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NotLocke is actually cool enough to hang out with Real Ben.

I know, I’ve slacked on getting my first Lost post up but you know, I had to think about something like that for awhile.  Not that I’ve come to any new conclusions, but still, I’ve pondered things quite a bit.  I’m just thrilled the show is back and still epically absorbing.

So it appears we have two separate realities going, the one back on the island and the one where the plane lands.  You may remember that I predicted the plane would indeed land and everyone would be alive and such.  I was feeling rather triumphant for about a minute until we saw our Losties also still on the island.  Shouldn’t be surprised though, I rarely get anything right when it comes to this show.

Kate got moments with both her men in 2004.

How great was it to see Boone again?  He was totally channeling Damon from Vampire Diaries too.  You can’t tell me otherwise.  hehe I liked seeing him interact with Locke, I’d forgotten they were friends.  Charlie’s OD and saving by Jack was also a nice callback to earlier island happenings.  I adored the Kate/Jack glance and the Sawyer/Kate interaction as well.  I thought they might make him an even more active participant in her escape but his help in the elevator was fun and very Sawyeresque.

Hurley the good luck guy was definitely jarring but it totally made sense.  The numbers were no longer cursed so Hurley was just living the high life and buying chicken franchises.  Fitting.

The big, weird thing was Desmond being on the plane.  Of course, it makes sense that he wasn’t on the island anymore as his ship would not have crashed but why was he on Flight 815?  Tripp said something about him maybe being the exception to the rule, being able to float between the two realities and that makes sense to me.  I suspect someone like Daniel might also have that ability, if and when he appears.  Why?  Don’t ask me.  Just a gut feeling.

They're at it, again. With good reason this time at least.

On island, our Losties were all blown back to the future, so everyone is operating in the same time period apparently.  I like to think that this means time travel is done.  2007 in one storyline, 2004 in the other.  That’s enough to keep track of, but this is Lost and they’ll probably continue to mess with the mind.  It’s how they roll.  Anyway, Sawyer was immediately pissed at Jack that it didn’t work but in the midst of trying to kill him they heard Juliet calling from below.  They managed to dig her out and Sawyer got to hold and kiss her one more time before she died as she was trying to tell him something.

A final goodbye, not gonna lie, I cried.

Everybody was so busy with that that they forgot that Sayid was pretty much dying in the van but finally they all remembered and took off to the temple at the recommendation of Jacob, who appeared to Hurley and informed him that he’d died about an hour before and gave him a note to take to the temple dwellers.  They locate the temple and are taken hostage by some random people and taken to the Chinese Emperor, whose name I do not know so that’s what I’ve named him.

Emperor and his minions read the note and agree to help Sayid.  They do so by putting blood in some water and holding Sayid below until he drowns and announce that he’s dead.  Yeah, thanks for the help bastards.  Jack’s pissed and tries to revive him but no dice.  Fortunately, like half an hour later Sayid sits up.  Or is it really Sayid?  Coming back to that momentarily.

Manhandle Ben and die. DIE DIE DIE

On the other end of the island, Ben is all stunned over the fact that he killed Jacob and NotLocke is smug as hell but funny.  Some of Ilana’s idiots come in demanding to see Jacob and NotLocke points them to the fire.  This pisses off the big dude and he attempts to kill my Ben, which makes me shout in outrage and demand his immediate death.  Lost, as it sometimes does for me when I root for a murdering, comes through.  Or NotLocke does in the form of Smokey.  He comes in and kills the hell out of everyone but Ben.  Sadly Ilana was not in the room at that time.  Ben just sits in a stupor for awhile which upset me but later there was some life in him.

Ben sees that Locke is really and truly dead. Yay!

Ben and NotLocke come out of the tunnel and Richard demands to know where Jacob is.  Ben’s all like, “he’s hanging in the cave, totally cool, John’s back there too” and Richard shoves him toward Locke’s dead body, further stunning him.  NotLocke comes out and says they’re going to the temple I think and Richard tries to confront him but NotLocke knocks him out and throws him over his shoulder and off they go.

Back at the temple, they start freaking over Dead Jacob and laying out smoke rings to keep the monster out (big guy attempted to do that before Smokey killed him but it found a way to kill him anyway).  Then Sayid sat up, alive.

So, I assume that the note that Emperor had told him to shove Sayid in that water and let him die so Jacob could inhabit his body.  Smokey apparently takes shapes but Jacob has to take over bodies, which might explain why Dead Christian Shepherd strolls around the island all the time.  I always thought the island was going to come down to a showdown between Jack and Locke but right now it looks like Sayid vs. Locke.  Interesting.  Unless Jack dies and Jacob takes him over down the line.  Could happen.

It seems the temple dwellers are disciples of Jacob (I use that word because many people think Jacob is God and Smokey is the devil, which makes as much sense as any other theory I’ve heard) and that is the place where the kids from the flight ended up being taken along with the stewardess from the tail section.  Who else is there?  Time will tell I guess.

I didn’t like how defeated Ben appeared for much of the episode but after he got over the DeadLocke shock he kinda had that plotting Ben look that delights me to no end, so we’ll see what kind of trouble Mr. Linus can cook up for NotLocke.

I’m not really looking forward to Sawyer vs. Jack round 293218253 or whatever it is but at least Sawyer has decided that making Jack live and suffer is more fun that deadening him.  I don’t give a damn about the triangle but it would piss me off if Sawyer/Kate hooked up quickly because I truly believe in the love that he and Juliet shared.

Other observations and questions:

I’m not thrilled with the return of 2004 asshole Jin.  I did enjoy Sun refusing to speak English and clarify things for him in customs.

