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Well I am coming off a stellar Week 1, in which I went 14-2.  Clearly, I have already peaked on the season and will never do better, so I should probably just quit while I’m ahead.  But what kind of fun would that be?

I was lazy and didn’t do my NFL Roundup this week, so I’ll kinda address that with each pick instead.  Next week I will get my stuff together, I promise!  I must, however, begin with the award for the Sage Rosenfels Memorial Douchetard Of The Week.  There were numerous candidates for this award in week 1 and I intend to mention them all.  First, we had Jay Cutler and Jake Delhomme, each throwing 4 interceptions in losses.  Way to start the year, boys.  Then we had the guy who was covering Brandon Stokley in the Denver/Cincy game.  Yes, it was a fluke play but he let him run 87 yards.  I don’t even know who he was, but he was a DT all the same.  Still, there was clearly one winner, who I must award even though his boneheadedness gave my team a victory.  Leodis McKelvin of the Bills, for running that kick out of the end zone with less than 2 minutes left and fumbling, giving the Pats the ball and the eventual win.  I do not condone the desecration of his house or any harassment by Bills fans, but I must still give him the DT for snatching defeat out of the hands of victory.  Congratulations Leodis!  On to the picks!

New England over New York Jets-  I know NE did not look that great against the Bills, but they manned up when they need to and got the job done.  Then this week the Jets players and coach got mouthy…has nobody learned that you don’t mouth off about New England the week that you play them?  I expect a big win here, the Jets seem to have forgotten they’re starting a rookie QB.

New Orleans over Philadelphia- I would probably have gone the other way if Kevin Kolb was not playing QB for the Iggles.  I think this would have been an entertaining shoot-out type game if McNabb was playing.  It still may be, although the Eagles D is far better than the Saints.  I think it’ll be close but Brees will seal the victory.

Washington over St. Louis-  I will be honest with you and tell you I know nothing about the Rams right now.  Nothing at all.  I did watch Washington play the Giants and came away wholly unimpressed.  I think the Jason Campbell era is going to go down as a failure.  Still, they will beat the Rams because I’m fairly certain the Rams suck.

Arizona over Jacksonville-  I have no idea which team to pick here and I should be punishing AZ for giving me one of my losses last week.  I nearly did.  But I have to believe that Fitzgerald will do something magical this game and eek out a win.  I don’t know why.  AZ is clearly not the Super Bowl team they were last year.  I bet they’ll make me regret this pick.  Dammit.

Atlanta over Carolina-  I feel like I should go the other way here as well but I have no faith in Jake Delhomme whatsoever.  And it seems like he gets on steaks of badness, and since he threw 4 picks last week, what’s to stop him from continuing the trend this week?  I don’t think ATL is surprising people like they did last year but I think they’re good enough to win here.

Minnesota over Detroit-  Can I just get a hand for this year’s boyfriend, Adrian Peterson?  I would like it known that I had a crush on him in college even though he played for OK, who you know I hate.  Then I saw that shirtless commercial of him this summer and he was elevated to boyfriend status.  Hey, I’m easy like that.  Anyway, he kicked butt last week and he’ll do it again this week.  Favre just gets to sit back and watch him run, cushy job right?  Detroit continues the winless streak, God I love them for it!

Green Bay over Cincy-  Only Cincy could have the aforementioned Brandon Stokley play happen to them.  Well Detroit probably could too, but that’s about it.  Poor Bengals.  There’s really nothing to say about them.  GB was not impressive in their victory over the Bears but I think they’ll play better tomorrow.

Tennessee over Houston-  Yeah, that’s the last time I remotely drink the Koolaid on the Texans.  Can’t even win in their own stadium against a rookie QB?  Yep, you’re done.  Over.  Tenn is coming off that heartbreaker against Pitt, they looked good and they’ll kick TX all over the field.

Oakland over KC-  In the who cares? bowl of the day.  I think I’d rather get teeth pulled than watch these two play each other, and I’m scared of the dentist.  Both teams actually played surprisingly well in losses last week, though, so maybe they’re turning things around?  I can’t be bothered to care.  I think Oak hanging with SD is more impressive than KC hanging with the Ravens, so Oak gets the nod here.  It’s better than flipping a coin, isn’t it?

Buffalo over TB-  Yes, I am going against my team again.  No, I really don’t know why this week.  Actually I do.  The Bills are angry after their loss to the Pats and the Bucs are happy after what they consider to be a type of moral victory against the Cowboys.  I heard Coach Morris yammering after the game about how the Boys were likely going to the Super Bowl and hanging with them for 3 quarters showed something.  Um…says who?  The Boys might be the 3rd best team in their division, sorry Skins, and Romo was shitty for the entire first half.  The defense decided that giving up 80 yard plays in the second half was the way to go.  Yeah, very nice.  So, until I see the secondary shut some shit down I will be picking against the Bucs.  Prove me wrong.

