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Fresh off the news that my beloved Chuck has been renewed, albeit for a 13 episode pick up with possible cast cuts, I wonder if TV execs are finally taking things like DVRs and online viewing into account.  So many TV shows that were thought to be dead in the water are coming back and I’m thrilled.  I don’t know if it comes down to lack of anything better to air, actually recognizing quality, or considering the new media or a combination of all three, but I’m thankful.

Some of the shows that are returning, much to the surprise of TV media are Chuck, Dollhouse, my Friday Night Lights (for 2 years!), Better Off Ted, Scrubs…there are even reports that they’re thinking of bringing back Reaper.  In that case I’m sure it’s just the network having nothing better to air, it’s the CW after all.  But still, that’s the station that canceled my beloved Veronica Mars (no, I will never forgive them) that had more viewers than their current much hyped but not much watched Gossip Girl.

Friday Night Lights, recognized as a quality show with a small audience, gets to stay around thanks to a partnership with Direct TV.  They get to air new episodes first while us cable watchers wait impatiently til January to see the show, but you know what?  I don’t care as long as it keeps those beloved characters in my life.  When Zach appeared in the Grey’s finale, I kept watching him and saying, “My Matt” even though he was playing an army guy who wanted his leg cut off to return to Iraq.  So happy!

I think Dollhouse got another 13 episode order, which should give them time to either build a fan base or give us more of a wrap on the story.  I enjoyed this show and it got stronger toward the end.  I’m interested to see where they’ll take it and I’m glad Joss got a renewal.

Castle is another show being brought back, which thrills me.  Ratings had gone down but it’s a quality program with great cast and chemistry.  The show left on a pretty good “What’s he going to say?” moment and I’m glad we’ll get answers there as well.  That’s the problem, so many shows get cut dead without a proper ending, it just stinks.

I’m usually ready and willing to bash on TV execs for cutting off quality program before it’s time and there are some shows that got the axe this year undeservedly (farewell my Dirty Sexy Money) but more are coming back this year than expected.  For that I am grateful.  Now if they can only manage to start measuring things like DVR recordings and online viewing, maybe they’ll actually have a feel for what people are watching.  I just wanted to celebrate a couple wins this year, cause usually I don’t get em.  Thanks TV peeps, I won’t eviscerate you for a month or two at least!  🙂

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Instead of doing a long winded post about one show, I’m going to do a short post about several of them.  Things that are on my mind but I don’t feel like spinning out for a thousand or so words if you will.

Dirty Sexy Money

Farewell beloved Darling family!  Last night news broke that Dirty Sexy Money had been canceled.  They’ll film the 13 episodes they had approved for this year and that’s it.  I’m very disappointed by this, for along with Gossip Girl, this show was my guiltiest pleasure.  It was soapier than both my daytime soaps combined and everyone was so shallow and fun.  The only good thing to come out of this is perhaps Days could hire the DSM writers to spice up the show?  HAHA Wishful thinking I know!

What I’d like to see when the show ends?  I’d like to see Karen and Nick decide to make it happen.  Or at least one hot sex scene (me and the sex demands lately!).  I’d like to see Brian step up as the family leader, he is too awesome to be pushed aside all the time.  I’d like to see Jeremy actually doing something other than falling in love with a woman.  He’s been in love with 4 or 5 in the brief running of the show.  I’d like to see Nick’s wife die.  Sorry, I don’t like Lisa George.  I’d like to know definitively who killed Dutch George.  I’d like to see Simon exposed as the bastard he is and Nola free of his tyranny.  I’d like Patrick to become his own man, drop politics and win back Carmelita.  I’m sure I could think of more but that will do for now.

Pushing Daisies

Another show given the ax by ABC yesterday.  I don’t have a lot to say about it because I only watched sporadically last season and not at all this season.  It’s one of those whimsical shows that people supposedly either love or hate, but I, of course, fell right down the middle.  Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it.  Whimsy isn’t really my style.  I feel for the fans though, I know what it’s like to have a show you love yanked before its time.

Grey’s Anatomy

I’m not sure what show I’m watching here.  Is Daddy Winchester haunting a hospital now?  Why aren’t Sam and Dean running around Seattle Grace?  It makes more sense than what Shonda is doing to this show.  Izzy is seeing dead Denny and even made love to him last night.  YAY!  A plot ripped off of General Hospital is surely the way to go, Shonda!  Dear lord.  She thinks she’s telling a great love story, no doubt, but I think she’s lost her damn mind.  I loved Denny…they killed him and that was that.  He appeared in Meredith’s (also lame) death, but at least that sort of made sense.  Having Izzy be able to touch and make love to him now?  No.  You’ve ruined what was a great story, memories of Denny’s death are being replaced by a grinning ghost Denny.  Sigh.