Where was Eko?  You know I love him and need to see him once since he should be alive and well in 2004.

Is Desmond still with Penny in alt universe?  Can he hop around until he is again cause they need to be together.

Is all that Miles heard from Juliet that it did work?  And how does she even know that?

Will Miles be able to talk to DeadSayid if Jacob is inhabiting him?

I’m not overly happy about all these new cast members and I totally don’t care about the temple dwellers and Ilana’s crew.  Give me my Losties and Frank because he is awesome.

I’m sure I have other thoughts and questions but I didn’t do a rewatch and it’s been 3 days and I’m not that bright anymore so I forget things. hehe  I’ll be more prompt next week, I promise!

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The new John Locke is quite different.

The new John Locke is quite different.

Wow…I really don’t know what to say about Lost.  Fantastic episode with Locke’s final line being a total blow me away type moment.  This was one of those rare episodes that didn’t necessarily feel like anybodies episode…perhaps it was Locke’s but Sawyer, Richard, Jack & Kate & Juliet…everybody was pretty heavily featured.  I’m not up to a total recap conversation so I thought I’d just post the stuff I found to be most interesting.

Will Locke bond with Ben again, and will the outcome be different this time out?

Will Locke bond with Ben again, and will the outcome be different this time out?

  • He’s baaaaaack!  No, not Locke, Sayid!!!  Just as some Other was about to plug Kate full of holes for wanting to return to the Dharmites, Sayid guns the fellow down.  Awesome.  Good thing Eloise took that random guy along with her and Richard, no?  I’d love to know where he’s been since he shot Ben, hopefully we’ll get that answer next week.
  • Sayid’s pride in changing the face of the island sure wavered when he found out that Kate and Sawyer had taken Ben to the Others to get healed or reborn or Islandized or whatever happens.  He was sure pissed…cracked me right up.  I loved Kate’s question to him asking when they became people who killed kids.
  • Eloise, aka Worst. Mother. Ever., apparently got on board with Jack’s plan because she killed her son.  Why she couldn’t have gotten on board before killing poor Daniel is beyond me.  Poor Dead Daniel, he sure spent more time on our screens dead than anything else this season.
  • Are Jack & Co in the same spot where Ben had to face the smoke monster?   It looked similar but I wasn’t sure.
  • Kate…I get that you’re not on board with wanting to blow up the island but why in the hell would you march back to the Dharmites?  I know, you wanted to see Sawyer again but damn, getting captured is not my idea of a productive reunion.
  • Most. Awkward. Reunion. Ever. (yeah I’ve been watching The Simpsons a lot lately, sue me)  Just as Sawyer and Juliet seem to be heading toward couply bliss, in comes Kate.  Juliet’s face was priceless.
  • Radzinsky and Phil have to die.  Period.  If they do not die, I will throw a fit of epic proportions.  Nobody beats up Sawyer and Juliet and gets to live.  Where’s Ben when you need him?
  • Well we know where Ben is, 30 years in the future and quite confused about this new and improved Locke.   They seem to be bonding and I think my boy is back to trying to manipulate Locke and Richard, although Locke may have pulled the rug out from under him with his plannnnn.
  • Loved that Locke was the one to make Richard go to himself and help him with his gunshot and tell him that he has to die.  Richard’s face and confusion was totally awesome.
  • Richard may have bit off more than he can chew with Locke as leader.  He didn’t seem too pleased to be carrying out Locke’s orders and getting called out in front of the whole crew.  Maybe he’ll realign with Ben to take Locke down?
  • Now Miles knows that his daddy forced him and mom off the island to save them.  I guess his viewpoint toward Dr. Chang/Candle might have changed just a bit.
  • LOVED!!! Dr. Chang’s test when Hurley tried to keep up the facade that they’re not from the future.  Hurley’s 1931 birth, making him 46 and his inability to name the president just killed me.  Oh, Hugo, you’re so sweet but so useless.
  • Back to Richard (yes, I am just writing random thoughts with no guideline) why is he so content to be the number 2 guy?  In the past he’s being ordered about by Charles and Eloise and in the future it’s now Locke, previously Ben.  Why would he do that for the 50 to 60 to whatever years he’s been on the island?  He’s the one who is immortal or unchanging or whatever, I think I’d throw down and take over.
  • Richard saw the Dharmites all die huh?  Interesting.  Did they really die in the bombing or did they just poof back to the future like my last week’s blog pondered?  I keep hearing that the finale is yet another game changer so I’m thinking I just may be right, even though I think I’m insane.  But they probably are too, so we’ll see.
  • Finally, Locke’s revelation to Ben that he was taking the crew to go meet Jacob so he could kill him.  Well slap my face and call me Sally, that was truly stunning!  Ben’s look was priceless.  He’s only been that floored one other time, when Alex was killed.  I’ve never been that floored by a line on this show.  Here I thought Locke wanted to hang with his boy Jacob and instead he’s out to kill him?  Has the island told him to do this or has he decided he needs to be to be the “real” boss?  Would setting off the bomb coupled with killing Jacob in real time combine to make the island vanish forever?  I just don’t know!
Ben's reaction to the new Locke is a mirror of my own.

Ben's reaction to the new Locke is a mirror of my own.

Those were the big things that hit me while watching the show last night.  I don’t really know what is going to happen in the finale but I know I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see Locke’s showdown with Jacob and what this bomb ends up doing.  I can’t believe Lost is so near the end and I can’t wait to see how it all wraps up.  See you next week, bet our minds will be blown!

