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I know, I know!  It’s right there in the title and I don’t think I’ve written anything sports related since….shit…the Super Bowl?  Maybe before?  Yikes.  I am fail, but that seems to be a theme with me today so I may as well embrace it.

*hangs head*  Yes, I know I have been a woeful updater this summer, but I swore to myself that I would get it going with the football season and new TV season rolled around and guess what, they’re here.  So I am going to do my damndest to do at least one sports post a week.  Probably 2, with my football picks and recaps.  I vow it here, in print, so I can’t deny it later (though I could always go and hit and edit and erase it, hehe)  No, I wouldn’t do that to you.

So why am I back now?  You know why!  College football is back in a big way, baby!  I was in heaven yesterday (and if you follow me on twitter, you got to see it live.  If you don’t, why aren’t you?) and I had to come here and share my thoughts with you, the beloved sports readers, all 4 of you.  If you’re still there.  And I hope you are!

So what did we learn yesterday?  Not a hell of a lot, considering most teams played cream puffs (oops, sorry Southern Miss and Kansas, that was fail for you, wasn’t it?) but I saw enough to get a glimmer of hope from my Noles.

I know, I know, I thought it was really truly and dead too.  That I wouldn’t be able to talk myself into believing in them again until they went 11-1 and ended up in a BCS game, but all it took was firing a beloved head coach (oops, I mean, forcing him to retire) and a dominating victory over a sub division school and here’s Nole with some hope.  She’s an idiot and she’ll be singing a different tune next weekend when they get killed by Oklahoma.

You may be right.  You probably are.  But I have to tell you what I saw anyway, why that little niglet of hope is curling in my chest and waiting to sprout into a full blown rose if given half an opportunity.  It’s because what I saw on that field looked different, felt different from what I’ve seen the past decade.  But it wasn’t unfamiliar.  It was like an old friend you haven’t seen in years but instantly recognize and feel kinship with.  They felt like the old Noles.

The starters were out at halftime.  The lead was 42-3 or 49-3 or something?  It was beautiful.  The quarterback had all of one bad pass and that was a tipped ball.  The defense was swarming.  Special teams blocked a punt and returned one for a TD.  Everything was clicking.  And I know, they were playing Samford.  Believe me, I’m not drinking the Kool-aid yet.  But the simple fact is, the Noles have played down to their competition in recent years.  They’d be nearly tied with the Citadel at halftime.  They’d require a flurry of late scoring to beat Whatsamatta U.  You get my point.  Yesterday, for the first time, they put their foot on the jugular of an undermatched opponent and didn’t let up.

It felt good, it felt old but new again.  I have no delusions that we’re officially back, but I do have hope that we can actually not suck all over the place and maybe make a showing in Oklahoma next weekend.  They’ve got a new QB and we’ll see what happens.  For once, though, I’m actually looking forward to seeing them.  This is new, too.

Last night’s UNC/LSU match-up turned out to be pretty damn awesome, if I do say so myself.  I started flipping around when LSU went up 31-10, thinking it was over, especially since half the UNC team was reading their hooked on phonics books on the sidelines, furtively trying to ask people in the stands how to pronounce certain words.  The quarterback and center managed to fumble on the first 3 possessions, leading to two turnovers and 7 points for LSU (should have been more, really, their kicker was kind of sucktastic last night).

LSU’s kick returner, Peterson I believe, is the player of the game because without his returns, I doubt LSU would have held on even vs. the overmatched Heels.  They had a chance to win at the end, but two passes in the end zone came up short.  Still, they have nothing to hang their heads about (well despite those agents and tutors, of course).  They put on a good show and may still be a force to contend with in the ACC.   LSU needs to play better to take down Florida.  Then again, maybe they don’t.

The Gators were HORRIBLE! HA!  Look what happens when your team loses 85% of it’s offense all in one player, Urban.   Oops, maybe you should have let some of the other players play.  You were too busy slurping Teebs for 4 years, though, why develop anyone else?  Oh yeah, that’s why.  You’re very lucky you started off with a cream puff instead of an SEC team because you would have lost yesterday.  Did I hear right?  13 fumbled snaps?  I’m kind of in love with that Pouncey guy now.  Keep him around, will ya?

The LSU/UNC ending would have been the best of the day were it not for the Ole Miss/Jax State matchup.  Now, of course I was not watching this game, because really, why would I?  But ESPN was kind enough to show the 2nd overtime and inform us that Ole Miss had been up by 3 TDs but let them come back in the second half.  This, my friends, reminded me of the not so old Noles, by the way.  Anyway, 4th and 15 I believe the QB for Jax (no, I do not know his name) fired the ball into the end zone and his WR managed to get one foot down near the line and score the TD.  Now they had to kick the extra point and head to OT #3.  Right?

