Or Miami’s defense sucks.  Or Miami just sucks and everybody was so anxious to have them back that they got it wrong.  Or the conference just sucks.  I’m going with the latter.

How could I not after my Noles lost to USF yesterday.  And they didn’t lose to USF’s senior QB Matt Grothe, who had been lighting up the league for a couple of years.  That I could probably have understood (no, I really couldn’t have but I could have pretended a little).  No, they lost to a redshirt sophomore QB (from Tallahassee no less, slap in the face there).  And it’s not like Ponder had a bad game either.  He was fine, it was everyone else who had issues. You know, the 5 guys who fumbled?  Not to mention the drops?  Not to mention the untimely holds and penalties?  Yeah, ugly game.  So ugly that I saw the writing on the wall and stopped watching at halftime.  I think the entire secondary needs to be benched after the terrible play.  Two 70+ yard touchdowns, are you kidding me?  Where the hell was the safety?  Who the hell is the safety?  He’s fired!  I wish the coaching staff could be fired (yeah I said it, blasphemy) too.  The 99 championship team (ahhh, I love you!!!!) was honored at the half and someone quoted Peter Warrick (such a stud in college, such a failure in the NFL) as saying that the players weren’t hungry like they used to be.  And he’s right.  And that?  That is on the coaches my friends.  You get your team up to play every week, not just when they’re playing a top 10 team and feeling dissed.  Farewell Noles, maybe next year (now I sound like a Cubs fan…these bastards are killing me!)

Sorry, obligatory Nole rant is over.  Let’s discuss the not-so-top 10 now.  Weeks ago my friend was railing at me about how Ole Miss did not belong in the top 10 and it was the worst ranking he’d ever seen.  I thought it was hilarious so I kept telling him that the Rebels were the new powerhouse in the league, the new USC.  He got mad, it was fun.  I didn’t buy it, of course, but what’s the fun of sports without giving each other shit?  Anyway, the Mighty Rebels lost to South Carolina of all teams.  You know me, I’m all about the Cocks, even minus the Smelley factor, but really?  No top 10 team should ever lose to the Cocks.  It just isn’t done.  And for weeks we’d been hearing about what a stud the QB of Ole Miss was but he managed to put up something like 10 pts against the Cock D?  Enjoy your fall, Rebels, won’t be that far since everyone else lost but whatever.

Who’s next?  Oh yeah, Penn State!  YAY!  I’m sorry, I am a JoePa hater from Day 1 and it has nothing to do with Bobby Bowden either.  I just find him to be a crotchety old bastard and can’t stand him.  And I find it amusing that somehow Iowa (who nearly lost to Northern Iowa in week one) manages to beat them every year, at the the supposedly intimidating Happy Valley.  If you want to intimidate people, I don’t think you should play in a place called “Happy”.  I’m just sayin.  Anyway, Ferentz really has JoePa’s number.  The QB, Clark, threw pick after pick in the second half to help Iowa ice the game.  I actually watched and enjoyed that one, go figure.

Okay, just to demonstrate how ridiculous the rankings are, let’s look at this score.  Unranked Oregon 42, #6 Cal 3.  3!  It’s not like they lost by a little in a competitive game, they lost by 39.  39!  Ooops, math found it’s way into my blog again, sorry about that.  I could potentially get excited about the rise of Oregon, but why bother?  I know they’ll crap the bed against USC like they always do, so no point in being thrilled at their performance.  USC only loses to teams that never should beat them, not teams that should hang.  By the way, the sucky thing about all these top 10 losses?  USC will be ranked 7 or 8 this week, wait and see.  Pete Carroll’s not going to have to whine, threaten or cajole their way back into the championship hunt, everyone else is laying down before them.  Ugh.

I already talked about Miami/Va Tech, who will also vault back into the top 10 despite their crappy offense (I am calling yesterday’s game an anomaly until I see more from the Hokies on a weekly basis).  I mentioned LSU’s struggles with Miss State, but they survived so that’s what it’s all about I guess.  Nobody else is.  Get better though, I want the Gators to go down in 2 weeks.