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Kate was the star of the show last night.

Kate's lost her kid and lost both her men?

GAH!  I thought I was doing so well with Lost, I thought I actually had a win and spent the first half of the episode being triumphant, but then Lost bitchslapped me and took my win away!  Actually, technically I was still right, because I did say Kate left Aaron either with his grandmother or with Clementine and her mother, I just wanted it to be the latter.  Of course not though.  Why should I get one moment of triumph?

Perhaps because of that, I wasn’t really feeling the show last night.  Oh it was good and stuff happened but I wasn’t blown away like I have been so many times this year.  That’s okay though, they don’t all have to be mind-blowingly good.  Because of my lack of major investment, I think I’ll just do a list of things that struck me.

  • Hurley and Miles?  No…no more of that.  I thought I had a pretty good idea on the paradoxes and the past not changing the future and Miles was reinforcing that but then Hurley f’ed it all up by mentioning Sayid torturing Ben in the future.  Sigh.  I choose to believe though that Ben did/would recognize him and just keep his own counsel because he is Ben.  I feel better now.
  • What a burn for Kate!  She thinks Sawyer came after to help her and he tells her he was doing it for Juliet.  Maybe, just maybe, they’re going to give Sawyer/Juliet a chance.  I hope so.
  • Damned if you do, damned if you don’t right?  Jack looks like an ass for not helping young Ben but if he saves him, he probably looks like an ass for unleashing future Ben upon them all.  Not that I agreed with his douchery.  Save my Ben!
  • I scoffed at Cassidy’s analysis of Sawyer’s actions on the island up until Kate told Sawyer her theory of why he jumped out of the helicopter and he agreed that he and Kate would ultimately have never worked out in the real world.  Maybe Cassidy was not such an idiot after all.
  • Okay, how hilarious would it have been if Kate returned to the island because she lost Aaron in the grocery store and couldn’t find him again?  I knew that wasn’t going to be the case but it sure would have been funny if it had.
  • It occurs to me that Sayid does have a 3rd option; he can’t be an Other because Ben’s now going to be one of them, he can’t be with his pals cause he shot Ben; so where does he go?  I say he goes and finds his old pal Rousseau!  Give me my win Lost!
  • So, it would seem that Sayid’s shooting of Ben is what leads Ben to become eventual King of the Others.  Irony.  Love it.
  • Was anybody else worried a little about Kate’s bonding with Roger Linus?  We know the woman has man issues…it made me nervous. n Oh and Roger, I’m quite sure your wife would not approve of how you’ve chosen to raise Ben.  Being an abusive ass was probably not high on her list of child rearing techniques.
  • Juliet’s confrontation with Jack wasn’t nearly as awesome as it should have been.  She quietly confronted but she didn’t crush him like she was supposed to.
  • Jack’s definitely become Locke.  He doesn’t know why he’s there just that he’s supposed to be for some unknown purpose.  Sigh.  One Locke is more than enough for me.
  • Speaking of Locke, impressive little scene at the end with Ben when he woke up.  I wanted Ben to open his eyes and say, “Dude, did you know Sayid shot me when I was a kid?” but alas, didn’t happen.  Still, Locke was all, “Welcome back to the land of the living, like me bitch!” I may be paraphrasing there.  It would have been more impressive if I believed Locke could maintain the air of superiority he has, but history makes me suspicious.  Still, Ben did kill him so that should be a life altering experience.  We’ll see if Locke can bring it!
  • Finally, what in the hell happened to Daniel?  (and Rose and Bernard)

I think that is about it for last night.  I liked Kate’s scenes with Cassidy and with Claire’s mom, she did a nice job last night.  I’m very much looking forward to next weeks Bencentric episode, always among my favorites!  He better live!

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A fascinating character study of a man with low self-esteem.

A fascinating character study of a man with low self-esteem.

I fully expected to be bored stiff and throughly irritated by last night’s Lost episode.  If you’ve read any of my Lost blogs, you know that I’m not overly fond of John Locke.  I found him interesting and endearing in the first season but after he blew up that sub I really started to loathe him.  He’s probably my least favorite Lostie that’s still alive.  So color me surprised that I was fully engaged and interested for the entire episode.  Not that I particularly like the character again, but I was reminded why I liked him the first time around.

The episode begins with the Spanish guy we saw on the plane, Cesar, hunting around in some building and stashing a gun.  A woman comes in to tell him that they found a man standing in the water and wearing a suit.  They walk past the crashed plane, which looks pretty well in tact all things considered.  Cesar goes up and introduces himself to one John Locke, who is very much back to life clothed in his funeral garb.  Personal aside, my new high def TV makes Lost even more awesome, when John is standing by the water it feels like I’m sitting on the beach behind him.  The woman, Iliana, chats with John who is trying to figure out exactly how he got back and enjoying the hell out of a mango.  John tells her that he thinks his suit is what he was going to be buried in and that he remembers dying.  Way to kill a convo, John.

After turning the donkey wheel, Locke comes to in Tunisia, apparent return point for anybody leaving the island by that method of travel.  It’s the exit point as we find out from Charles Widmore, whose people have brought Locke in for medical attention.   Widmore tells him they met when he was 17 and now they were meeting all these years later, with Locke looking exactly the same.  He wonders how long it’s been since they met and John tells him it was 4 days.  He’s pretty blown away by that even though he knows how it all works.  Locke isn’t so much about working for Widmore but Charles tells him that he ran the island for 30 years til Ben fooled him into leaving the island (HA!).  Widmore tells Locke that there’s a war coming and if he’s not on the island when that happens the wrong side will win.  I assume he means Ben.  The island needs Locke, he says, and it has for a long time.  He tells John that he’s special, which of course speaks to Locke’s need for affirmation. Widmore sends Locke, in the care of one awesome Matthew Abaddon, to round up his islanders.  In a poignant moment, Abaddon gets out a wheelchair for John, bringing him full circle.