Seattle over San Francisco-  Can I just mention that I hate the NFC West?  And I hate the AFC West…let’s get rid of those two divisions and just move on, right?  I have no idea who to pick in this game.  SF seems to be playing well and they’ll probably smack me with another loss for the second week in a row by picking against them.   Still I’m gonna go with the experienced QB.

San Diego over Baltimore-  Torn again.  There are some hard games this week!  I’m taking SD because they’re at home and that’s really my only reason.  I’m right fond of Flacco but the Ravens D gave up a lot of points last week to KC, what might they do against SD?  So I’m taking the Bolts.

Pittsburgh over Chicago-  Pitt didn’t have a fabulous game against TN, they win ugly much of the time and I expect them to do it again here.  I know Bears fans are excited about Cutler but I didn’t see him as any big winner in Denver.  He whines, he acts like a douche on the sidelines, he calls out his teammates…not a fan.  Pitt will find a way to win, even without their star safety.

Denver over Cleveland-  I actually don’t feel too good about this pick seeing as Denver barely beat Cincy, but maybe they’ll have their heads on straight this week?  The Browns are in the hands of Brady Quinn, from Notre Dame, who I hate.  So I will pick Denver, you see how this works?

NY Giants over Dallas-  I was very impressed by the Giants last week.  They were playing hard nosed football.  Eli looked good, the new receivers were awesome, they don’t seem to have missed a step at all with the vets they lost.  Dallas, on the other hand, gave up a ton of rushing yards against Tampa, Romo mistimed a ton of throws and they’ve got all this pressure debuting their new monstrosity, I mean stadium, on national TV.  Who doesn’t want to see them kick that off with a loss?  Go G-men!

Indy over Miami-  In Manning I trust. It’s a credo I’ve lived by for about a decade now and it’s worked for me most of the time.  Indy was not impressive in their win over the Jags but that’s a divisional opponent who always plays them tough.  I think the shine is off Miami this year and they’re going to come back down to earth.  Indy in a close one.

So there you have it, my week 2 picks are in the book.  I really should have retired with my 14-2 record, but I’ll keep putting it on the line.  Back Monday with a Roundup, I promise!

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Nothing brings out the manlove like winning the Super Bowl.  Photo from Getty Images.

Nothing brings out the manlove like winning the Super Bowl. Photo from Getty Images.

Now that the NFL season is officially over, I guess I have to turn my attention to other sports.  I’ll be honest with you, other sports do not entrance me the way football does, but I do pay attention to headlines and major happenings for the most part.  So I’ve decided to do a weekly Notes Blog wherein I discuss the major sports happenings of the week.  It will be football, baseball, tennis, hockey, basketball, whatever strikes my fancy.  Without further ado, let’s hit it!