For more stellar play from the ACC, Clemson lost to TCU, #22 UNC lost to Georgia Tech (fresh off their thrashing by Miami) and Maryland got hammered by Rutgers.  Oh, and my morons lost to USF, can’t forget that.  Only NC State rose up and beat Pitt.  Oh and Duke won!  They beat the mighty N Carolina Central someoneorothers.  Yeah, crappy day for the conference…I’d say we’re as bad as the Big Least but we can’t even beat them, so why bother?

I guess that’s the main happenings from the weekend.  Nobody is impressing me consistently besides Texas and they’ve not played anybody really so only time will tell there.  The top 10 rankings should be rather amusing today, like I said, USC and VA Tech will make leaps, Ohio State will move up some…who else?  And will it matter next week when more lose?  No, not at all.  Gear up for that USC/FL championship game people, it’s coming because the football gods are cruel.  Back with you next week!

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New chapter is up, Alice Cullen has a few things to get off her chest in this chapter.

Sacrificial Lamb Chapter 13

Also available over at fanfiction.net here:


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At the end of the world, don't you want these two standing beside you?  Or laying on top of you?  Or...

At the end of the world, don't you want these two standing beside you? Or laying on top of you? Or...

Free To Be You And Me was an apt name for this week’s Supernatural episode but I rather enjoyed Dean’s “Personal space” comment to Castiel and decided to use that as my title instead.  I was definitely able to see where the slash fic writers get their inspiration this week, the Cas/Dean personal space moment was rather fraught with pretty, wasn’t it?

I guess the thing that I most take away from this episode is the belief that this season really does have to be it for the show.  How can it not be? If Sam is indeed Lucifer’s vessel while Dean is Michael’s, then one has to destroy the other in the end, unless they somehow find a way NOT to be vessels.  I know last season looked like a brother vs. brother showdown but it looks like they delayed the inevitable to this season, right?  Well, we’ll explore the heavy stuff later, I’d rather focus on the adorable first.

I love when Castiel lies or attempts to.  Adorable.

I love when Castiel lies or attempts to. Adorable.

Dean + Castiel + lying= hilarity & awesomeness.  That’s my quadratic equation right there (first and last math reference I’ll make on this site, unless Days brings Max back I guess).  I was giggling all through the scene in the police station when Dean was trying to convince the cop that Castiel was in the FBI and Cas kept trying to tell the guy the truth.  I even loved his little upside down flip of the FBI identification.  So cute.  And then blurting that it’s angels & demons battling at the gas station while Dean kept trying to cover up what he was saying and turn it around…just adorable.  I love Cas’ utter inability to lie.

This is the face Castiel was sporting in the whore house.  Awesome.

This is the face Castiel was sporting in the whore house. Awesome.

Then, of course, we had the adventure at the Den of Iniquity.  The look of pure terror on Castiel’s face was priceless. (I’ll get a screencap later, Supernatural Series doesn’t have them up yet).   Mischa Collins totally owned this episode.  I knew he’d screw up his devirginization but it was cute that he did it by telling the girl that her daddy issues were wrong.  And how much did I love that Dean set out to get him laid anyway?  It was so Dean!

Dean giving Castiel payment advise..the face!

Dean giving Castiel payment advise..the face!

You know, before he even said it I was thinking to myself that it was damn good to see Dean having fun again.  Then he told Cas that he was and that he hadn’t laughed like that in years and I got to wondering when the last time he had fun really was.  That will require a marathon SPN watch that I have no time for but I will keep it in mind.  The simple truth of it was, Dean finally feels free and he seems to be enjoying it.  He’s not letting worries of Sam get him down anymore…I don’t think we’ve ever seen a Dean unencumbered before and I think I’m definitely going to enjoy it while it lasts.  I imagine things will get dark for him soon enough but right now I’m going to enjoy Dean’s road alone.  I hope Cas comes back to him soon though.  God Quest 2009 will only be fun if the two of them are together.