First stop is Sayid, building houses in Santo Domingo.  Sayid sneers at the thought of returning to the island, telling Locke that after working for Ben for 2 years and being duped into thinking he was protecting everyone, he wasn’t heading back there no matter what.  He got to spend 9 months with Nadia before she was murdered and he wouldn’t have that if he hadn’t left, so he wasn’t returning.  Sayid calls him on wanting to go back only because he has nowhere else to go.  Sayid actually seems very content with his life, wonder what happened a few days later to send him to break Hurley out of the nut house?

Next Locke heads to New York to see Walt.  Instead of asking him to come with him he just asks how he is and tells him he wanted to stop by.  Walt looks and talks like a man now, it’s pretty amazing.  He tells Locke he had a dream of him standing in the water back at the island in his suit. surrounded by people who wanted to hurt him.  He apparently sees the future too.  He also doesn’t know that Michael is dead so Locke tells him that he’s on a freighter near the island.  I hope we get to find out what his deal is.  Walt’s ability to communicate with the animals and dream the future is intriguing.  Ben is standing on the sidewalk watching Locke say goodbye to Walt and get in the car with a most murderous look on his face.  He’s not too thrilled with our boys mission, is he?

Locke heads to see Hurley who is sorry that he’s dead.  He’s convinced he’s a ghost until he checks in with a few other people at the asylum who confirm that he’s there.  I think Hurley would have gone with him but when he hears about the others having to go he is sure they won’t.  He sees Abaddon then and freaks out.  He tells John about him showing up and claiming he worked for Oceanic and runs away.  Success yet again!

Locke finally decides to question Abaddon, which since he’s seen him a couple times before he ought to have.  Abaddon tells him that he knows he remembers that he saw him right after his accident when he was working as an orderly and that he’s the one who recommended he go to Australia.  He tells him he helps people get to where they need to go.  Oooookay.  Not too mysterious was that?  He’s awesome though, scares the bejesus out of me.

They head off to Kate who gives Locke a quick no.  She is hard about that and glares at Locke when he asks if she cares about them.  She asks him if he’s ever been in love and said she thinks he must not have been if he’s so desperate to stay on the island.  He tells her about Helen, who he asked Abaddon to find.  Kate asked what happened and he told her that he got obsessed over something.  She stops him there and says, “Look how far you’ve come.”  This was a deep look into Locke’s life, I will say.

Abaddon doesn’t want to but takes Locke to Helen, who died of an aneurism a few years ago.  Locke admits that they could have been together if he hadn’t been such a moron, but Matthew points out she would have died anyway.  Locke’s path has always been to get to the island.  While he’s stowing Locke’s wheelchair in the trunk, the back window suddenly spurts with blood.  Abaddon is shot several times and Locke drives away, getting into an accident and of course landing in Jack’s hospital.

Rebearded, drugged up Jack is not listening to Locke’s nonsense either.  Jack sneers at the destiny factor yet again; says it’s not about fate it’s about probability that he landed in Jack’s hospital.  Science vs. faith, it continues on.  Jack tells him maybe there’s nothing important about him at all and he’s just a lonely old man who crashed on an island.  Locke tells him his father said hello.  That stops Jack for a second but he tells Locke his father is dead.  He refuses to help him and tells him to leave him alone.

We wind up with Locke in his hotel room writing his “I wish you believed me” suicide note to Jack and rigging up his hanging.  Just as he’s about to jump he’s interrupted by a knock on the door and Ben’s entrance.  Ben begs him to stop.  Locke asks how he found them and Ben admits to having everyone watched.  John screams about what he wants from him and realizes that Ben killed Abaddon.  Ben admits that without a qualm.  Damn I love him.  Ben tells him about Widmore saving him and Ben says he wants to use him to get to the island.  This gets out dear, naive boy all sorts of confused.  Ben tells him that he’s so very important to the island and that makes him sad.  He tells Ben that he’s a failure and there is no helping him.  He couldn’t get them to come back and he can’t lead anybody.  Ben tells him that Jack booked a ticket to Sydney.  Ben tells him he has too much work to do to die.  He unties his rope and convinces him to step down.

Of course, Locke makes his fatal error next.  He tells Ben that he can’t go see Sun, he promised Jin he wouldn’t bring her back.  Ben’s amazed that Jin is alive and he tells him about the ring.  Ben shrugs that off with a promise is a promise.  Locke tells him that they have to find Eliose Hawking in LA and she can help them get back to the island.  Ben hears that and asks if he’s sure.  Locke asks if he knows here and he says yes, he knows her, and then he strangles John with his noose anyway.  Hangs him back up, cleans up the scene, takes Jin’s ring, tells John he’ll miss him and heads off.  Damn that was cold…and pretty awesome.

Back on the island, Locke tells Cesar about the Dharma Initiative.  Cesar questions him about him already being there and asks about how long ago he left and how he got back.  John confuses him and Cesar asks him about what happened on the plane.  He says he sat near the big guy with the curly hair and he disappeared.  John now knows that Hurley and co were on board.  He asks for a passenger list and Cesar tells him about the people who got hurt.  He takes him to a makeshift infirmary and there he finds Ben.  Hee!  Reunion, so sweet!  Cesar asks if he knows him and John says yeah, he’s the guy who killed me.  Way to frighten and confuse your new pals Locke.

