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How cute was old man Dean?  I thought he was awesome.

Another Supernatural with an old school feel but definitely enjoyable.  This is, of course, because of snarky, grumpy old man Dean and Bobby combining forces to give Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau a run for their money.  I won’t pretend that I was not slightly annoyed that Sam, the least experienced poker player, is the one to save the day, but that’s a minor bitch that I can get over.

Dean was no match for the witch, apparently Sam was.

Sam & Dean go to a town that has a 25 year old man die of old age.  Turns out there’s a poker game where you bet years of your life and that guy lost.  Dean calls Bobby to discuss the happenings and Bobby, clearly unhappy with life, hits town himself and loses 25 years.  Dean takes on Patrick, the manwitch as Dean calls him (hee) and loses 50, 25 that he gives to Bobby to return him to normal and then 25 for himself that he loses, making him 80 years old.

We don’t get to see the loss, we just get to see Sam come back from his burger run and encounter an old man that he is about to shoot before Dean tells him to relax, it’s him.  Sam tells him he looks like Emperor Palpatine, Bobby calls him John McCain and Dean refers to himself as the old chick in Titanic.  Awesome.  Kudos to the actor playing Old Dean because he had the tone and mannerisms down.

Hilariously, Dean’s bacon cheeseburger gave him acid reflux, thus he had to give up his beloved food.  Dean wants to be Benjamin Buttoned back into burger shape and then he hits on this woman at the hotel who tells him he’s just like her grandfather.  Bobby and Sam are quite amused, as was I.  Silly girl, if she only knew what she was really laughing at.

Patrick the witch fakes getting hit by a car and then steals it, much to Dean’s amusement.  He admits to rather liking him.  They follow him to his place to try to steal back the chips.  The elevator isn’t working so Bobby can’t go up and they have to use the stairs and poor Dean is about ready to die at the second floor.  The chip plan fails, as it’s not the chips it’s the chanting and Patrick and his wife catch them in the act.  He lets slip that Dean’s heart isn’t very good since he ate like crap all those years, then claps at Sam a few times and gives him an STD.  He starts walking funny and Dean tells him he got the clap and laughs.  Hee.

All fun aside, the meat of this episode really came when Bobby railed at the boys about wishing that he had the strength to kill himself.  He wants to play again because he has nothing to live for.  He hates watching others fight while he’s stuck in the chair doing nothing.  Jim Beaver was great in this scene.  I didn’t like that Dean only said his name and didn’t do anything else but it led up to what I wanted in the end so I won’t bitch about it.

Female witch woman met the guys back at their hotel room teaching them how to reverse the spells.  It turns out she lost her child and she’s lived a long time and is just tired and wants to go.  We get to see that Patrick does have a heart, willingly giving 13 years to an old man even though he could have beaten him.  Sam goes to play Patrick while Dean & Bobby work on getting the items needed to reverse the spell.

Dean keeps whining and complaining about sore elbows and a hurt back.  He and Bobby just trade insults back and forth.  After Bobby tells Dean to stop bitching, he informs him that killing him is on his bucket list.  Meanwhile Patrick is taunting Sam about being at the kiddie table, not being respected by Dean to handle things himself.  Sam keeps eying a toothpick that Patrick is sucking on, he steals it and gives it to Dean to use in the spell.  It turns out that Dean trusted him enough to let him provide the distraction while they gathered their items.  Unfortunately, Patrick was on to him and made sure he got the wrong toothpick.  The spell failed and Dean was not yet pretty again, much to his consternation.

Patrick is pissed about Sam cheating and nearly magics him to death but wifey steps in and admits that she’s the one that told the boys how to kill them.  He orders Sam to keep playing while Dean and Bobby try to get some more DNA at the witches apartment.  Patrick taunts Sam about being a cautious player but turns out that Sam had nothing in his hand, bluffed him cold.  Patrick tells him that if they had time he could make a player out of him; Sam says he has plenty of time and Patrick tells him he has minutes.  He won’t let Sam go, so Sam has to play on as Dean collapses.

I did like that Sam’s immediate instinct was to go after Dean and he played recklessly once he knew he was in danger.  That felt like old times with the brothers, putting each other first.  He was in full on panic mode and just threw his chips in without even looking at his cards.  He wanted the game to be over so he could get to Dean.  Patrick had a full house, fours and aces, and thought he’d won but Sam had four fours to take the pot and save his brother.  Patrick tells him there’s more to him than meets the eye.  We knew that already.

While I loved old man Dean, I shall always prefer Pretty Dean.