Wrong.  The coach, realizing he had nothing to lose and had already overachieved, decided to go for 2.  There was a crowd of players in the middle of the field and the QB was trying to outrun a lineman and managed to flip the ball right through about 8 people into a receiver’s arms and he fell forward into the end zone.  A review (a pointless one as you couldn’t be more clear on it) was upheld and our first upset of the year was finished.  It was fun and I loved seeing the little guy win.  Reminded me of Appalachian State over Michigan a few years ago, back when we still thought Michigan was decent.

And of course, they came out and played well yesterday so they’re pretty excited.  Beat UConn pretty well.  Jury’s still out but at least it makes the matchup with Notre Dame more interesting.  Please, win for me Michigan.  I’ll happily re-embrace you as elite before I will ever want to deal with hearing about Notre Dame being back.  They’re already pissing me off.  Take them down and I will love you forever and Rich Rodriguez…well, he can stay I guess. haha If you want him.

Kansas went down too but I can’t speak to that as I didn’t watch.  It’s a new year in college football and interesting teams are going to crop up and established ones are going to fall.  Happens every year.  Looking forward to seeing it all play out and being here with you talk about it.  I have Boise State over Va Tech on Monday night by the way.  Go Broncos 🙂

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Football Frenzy

I know, I’ve been slacking on the sports part of this blog again.  I admit it freely.  To be fair, I tried to post my football picks last week and wordpress was fail, as was FF.net, and the compu-world was out to get me.  This week I’m not doing picks because half the teams will be resting players.

So, instead, I will write a little on Bowl Day as I watch my Noles hang with WV.  Early on it looked to be a rout but the defense came back and remembered how to play.  That, or, as I suspect and was calling for, Bobby took all the NFL vets on the sidelines for his last game and made the crappy players give them their uniforms.  What?  It would be awesome.  And better.

I have lots to discuss but first let’s comment on the end of the Outback Bowl which will no doubt be discussed ad nauseum on all the post game shows.  I think that call by Pat Fitzgerald was awesome as hell.  Epic.  Yeah, it didn’t work but clearly he had no faith in the kicker that had never been in a game so why not go for the fake and the win.  Should have run to the left though. Awesome play and a hell of a game.  Sorry I missed much of it but I hung in for OT.

I think any blogger, football announcer, football watcher or person in general is required to discuss Urban Meyer, so here is my take.  What a bunch of shit.  He has to leave for “health reasons” but then a day later it’s a “leave of absence”.  I wonder why?  Could it be because recruits were about to drop like flies?  So instead we’ll make some assurances and promises to the players until they’re committed in Feb and then Urban can “retire” again.  I’m sorry but one spirited practice does not fix a faulty heart.  What a boob.  So much for faith and family over football.  Lying ass.  I’ll be shocked if he comes back to coach.

Let’s talk NFL now.  The Colts…that was some fucked up shit wasn’t it?  You know damn well that Manning did not want to come out of the game and that he wanted to go back in when Painter came in and sucked ass.  Look, I get it, you play to win the Super Bowl.  But this is history we’re talking about.  This is destroying the fucking 72 Dolphins who you may remember I hate with the fire of 1000 suns.  Do it for me, bastards, if you won’t do it for yourselves.  Ridiculous.

Okay, I must go back to the Noles for a second.  Hell of a catch by Jarmon Fortson, going air and bringing it down with one hand.  This after a drop on an easy ass pass in the 2nd quarter.  I tweeted at the time that he always makes the hard catches and fails on the easy ones.  I am so right.  As usual. hehe Awesome play though, look it up if you missed it.  Noles up by 9, hoping they can hold and win one for Bobby.

Since I detoured to talk about one of my teams, let’s talk about the Bucs epic fail at failure.  WTF?  I mean, seriously, there we were, staring at the #1 pick in the draft, bringing a boy named Suh to Tampa which would have given me delightful writing opportunities, and what do we do?  We win 2 in a damn row.  2!  Including vs. the Saints.  I don’t even know what to do with that information.  First they betray me by firing our coach and hiring a completely unqualified replacement, then they get rid of my favorite players in the world, then they draft a QB in the first round that I did not want, then they suck epically for weeks on end and I resign myself to the first pick in the draft.  Then I see Suh in action and get excited about said prospect.  Then, of course, the Bucs decide to win.  They friggin hate me.  There’s no other explanation for their constant betrayal all year long.  Much hate to my team.

Did we see vintage Patriots last weekend vs. Jax?  Or was it just a mirage?  I don’t know but it was nice to see Brady and Moss on the same page again.  I hope it can continue into the playoffs because I’d like the Pats to make some noise.  The Colts are no longer allowed to win after their asshattery.

As to the Saints?  Their luck just ran out.  Sure they won 13 straight but they could have lost several of them along the way.  It happens.  I don’t know if there’s anything truly wrong with them or not; I never thought they were as good as they were touted to be anyway.  We’ll see what happens in the playoffs.