As I said above, this episode really allowed us to get another look at old Locke.  The lonely, naive, depressed person that he was prior to being on the island (okay, the naivete remained on the island).  He was lost off the island prior to the first landing there and he was lost again when he got back to the real world.  It served to reinforce the idea that Locke does belong on the island.  He needs that reinforcement, that idea that he’s special.  Major self esteem issues there.  One wonders if he was going to kill himself because he believed that he had to die as he was told by Christian or if he was killing himself more because he was a failure.  I think it was the latter, I really do.  Of course Locke decided to believe Ben, because he told him how special he was and that he was needed.  This may be true, but I promise you Ben doesn’t think so.  The fact that Locke continues to be Ben’s bitch amuses the hell out of me.   It’s sad but funny at the same time.  I look forward to seeing what happens when Ben wakes up.

Looks like he will next week, they show him stumbling around with a sling on his arm.  It also looks like our Losties are all going to be reunited, including the much longed for Kate/Sawyer reunion.  I can’t wait!

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My brain looks like Ben's face today; thanks Lost!

My brain looks like Ben's face today; thanks Lost!

Bloody hell.  Lost is like an abusive boyfriend.  We’re cruising along, things seem to be going one way and then out of the blue it up and punches me in the face, leaving me as battered as Ben was by the middle of the episode.  I don’t know how much sleep I got and I lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of Cuse & Lindelof.  I went to bed with a zillion questions running through my mind and it just wouldn’t shut off.  So here I am, out of bed and writing because there’s no rest for my wakeful mind.

Instead of recapping and commenting, I’m just going to list my questions and attempt to answer them.  Some I think I actually have a handle on (thanks to being awake most of the night) and others I haven’t a clue (as usual).  I thought the time travel explanation from Mrs. Hawking, now known as Scary Poppins thanks to a discussion Tripp & I had about her, was going to be the thing that had me confused all episode but I actually followed that fairly well.  Some Dharma dude was a math whiz (Daniel?) and came up with calculations of when the island would be at any particular time and they had a window to get there and they did.  Great, got it.  Moving on to my questions!

1. What happened to my Ben’s face?

Ben went from being his normal self to having his face nearly beat in down at the marina.  He had to alter his plan of picking up dead Locke and ask Jack to do it.  My theory is that Sayid beat the hell out of him and left him for dead.  I base this on Sayid’s surprised reaction to seeing Ben get on the plane.  He didn’t look Hurley surprised, he looked “what the hell are you doing alive?” surprised.

Sayid in custody?  And going to Guam?

Sayid in custody? And going to Guam?

2. Speaking of Sayid, why is he in the custody of a federal marshal and what is he doing on the plane?

When last we saw Sayid, he swore that he would kill Jack or Ben if he came upon them again (hence the face beating theory with Ben) and he wasn’t returning to the island.  Alright, I get that.  So why was he on the Guam flight with everyone else?  My best guess is that Ben turned him in as a hired killer or something and he was being deported.  Why at that time and why to Guam?  You got me!  We’ll chalk that up to fate and move the hell on.

What happened to make Kate get on the plane?

What happened to make Kate get on the plane?

3. Where is Aaron?

Kate went from absolutely not going back to the island to crying in Jack’s room and telling him that she would go.  When Jack asked about Aaron, she told him never to ask about him again.  Alrighty, so where is the little blond boy?  I have two theories on that one.  My favorite theory comes from Sawyer’s secret whispered to Kate before he jumped out of the helicopter.  My thought has long been that he told her about his daughter, Clementine, and asked her to check on her and make sure that she was happy and healthy.  Kate has met Sawyer’s baby momma in the past so perhaps when she went to check on the kid they remembered one another and rebonded and became friends.  I think Kate went to her and asked her to take care of Aaron while she’s away.

My other, less satisfying theory is that Claire’s mom was still in town and Kate told her the truth and handed over the kid.  Plausible but I prefer the Sawyer tie in, especially after Kate had comfort sex with Jack this episode.

Hurley's clearly not happy to see Ben, this cracked me up.

Hurley's clearly not happy to see Ben, this cracked me up.

4. How in the hell did Hurley get out of jail and why did he get on the plane?

Hurley seemed pretty gung ho about not listening to Jack and Ben, to the point that he admitted to Sayid’s murders and got slapped in prison.  Somehow, within 72 hours or so of that occurrence, he’s gotten out of jail and he’s even allowed to fly on an airplane with no repercussions.   Okay!  I’m sure Ben’s lawyer was instrumental in his release but how he got him approval to fly is beyond me.  Unless all charges were dropped on Hurley and are now on Sayid?

As to why he got on the plane?  It’s pretty clear that Hugo was well aware that they’re headed back to the island and I think the only thing that would make him fall in would be a visit from one of his ghost friends.  And the ghost friend most likely to convince him would be Charlie in my opinion.  His best pal.  I am definitely looking for Dom to appear in another flashback episode.

I forgot to mention that, clearly we’re going get flashbacks again for the rest of the season on what transpired in those 46 hours between Scary Poppins’ lecture and the Losties being back on the island.  Let the mindfuck begin again!

5.  Who is Jack’s grandfather?

Everything means something on Lost, so Jack getting a call about his grandfather and heading off to the nursing home is important.  And I think it means more than just grabbing a pair of Christian’s shoes for Dead Locke to wear.  Since Christian appears to be a favorite of the island somehow, it stands to reason that Christian’s father must be important in some way.  His name is Ray, which disappointed me as I bought into Tripp’s theory that perhaps Jacob is Christian’s father and Jack’s grandfather.  Could still be of course, but he’s alive and well so who knows?  I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Ray, that’s all I’m saying.