One more classic Cas face.

One more classic Cas face.

Like Dean and Castiel, I do not subscribe to Raphael’s belief that God is dead.  Maybe he’s just in a coma (yeah I went to the Dogma well again, sue me).  Maybe God is just laying low because he doesn’t know who to trust, seeing as some of his angels were busy starting Armageddon.  Time will tell, I suppose, but I figure if we’ve got the devil, God is lurking somewhere.

Sucks to have your ex morph into the devil.

Sucks to have your ex morph into the devil.

Speaking of El Diablo (I could play with devil names all day long), he’s apparently searching for Sam.  He can’t find him physically but he can get into his mind I guess, thus he sent Jessica to make him feel like crap and prime the pump for future vessel inhabitation.  That is apparently not a word but I like it so it stays.  Sam is kicking it in a bar working under the name of Keith and avoiding the advances of the waitress.  Libby?  I don’t really care, she was just there to bring out Sammy’s story and witness the showdown with the hunters.

I am not on board with the sideburns, Sammy.  The shirtlessness worked though.

I am not on board with the sideburns, Sammy. The shirtlessness worked though.

I find it interesting, like I did last week, to see fellow hunters react to Sam now.  I think he’s going to run into this issue all year long and being separated from Dean isn’t going to help matters any.  I didn’t expect them to try to force Sam to drink the demon’s blood but that was a pretty good scene I thought.  Libby got to see what Sam’s demon really is and learn that maybe some things are indeed unforgivable.  When she told Sam that nobody could be that bad or do something so heinous that they couldn’t be forgiven I snorted.  Hello, chick, crack a history book, you’ll find plenty of people who were evil and don’t deserve our pity.  Dumbass.  Not that I include Sam in this category, but I thought it was a dumb statement anyway.

You're my vessel!  Who me?  Yes, you!  Couldn't be! Yep it's you!

You're my vessel! Who me? Yes, you! Couldn't be! Yep it's you!

So now we have Sam swearing up and down that he will NEVER invite Lucifer into himself.  Great.  Just like he would NEVER drink demon blood and betray his brother and lose control.  Becoming a pariah with his fellow hunters, estranged from his brother, alone…yeah that’s a recipe for a Sam disaster in the making, isn’t it?

Let’s say Sam and Dean do become Lucifer and Michael, respectively, and somehow manage to come out alive.  According to Castiel, slobbering in a mental ward is the best case scenario.  Unless of course God decides to show up then and restore our lovelies.  I don’t know.  I’m very intrigued by this idea of Dean vs. Sam carrying out all the way to the bitter end.  It looks like we’ll get a preview next week of a future showdown, complete with a pothead Castiel for giggles.  This episode wasn’t an instant classic (except for the Castiel stuff, that was priceless) but it does have me excited for what is to come.  Which I guess is the important thing.  See you next week for more discussion of what is and what may be.  In the meantime, I’ll work on invading Dean’s personal space…for my diary of course. hehe.

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NFL Picks Week 3

Yeah, I flaked on doing an NFL Roundup again this week, but to be fair I barely watched any NFL games either.  So I wouldn’t have had that much to say.  My Patriots crushed my soul, looking like another team entirely against the Jets.  So I left them.  My Bucs were down by 2 touchdowns about 5 minutes into the game, so I was done with them early as well.  New TV is on so the nighttime games got scant attention…you get my drift.  Maybe this weekend will be better.  Probably not, at least not in the Bucs case, but hopefully I’ll watch enough to put together a whole commentary blog.  It really is coming, sometime.

I would be remiss if I did not name the Sage Rosenfels Memorial Douchetard Of The Week award winner now.  There were not as many candidates this week but two fellows stood out with some stellar performances so I have decided to have our first tie of the year.  Tony Romo and Jeff Reid pretty much single-handedly cost their teams big wins on Sunday.  Reid missed 2 very makeable field goals and Romo threw a bunch of picks on national TV in the Boys big new stadium that we’re all supposed to worship.  A shame.  Not really, I found it amusing.  Romo has not played well yet this year, don’t let the stats from week 1 fool you.  He had a couple of really long touchdown plays against the Bucs secondary (which I apparently could outrun, so yay for that) to inflate the numbers.  He’s telegraphing his throws and making poor decisions.  Enjoy him, Dallas, enjoy not reaching the playoffs again.  On to the picks!

