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Okay, my latest fanfic is up and running over at ff.net.  It’s for the Darkward Vampfic contest.  Here’s a link!


I will add it under my fanfiction section after I see if it gets picked up for the competition.

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Now that several friends have finally finished Breaking Dawn, I felt it was time that I finally do a blog on the book.  Easily the most criticized and reviled book in the Twilight Series, it’s the one that I also had the most problems with.  I didn’t hate it like some did but I did have my share of issues so I thought I’d talk about them here.  What it all boiled down to for me was sacrifice.  This is the book where Bella was going to have to give up her old life and step into her new, but Meyer took it easy on her and made her give up nothing at all.  This bothered me greatly as I was very excited to see Bella deal with the consequences of becoming a vampire.

Before I get too heavily into that, I’ll talk about what I did like, for there was plenty that made me happy.  I’m a sucker for a happy ending and I swore I wasn’t going to even read the book if Bella and Edward did not end up together forever.  Once I was reassured of that, I did read it and was happy to experience their wedding, their honeymoon, her awakening as a vampire, her finding her strength and saving the others with it and particularly that final scene in the book where Edward gets to hear her thoughts for the first time.  I thought that was a beautiful ending to the series and a great circle around from the first time he saw her and got intrigued because he couldn’t hear her thoughts at all.

Of course, the big issue a lot of people had with the book was the Renesmee end of things, Edward being able to have a child with Bella despite being a vampire.  This didn’t bug me that much because it’s Meyer’s world and she’s created her own vampire cannon so I can respect that choice.  I wasn’t in love with the baby angle but I understood it and found parts of it interesting.  Using her to bring the Volturi down upon them was a good choice I think, so I didn’t take as much issue with Renesmee as others did.  Had I been writing it I wouldn’t have created her, but I can deal with her.

I have some Jacob related nitpicks, of course, because Jacob is not my favorite character by book four, although he takes some redemptive steps of course in the name of love and friendship.  I didn’t like having him come to her wedding and freak out on her at all, I’d rather he stay away than cast any kind of pall on that moment but that’s the Edward/Bella fan in me speaking and I can see why Meyer did that.  I didn’t care for the huge chunk of book written in his viewpoint either, although I understood Meyer wanting to tell the story from some different eyes.  Outsider eyes.  That again is the Edward lover in me speaking, I’d rather have heard it from his viewpoint since Midnight Sun is my favorite of the books, unfinished though it might be.

Then there’s the whole imprinting thing.  Look, I am glad that Jacob backed off Bella and I’m glad that he got to find some happiness.  I may not have liked him but I didn’t wish him a life of loneliness and misery either.  But to have him imprint on Bella’s daughter?  Put the baby thing aside, cause some of the other wolves imprinted on little ones as well, but Bella’s daughter?  The woman that he was so in love with?  That’s pretty gross when you think about it.  He remembers all the fantasies he had of seeing her naked and now he’s destined for her daughter?  What kind of sick soap opera stuff is this? 

I get why Meyer did it and I honestly think it was in direct reaction to the outrage that came out of her having Bella admit to being in love with Jacob in Eclipse.  I thought that was a gigantic miscalculation and I think she must have too, because I can’t imagine doing that on purpose and then creating Bella’s daughter for Jacob.  I personally felt that she found a loophole in creating this kid that maybe could account for Bella’s love for Jacob, this feeling that they were destined to be together in some way.  I  believe that in a world in which Edward did not exist perhaps Bella could eventually have come to love Jacob but I don’t believe that she could in world in which he did.  That’s my personal bias and I’m holding on to it!

My other issue, besides the big one, is the showdown with the Volturi.  I was thrilled to see Jane and Caius and Aro and co again but I was deeply disheartened by the lack of battle.  I’m glad the Cullens and the wolves and pals ended up safe but it would have been nice to have a little action in the fight.  I’m not asking for piles of burning vamps but I wanted to see Jane and Caius get killed dammit.  And I would have sacrificed some of the protagonists to see that happen.  I mean, not my faves of course, but Rosalie could have died and I would have been alright with it.  Maybe a wolf or two as long as Seth made it.  Yeah, I’m qualifying, I know that, it’s just that for all the showdowns that are discussed, the only one that ends up with any action is in Eclipse.  We could have used a bit more battle, that’s all I’m saying. 