Frank looks way better now, maybe shaving is his way of accepting fate?

Frank looks way better now, maybe shaving is his way of accepting fate?

6. Did the plane crash?  Are they all on the island now?  Is Frank alive?

These are all related so we’ll slap them together.  Thus far we know that Hurley, Jack and Kate are all back on the island.  I assume the others are there somewhere as well, though I do wonder if Ben is actually allowed back or not?  And we don’t really know if the plane crashed or not as we haven’t seen any evidence that it did.  Perhaps the island just yanked the Losties out and left the rest be?

I thought it was was wicked cool to have Frank be the pilot and I recognized his voice even before he said his name.  He was supposed to have been the pilot the first time around but Greg Grunberg took his place, so it was clearly his fate to crash on the island at some point or other.  LOVED his reaction when he saw Jack and the others and said, “we’re not going to Guam are we?”  I’m worried that Frank will get the Grunberg death treatment now, but hopefully he’s alive and well and going to rejoin his fellow freighter folks soon.

7.  Has the island stopped moving in time now?

This may hearken back to Scary Poppins lecture but I’ll have to rewatch and see about that.  We know that they’re in the 70’s now I think.  Jin pulled up in the working Dharma van (Hurley’s face was priceless when he saw that thing again) and he was wearing the Dharma gear.  So are Jin and co now working with Dharma?  And are our Losties all going to be stuck in the 70’s?  I had assumed that once the Oceanic 6 returned to the island that the time jumping was going to stop.  That is why they were supposed to return, right?  So the nose bleeds and death would stop because the island would settle the hell down?  I don’t know that I want our peeps to be stuck 30 years in the past for the rest of time though, so we’ll see.

The thing that came to mind when I saw Jin in the Dharma jumpsuit and started pondering the whole stuck in the 70’s thing was to wonder if now all our Losties are doomed to end up as bones in that pile of Dharma people that Ben gassed!  Wouldn’t that be a depressing as hell way to end the show?  To find out that they’re all dead at the hands of Ben?  I know that won’t be the case but it did enter my mind.

8. What happened to Desmond?

When last we saw our friend, he was being being stupefied that Jack and Sun were going to go back to the island.  Scary Poppins informed him that the island wasn’t done with him either, but he wasn’t on that plane, nor did I expect him to be.  My guess is he’ll show up there again, but when that will be I don’t know.  I wonder if he and Penny will sail there on accident?

He also could have been the Ben beater now that I think about it.  Ben still wants to get back at Widmore for Alex’s death and he plans to kill Penny, so maybe he went down to the marina to do that and Desmond stopped him.  I think Sayid is the most likely candidate but we may as well cover all our bases.

This face was very similar to mine upon reading Locke's suicide note.

This face was very similar to mine upon reading Locke's suicide note.

9. What kind of suicide note was that?

I have to give it to Locke, he even manages to be annoying when he’s offing himself.  His note itself was annoying but so was Jack’s refusal to read it til the very end of the show.  Wouldn’t you be dying to know what it said?  I sure was, I was screaming READ THE NOTE at Jack every time I saw him.  Then he finally does and all it say is, “I wish you had believed me.”  The hell?

It is funny that Jack read that right after Ben told him that it wasn’t his fault, what happened to all of them on and off island after he left.  Jack seemed to listen and then he reads that and I’m sure he’s back to blaming himself after all.  Good old Locke, it’s never his fault is it?   Never mind that Christian told him that HE was the one who was supposed to have moved the island.  Nope, everything is on Jack for not staying.  Whatever Locke.  Not everyone wants to hand themselves over to a mystical island til the end of time.

Of course this does reinforce the idea that Jack might be the most important of them all to the island.  Christian’s constant presence led credence to that theory as well, but I always assumed that Locke was the one the island loved above all others.  Maybe not.  Maybe Jack has to come back and battle it out for island supremacy.  Maybe that’s the trick, this has really been one long ass episode of Survivor and we didn’t know it!

10.  Locke becomes Christian.  Jack becomes Locke.  Sayid becomes Kate?

Bear with me on this one, it’s the last group of thoughts I have on the show and not really a question, I know that.  But it seems to me that everybody is adopting new roles.  Locke is the dead guy on the plane this time, brought aboard by Jack, just like Christian was.  Wearing Christian’s shoes, because it was important that he have something of Christian’s with him for some unknown reason.  Probably to zap him back to life.  Who knows?

Jack had to become Locke.  He had that conversation with Ben in the church, when Ben told him about Doubting Thomas having to touch Jesus and whatnot instead of just believing what he’d been told.  Jack has always been the doubter while Locke has been the man of faith, but since he’s been off the island Jack’s felt that pull to go back in a way that none of the rest of them did.  He’s had to give up that rational side and believe more in the mystical fate side in order to return to the place where apparently he belongs, just like Locke told him.  I wish you’d believed me indeed, Locke.

Sayid is in Kate’s place right now, shackled and being guarded by a federal marshal.  I don’t know the whys of this but the parallels are there.  Nor do I know who Hurley and Sun and Kate and Ben are now, I just thought it was interesting the way some of the characters were playing new roles.  If I thought hard enough I could probably decide who they were but I’d just be playing a game and this is long enough as it is!

So those are my questions and possible answers from one long night of pondering a TV show.  I think it’s a good thing this show ends in a year, clearly I need to get back to mindless TV that lets me sleep like a baby at night.  Next week is Lockecentric, so I’m sure to be annoyed and confused again.  Talk to you then!