Washington over Detroit-  Do the Skins have the easiest schedule in the league this year?  The hell?  They get to play the Rams and Lions back to back?  Awesome.  I actually should pick the Lions here because the Skins have played so terribly but I want Detroit to continue their winless streak (we’re eying 27 boys, you can do it!!!) so thus the pick.  I’ll probably pay for it though.

Green Bay over St. Louis-  Well after crapping out last week, Green Bay gets to bounce back against the lowly Rams, who again, I know nothing about but I know they’re not good.  Maybe they’ll give me an 0-16 run huh?  A girl can hope!  Dare to dream!

Minnesota over San Francisco-  Sigh.  SF has defeated me two weeks in a row so why not make it 3?  I have to go with the experience and the running back here though, even though SF appears to be that team that is going to make a run out of nowhere to the playoffs.  The Arizona of last year if you will.  But my pretend football boyfriend plays for the other side so I gotta go with the heart, ya’ll understand.  hehe

New England over Atlanta-  What am I doing?  I don’t know.  I honestly don’t.  I still have faith in Brady and the boys, I can’t help myself.  They have to get better, don’t they?  Atlanta is 2-0 but I haven’t been impressed by what I’ve seen, so I’m going to go with my heart here.  This could be a very bad week.

Tennessee over NY Jets-  Hear me out here.  The Jets played their asses off last week and still could have been beaten in the 4th quarter.  Sanchez looks like a rookie QB at times, other times he does fine.  Tenn has dropped two games that they coulda/shoulda won and they have to be fighting mad, therefore I’m going with the team that has more to lose.

Philadelphia over Kansas City- It doesn’t really matter who the QB is here.  They’re playing KC.  No excuses not to win, Philly.  They have to be mad over last week’s beat down by the Saints and I imagine that D is gonna harass whomever KC throws out there at QB all day.

NY Giants over Tampa Bay-  Easiest pick of the week.  The Giants are winners, plain and simple.  They play tough football, Eli’s not making as many stupid mistakes, they’re going to kill that terrible secondary and probably run over the D-line just to add insult to injury.  Maybe my own team will be the Ofer this year…sigh.

Baltimore over Cleveland-  I’m starting to like Baltimore quite a bit.  I mean like as in they could go to the Super Bowl kind of like.  They finally have an offense and though the defense is not nearly as ferocious as they used to be, they’re still pretty good on that side of the ball as well.  I wanted Flacco to be a Buc…if only.  Um, the Browns…yeah, good luck with Brady Quinn.

Houston over Jacksonville-  Houston is clearly out to get me this year.  Pick them, they lose, pick against them, they win.  So I will now employ my reverse voodoo upon them and pick them weekly.  Either they lose all their games or they start to bend to my will.  Nuff said.  Plus I love Andre Johnson.  Jax doesn’t look impressive at all this year, so Houston it is.

Chicago over Seattle-  Probably wouldn’t have gone this way a week ago but with Hasselbeck hurt and the Bears coming off a bolstering win against Pitt, why not?  Everyone says Cutler is some kind of stud so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and see.  I don’t think he’s the savior they think he is, but he ought to be able to beat a team with a QB with a broken rib.

New Orleans over Buffalo-  After 2 weeks, it appears that the Saints are the 2007 Patriots.  They are a scoring machine right now.  Their defense is suspect but right now they’re just shooting it out and winning.  I don’t think they’ll go 16-0 mind you, but I do think they’re going to walk away with the NFC South and maybe make some noise in the playoffs.  Buff had a nice week against a crappy defense (tears, I am crying at the demise of my defense) and this could be a good high scoring game but Saints will take it.