And while I’m ranting about Grey’s, WTF was with having Lexie actually perform an appendectomy on Meredith’s new, very annoying, friend?  Lexie, overachiever, perfect student?  I don’t buy that for a second.  And I know the chick pushed her by starting the cut, but still.  I loathed this plot line and the fact that apparently all the interns get to keep their jobs.  I did like Meredith, Christina, Alex and George attempting to channel their inner Bailey on the interns, but heads should have rolled.


One of these days I’ll have to attempt to do a whole blog on Bones, for I love this show.  The chemistry between Booth and Brennan is outstanding.  She’s just hilarious, brilliant but so socially inappropriate.  My complaint with this one right now?  Angela.  I have never been that into Angela but I liked her with Hodgins.  They had what was probably the lamest breakup since that Jonas brother broke up with that Swift chick in a 20 second phone call and now she’s hooked up with her old girlfriend.  I don’t care that she’s with a woman, but the bouncing from Hodgin’s right to the other chick is just annoying.  And because I can’t talk about Bones without just saying this once, SWEETS! hee I love that guy.

Gossip Girl

Yep, it’s my other guilty pleasure.  I am so in love with Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf that I can’t stand myself.  They’re like the Cruel Intentions kids personified, without the icky step-sibling factor thrown in.  If the show ditched every character but the two of them, it would be enthralling.  I don’t mind Serena either, but her new boyfriend, Aaron, is a total skeeve.  I hate that guy.  And it’s not like I was a big Dan Humphrey fan either.  He was a sanctimonious jerk but she occasionally made him likable, unlike Aaron.  The whole Humphrey family, minus the father, is useless in my eyes anyway.  Bring on the Basshole and forget about the rest!  While I’m on that topic, I adore that ad campaign for GG that uses Britney’s “Womanizer” song with all the Chuck scenes, never was an ad more apt and perfect.  I love Chuck Bass.

What’s funny is that I loathed him in the first episode, but over time he’s been fleshed out and just become more and more fascinating.  Throw in his wacky clothes and smarmy moves and he’s just character perfection.  I can’t wait to see him and Blair hook up again.

How I Met Your Mother

My other favorite male man-whore is Barney Stinson.  NPH makes this entire show.  The Barneyisms, the bromance, the Happy You’re Not a Father’s Day, Suiting Up!….it’s all legen….wait for it….dary!  That’s really all I have to say about the show, I adore it, but Barney is totally my guy.

Desperate Housewives

Enough gushing, back to ranting.  Why did they slam Mike and Katherine together?  There’s been no build up and we barely see them together, so I’m not sure what the point was.  To annoy Susan?  That’s not hard.

I love Edie’s husband and I guess he’s after Mike, that’s been established.  Why is beyond me.  I thought maybe he was the husband of the wife that Susan killed in the car crash but then he’d be targeting her.  I think Mike killed someone in prison and he talked about his brother dying in prison, so I guess that is.  Yay, another mystery involving Mike’s past.  That hasn’t been done to death.

So now Carlos is going to be able to get his eyesight back?  Um okay.  They’ve done a good job of making Gabby look frumpy but I find her wholly uninteresting now.  I need scheming Gabby back and her kids?  Good lord.

Alright, that’s enough rambling.  Now you know some of the other shows that get my time and attention.  I am a TV Junkie as you can see, for there are others not covered here as well.  If people like this I’ll keep it going and update on various shows weekly or bi-weekly.  Let me know!

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Simon, Julia, Tripp, Leticia, Karen, Nick, Lisa, Brian, Patrick & Jeremy, DSM Cast courtesty of Duckydoestv.com

From Front: Simon Elder, Juliet, Tripp, Letitia, Karen, Nick George, Lisa George, Brian, Patrick & Jeremy, DSM Cast courtesty of Duckydoestv.com

While watching one of my guilty pleasures, Dirty Sexy Money, I started fervently wishing that Days would rip that off, you know, instead of Higley ripping her own stuff from OLTL off instead?  Since it’s quite clear that Dena couldn’t write a romance unless she’s possessed by one of the Bronte sisters, why not scrap the idea of romance and go the DSM route?

Dirty Sexy Money revolves around the filthy rich Darling family, headed by the formidable patriarch, Tripp (not to be mistaken for my friend, Tripp).  Tripp Darling is one of those meddling fathers, who thinks he knows what’s best for his children and will go to any length to ensure that they get what they want, or what he thinks they should want.  This week, his eldest son, Patrick, was ready to admit to the world that he is in love with a transgendered woman, Carmelita.  He was going to do this on the night of his election to the Senate.  Needless to say, Daddy didn’t think this would be a good idea and he told Carmelita the truth behind the death of Patrick’s wife, Ellen.  She slipped while attacking Patrick for cheating on her with Carmelita and instead of calling the cops, the family worried that it would come off like Patrick killed her, so they took her body to their summer house in the Hamptons and set it on fire.  Carmelita was not pleased that her beloved would do something like cover up his wife’s death, so she dumped him.  Problem solved, Patrick won.  Tripp had a heart attack while arguing with Patrick, but he appears to be alright.