  • Today is national signing day for the college recruits.  Well, most of them, for some reason some of them don’t commit today and commit several weeks from now.  So why have a deadline?  I really don’t get that.  Anyway, today us college football lovers get excited about all of these random people we never heard of before and get depressed over missing out on other top recruits.  I hope on espn.com and seminoles.com to find out what my Noles are doing and where they’re rated and who we’ve got and who we might get.  I get rather obsessive about it and refresh every half hour or so.  And today I ask myself why?  I don’t know these kids.  I don’t know anything about them other than somebody slammed 5 stars next to this guy and only 3 next to that guy.  Doesn’t really mean they’ll kick butt on the field, I’ve seen many of the top recruits flame out over the years.  But still, I care, and I get excited!  Go Noles!  We did land the top DT in the nation apparently, which pleases me, as well as high rated cornerbacks and safeties and a kicker.  All positions of major need so I’m content.  So, hope you’re having a blast college football gurus, may your school land those top recruits and may everybody decommit from USC and UF just because I hate them.
  • So everybody’s all up in arms about this Michael Phelps marijuana smoking picture.  Some of the morons in the media blasted him for letting his picture get taken.  Hello, I don’t believe he knew it was.  Also, he is a 23 year old and he will do the occasional stupid thing.  That’s what happens in the early 20’s.  He admitted it, which was pretty stand up of him, because I saw the picture and it really didn’t even look that much like him.  I’d have gone with the lie personally, but then I happen to be an accomplished and awesome liar.  Now apparently the police are thinking of charging him.  Can you charge someone for a picture?  I mean, you may as well hit myspace right now and get your warrants ready.  What a bunch of bull.  Leave him alone, lesson learned, moving on, get in the pool and win some more gold medals in 4 years.  Thanks, buh bye.
  • Apparently indictment records against Bonds were released this week and lo and behold, he tested positive for steroids.  This is GROUND BREAKING NEWS.  I was not aware of this information!!!!  I mean, I know he doubled his size right in front of our very eyes a couple years ago, but I assumed it was natural.  He was probably hitting Taco Bell and McDonald’s every night.  I can grow to twice my size very easily when I do that and I’m not on the roids!  Truly, I am sick of this story.  Get a trial going or don’t, I really don’t care anymore.  I am tired of Barroid and want him gone.  It doesn’t matter if he goes to jail or just goes home and counts his money and throws baseballs at passers by from his bedroom window.  Just go away!
  • Roger Clemens, the same goes to you.  We know you did roids, you know you did roids, why are we all still talking about it?  Government, put up or shut up.  We’ll see if the vengeful media punishes Roger and Barry or if they usher them into the hall of fame with their not very valid we don’t know when he used argument.  If you’re going to keep Big Mac and Palmiero and others out, you keep those two out too.  Period.
  • Kobe broke the scoring record at Madison Square Gardens the other night, got 61 there I guess.  That’s cool I suppose, not as cool as the 81 he got a couple of years ago.  It appears that nobody will ever beat Wilt’s record which is a shame, I live to watch records fall and I would actually tune in to a basketball game if there’s a possible scoring record on the line.
  • What was going on in Pittsburgh on Tuesday?  I’ve seen some clips of the Super Bowl celebration party and that was the quietest damn crowd I’ve ever seen.  What, #6 is just passe now?  Ramp up the celebration, peeps!  Bring the energy, it’s cold out there so you should be yelling and whooping it up!  Perhaps William Gay’s retarded rap song stunned them all into silence.  I could understand that.  The record execs will not be knocking down your door Willie.
  • Manny Ramirez remains unsigned and the Dodgers are getting a little bit tired of him turning down their rather large contract offers.  Albert Pujols of my St. Louis Cardinals is pushing for my spendthrift owners to get off their butts and bring him there.  At first I was horrified by this idea but then I thought of the beauty of having and Albert/Manny combo at 3/4 and I decided I could suck it up and deal with the Manny drama.  Do it!  Do it now, Cards!  It’s not like you’ve bothered to do anything to improve the team this off season, so there should be some cash lying around for Manny.  Albert with keep him reigned in, I have faith in that!
  • I guess there was some epic tennis this past weekend.  Can’t say that I watched, but Federer/Nadal round 2938293 or whatever it was was a long battle that drained them both.  Nadal came out the victor and Federer had a heartfelt teary speech.  Nadal came back with his own honoring Federer.  Awesome display of sportsmanship.  Serena won again as well, go Williams Sisters.  I don’t follow the sport but I do follow them and I love that she’s still winning at an age when most tennis chicks are retiring.
  • The Cardinals offensive coordinator is interviewing for the KC job.  He and Pioli have a history together so that’s a pretty good possibility.  If he goes that will probably be good for the Cards when it comes to retaining Boldin, but who can say what it means for Warner?  Haley’s done a great job with that offense and deserves another head coaching job.
  • I didn’t do a Super Bowl commentary, by the time I thought about it I was immersed in Heroes blogging and Days drama and Idol in Hollywood, so the opportunity slipped past me.  But I will say that was the best Super Bowl I’ve ever seen.  I know it was quiet in the 3rd quarter but since I knew that AZ could score quickly I remained riveted.  Worked out well all in all.  My heart was broken for the Cards, that had to have been a major gut punch to lose; but the football fan in me was thrilled with the last minute TD by Santonio Holmes.  Gorgeous play, fantastic game.
  • There should have been a longer review of the Warner fumble at the end of the game.  I hate to have a game that good end somewhat questionably.  No matter where you fell on was it or wasn’t it, you have to agree it should have gotten more than cursory glance in the booth.  I would have loved to see Warner get a shot at the end zone with Fitz and Boldin waiting.

So those are the big things on my mind this week.  I hope you liked this format, I’ll be happy to stick with it if people like it.  If it seems like I’m just talking to myself I’ll call it quits, because I talk to myself all the time and I could save myself some future carpal tunnel treatment if ya’ll don’t like it.  Let me know!

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Which receiver will decide the game?  Photo from Getty Images/US Presswire.

Which receiver will decide the game? Photo from Getty Images/US Presswire.