Now it’s time for me to get into my real issue with the novel that I touched upon in my first paragraph.  Before I get too into it, I will admit that I know these books were initially written with a teen audience in mind, but I like to think our youth can and do like to look deeper into books and don’t need everything to be happy in order to find a book compelling.   We read Hemingway and Chaucer and Shakespeare and all that when we’re teens, so I don’t see why teens of today couldn’t deal with a little darkness in their books.

Meyer’s first big wrong was taking the choice away from Edward in whether or not to turn Bella into a vampire.  She had him agonized over that idea through 3 books but in the end he had to do it because she was going to die anyway.  I had to suffer through a lot of Bella angst in New Moon with Edward gone and I would have enjoyed more Edward angst in this one over turning her.  We had a lot of tortured Edward through her 2 week pregnancy but that was seen through Jacob’s eyes and wasn’t enough for me.  I guess I just wanted him to turn her because he wanted her forever and she had made that choice and he respected it, not because he had to.  Does that make sense?

After Bella was turned, life for her was even better than she’d dreamed it would be.  She got the vampire powers, her own special power and her daughter and Edward.  I was good with those things but not with the rest that came along with it.  She should have had to give up something in becoming a vampire but she didn’t.  She got to keep Jacob as a best friend and minus the romantic issues; she got to keep her father in her life; she was able to control herself nearly immediately and never had to deal with killing a human; the sex was even better for her and Edward after she turned and her love for him was stronger instead of overcome by blood lust and her daughter was going to grow up and live forever as well.  One could argue perhaps that she had to give up her mother but I don’t consider that whatsoever because I felt her mother gave her up long before she came to forks when she chose the husband over her daughter. 

I’m all for happy endings but I would argue that if this book really was intended for teens then there should have been some consequences to Bella’s choice.  Shouldn’t teens and tweens learn that sometimes sacrifices have to be made when you make a heavy decision and that you should weigh everything carefully?  By not having Bella have to give up anything, I honestly feel the wrong message is sent.  

How powerful would it have been to have her go to Charlie’s house shortly after being turned and watch him from afar, wishing she could go to him but knowing that she couldn’t?  Having to raise her daughter without her grandfather and just telling her stories about him instead?  Having Jacob become her enemy instead of staying her best friend, maybe not even her enemy but just someone not in her life anymore.  How powerful would it be down the road if she ran across him on a hunt or something?  Or if years down the road, still 18, Bella saw an adult Jacob with a family of his own?  She wouldn’t have to regret the choice she made but she could mourn for the choices she didn’t and the things she lost.  It just would have been better that way, at least for me.

I, as usual, have gotten very long winded but when you’re talking about a long story I guess it makes sense to have a lot to say.  I want to make clear that I didn’t hate Breaking Dawn at all and in subsequent readings I’ve grown to like it more than I did the first time around.  I’m happy that the characters found happiness and despite the weirdness of Jacob/Renesmee I wouldn’t mind a book about them down the road either although I liked the idea of Jacob/Leah hooking up; going from antagonism to friendship to love and bucking the whole imprinting thing, but that’s another blog for another day perhaps.  Breaking Dawn just left me wish some dissatisfaction and a longing for something more in a way that the rest of the Twilight Saga did not.  I’m sure part of that was knowing it was the last book in the series but the rest I’ve outlined for you above.  Despite that, I still love the Cullens and I’m glad they got their happily ever after.  I hope one day Meyer will delve back into them, finishing Midnight Sun and perhaps writing the others from Edward’s viewpoint.  Or telling us more about Jasper & Alice, my other faves.  There is much she could do and I am still not ready to let go.  The beauty of books is that I can revisit them anytime.  I’ve managed to not read a Twilight book for about 2 months now but that doesn’t mean I’ve put it aside.   Clearly I haven’t because here I am writing about them 4 months after my initial descent into the Twilight world.  Despite some missteps, that’s the thing Meyer really got right, she created a world I don’t want to escape from.

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