Now Minnesota, on the other hand…we’re seeing another Favrian collapse it seems to me.  End of the year he starts pressing and making dumb decisions.  AP hasn’t helped with several fumbles either.  The shine may be off that particular rose, if you get what I’m saying.  Again, we’ll see.

I don’t feel too great about any of the playoff teams if I’m being honest, except maybe San Diego.  They’ve been hot for ages now.  But they’ve done that before and crapped out in the post season so who knows?

Okay, my game is down to a 2 point lead so I will go watch and post this now and be back for more after.  See ya later!

I have returned.  I have to say that I had tears in my eyes and a smile on my face watching Bobby get his last win.  The fact that over 300 former players showed up to see him off says a lot about the man.  Seeing him hugging Warrick Dunn and Derrick Brooks just thrilled me.  I know what an effect he had on them and I loved the closeness.  I don’t think college football will ever see another coach like Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno, lifers, again.  He will truly be missed.

OSU is killing Oregon in the early going of the Rose Bowl.  I mean moving through that defense like they’re not on the field.  Nice to see them show up and play well in a BCS game for the first time in a long time.

I don’t know what to say about the LSU/PSU game.  I know that LSU dicked up on the clock, YET AGAIN.  How damn hard is it?  How many games have they lost recently by doing stupid shit in the last minute?  Paxton needs to come weigh in on that if she’s still coherent after the latest screw up.

That’s really all I wanted to say for now.  I could write a lot more about Bobby and I’m a bit irritated that CBS didn’t run a retrospective with quotes from former players for Bobby, I would have liked to see that.  Not to mention them having a working microphone for his final on-field interview.  Idiots.  At least the announcers avoided Tebow slobbering, I was sure they’d throw his name around because they’re contractually obligated to kiss up to him at all times.  Shocking.

Suffice it say that I hated the way that Coach Bowden had to go out but I do feel he forced the school’s hand.  It didn’t end the way it should for any of the sides.  But I’m glad he could leave with a win like that and it was nice to see signs of life in the defense for the first time all year.  EJ Manuel impressed the hell out of me and Fortson made a truly great catch that I can’t wait to see over and over again.  The team wanted to send Bobby out with a win and they did.  For that I am grateful and I will always and forever love Bobby Bowden and the program he created at FSU.  He made me a football fan.  He is an even better man than a coach and he was a pretty damn great coach so that says a lot.  Thanks for the memories, Bobby, you will never be forgotten.

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If you can’t beat em, join them.   Right now I currently have 519 (2256 at 9:30 PM, best blog day by a mile, hehe) hits from USC fans, haters and gossip mongerers searching for information on Pete Carroll’s alleged affair.  For some reason, this search leads to me, a Florida State football fan who blogs on all college fb and might have made a mention of how annoying I find Mr. Carroll and the USC bias.  I realize that an FSU fan speaking of bias is a bit hypocritical, but it’s my blog and I can say what I want to.

So, it seems that Charlie Weis decided to throw Pete Carroll under the bus during some press conference the other day and that has the internet all atwitter today.  Now I’ve been getting hits on this particular topic for about a year, so it’s not a new thing but apparently this is the first time mainstream media has picked up on and reported the story.  If there even is one.  I’m sure Tiger Woods is sending Charlie Weis a gift basket as we speak in the hopes that the Pete story explodes and replaces his own.  Maybe that’s why he was quiet for so long, he was waiting for something else to explode.

I’m afraid that I can’t shed any light on whether Pete is doing the horizontal mambo with a student or not.  I rather like holding to the theory that he has gay love with Matt Leinart so I’d be disappointed if there was a chick in Malibu warming his bed.  I live in Florida so I really can’t speak to any of Pete’s doings other than to enjoy the fact that USC lost again yesterday and are finally nowhere near the BCS.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello to all you people finding my blog while looking for your salacious gossip.  If you find anything cool, feel free to come back and post it, I’m insanely curious since I’m getting hit after hit on the subject.  And while you’re here, why not take a look around and chat, I write about sports, TV, books and movies and even sex sometimes, albeit not Petey’s.  Sorry.  If I ever get firsthand knowledge you’ll be the first to know, since I’m go the go-to place for all Pete Carroll happenings and nonhappenings apparently.  Happy hunting internet friends, try not to shed any Tebow Tears over the fact that I was unable to help you.

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I know, I’m late.  Again.  Sorry, I get lost in my other writing and then neglect this.  Doesn’t help that my teams suck, as you know.  I’ll try to be more on top of it next week.  I would have picked the Jets on Thursday, just FYI. hehe No credit for not doing it though!  I can’t think of a DT off the top of my head, I feel like I had one picked last weekend but it’s gone now.  Oh yeah, now I know.  Jake Delhomme!  4 more picks!  May he repeat the process this week!

Philly over Atlanta:  ATL got a win against my Bucs by the skin of their teeth.  Philly is worlds greater than the Bucs despite their injuries and age.  And no, McNabb, Atlanta should not give Michael Vick a standing O.  They should give him the finger.  I’m glad he’s as ineffectual as I thought he’d be in his return.  Ha.

