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I couldn't find the stunned face from the McKnight fumble but this one was a pretty good representation of USC's performance yesterday.

I couldn't find the stunned face from the McKnight fumble but this one was a pretty good representation of USC's performance yesterday.

Here’s what I know…that I know a whole lot of nothing.  Has any team dominated all their games yet this season?  Has parity really spread that far that the have-nots have become the haves and the haves are still the haves but they’re not as stocked as they used to be?  That might be one of the more confusing sentences I’ve ever typed but hopefully you get my point.  Yes, we still have some undefeated power house teams but have they really looked THAT impressive?  Texas went to the wire with Texas Tech last night.  Florida beat Tenn by only 10 when everyone assumed that they’d beat them by 50+.  Penn State has played nobody.  Perhaps the most impressive team is Miami, which seems weird to say but they demolished GA Tech and squeaked by the Noles who dominated BYU yesterday.  Confusing.

One thing I do know?  USC lost.  USC lost to Washington, who I believe went winless last year.  Yes, they’re better this year, but are they THAT much better?  So good that they could beat a team that could beat some NFL teams (no lie, some jackass on ESPN said that last week about USC, I’d love to see that match-up happen frankly).  Now I know the Trojan fans are going to point to their QB and say he’s why they lost and I’ll grant you that rookie QB’s are a wildcard at all times.  But their starter is also a rookie QB, so that argument doesn’t necessarily wash.  Plus, if USC is THAT good that we should all be bowing down before their presence, then they should have been able to win despite poor QB performance.  Their future all-pro running backs should have been able to make things happen, no?  Their much vaunted defense should have been able to get some turnovers and even some points, right?  Their speedy WRs should have been able to get some kind of separation, running reverses and such.  Did any of that happen?  I only saw highlights but I didn’t notice it.  I saw McKnight fumble.  I saw some other kid fumble.  I saw that the defense let Washington get to the 4 yard line with 7 seconds left.  So yeah, the Corp kid was part of the problem but he was not the whole of it.  Two weeks in a row USC has looked more than human…they should have lost to Ohio State as well.  So thank your lucky stars you’re not 1-2 and stop your bitching Trojan fans.  We all know you’ll still be in the BCS at the end because the voters can’t stand to not have you there and you still play in a crappy conference.

Are you impressed that I held off to talk about my Noles til the 3rd paragraph?  I am!  For the first time in years my team looked like my team again.  Demolishing an opponent, a top 10 opponent!, on the road.  Christian Ponder was efficient, standing back and surveying the field and making great throws, throwing it away when he had nothing and running at the perfect times.  The defense was not up to the 90’s standard that I still hold them to, a decade later, but they did get some takeaways and were opportunistic.  Fortson, who dropped that TD against Miami that would have us 3-0, was phenomenal again.  Maybe he’s figured it out.  All I know is that I want to see that team on the field every week.  I don’t know if they were just mad about all the BYU talk but they need to capture that emotion and bring it, even when they’re playing the Jacksonville States of the world.  Dominate.  Crush.  Destroy.  That is what I want.  Is it too much to ask?

Speaking of dominating…Florida didn’t do that did they?  All week long we heard about how Lane Kiffin’s criticism of UF during the offseason would drive them to run it up all day and night.  Well, either Tennessee is way better than we thought they were (and they lost to UCLA last week) or Florida is not as good as we’ve been led to believe.  If Tenn’s QB could have completed some passes we might very well have had another top 10 team go down yesterday.  I know I exited this game feeling that Florida can now be had and maybe we shouldn’t start engraving the national championship trophy yet.

How great was that Nebraska/Va Tech ending yesterday?  I was screaming much of the game about Va Tech’s anemic offense and when Nebraska kicked them the ball with less than 2 mins to go I figured no way in hell they’d drive the field and score.  One 85 yard pass play later, they were knocking on the door.  Of course then T-Mobile (HA) got sacked and I thought they were done again.  But on the next play he ran all over the field, eluding defenders and directing traffic. Touchdown.  It was an awesome play.  I still think Va Tech should try to get a damn QB but Taylor had his moment to shine right there.  Va Tech’s main problem is they rely too heavily on their special teams and defense.  If they would actually build an offense they might be that team that steamrolls the competition.  But no, Beemer is of the Tressel school of football thought, conservative, conservative, conservative.  I got news for you, conservative is boring and it bites you on the ass eventually.  See Ohio State last week.

So Notre Dame finally managed to beat Michigan State.  Yay for them.  I suppose they’ll vault back into the national championship discussion now, despite the fact that their defense gave up 30 points.

How great was that UGA/Arkansas game yesterday?  I admit I wasn’t watching it the whole time but every time I flipped over there someone was scoring.  Ark looked like they were going to run away with it but the Dawgs fought back and took home a hard fought win.  I’d like to see Georgia play like that every week, they might make some noise in the BCS themselves.

Awww Tim Tebow’s 30 game TD passing streak went bye bye.  As did his lack of turnovers.  A pick and a fumble?  No Heisman for you Timmy!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  Actually sitting and watching the majority of that game and hearing Gary Danielson wax poetic about Teebs for 3 hours brings out the bitch in me, what can I say?  Right now McCoy is my Heisman winner, mind you it’s early.

So I think that’s the main stuff I wanted to discuss today.  Another fun week with top 10 teams falling…at this rate will anybody be undefeated at the end of the year?  I can’t wait to find out.  See you next week!

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