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  • I think I’m officially Olympiced out.  Even though I swore once swimming and gymnastics were over that I would be able to get some sleep again, well, it didn’t happen.  Because we had diving and track and field and volleyball…I could go on but you get the point.
  • A true testament to my Olympic obsession?  The fact that I woke up at 4 AM this morning and thought, hey the basketball team is playing, should be over about now, let me flip it on and see how we’re doing.  So I did and we were only up by 7 and there were 4 minutes left so I said, I’ll stay up.  Well, 4 minutes in basketball time can take about 20 minutes to play out with all the fouls and such, so I stayed up.  Then I watched them celebrate.  Then I watched them get their medals.  Then it was 5 AM and time to go back to bed.  Ridiculous.
  • What makes that more ridiculous?  I don’t even like basketball.  I’m happy that Team USA came through and I’m even happier that they were good sports throughout the Olympics and they supported their fellow Americans this time around, but I still don’t care for basketball.  I watched the women’s team win their gold too.  I have a sickness I tell you.
  • Weighing in, briefly, on the Chinese gymnasts…I believe they are younger than 16.  Not all, but some, and that’s enough to take all their medals away.  I like how the Chinese government is producing all this paperwork proving their ages.  Like that can’t be faked, particularly by the government themselves?  Gotta love it.
  • I’ve seen the argument that even if they’re younger, they’re still better and deserved to win.  Well no…a girl’s body pre-puberty is far different than after, so the younger you are, the more flexible you are.  Not to mention having a few less years of wear and injury on the body.  Sorry, not buying that one.
  • Big congrats to the men’s volleyball team, winning gold for their coach as he works through his family tragedy.  That had to mean a lot to him.
  • You know, it was a really great year for the American teams at the Olympics.  Men’s and women’s basketball taking gold medals, men’s volleyball gold, women’s silver, men and women water polo both silver, women’s gymnastics silver, men’s bronze, the swimming teams of course and even track and field (despite the 4×100 relay snafus).  Oh and the two golds in beach volleyball.  Very impressive showing for team USA.
  • While I enjoyed the Olympics far too much, I recommend NBC work on some new announcers and sideline reporters.  The only announcer I enjoyed was Ato Boldin who did track and field.  He actually explained things, broke down races, and had genuine excitement over every single race.  And he wasn’t a homer, he rooted for everybody.  He could teach the gymnastics announcers a thing or two.  I also hated the diving announcer woman.  She came off as quite the bitch.  I think she broke things down well, but she was so critical it annoyed me.  Like she wanted to be a judge instead of an announcer.  Hated her.
  • In non-Olympics news, my Super Bowl pick of the Patriots is looking a little more dire day by day.  They got their butts kicked again, yes, preseason game and Brady’s not playing, but god help them if my pretty Tom does not make it through the season.  Their backup QB situation is abysmal.
  • Apparently Shawn Merriman hurt his PCL and MCL ligaments in his knee and he’s still considering playing.  Be smart and get the surgery, one year is not worth risking your entire career over.
  • Anquan Boldin (Seminole!) wants out of Arizona and my Bucs could use him bigtime this year.  AZ won’t trade him, but a girl can dream can’t she?  He’d fit in well here.  Sigh.
  • Stop the presses, Brett Favre and the Jets won a preseason game.  Pencil them in for the big game.  HA!  Why is he on the cover of Madden anyway?  When they chose the cover he was “retired” right?  John Madden is a so Favre’s bitch.
  • I only saw part of the Bucs game last night, but Jeff Garcia needs to get practicing.  He had some abysmal throws and 2 terrible interceptions.  Griese threw a terrible ball too that fortunately got dropped.  However, the offense is moving the ball pretty well so I take heart in that.
  • My Cardinals are now 8 games behind the Cubs.  I think we can call it for the year.  Sigh.  I really really hate the Cubs.
  • Albert Pujols should be NL MVP.  He should generally always be MVP, but this year he really should.  Keeping this team in contention for so long says a lot about how valuable he is.
  • I’ll close with a sad goodbye to Gene Upshaw.  He had his faults but he did a lot for the NFL players in his tenure as their president.  He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer only days before he died, so hopefully he wasn’t ill for long.  Condolences to his family.

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