Pittsburgh over Cincy-  One team coming off a bad loss, the other coming off a big win.  I go with the angry team over the happy one.  Plus, you know, the more talented team.  Plus, the Super Bowl champs.  Plus, Mike Tomlin led.  Yep, Pitt will be back in top form this week, I don’t doubt it.

Denver over Oakland-  Ahhh an AFC West matchup.  Ya’ll know how I feel about those.  They don’t exist in my eyes.  Oakland screwed up with Jamarcus Russell and that’s becoming more apparent each week.  Denver has a better team and should win, but it’s a big yawn.

San Diego over Miami-  The Fins have come back down to earth, haven’t they?  Their wildcat offense is racking up the yards but is it racking up the wins?  I just realized that I picked all 3 FL teams to lose again this week, thus leaving them all still winless.  Fabulous.  Gotta love the state…well at least we have college, right?  SD has to get their stuff together, they haven’t played that well yet this year in close games, one a win and one a loss.  Their division is of course imminently winnable but they don’t just want to win the division.

Indy over Arizona-  I am very tempted to go the other way here but my In Manning I Trust mantra wins out.  AZ looked decent last week against Jax but I’ll see how they do against Indy before I declare them back.

Dallas over Carolina-  While Romo’s struggles are well documented, I think something should be said about the Boys defense. They’re giving up a lot of points and not all of that is do to Romo turnovers.  Tampa’s running game gashed them in week 1 and the Giants seemed to move the ball pretty well against them too.  This game could be great for turnovers, with Delhomme on the other side as well.  Not pretty.  Should be high scoring though.  And fun.

So that’s where I stand this week.  I’m coming off a less than stellar 10-6 last week, which isn’t bad but after my 14-2 debut it’s not great either.  I hope we don’t continue to go down from here but this was a tough week for picks.  I’ll be back to discuss the NFL next week, until then, enjoy the games!

Last week: 10-6

Season total: 24-8

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So I got a link to these fantabulous pictures of Rob as Edward that ran in the Los Angeles Times the other day.  Here is a link so you can go and admire further. Hollywood Backlot. However, because I love my readers, and because I know AGO will appreciate these as much as I do, I decided to slap a few of my faves up here now.  They deserve to be shared.  So beautiful.

There are no words.  I've made this my computer background.  I will make this the biggest pic of the bunch because I love it so.

There are no words. I've made this my computer background. I will make this the biggest pic of the bunch because I love it so.

I mean really…it should be illegal to be that gorgeous, no?

I want to be that woman, I want to be that brush.

I want to be that woman, I want to be that brush.

I really wanna touch that hair.

I really wanna touch that hair.

Something about that position and that face...I will refrain and let your imaginations run wild.

Something about that position and that face...I will refrain and let your imaginations run wild.

He looks so sad, I would hug him.

He looks so sad, I would hug him.

Love the sun cutting across part of his face, love his face.  Love the pic.

Love the sun cutting across part of his face, love his face. Love the pic.

I titled this beautiful pouty Edward when I saved it, I think it's fitting.

I titled this beautiful pouty Edward when I saved it, I think it's fitting.

So there you go, I need no excuse to post pretty pics of my pretty boys and these just required some attention.  I wasn’t waiting to disperse them in my next Twilight fanfic post, it wouldn’t work there anyway.  Though I will be sorely tempted to use that first picture in every post I do…just because!  Hope you enjoy, especially you AGO!

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A good way to win me over, tight white shirts and Peter Petrelli.  A better way would be to get the shirt off completely.

A good way to win me over, tight white shirts and Peter Petrelli. A better way would be to get the shirt off completely.

I made the title a question for which I have no answer this early.  Definitely not yet though.  A few intriguing things are happening that are enough to keep me tuning in, beyond the pretty (of which there was much!).  I don’t feel like doing a recap of 2 hours worth of show because you know, that’s a lot of effort and my brain can’t handle that.  Instead, we’ll go back to my tried and true list of things I liked and things I didn’t.  I’m sure I’ll forget some stuff but I’ll do my best to cover the whole thing.