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When in doubt, blame Locke!

When in doubt, blame Locke!

I am very angry at myself, fellow Lost fans.  You see, I’ve disliked Locke for ages now.  Pretty much from the time he blew up that submarine I have been irritated with him.  His self-centered belief that he had to stay on the island and so did everybody else because he said so aggravated me to no end.  Of course it seems he was right, but that was irrelevant.  I didn’t like his actions and I certainly didn’t like his naivete when it came to trusting my awesome Ben.  Locke is so Ben’s bitch and he falls for his manipulation every single time.  That part I find amusing along with annoying.

So why am I mad?  Because I didn’t even remotely think to blame Locke for the current mess on the island.  And I totally could have, it turns out!  Locke climbs down a well, again thanks to Charlotte telling him to do so, and gets stuck underground during one of the flashes, falling and breaking his leg. Then Christian Shepherd appeared to Locke and told him that HE was supposed to move the island, not Ben!  Hilariously Christian asks him when listening to Ben has ever done him any good and Locke was stunned into silence on that one.  No answer to that, huh John boy?  So cool.  So if Locke had moved the island, the presumption is they wouldn’t be flashing through time and bleeding from noses and cruelly dying.  Kudos, Locke, stay awesome!  He pushes the donkey wheel himself this time, bravo, and Christian tells him to say hello to his son.  Locke asks who that is but doesn’t get an answer as he flashes away in bright light.

Charlotte shortly before she died; the island claims another one.

Charlotte shortly before she died; the island claims another one.

Okay, Locke rant over.  Last night, Charlotte died.  Poor Charlotte.  Poor Daniel.  Poor Tripp, shipper of Charlotte and Daniel who is now calling herself the angel of death for killing TV couples.  This is Lost though so there’s always the possibility that we’ll be seeing her again.  Actually I’m fairly sure we will see the younger her sometime in the near future.  Right before she died she told Daniel that she grew up on the island and she remembered a crazy man warning her not to come back to the island or she would die.  She told him that she was pretty sure that crazy man was him and Daniel actually looked surprised by that, so I’m thinking he hasn’t actually done it yet.  Of course I don’t think he can change her actions but I bet he’ll still try.  Maybe he could give her the constant idea that ended up helping him and Desmond?  I dunno.  I still hold out hope that we haven’t seen the last of Charlotte.

Jin dealing with his new surroundings, he handled it pretty well.

Jin dealing with his new surroundings, he handled it pretty well.

We got a lot of Jin this episode, which is always a good thing!  He ran around with the Frenchies for awhile and tried to help them avoid the smoke monster but they didn’t listen so very much.  Bad idea.  Oh, by the way, kudos to casting for finding a lot of French speaking hotties for the roles; those were some good looking guys.  I was sorry to see them die.  Yay to the day players.  (What is it with French day players?  DOOL had a few hot French guys a few months ago too, maybe I should move?)  Smokey got ahold of some girl named Nadine and gave her the Greg Grunberg treatment from the pilot episode and spit her out at her pals.  Then he got a hold of blond Frenchman (totally hot or to borrow from his country, tres hot!) and dragged him into his hidey hole.  Danielle’s babydaddy got hold of his arm and tried to wrestle him away from the monster but that only resulted in ripping off his arm.  Ick!  They went after the monster but Jin convinced Danielle to stay back with him.  Then he flashed ahead, very shortly ahead it seems, to see a couple of the Frenchies shot and Danielle facing off with her babydaddy.  He tells her that he’s not sick and the monster was just a guardian of the temple and Danielle starts to believe him.  He then tried to shoot her but his gun failed and she shot him.  Then she caught site of Jin and shot at him but fortunately he flashed again.

Hot Frenchies!

Hot Frenchies!

And who should come upon him but Sawyer and co?  Sawyer’s heartfelt hug of joy was just awesome to see.  Poor Jin was heartbroken when he heard that Sun was gone but he heeded Charlotte’s warning that he needed to make sure she didn’t return.  He gave Locke his wedding ring to take as proof that he was dead but Ben instead used it to prove that he was alive.  Tricky Ben!

Things are not all rosy for Ben this episode though.  Kate screams at him and Jack and takes off with Aaron, clearly having no intention of returning to the island with them.  Sayid tells Ben and Jack that if he ever sees them again it will be unpleasant for all of them and takes off on his own as well. (Threats from Sayid are a powerful thing!)  Sun keeps a gun trained on Ben but agrees to go with him and Jack to see his proof.  I loved the scene in the car when Ben channeled everybody’s father and pulled the car over screaming at Jack and Sun to shut the hell up and that he’d done what he had to do and they’d ‘be thanking him if they do knew everything he’d done to ensure they’d all be safe.  This being Ben, who can say if it’s true or not, but he did seemingly convince them to continue on to the church.

There wasn't enough Sawyer in this episode so I had to include a pic instead!

There wasn't enough Sawyer in this episode so I had to include a pic instead!

Once outside the church he gives Sun the wedding ring and then they turn to see Desmond walking up wondering what they’re doing there.  He tells them that he’s there to meet Faraday’s mom, so we were all right with our assumption that Eloise Hawking is indeed his mother.  Ben seems surprised by Desmond’s appearance and by the news that Eloise is Daniel’s mom.  She greets them and chides Ben for not bringing them all together but says they’ll have to work with it anyway.  There was something extremely frightening about that woman…I don’t know what exactly it is but she scared me more than Ben does.