Chicago over St. Louis:  Congrats, Bears fans, you’ve found a team that you should shred.  The Rams are horrible.  Unless Cutler pulls a Delhomme (which we know he could), this should be an easy win.

Cincy over Detroit:  Bengals, you’ve had your hiccup against a shit team.  Do not defy me by having another one.  Detroit, give me back my Calvin Johnson.  Kisses!

Indy over Tennessee:  I know, Tenn could win their 6th straight and take this thing.  I’m well aware of it.  But you know my rule.  In Manning I trust.  Period.  Do you think that last week he just decided to slack off for 2 quarters to see if he could mount a comeback?  I do.  It’s nice to see Vince Young back to being the player he was in college, hope it continues.

Denver over KC:  So glad I went with the Giants last week.  Not.  I give up on those guys.  Something is very wrong there.  I still have no faith in Kyle Orton but they’re playing KC.  That’s not hard.

New England over Miami:  I have no words for that debacle on Monday night.  I really wanted to see a close game but it was over fairly quickly in my eyes.  NE’s defense is just ugly and their O can’t carry them this year.  Brady is not all the way back and until he is, that defense is going to be a huge liability.  I still can’t figure out Miami but they lost their QB and RB in the last few weeks, so I think NE may be able to handle them.  Who knows though?

Pittsburgh over Oakland:  The champs are just too beat up this year.  And lifeless.  But Oakland has been dead for years, so this is not a problem.

New Orleans over Washington:  Hahah  Am I allowed to make an undefeated team my lock of the week?  Yeah, I make the rules around here so I think I will.  This should be a trouncing of epic proportions.

Tampa Bay over Carolina:  Yeah, you read that right.  Tampa should have beaten Carolina the first time out and this time Freeman is at the helm.  Yep, somewhere along the line I got faith in a rookie QB.  He has talent, he just needs some more talent around him.  Lots more.  Delhomme threw 3 picks last time we played, hope to see that again.

Jacksonville over Houston:  I have no idea here, really.  Both of these teams are insane.

San Diego over Cleveland:  Again, you’re welcome SD.  Do they have the easiest schedule in the league?  Since I called them soft they’ve played mostly shit teams and racked up the points.  I won’t believe in them until I see them defeat someone good, but Cleveland is not good.  Not remotely.

Dallas over New York Giants:  I’m finally done with the Giants.  It only took me about 5 weeks too long.  Jeez.  They got old in a hurry didn’t they?  Dallas hasn’t been that great lately either but they’re actually winning so I’ll go with them.

San Fran over Seattle:  I hate the NFC West nearly as much as I hate the AFC West.  It’s Zona and everyone else.  Every time I think SF might rise up, they fail.  Don’t fail me now 9ers.

Minnesota over Arizona:  Oooh this has the makings of a fun game.  Should be some scoring anyway!  I’ve learned not to pick against Favre and the boys in purple this year and it’s served me well.  AZ can look great one week and crappy the next.  Warner’s coming off his concussion and I don’t much like that.  Minny with the win.

Green Bay over Baltimore:  This one is a toss up but they’re in GB and Balt hasn’t impressed me in recent weeks.  They came back down to earth with a thud didn’t they?  GB, meanwhile, is playing pretty well since they’re Tampa debacle.  GB with the win.

I should have done a Bobby Bowden blog this week.  I thought of it briefly but wasn’t really in the mood at the time but I’d be remiss if I didn’t say something so here it is.  I’m truly sorry that it went down this way.  Bobby deserved better, it’s true, but he also put the school in this position by stubbornly hanging on.  I’ve been ready and willing for him to leave for the past few years at least.  And I love Bobby.  I always will.  I’m one of those people that looks at him like a grandfather.

I know what he did for the school.  I know he made football at Florida State.  But Bobby should want for FSU to be the team that he made into a powerhouse and they’re not.  They haven’t been since 2000, the departure of Mark Richt.  Hiring snafus have followed, none worse than Jeff Bowden himself.  Fans had to sit back and watch Florida become the powerhouse of the state and it wasn’t fun.  We have lost to the Gators 5 years in a row, none of the games even close.  Miami is back on the rise while we remain stagnant.  Bobby shouldn’t want that and it’s quite clear that he can’t fix it, he’s had 8 years to do so and it hasn’t happened.

My heart breaks for losing him and that he was forced out.  I longed for him to decide to retire and have a beautiful year in the sun, saying goodbye to fans the right way but he refused to do it.  Immovable force met immovable mountain.  It sucks.  I’m not happy about it but I’m not going to cry to see him go at this point.  I will always love Bobby and be grateful to him for what he built.  I think he should want to see it built again and he doesn’t have the time or ability to do it himself.  I will be cheering for him in his final bowl game and I’m thankful we squeaked into one (which we never ever should have to do).  Yes, I expect excellence.  Bobby Bowden made me that way.  I want to stay that way and I want my school to achieve it.  Bobby will be missed but I’m sorry, it was time.