Bobby’s panicking because Dean wasn’t answering him and out comes Pretty Dean, dancing and clicking his heals.  Bobby calls him an idiot in that special Bobby way, relief in his tone.  Patrick plays cards with his wife and she loses so she can die and go be with their daughter.

Dean comes in with his beloved cheeseburger while Sam runs out to get his booster shot to clear up his clap. hehe  Dean apologizes to Bobby for giving him shit and calling him an idiot.  Then he informs Bobby that he’s not useless and makes Bobby stay and listen to him.  I’ll quote again.  “You don’t stop being a soldier because you got wounded in battle.  No matter what shape you’re in, bottom line is you’re family.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed but me and Sam, we don’t have much left.  I can’t do this without you.  I can’t.  So don’t you dare think about checking out.  I don’t wanna hear that again.”  Bobby looks teary and says okay.  Dean tells him good and Bobby thanks him and asks if they’re done feeling their feelings so they can get out of the room before they start growing lady parts.  Dean throws his cheeseburger away and then calls him Ironsides again, Bobby’s a little perturbed that he seems to have acquired a nickname.  He looks up and sighs, was it a sigh of acceptance?

I loved the conversation.  I was so surprised that Dean didn’t say much of anything when Bobby talked about eating his gun but he just kept it and dealt with it when he was back to normal.  He needed to let Bobby know just how important he was to them.  I was hoping for him to say something about him being more of a father than his own was but he didn’t go that far.  Still, the family aspect was heavily addressed.  It made me fear for Bobby’s future, honestly, but he’s okay for now and that’s what matters.  Really good scene for Jensen and Jim.  All the emotion was there and I felt like I’d been punched in the gut I was so into it.

I like episodes like this, that have something so very important to say without being over the top about it.  I truly hope Bobby has more coming up that allows him to feel useful.  I think Dean will make sure of it.  So, there you have it, next week we get the TV one, with the return of Chuck it appears. Yay for Chuck!  We’ll see on the episode, it’s a few too many humorous ones in a row for my taste but I’m keeping an open mind.  Oh, and I forgot to say it, but yeah.  I totally found Old Man Dean attractive.  What can I say?  I like his attitude and find it sexy, that didn’t change even though he was wrinkly.  Don’t worry, I’m calling the psychiatrist next week.  Instead of talking, I’ll just have them read this blog and a few of my other ones mentioning my weird attractions. hehe

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This week in TV Land has brought us 4 new programs, not that I didn’t already have enough to watch but thanks to some repeats I was able to check out the new fare and thus far they are all making the cut to DVR status.  I can’t guarantee they’ll stay that way and I like some way more than the others, but so far, not bad.  I’ll tackle the 4 in order from best to worst, in my viewpoint.


By far and away the best of the new programs I watched this week.  Immeasurably better than all the rest really.  As a rule I don’t watch cop shows, they’re too real for my taste more often than not.  I like my TV to be entertaining escapism from everyday life and cop shows tend not to bring that to me.  But as a former OC viewer, I felt compelled to show some love to Ben McKenzie’s new show, add in Regina King and you win all around with me.  And I really liked it.

Interestingly, it has some parallels to The Unusuals, a show I’ll discuss later, in that apparently Ben is a rich kid slumming it with the cops.  Where his partner is hardened and brash, he’s a rookie with a quiet, internal side.  It was a contrast that worked.  Like the girl in The Unusuals, he also took his first life this episode and he was wrecked about it.  His whole day was shit and was a test to see if he could stick it out and remain a cop.  In the end, he decided to do so.

Like I said, I don’t tend to watch these shows because the other case featured a child possibly being the victim of a pedophile and dying.  I just don’t handle those situations well, but I admit to being invested and disturbed and interested the whole time.  I loved Regina’s character, she goes with her gut.  I also liked the cops that were investigating the gang shooting, they seemed like cool guys.  9 out of 10 on this one.

Parks & Recreation

I don’t watch SNL so I don’t have a built in fondness for Amy Poehler like many may, but I found her somewhat enjoyable as the deluded Leslie Knope.  She definitely evoked Michael Scott comparisons in her cheerful, clueless attitude.  I LOVED Tom Haverford though, her co-worker who obviously doesn’t give a damn and used the public meeting to try to hit on Karen from The Office.  The fact that he did this while flashing his wedding ring and being called on it by Karen (Ann on this show) just killed me.  I didn’t have any real interest in him during his brief Scrubs stint but I do really like him here.

