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Yeah that face pretty much covers it.

Yeah that face pretty much covers it.

Le sigh.  You would think that an episode that had quite a bit of Sylar would be pleasing, at least to me.  You would think that, but you would be wrong.  This would be because Sylar’s having his 2343th who am I? crisis and the circus freaks are not pushing him dark side fast enough for my liking.  Oh they tried but Nathan’s goody good nature crept up at the most inopportune of times and ruined the Ghostbusting fun.  I’ll get to that though, because even though I bitch about it, it was by far the best part of the episode.

Why is that?  Well because the rest of the episode was, as Tripp dubbed it, An After School Special.  Make that a Very Special After School Special.  And you can’t have “special” without Hiro being prominently involved, now can you?  He defines “special” after all.  But Hiro was not the only member involved in After School Specials, oh no, they had to draw HRG and Pretty Peter into their own version as well, which spun out of Hiro’s.  Hate.  Which to talk about first?

Peter is trying my patience and my love by helping Hiro.

Peter is trying my patience and my love by helping Hiro.

Hiro is in the hospital now, where he refuses to stay in his bed and instead keeps wandering around and talking to poor Emma.  He figured out she was deaf after she told him about 3 times, so I guess that puts him one up on Pretty but Dim Peter.  Peter unleashed Hiro on the poor deaf girl, telling her to ask him about having powers as Hiro was the ultimate person to teach her about how “good” powers could be.  So, she made the mistake of asking.  First he raved for awhile and she couldn’t understand him, then he talked like she was retarded and could understand nothing.  Why she didn’t just laser kill him then and there is beyond me.

But if she had, then we would have missed out on his damn magic performance.  Yeah, they were having some show for the sick kids and Hiro pretended to be a magician, stopping time so he could disappear.  Sadly, he did not permanently disappear.  The best part about this scene was this nurse who was quite irritated and was making faces because he was out of bed.  But then she succumbed to his charm (as if he has any) and she was no longer remotely cool.

Hiro and Emma got to talking about how he wants to use his power to help people, even though that’s killing him.  He doesn’t care, it is worth it if he dies helping others.  Yep, whatever.  Just hurry up and die, it would help me and my enjoyment of the show immensely.  At the end of the episode, instead of waiting for Peter, he took off to go back in time and save his one true love, Charlie.  Yay for her return, boo for more Hiro next week.

Why was Claire even there?  Are her lips lonely?

Why was Claire even there? Are her lips lonely?

While Hiro was irritating a deaf woman, Peter went to HRG to ask him to help him find a healer so he could save the moron.  Yeah, Peter is on my shit list, despite the Pretty.  HRG conveniently remembers a kid in Georgia that he went to see a couple of years ago that could heal.  Peter had grabbed Hiro’s power to teleport so he and HRG take off to find the kid.  On a side note, Claire was in this episode for some inexplicable reason, hanging with her dad as if last time we saw her she was not having a girl on girl moment with her roommate.  No reaction to the kiss, nothing.  Good job Heroes.

Annoying, fugly healer, may we never see him again.

Annoying, fugly healer, may we never see him again.

When our boys get to Georgia, they find all the plants outside the house dead, dead birds and dead parents in the living room.  Fun.  Anyway, Healer boy, whose name I think is Jeremy but who really cares?, was upstairs shooting at them and telling them to leave.  Seems that he’s lost control of his power and now kills instead of heals.  HRG tells him he knows how to help him and Peter zaps up and surprises the kid, who fires his gun.  Peter stops time but too late as he’s been shot in the chest.  Yeah, I finally got to see a sliver of Peter skin but it was all bloody.  Fuck you too, Heroes.

HRG convinces Healer boy to try touching Peter, seeing as he’s already on the path to killing him and all.  With his coaching, Healer heals and out pops the bullet.  Peter helps himself to the power and heads back to Hiro, the short way seeing as he can no longer teleport since they made the stupid decision to change his powers, again.  HRG stays behind to counsel the kid, finally having found his purpose again.  I think he needs to find his way to the carnival because emo-Healer boy has terrible hair and an annoying voice.  No more of him.  Peter gets back to the hospital but of course doofus is already gone, zapped to find Charlie and hopefully inches closer to death.  Tripp and I are hoping that Peter touches Emma or another powered person soon and loses healing before Hiro comes back.

What is more disturbing? The memories, the eyebrows or the hair?

What is more disturbing? The memories, the eyebrows or the hair?

And now, the circus.  Sylar doesn’t know who the hell he is but lo and behold, there’s a dude at the freakshow that can help him recover his true memories.  They take him to the fun house, because we should all have our freaky murderous memories appear in multiple mirrors, and that’s what happens.  He sees killing his mom, various powered people, Elle (SOB!), cake woman…all awesome Sylar moments that freak him the hell out.  He runs to Samuel and cries about being a killer.  Sam’s all like, dude, you’re awesome, suck it up.

Elle power!!!  I'm glad they at least showed a flash of her in his memories.

Elle power!!! I'm glad they at least showed a flash of her in his memories.

Later, Zorro, whose real name is Edgar and that is terrible so I shall not call him that, starts fighting with Sylar, throwing his knives near him.  Sylar flicks his wrist and tosses the knives right back.  Way awesome.  Then he throws Zorro into some concrete.  Zorro is pissed but Samuel is happy.  He invites Ghostbuster cop to the circus and tells Sylar to go take care of him.  He goes to the funhouse and tries, even whipping out the Elle power, but he can’t kill when it comes down to it.  I blame Nathan.  Zorro pops in and carves up Ghostbuster and bitches to Samuel about how useless Sylar is.  Samuel tells him right now maybe it’s good that he’s not ready to kill and then he has Lydia (AKA Tattoo Woman) lead him off to a trailer for some sex, which of course we don’t get to see.  Zorro is pretty pissed about this, so I assume he’s hot for Lydia.  I imagine Sylar will have to kill Zorro eventually, which will be good.

So that was the episode.  Sylar’s officially been baptized as a circus freak (literally, they lowered him in water and baptized him) and he’s fighting his nature still.  It looks like, from scenes, that he might actually be in Matt, which I did not think was happening but it could be.  I do know they’re going to have Sylar in bed with Janice which is not acceptable.  Not at all.  I do not look forward to that but I will pretend it’s Matt and still just his mind.  It’s the only way to get through.

So there you have it, another lackluster episode that was way OTT with the “helping others” shit and not remotely balanced with “killing others” on the Sylar end.  Fix it.  Soon.

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