So there you have my thoughts.  I’m not happy about what transpired but I do feel like the school’s hand was forced.  FSU looks like shit for it and I can’t disagree with that but it had to happen.  Eviscerate my opinion if you wish!

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I didn’t see enough college football this weekend to do a blog on it, so I decided to do a combo of the NCAA and NFL weekend that was.  I’m just going to list the things that are on my mind in both leagues, no rhyme or reason to the thought pattern, just hang with me, okay?

  • 2-4 & 0-5.  Those are the records of my teams.  The Noles are abysmal on offense, I don’t even recognize the team on the field anymore.  I’m glad to say that I probably watched less than 5 minutes of them because I knew they’d lose.  Same goes for the Bucs.  Philly scored on their second play.  McNabb, broken ribs and all, threw a 51 yard TD with no pressure on him whatsoever.  I declared the game over and watched the Giants so I could watch David Carr.  I declare myself the winner there.
  • Not that I was allowed to watch him for long.  The Giants finally put him in the game when they were up by 4 touchdowns but I got to see about 2 minutes before they cut away to Detroit/Pittsburgh.  Normally I am a proponent of not being forced to watch a blowout (see the Bucs/Philly nonwatch on my part for proof) but depriving me of The Pretty was uncalled for, especially with my teams sucking right and left.  Most uncool, CBS.
  • Oh, and speaking of CBS cutaways, they have the choppiest cuts I’ve ever seen.  You’re watching something happen and abruptly you’re back with JB in the booth.  JB is talking and then abruptly cut into a game in progress with NO warning.  Get that under control, morons.
  • So…LSU/UF.  I saw a couple minutes in a bar.  What I noticed?  UF does not look like the powerhouse run away #1 that the world would have us believe.  I need to see them play a good offense and see what happens.  Tebow for Heisman?  Somehow I don’t think so.  Florida’s offensive numbers are way down this year.
  • Ole Miss should never have been in the top 10 and they should never have been ranked.  Therefore Bama’s win means very little to me.  Call when they play someone (and no I don’t consider Va Tech someone either, cream of the ACC is cream of nothing this year).
  • I finally get on the 49ers bandwagon and they proceed to lose by 35 to Atlanta.  Thanks for that, really.  I think I can write off the NFC West again this year.
  • That includes Seattle, who killed Jacksonville 41-0.  Again, a lovely pick by me.  To be fair, I did say it was a coin toss on that game.  Of course, 41 to 0 doesn’t really back up that statement, but I didn’t know who to pick.  I picked wrong.
  • The Rams are clearly the worst team in the league.  Period.  Apparently they’ve lost 15 straight dating back to last year.  Awesome.  Let’s go 0-27 boys, give me the dream the Lions deprived me of.  0-16 again would be fabulous!
  • Of course my Bucs may very well go 0-16, which would then be 0-20 dating back to last year.  So pretty, so pleasant.  I’d like to congratulate Tampa again on their stellar offseason moves from coach firings to vet dumpings to scheme changes to terrible drafts.  Beautiful, really.  I think I saw Derrick Brooks going into the grocery store today, I should have stopped him and begged him to come back, in any capacity.
  • The Mannings own the NFL.  That is all.
  • Houston defied me yet again.  I will continue to pick them until they decide to do what I demand.  Do not test me, Texans.
  • I would rather have had the dentist drill my tooth with no Novocain than watch the Browns/Bills.  Congrats on getting your first win, Cleveland.  You should be proud.  Or ashamed.  I’m going with ashamed.
  • How long til Jim Zorn gets the axe?  One more week?  Two?  Another week that Washington gives a team it’s first win.  Should have been 3 weeks in a row were it not for Tampa’s collapse.  Hail to the Redskins indeed.
  • Denver never would have won that game if Tom Brady was Tom Brady.  I’m still not a believer, though they are better than I thought they’d be.  I’ll never get on a ship that’s captained by Kyle Orton though, I’m sorry.
  • Do you think Dallas is proud of that win today?  Should they be?  Kansas City, OT, a couple lucky catch/runs by Miles Austin?  I would not be celebrating if I were big D.  Nothing more than a mediocre team.
  • The Feel good Favre story continues.  I am so tired of it.  Wake me if he does anything in the playoffs, and he just might thanks to the team around him.  But…he takes another slap at Green Bay by calling the Vikings team the best he’s ever been on.  I’m sure his Super Bowl team was thrilled with that.  He is a dick and I feel for Packer fans.  Even if you think it’s true, there are things you just don’t need to say.
  • So how much whining can we get from the Ravens this week?  Every single call against them on that final drive was legit and Ray Ray can pat himself on the back for his personal foul penalty that kept a drive alive.  Moron.
  • Denver, you might just want to stop rushing punters on 4th and short.  It’s not worth the inevitable penalty.
  • Making a QB that is starting only his second game throw 50 passes is a recipe for disaster.  Again, Tampa is doing everything wrong and apparently the Bucs might have a blackout this weekend.  I better get A game to watch, don’t care if it’s not my team, show me someone.
  • I guess I should weigh in on the Bobby Bowden should he stay or should he go controversy.  A couple of years ago I would have come out with a blog defending the man to high heaven and saying he could decide when to leave.  That was even after some mediocre seasons and terrible personnel decisions (The Jeff Bowden era, ladies and gentleman).  This year?  No defense.  I don’t think he should be fired, obviously, but he needs to go.  The talent is there but the team is not good.  The defense is worse than I’ve eve seen it.  Players are dropping perfectly thrown passes, fumbling all over the place, their hearts just are not in the game.  That is a coaching issue in my opinion.  I don’t think he has the team anymore.  I doubt that Fisher is the answer but it’s time to give someone else a try.
  • That being said, I don’t think boosters should be out in the media demanding his resignation.  He has earned loyalty and respect in his 34 years at FSU.  Keep the demands for resignation out of the media at least.