Before I discuss the rest of the family, the main player is Nick George, the family lawyer.  Nick was your average do-gooder type of lawyer, wanting to help the environment and the world in general.  His father was the Darling family counselor and upon his untimely death (we’ll discuss that more shortly), Tripp approached him to take over as the private Darling family lawyer.  Nick grew up with the Darlings and wanted no part of their circus life, but the amount of money they threw at him for charitable givings made him decide to take the offer.  Over the year or so that he’s been involved with the Darlings, Nick has gone from white hat to a grayer hat, doing things he would no doubt have refused to do months ago (including standing aside during the Ellen cover up).  Tripp considers Nick as good as a son and recently named him Vice President, if anything happens to him, Nick will actually take over the family business.  Being at the Darling’s beck and call is doing a number on Nick’s life and his marriage.

Letitia Darling, wife of Tripp, mother of Patrick, Brian, Karen, Jeremy and Juliet.  Letitia is currently on trial for the murder of Nick’s father, her long time lover and father of her son, Brian as well.  She’s indulgent with her children and also loves Nick like a son, in part due to her relationship with his Dad.  Nick is defending her for the murder of his own father, who died in an airplane crash that was tampered with.  He’s certain of her innocence and the Darling’s want her to be represented to him because what jury would convict a woman of killing a guy when his own son is defending her?  Good question, that.

Patrick Darling, NY state senator, father of 2, in love with a transgendered woman.  Patrick is the eldest child, I believe, and the most moldable.  He always ends up bending to his father’s will, be it in running for the Senate or in giving in when it comes to his wife’s death.  He attempts to get out from under his father’s thumb but ends up right back under it.

Brian Darling, son of Letitia and Nick’s father, whose first name escapes me.  Brian started off as some kind of pastor, married to a formidable Mei Ling, with 2 daughters by her.  He also has a son, Brian Jr., from an affair with one of his churchgoers.  Hilariously, his girlfriend dumped Brian Jr. on him and he tried to pass him off as a Swedish orphan, Gunther, who could speak no English.  Mei Ling guilted Brian Jr. into admitting he was not a Swedish orphan and that Brian was his father.  She took the girls and left, Brian gave up the church and is now working for Darling Industries.  He found out last season that Tripp is not his father, as did Tripp, who did not know about Letitia’s long affair with the family lawyer.  Nick and Brian do not get along too well, but they’re an interesting pair to watch interact.

Karen Darling, professional divorcee.  She’s been married 4 times and just got engaged to #5 last night.  She was Nick’s childhood sweetheart and she still wants him.  He’s still attracted to her as well.  She’s supposedly a lot smarter than a ditzy rich chick but she acts the part more times than not.  Her best moment might have been right after wedding #4, when she turned to Nick a minute after saying her vows and asked him to get her a divorce!  Her new fiancee, Simon Elder, is her father’s top competitor and he wants to marry her to get his hands on the company.  Nick warned her of this but she took it as jealousy and him not wanting her to be happy and off we go.  Looks like next week Nick tells Tripp to cut her out of the business before Simon can get his hands on it.  It doesn’t get much soapier than that does it?

Jeremy Darling, twin of Juliet, youngest of the Darlings.  Family playboy.  Just kind of sleeps his way through life, partying and bedding women.  He’s got a crush on Nick’s wife, Lisa, and they’ve had a couple of kisses.  Nick knows and doesn’t appreciate it, of course.  Currently he’s sleeping with the DA, Nola Lyons, who is trying his mother for murder.  Again, is that not good soap?  They’ve kept their relationship quiet but Nick borrowed his phone and figured out who he was involved with.  Should make for some interesting times in front of the judge, right?

Juliet Darling, Jeremy’s twin.  She’s your useless Paris Hilton type, although a virgin, and mostly off the show.  She’s off with some guy right now and I think has only one or two appearances this year due to the actress’ real life troubles.  That’s okay, she was the least interesting of the Darling sibs.

Those are the main players, with Nick’s wife, Lisa and Karen’s fiancee, Simon, also along for the ride.  Just from my descriptions of the characters, does the show not sound soapy and about 1000 times more interesting than Days?  I picture bulking up the DiMera family a bit and having them be a Darling type of family.  Stefano is great as an interfering father, it’s what he already does.  I see EJ in the Patrick type role, the modable son who rebels when it comes to the woman he loves.  Lexie could not pull of Karen, but we could easily have another DiDaughter appear on the scene.  Actually Kristen would be great in that type of role.  I’d bring her and Peter back to bulk up the family.  Then have an outsider, like maybe our own Nick, get sucked into the family and deal with all their scandals and issues.  Have a real challenger, like say, Philip Kiriakis, romancing the Kristen/Karen type of character and spying on DiFamily.

You don’t have to have all these “twu wuv” stories like Days attempts to have, or all these random chem tests.  Business and family dynamics can be just as, if not more, compelling.  Desires, affairs, scandal, bribery, etc.  It’s not that hard, Dena, tune into ABC on Wednesday nights and start taking some notes.  It couldn’t hurt, right?

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