Things I didn’t like:

  • It looks to be the year of Hiro.  He was ALL OVER the first two episodes, young him and current him.  The good news is he’s supposedly dying.  The bad news is, someone will probably heal him just to thwart me.  My money is on Mohinder, because you know he can only be smart when it sucks for him to be so.
  • Tracy being alive and well and possibly partnering with HRG.  I could totally handle it if that partnership were to be nothing but a partnership but you know that bitch is getting naked soon.  Probably with HRG, thus decooling him in a major way.  I am not pleased.
  • The rise of Janice and Matt’s total memory loss when it comes to his love of a lifetime with Daphne.  He remembers her dalliances but not his own.  It irritates me.  The writers brought on all these new characters, let’s not pretend that they never existed.
  • Danko’s death.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with him dying, but dying at the hands of Zorro?  He was Sylar’s to kill, dammit.
  • Hiro getting some time traveling skills back.  I don’t know if he can go anywhere but the carnival, but his new purpose of going back in time and making life better for people just annoys me.  Stop trying to force that character down our throats.  What happened to Hiro of season 1?
  • Ando/Hiro’s sister getting together.  Tripp said it best when we IMed through the show, if she hated him for a zillion years because Hiro spilled Ando’s slushy on her, then the bitch doesn’t deserve Ando now.  Tripp didn’t say bitch, but I will.  Also, is that the same actress?  I remember her as being way prettier but maybe I’m wrong.
  • The carnival itself.  I’m afraid of clowns…not like screaming afraid but I do not like them.  AT ALL.  Every time they cut to the carnival I wait to see a freaky clown appear, even worse, a freaky clown with some kind of powers.  When that happens (and you know it will just to hurt me) I will be here screaming about it.  Take that to the bank.

    What is this chick's power?  Shirtless fortune telling?

    What is this chick's power? Shirtless fortune telling?

  • The new people and their weird new powers.  I don’t know that I don’t like them, yet, but I don’t know that I do.  I mean, what is up with tattoo girl?  Samuel inks her and she comes up with faces and tells him of their importance to the carnival?  What the hell is her power?  I don’t really get Samuel’s either, I guess he’s just a Magic Ink Man?

    Uh...Claire could do way better, even if she is annoying.

    Uh...Claire could do way better, even if she is annoying.

  • Claire’s future lesbian lover.  Um…how do I say this without sounding like a superficial bitch?  Hmm…well screw it, I am one.  Chick is homely.  Claire is many annoying things but ugly she is not.  If she’s going to go girl, she could go better.  New girl seems psycho stalkery too…she probably killed Annie so she could room with and seduce Claire.  Freaky.
  • Not enough Sylar.  What, you know that will be a major complaint of mine until they demorph him!
Peter was very pretty.

Peter was very pretty.

Things I liked:

  • Peter…oh yes, I liked Peter.  Peter in his tight white shirt, Peter in his uniform, Peter with the ninja skills.  Milo was looking damn good last night and I appreciated it every time.  And I’m not gonna lie, when he went Ninja on Zorro, (I do not know that guys name so he has been dubbed) I squeed.  It was a beautiful thing.

    Elle! Sob!

    Elle! Sob!

  • Nathan noticing something was not quite right with his powers.  I loved the little bit of Elle’s power we got to see, though I would love it more if she were NOT DEAD!

    Hello mother!  Angela seeing Sylar in Nathan is going to be fun.

    Hello mother! Angela seeing Sylar in Nathan is going to be fun.

  • Angela seeing Sylar in her mind when she’s with Nathan.  That’s going to be fun to watch unfold until Sylar is back for good.
  • Claire’s hair.  Marked improvement without the wig.  I’d still be happy if she failed to exist, but since that’s not an option at least her wig won’t be sending me into fits of rage this year.
  • No Mohinder.  I don’t know if he’s still in the desert trying to right his father’s wrongs but less drain brain on the scene is always a good thing.
  • Samuel himself.  Yeah, I’m not sure about the carnival thing but I found Samuel to be rather compelling.  I have no idea what his deal is and why he’s interested in Hiro and the Petrelli’s (thanks to tattoo girl) but I am intrigued.