I think that about covers it.  I know I was NFL heavy but I really was gone for all the good games on Saturday night and well, my interest has clearly waned.  I was begging for the season to start and it’s been a major let down to me personally but I still love the game.  I will keep watching even though my teams are letting me down.  I’ll just cheer for the good teams and good players.  Might do an NFL ranking blog sometime this week, trying to figure out the elite.  That’s if I get inspired, of course.  If not, see you for picks!

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Time, space and college football shut down at this moment.

Time, space and college football shut down at this moment.

Another wild weekend in college football, with 4 more “supposedly” top 10 teams falling again.  I mean, seriously, can we stop ranking these bastards until October at least?  It’s getting a bit ridiculous.  The only 3 teams that I can say legitimately belong in the top 10, and I’d argue against one of them anyway, are Alabama, Texas and Florida.  Florida, however, has not played anybody yet so I’ll confirm or deny them after their Oct. 10 matchup with LSU.  Who is also in the top 10 but barely won (no offense, Paxton!)

Of course, before I discuss the games, I would be remiss if I did not address the “hit heard round the world” aka the hit that knocked Tim Tebow out of the KY/UF game.  According to ESPN, Gator Nation (puhlease) is waiting with baited breath!  Should we start a candlelight vigil?  Prayer chain?  I guess I should thank old Teebs for taking my teams failure out of the spotlight, but you know I just can’t find it in me to do so.  The kid has a concussion, no doubt about it.  Welcome to football, about time you got injured.

Of course, he shouldn’t have even been playing in the first place, should he?  It seems the Gators have been hit with some “respiratory illness” otherwise known as they have the SWINE FLU but the lying liar who lies known as Urban Meyer doesn’t want to admit it.  And Timmy is one of those sick players.  But God forbid that The Chosen One miss a game so Urbs had him and some other players flown up separately.  Kudos to the cameras for catching that kid puking on the sideliness, quite attractive by the way.  Look, Urban, you were playing KY.  You could have started your third string QB and won that game.  So, it’s on you that Timmy got injured.  You and you alone.  He should have been in bed popping his tamiflu and feeling like a zombie, that’s what I did and I survived, didn’t hit my head or anything.  Sadly UF actually has an off week next week so the concussion is probably not gonna factor in later.   A shame, Meyer deserves to pay for his hubris.

While I’m at it, I want to compliment the KY fans that ignored Meyer’s respiratory bullshit and sported face masks near the Gator bench.  Kudos, compliments, brilliance!  Hilarity, really.  Since I had swine flu and know of what I speak, I have to tell you that it was mortifying to me to show up at the docs office and have all of the assistants wearing masks in my presence.  I felt a bit like a freak, even though it made sense.  So I admire the mask idea against the Gators.

Have I spent enough time discussing Tebow?  I feel like I should have a word requirement for the amount of time spent talking about his awesomeness…will they ban my blog if I fail to meet it?  Issues!  Anyway, moving on, it was a terrible day for the ACC.  I know I tease AGO about the Pac-10 but my conference is no better.  The one legit team in the division this year, Miami, got the shit kicked out of them by Va Tech.  I went into that game fully expecting Miami to win and win big due to Va Tech’s anemic offense, but no.  It was raining and apparently that makes Va Tech’s offense pretty good, who knew?  Or Miami’s defense sucks.  Or Miami just sucks and everybody was so anxious to have them back that they got it wrong.  Or the conference just sucks.  I’m going with the latter.