Next week, time travel explanations and theories.  In other words, I’ll be very confused again!  Also some Jate action (sorry Skate fans) and Hurley’s back!  Should be interesting!

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Ben continues to bend the Losties to his will.

Ben continues to bend the Losties to his will.

Last night’s Lost was as equally awesome as all the rest of them; though for me it was even more awesome because my Ben was back to wreaking his special brand of havoc in the lives of our favorite Losties!  You all may have picked up on my fondness for Mr. Benjamin Linus and it continues unabated as he gleefully pulls on Kate’s puppet strings this episode.  I think Ben could talk the Pope into killing someone if he was of a mind to do so.

Kate is really very lovely, isn't she?

Kate is really very lovely, isn't she?

So last night Kate went to see the lawyer who wants her to submit to a blood test and tried to demand to know who his client was.   He said he’d ask but he was pretty sure that the client wasn’t going to allow him to release that info; so ever the enterprising Kate followed him to a hotel room.  While she was waiting to follow him, Jack came to warn her that some guy who tried to attack Sayid was carrying her address.  He went to the hotel with her and they saw Claire’s mother at the door.  Kate started freaking out because the woman does have claim to Aaron, so Jack offered to go talk to her.  He started to tell her why they lied about Aaron but she didn’t know that name; she’d just come there to collect on her Oceanic settlement for Claire’s death.  Jack lets that be that and goes to tell Kate that she’s not the client.  So who was???

Aaron is the pawn in Ben's game.

Aaron is the pawn in Ben's game.

Well we find that out rather quickly because the lawyer’s next stop is at the police station where he meets Ben and Sayid.  Ben tells him to get Hurley out of jail and the lawyer heads off to do that I guess.  Sayid and Ben head to the marina to meet up with Jack and Kate; who’ve also called Sun to bring Aaron.  Annnnnd everybody but Hurley is back together again!  But they’re not so very happy.  One look at Ben and Kate knows it was him that set her up.  Jack tries to tell her no, Ben’s on their side, but Ben being Ben just tells her that he did indeed set her up.  When she asks why, Ben tells her that Aaron is not her child.  Like he cares about that, who raised Alex all those years?  But we all know, he threatened her with losing the kid so he could get her to go back to the island with the rest of them.  Sun, seeing her nemesis, glances at Aaron for a moment but decides that a 3 year old won’t be bothered by violence so she gets out her gun and goes to confront Ben.  I so cannot wait for next week to see Ben talk his way out of that one.  Of course he is going to use Jin for that one isn’t he?

Sun's hubby is alive!!!

Sun's hubby is alive!!!

Because lo and behold, Jin is alive!  The French science team that Rousseau was with came upon him floating upon a piece of wood in the ocean.  They hauled him into their raft and took him to land.  The woman in the group tries talking to him and Jin lets them know that he can speak some English.  She leans closer to him and we see her baby belly and she introduces herself as Danielle.  Rousseau!!!  Poor Jin, he’s going to be rather confused about this whole time travel thing and language barrier should be fun to overcome.  Still, I’m thrilled that he’s back on the show and still alive.  Jin’s cool.

Hopefully Jin will stumble across the rest of the islanders in the near future.  We opened with them with Charlotte and her bloody nose; after a few minutes she recovered and they decided to head to the Orchid Station to try to deal with this whole time travel situation.  They tried to figure out “when” they were but nobody knew.  They stumbled upon the sounds of a woman screaming and Sawyer went to check it out.  He ran across Kate helping Claire deliver her baby.  This was the most poignant part of the night and when I find a picture of Sawyer’s face while watching Kate deliver that baby I will surely post it.  If ever there was an expression of complete and utter love, he was wearing it.  It was jarring to see Sawyer look so unguarded with his feelings.  Kudos to Josh Holloway for that scene.  He said a million words with just one look.

Sawyer went back to his cronies but wouldn’t tell them what he saw.  They run across some kayak’s on the beach containing bottles of French water and decide to kayak to the other side of the island.  They hit the water and all of a sudden bullets are flying in their direction.  Their pursuers are gaining upon them and then the island gives them a timely gift; flashing them to the time when Rousseau’s team was new to the island.  Of course they land in a huge rain storm but at least they’re not being shot at anymore.

Other things worth mentioning were the fact that Miles and Juliet both got nose bleeds as well.  Theirs were slight but they are starting to feel the effects of the time travel as well.  So much for my theory that if you were born on the island you couldn’t handle the time travel.  I believe Miles and Charlotte were but Juliet wasn’t.  So I have no clue why some people are affected and some are not.

Also, I always have to throw some joy in for any scene where Sayid is kicking major butt.  He was in the hospital and some orderly comes in to give him an injection.  He turns around to shoot some darts at Sayid but Sayid is not in the bed and he sneaks up on the guy and starts knocking him around.  Sayid ends up darting him and finding the piece of paper that sets Jack off to find Kate.

Jack's buying into Ben's plan 100%

Jack's buying into Ben's plan 100%

As usual, I can’t wait til next week to see what is happening both on and off island.  How is Ben going to prove to Sun that Jin is still alive?  Will any more of the Losties get nose bleeds?  How do we keep all of them from ending up like blondie in England?  How will Ben get Hurley out of jail?  When will Jin meet up with Sawyer and Co?  When will Desmond get to LA and run into everyone else?  Does he have to go back as well? What else does Ben have up his sleeve? (I could ask this every week, hehe)

So many questions, but this year we seem to be getting answers at least and some of them will resolve quickly no doubt!  I’ll be back with you next week to discuss whatever else our island reveals.

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