    If Matt insanity is the only way I get to see Sylar, bring it on.

    If Matt insanity is the only way I get to see Sylar, bring it on.

  • Parkman’s decent into madness or the darkside.  Tripp wasn’t happy with the Sylar involvement here but I was…firstly, I get to see him, so you know, happy me.  Secondly, he’s not Sylar.  He’s a figment of Matt’s screwed up mind.  He’s feeling crappy about what he did and he’s projecting Syler into all these situations, from kidnapping his baby to rehab.  Watching Matt freak out in front of all the other addicts cracked me up, as did him being at an addiction meeting for his mind control issues.  I think Matt has the coolest power this side of Sylar and Peter and it’s the one I would take if I couldn’t have them all.  And no lie, I’d use that stuff and I’d probably go darkside myself with it.  I think it’s gonna be fun.

    Best. News. Ever.

    Best. News. Ever.

  • Hiro is dying.  I know it probably won’t actually happen but I’ll cling to the hope all year long.  Yes, I have issues.

I think that hits the big highlights for me.  I really don’t know what is happening with the carnival but I am looking forward to Peter/Samuel interaction.  The fact that the broken compass worked for Peter has to mean something, though what I do not know.  Hopefully HRG will get dragged in with the Petrelli’s and I can truly enjoy a storyline for awhile.  I loved that Nathan reached out to Peter for help with his outta control powers and want to see if anything transpires there too.  And Momma…she’s gonna pay the piper eventually for what she did.  Angela vs. Sylar will be fascinating.

I loved this ninja knife fight scene between Peter and Zorro.  More please.

I loved this ninja knife fight scene between Peter and Zorro. More please.

The murder on campus stuff interests me a bit, unless it is the psycho future lesbian lover.  Then all bets are off.  The adventures of Hiro going back to right the wrongs has me petrified but hopefully enough other stuff will be going on to get me through.

I’ll be back next week, hopefully with plenty more pretty pictures of Peter and Sylar.  You know that’s what I’m really in it for, right?

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I couldn't find the stunned face from the McKnight fumble but this one was a pretty good representation of USC's performance yesterday.

I couldn't find the stunned face from the McKnight fumble but this one was a pretty good representation of USC's performance yesterday.

Here’s what I know…that I know a whole lot of nothing.  Has any team dominated all their games yet this season?  Has parity really spread that far that the have-nots have become the haves and the haves are still the haves but they’re not as stocked as they used to be?  That might be one of the more confusing sentences I’ve ever typed but hopefully you get my point.  Yes, we still have some undefeated power house teams but have they really looked THAT impressive?  Texas went to the wire with Texas Tech last night.  Florida beat Tenn by only 10 when everyone assumed that they’d beat them by 50+.  Penn State has played nobody.  Perhaps the most impressive team is Miami, which seems weird to say but they demolished GA Tech and squeaked by the Noles who dominated BYU yesterday.  Confusing.

One thing I do know?  USC lost.  USC lost to Washington, who I believe went winless last year.  Yes, they’re better this year, but are they THAT much better?  So good that they could beat a team that could beat some NFL teams (no lie, some jackass on ESPN said that last week about USC, I’d love to see that match-up happen frankly).  Now I know the Trojan fans are going to point to their QB and say he’s why they lost and I’ll grant you that rookie QB’s are a wildcard at all times.  But their starter is also a rookie QB, so that argument doesn’t necessarily wash.  Plus, if USC is THAT good that we should all be bowing down before their presence, then they should have been able to win despite poor QB performance.  Their future all-pro running backs should have been able to make things happen, no?  Their much vaunted defense should have been able to get some turnovers and even some points, right?  Their speedy WRs should have been able to get some kind of separation, running reverses and such.  Did any of that happen?  I only saw highlights but I didn’t notice it.  I saw McKnight fumble.  I saw some other kid fumble.  I saw that the defense let Washington get to the 4 yard line with 7 seconds left.  So yeah, the Corp kid was part of the problem but he was not the whole of it.  Two weeks in a row USC has looked more than human…they should have lost to Ohio State as well.  So thank your lucky stars you’re not 1-2 and stop your bitching Trojan fans.  We all know you’ll still be in the BCS at the end because the voters can’t stand to not have you there and you still play in a crappy conference.