How could I not after my Noles lost to USF yesterday.  And they didn’t lose to USF’s senior QB Matt Grothe, who had been lighting up the league for a couple of years.  That I could probably have understood (no, I really couldn’t have but I could have pretended a little).  No, they lost to a redshirt sophomore QB (from Tallahassee no less, slap in the face there).  And it’s not like Ponder had a bad game either.  He was fine, it was everyone else who had issues. You know, the 5 guys who fumbled?  Not to mention the drops?  Not to mention the untimely holds and penalties?  Yeah, ugly game.  So ugly that I saw the writing on the wall and stopped watching at halftime.  I think the entire secondary needs to be benched after the terrible play.  Two 70+ yard touchdowns, are you kidding me?  Where the hell was the safety?  Who the hell is the safety?  He’s fired!  I wish the coaching staff could be fired (yeah I said it, blasphemy) too.  The 99 championship team (ahhh, I love you!!!!) was honored at the half and someone quoted Peter Warrick (such a stud in college, such a failure in the NFL) as saying that the players weren’t hungry like they used to be.  And he’s right.  And that?  That is on the coaches my friends.  You get your team up to play every week, not just when they’re playing a top 10 team and feeling dissed.  Farewell Noles, maybe next year (now I sound like a Cubs fan…these bastards are killing me!)

Sorry, obligatory Nole rant is over.  Let’s discuss the not-so-top 10 now.  Weeks ago my friend was railing at me about how Ole Miss did not belong in the top 10 and it was the worst ranking he’d ever seen.  I thought it was hilarious so I kept telling him that the Rebels were the new powerhouse in the league, the new USC.  He got mad, it was fun.  I didn’t buy it, of course, but what’s the fun of sports without giving each other shit?  Anyway, the Mighty Rebels lost to South Carolina of all teams.  You know me, I’m all about the Cocks, even minus the Smelley factor, but really?  No top 10 team should ever lose to the Cocks.  It just isn’t done.  And for weeks we’d been hearing about what a stud the QB of Ole Miss was but he managed to put up something like 10 pts against the Cock D?  Enjoy your fall, Rebels, won’t be that far since everyone else lost but whatever.

Who’s next?  Oh yeah, Penn State!  YAY!  I’m sorry, I am a JoePa hater from Day 1 and it has nothing to do with Bobby Bowden either.  I just find him to be a crotchety old bastard and can’t stand him.  And I find it amusing that somehow Iowa (who nearly lost to Northern Iowa in week one) manages to beat them every year, at the the supposedly intimidating Happy Valley.  If you want to intimidate people, I don’t think you should play in a place called “Happy”.  I’m just sayin.  Anyway, Ferentz really has JoePa’s number.  The QB, Clark, threw pick after pick in the second half to help Iowa ice the game.  I actually watched and enjoyed that one, go figure.

Okay, just to demonstrate how ridiculous the rankings are, let’s look at this score.  Unranked Oregon 42, #6 Cal 3.  3!  It’s not like they lost by a little in a competitive game, they lost by 39.  39!  Ooops, math found it’s way into my blog again, sorry about that.  I could potentially get excited about the rise of Oregon, but why bother?  I know they’ll crap the bed against USC like they always do, so no point in being thrilled at their performance.  USC only loses to teams that never should beat them, not teams that should hang.  By the way, the sucky thing about all these top 10 losses?  USC will be ranked 7 or 8 this week, wait and see.  Pete Carroll’s not going to have to whine, threaten or cajole their way back into the championship hunt, everyone else is laying down before them.  Ugh.

I already talked about Miami/Va Tech, who will also vault back into the top 10 despite their crappy offense (I am calling yesterday’s game an anomaly until I see more from the Hokies on a weekly basis).  I mentioned LSU’s struggles with Miss State, but they survived so that’s what it’s all about I guess.  Nobody else is.  Get better though, I want the Gators to go down in 2 weeks.

For more stellar play from the ACC, Clemson lost to TCU, #22 UNC lost to Georgia Tech (fresh off their thrashing by Miami) and Maryland got hammered by Rutgers.  Oh, and my morons lost to USF, can’t forget that.  Only NC State rose up and beat Pitt.  Oh and Duke won!  They beat the mighty N Carolina Central someoneorothers.  Yeah, crappy day for the conference…I’d say we’re as bad as the Big Least but we can’t even beat them, so why bother?

I guess that’s the main happenings from the weekend.  Nobody is impressing me consistently besides Texas and they’ve not played anybody really so only time will tell there.  The top 10 rankings should be rather amusing today, like I said, USC and VA Tech will make leaps, Ohio State will move up some…who else?  And will it matter next week when more lose?  No, not at all.  Gear up for that USC/FL championship game people, it’s coming because the football gods are cruel.  Back with you next week!

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I couldn't find the stunned face from the McKnight fumble but this one was a pretty good representation of USC's performance yesterday.

I couldn't find the stunned face from the McKnight fumble but this one was a pretty good representation of USC's performance yesterday.

