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You know, I honestly thought I would only do one Brett Favre post in the offseason.  Actually, if we’re being honest, I never thought I’d have to do one, because of course he was retired.  Gone.  Done.  Over.  Set to be in the HOF in 5 years.  All well and good.  But nooooo, Brett decided he wanted to play again.  So he’s dominated the sports waves for weeks on end, finally got reinstated by the commissioner on Sunday and headed to Green Bay yesterday.  Fine, good, he’ll compete and win back his starting job and I won’t have to hear about it anymore.  Right?  Wrong! Guess what?   He was at practice for all of an hour or so today before leaving and saying that he wants to be traded.  They’re at a stalemate and he isn’t being handed back his starters job, so he isn’t playing in Green Bay.  Maybe he’s earned the right to feel that way.  I can understand how he feels, just like I understand the Packers consternation with him over the whole circus he has brought down upon their heads.

Just recently the news came down that Brett is now deigning to consider a trade to my Bucs.  I was a little perturbed a couple of weeks ago to hear of our interest, albeit unsurprised.  Gruden likes to collect qb’s much like some people like to collect stamps and postcards.  But a couple of weeks ago, Brett was unwilling to consider playing in Tampa.  It was GB, Chicago or Minnesota and that was it. But now, after an HOUR in training camp, he’s over that idea and willing to consider my team.

Could the Bucs use a hall of fame qb?  Sure, who couldn’t really? But, we’re a month before the season starts and we run a different system than Brett is used to.  While our offensive line is going to be better than in years past, are they good enough to protect a 38 year old non-mobile qb?  I know Jeff Garcia is the same age but he’s mobile and can run for his life when the line acts like turnstiles, as they’re apt to do from time to time.  Can Brett really learn the playbook in a months time?  What about Garcia?  He’s injured now but it’s only for a week or two, certainly he’ll be fine to start the season.  We already have 5 qb’s on the team, 4 of which have started games in the NFL.  It’s just insane, really.

Also, what kind of trade would we make?  I mean, we’d take on Brett’s $12 million salary, which is fine I believe, we have a good amount of cap room.  But would the Pack want a first round pick?  Why would we give up a high pick for one, maybe two years of Brett Favre?  That would make me mad.  I could stomach it if we make it a sliding pick based on performance.  If Brett plays 16 games and leads us to the playoffs, maybe they could get a high pick.  Otherwise?  Give up a second or third.  Not a first.

I have all the respect in the world for Brett’s talent, he has a great arm.  But he’s always been erratic and made some terrible decisions. Some teams are talent loaded enough to overcome that, I don’t know if the Bucs are.  I don’t know if we have the receivers to haul in those passes that might be a tad off.  I don’t know if we have the running game to take the pressure off Favre.  I admit, the thought of Brett lofting a long pass to a streaking Joey Galloway does my heart good, I just don’t know if he’ll be worth what it costs to take him on. I’m also not ready, 6 months from now, to wonder if my starting qb is retiring again or not.  Or if he’s going to be upset with the team and want to go play elsewhere.  I don’t know if this is going to be an issue, but ESPN is reporting that they’re in talks with the Bucs and we’re the only team being mentioned right now.  Of course, maybe this will get other suitors involved.

I’ll welcome Brett if he comes to my team, but damned if I’m going to be comfortable this football season.  Is it time to start yet?  Such drama everywhere and I’m ready to see them play. So, I’ll end with this, if you’re coming to Tampa Brett, welcome, but don’t you dare pull on my team what you’ve pulled on yours.  If we bail you out of your untenable situation in GB, you darn well better stick with this team through thick and thin until you’re actually ready to retire and be done.  It’s not fair what GB did to you, but it’s also not fair what you did to GB.  If you quit again, quit for good because people will stop remembering your talent and start remembering your waffling.  See you wherever you land #4.

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