Are you impressed that I held off to talk about my Noles til the 3rd paragraph?  I am!  For the first time in years my team looked like my team again.  Demolishing an opponent, a top 10 opponent!, on the road.  Christian Ponder was efficient, standing back and surveying the field and making great throws, throwing it away when he had nothing and running at the perfect times.  The defense was not up to the 90’s standard that I still hold them to, a decade later, but they did get some takeaways and were opportunistic.  Fortson, who dropped that TD against Miami that would have us 3-0, was phenomenal again.  Maybe he’s figured it out.  All I know is that I want to see that team on the field every week.  I don’t know if they were just mad about all the BYU talk but they need to capture that emotion and bring it, even when they’re playing the Jacksonville States of the world.  Dominate.  Crush.  Destroy.  That is what I want.  Is it too much to ask?

Speaking of dominating…Florida didn’t do that did they?  All week long we heard about how Lane Kiffin’s criticism of UF during the offseason would drive them to run it up all day and night.  Well, either Tennessee is way better than we thought they were (and they lost to UCLA last week) or Florida is not as good as we’ve been led to believe.  If Tenn’s QB could have completed some passes we might very well have had another top 10 team go down yesterday.  I know I exited this game feeling that Florida can now be had and maybe we shouldn’t start engraving the national championship trophy yet.

How great was that Nebraska/Va Tech ending yesterday?  I was screaming much of the game about Va Tech’s anemic offense and when Nebraska kicked them the ball with less than 2 mins to go I figured no way in hell they’d drive the field and score.  One 85 yard pass play later, they were knocking on the door.  Of course then T-Mobile (HA) got sacked and I thought they were done again.  But on the next play he ran all over the field, eluding defenders and directing traffic. Touchdown.  It was an awesome play.  I still think Va Tech should try to get a damn QB but Taylor had his moment to shine right there.  Va Tech’s main problem is they rely too heavily on their special teams and defense.  If they would actually build an offense they might be that team that steamrolls the competition.  But no, Beemer is of the Tressel school of football thought, conservative, conservative, conservative.  I got news for you, conservative is boring and it bites you on the ass eventually.  See Ohio State last week.

So Notre Dame finally managed to beat Michigan State.  Yay for them.  I suppose they’ll vault back into the national championship discussion now, despite the fact that their defense gave up 30 points.

How great was that UGA/Arkansas game yesterday?  I admit I wasn’t watching it the whole time but every time I flipped over there someone was scoring.  Ark looked like they were going to run away with it but the Dawgs fought back and took home a hard fought win.  I’d like to see Georgia play like that every week, they might make some noise in the BCS themselves.

Awww Tim Tebow’s 30 game TD passing streak went bye bye.  As did his lack of turnovers.  A pick and a fumble?  No Heisman for you Timmy!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  Actually sitting and watching the majority of that game and hearing Gary Danielson wax poetic about Teebs for 3 hours brings out the bitch in me, what can I say?  Right now McCoy is my Heisman winner, mind you it’s early.

So I think that’s the main stuff I wanted to discuss today.  Another fun week with top 10 teams falling…at this rate will anybody be undefeated at the end of the year?  I can’t wait to find out.  See you next week!

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The latest chapter in my fic is up.

Sacrificial Lamb Chapter 12

And I have officially uploaded all 12 chapters to fanfiction.com.  Here’s a link if anybody wants to go there, I could use some love!


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