Here’s what I know…that I know a whole lot of nothing.  Has any team dominated all their games yet this season?  Has parity really spread that far that the have-nots have become the haves and the haves are still the haves but they’re not as stocked as they used to be?  That might be one of the more confusing sentences I’ve ever typed but hopefully you get my point.  Yes, we still have some undefeated power house teams but have they really looked THAT impressive?  Texas went to the wire with Texas Tech last night.  Florida beat Tenn by only 10 when everyone assumed that they’d beat them by 50+.  Penn State has played nobody.  Perhaps the most impressive team is Miami, which seems weird to say but they demolished GA Tech and squeaked by the Noles who dominated BYU yesterday.  Confusing.

One thing I do know?  USC lost.  USC lost to Washington, who I believe went winless last year.  Yes, they’re better this year, but are they THAT much better?  So good that they could beat a team that could beat some NFL teams (no lie, some jackass on ESPN said that last week about USC, I’d love to see that match-up happen frankly).  Now I know the Trojan fans are going to point to their QB and say he’s why they lost and I’ll grant you that rookie QB’s are a wildcard at all times.  But their starter is also a rookie QB, so that argument doesn’t necessarily wash.  Plus, if USC is THAT good that we should all be bowing down before their presence, then they should have been able to win despite poor QB performance.  Their future all-pro running backs should have been able to make things happen, no?  Their much vaunted defense should have been able to get some turnovers and even some points, right?  Their speedy WRs should have been able to get some kind of separation, running reverses and such.  Did any of that happen?  I only saw highlights but I didn’t notice it.  I saw McKnight fumble.  I saw some other kid fumble.  I saw that the defense let Washington get to the 4 yard line with 7 seconds left.  So yeah, the Corp kid was part of the problem but he was not the whole of it.  Two weeks in a row USC has looked more than human…they should have lost to Ohio State as well.  So thank your lucky stars you’re not 1-2 and stop your bitching Trojan fans.  We all know you’ll still be in the BCS at the end because the voters can’t stand to not have you there and you still play in a crappy conference.

Are you impressed that I held off to talk about my Noles til the 3rd paragraph?  I am!  For the first time in years my team looked like my team again.  Demolishing an opponent, a top 10 opponent!, on the road.  Christian Ponder was efficient, standing back and surveying the field and making great throws, throwing it away when he had nothing and running at the perfect times.  The defense was not up to the 90’s standard that I still hold them to, a decade later, but they did get some takeaways and were opportunistic.  Fortson, who dropped that TD against Miami that would have us 3-0, was phenomenal again.  Maybe he’s figured it out.  All I know is that I want to see that team on the field every week.  I don’t know if they were just mad about all the BYU talk but they need to capture that emotion and bring it, even when they’re playing the Jacksonville States of the world.  Dominate.  Crush.  Destroy.  That is what I want.  Is it too much to ask?

Speaking of dominating…Florida didn’t do that did they?  All week long we heard about how Lane Kiffin’s criticism of UF during the offseason would drive them to run it up all day and night.  Well, either Tennessee is way better than we thought they were (and they lost to UCLA last week) or Florida is not as good as we’ve been led to believe.  If Tenn’s QB could have completed some passes we might very well have had another top 10 team go down yesterday.  I know I exited this game feeling that Florida can now be had and maybe we shouldn’t start engraving the national championship trophy yet.

How great was that Nebraska/Va Tech ending yesterday?  I was screaming much of the game about Va Tech’s anemic offense and when Nebraska kicked them the ball with less than 2 mins to go I figured no way in hell they’d drive the field and score.  One 85 yard pass play later, they were knocking on the door.  Of course then T-Mobile (HA) got sacked and I thought they were done again.  But on the next play he ran all over the field, eluding defenders and directing traffic. Touchdown.  It was an awesome play.  I still think Va Tech should try to get a damn QB but Taylor had his moment to shine right there.  Va Tech’s main problem is they rely too heavily on their special teams and defense.  If they would actually build an offense they might be that team that steamrolls the competition.  But no, Beemer is of the Tressel school of football thought, conservative, conservative, conservative.  I got news for you, conservative is boring and it bites you on the ass eventually.  See Ohio State last week.

So Notre Dame finally managed to beat Michigan State.  Yay for them.  I suppose they’ll vault back into the national championship discussion now, despite the fact that their defense gave up 30 points.

How great was that UGA/Arkansas game yesterday?  I admit I wasn’t watching it the whole time but every time I flipped over there someone was scoring.  Ark looked like they were going to run away with it but the Dawgs fought back and took home a hard fought win.  I’d like to see Georgia play like that every week, they might make some noise in the BCS themselves.

Awww Tim Tebow’s 30 game TD passing streak went bye bye.  As did his lack of turnovers.  A pick and a fumble?  No Heisman for you Timmy!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  Actually sitting and watching the majority of that game and hearing Gary Danielson wax poetic about Teebs for 3 hours brings out the bitch in me, what can I say?  Right now McCoy is my Heisman winner, mind you it’s early.

So I think that’s the main stuff I wanted to discuss today.  Another fun week with top 10 teams falling…at this rate will anybody be undefeated at the end of the year?  I can’t wait to find out.  See you next week!

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