Well I’ve had a week and a half to try to decide which way I was going to go for my Super Bowl winner and I still don’t feel good about it.  But it’s time to get it out there anyway, so I’ll talk it through with you and see if I stick to my guns with the winner.

My head says, “Steelers, you dummy, pick the Steelers.  Defense wins championships.”  And that old adage is definitely true, we’ve seen it with the Ravens and the Bucs and the Giants and the Patriots in recent years.  The Steelers have one of the best defenses in the league, there’s no argument about that.  The Cardinals defense has been porous at times during the season but they’ve really picked it up in the playoffs.  They’ve picked everything up in the playoffs though.  Still, defensive edge goes to Pittsburgh.

Since we talked defense, I guess we should talk offense now.  Who has the advantage here?  Both QB’s have been to the Super Bowl and both have won one.  I’d give Arizona a slight edge in wide receivers, well actually it might be a really big edge if Hines Ward doesn’t go or isn’t 100%.  Larry Fitzgerald has been a beast and there’s no reason to think that Pitt is going to shut him down.  They might limit him compared to some other teams, but he will make some plays.  Pittsburgh gets the edge in the running game, though AZ has been pretty good there in recent weeks as well.  As for QB?  I like Warner better than Big Ben but the fact is they’re both just as capable of throwing crippling interceptions as they are throwing game winning TD’s.  They’re both scary to bet on.  Offensive edge to the Cardinals.

Another way is to go with the hot team.  Who’s hotter?  Both of them have rolled through the playoffs, so I really can’t distinguish there.  Pitt has the overall better record against better competition.  Arizona’s best wins have been in the playoffs, while Pitt has faced off with Baltimore three times and come out the winner, not to mention taking out the Chargers, another really hot team.

Coaching?  Both coaches have all of 2 years head coaching experience, though Whisenhunt was a coordinator at least with the Super Bowl winning Steelers.  Tomlin has a ring as the Bucs defensive backs coach.  Whisenhunt has the advantage of knowing the Pitt system rather well, seeing as he was there, but I’m sure Tomlin’s people have changed things up some.  I’d call coaching even.

X factors:

The Steelers have been here before.  They know what this game is like, they know the hoopla heading in and they know how to deal with it.  The Cardinals are almost entirely new to games of this magnitude.  Warner has been there before, Edge has dealt with the playoffs year in and year out, but that’s about it.  Can Warner get the rest of the team as focused as they need to be going in?  I’m sure that he’ll try and distractions will be kept to a minimum, but there will be some.

Big Ben.  Ben has lived for a couple of years now knowing that his team won the Super Bowl despite him, not because of him.  He turned in one of the worst QB performances in a big game that I’ve ever been unfortunate enough to see.  I honestly hated the Steelers for at least a year after that Super Bowl, because it was such a terrible game that it offended my senses.  So, this time out, Ben has to prove himself.  These Cardinals are not nearly as inept as those Seahawks were and he’s going to have to actually make some plays to win.  Will he step it up and get it done?

The “nobody believed in us” team.  The Cardinals have had the fun of playing the whole postseason as the team that everybody was picking to be one and done.  You may recall reading those very words from me a few weeks ago in my first playoff prediction.  Everybody sneered about how terribly they were playing down the stretch and what a crappy division they played in.  They used that each and every week to help motivate them, as these things seem to, and each week they’ve come out on top.  They’ll be singing that tune leading up to this game and if they win, we’ll be hearing it as they dump champagne and beer all over one another.  It’s a powerful motivator, silly though it might be.

So…with all that to consider, which way do I go?  Go with the gut and say the Steelers or go with the heart and pick the Cards?  Going into this week I fully intended on putting it on the line and picking the Cardinals.  There’s something that feels good about them, something that feels right.  The Warner story, Larry Fitzgerald showing his awesomeness both on and off the field (if you have not heard that young man give an interview, I beg you to listen to one, what a humble, good man he seems to be), Edge earning his ring, the team that nobody believed in achieving the pinnacle of their sport…that’s the thing I would love to see happen.  But do I think it will?  Every day that gets closer to the game I find myself leaning toward Pittsburgh, the team I know, the defense I trust.  When in doubt you go with the defense.  Sigh.

Alright, it’s time to man up (or woman up in my case) and make my pick.  So I’ll commit…Steelers by 3.  Special teams, which I did not discuss, makes a difference and Santonio Holmes sets up a couple short fields for Pitt.  So the head is winning out over the heart, but this is one pick I hope I actually get wrong.  Happy Super Bowling to you all, have some wings and beer and nachos and whatever else for me!  And go Cards!  (I can’t help it, I gotta root for the underdog this time!)

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