I also enjoyed Ann’s schlub of a boyfriend with his broken legs and Leslie’s boss, Ron, who has no interest in building parks or doing anything.  I guess what I’m saying is that none of the characters irritated or pulled me out of the show, so that’s a bonus.  If you like The Office, this one is alright, not nearly as good in comparison but it has the same feel and given time might find its legs.  7 out of 10.

Harper’s Island

I am a sucker for murder mysteries.  Let’s just get that out there right now.  And gory murder movies?  I enjoy them and find them hilarious.  Usually poorly written and acted but still funny and if I don’t know who the killer is right away, I’ll stick around and enjoy it.  And thus far?  I don’t know who the killer is, so I’m in.

Honestly, the cast is huge and the intersecting story lines are all a bit convoluted.  I don’t know who hardly anybody is at this point and what all their relationships are, but I do know that there are a ton of people that I recognize in this show which is always fun.  I have 2 Supernatural alums, Harry Hamlin, the Ugly Betty guy and a ton of other recognizable faces whose names I don’t know but whose faces I have seen many places.  Especially whoever is playing Katie Cassidy’s father, that guy has been in a ton.  I am too lazy to look him up but I have seen him many places.

Basic rundown:  7 years ago some guy killed about 6 people on this island and left them hanging in some kind of Death Tree.  For some reason, the Death Tree is still standing.  Anyway, Henry and Trish have fallen in love and want to get married on the island where they met years ago.  She’s rich, he’s poor, her dad hates him, his uncle seems shady, her ex is lurking around and his best friend’s mom was one of the murderees.  Both of them have siblings, hers is seemingly the perfect sister but something is off in her marriage and her daughter appears to be a raging psycho in training.  She’s only like 10 though so she’s not our murderer, sadly.  His brother is suicidal and gets in trouble constantly.  I’m already ruling him out as a suspect.  Too obvious.

Henry’s best friend, Abby, is the daughter of the sheriff (Bobby from Supernatural!) and her ex is some fisherman that still loves her.  I don’t think there’s anything romantic between Abby and Henry but they do have that best friends who may fall in love vibe, so we’ll see.  There’s tons of groomsmen and bridesmaids and some blond whore that has already been nearly naked a few times, so we’ve got that covered too.

This show is cheesy, make no doubt about that.  The use of music to try to ramp up the tension only to have it be a red herring only works when you know it’s not a red herring.  All of the non-attacks were quite clear, so you really had no suspense.  But we did get some good gore in the first minutes of the show when the bride’s cousin, Ben, died via boat propeller.  Loved seeing the red backwash from the boat.  But sadly, they don’t know he’s dead yet, I really wanted his head to pop up when the boat was docked and they were trying to extract seaweed from the propeller.  It’s right there but not discovered.  Sigh.

I’m not sure why the felt the need to kill off Harry Hamlin on the first episode either.  Why hire a name guy to off him right away?  Oh well, not like he had anything better going on and we might see more via flashback.  He was clearly up to something as he was toting a gun around.  He fell through a bridge and someone hacked off the lower part of his body.  Pretty funny.  Nobody knows he’s dead yet either, so there’s no panic to enjoy yet.

Final thought on this one, I truly hate the creepy little girl.  She’s trying to light snails on fire and stealing presents and standing at her mom’s bedside watching her sleep.  I don’t like that child at all.  I hate creepy kids.  6 out of 10.

The Unusuals

I honestly wasn’t sure where I came down on this show.  I’m not too into quirky, which this clearly is, but there are elements I enjoyed and elements I didn’t.  I have actors to support in this one as well; loved Amber Tamblyn on GH back in the day, Michael from Lost and Adam Goldberg has always entertained me.  I think my issue with this one is tries to balance the comedy and the drama and it’s not sure what it really wants to be.  Or what it really will be.  Or maybe it’s sure but I’m not.

We started with Amber working for vice and trying to land a john while fielding phone calls from her mother about the maid stealing from her.  Yep, her family’s rich and she’s a cop.  A car pulls up and it’s a fellow cop telling her another cop got killed and she’s homicide now.  She gets partnered up with his old partner, who I quite liked.  He doesn’t follow the rules but he knows what he’s doing.  Turns out they want her to investigate him and everyone else, I guess that’s what dead cop was doing.

I would have enjoyed it if the dead cop situation was not resolved in the first episode though.  Oh, they haven’t figured it out yet but we know one of his fellow cops killed him and set up some convict to take the fall.  Would have been better to keep us wondering on that for awhile.

The other big case involved a cat killer, which you know I have major issue with.  I don’t know the characters names so I will call them Michael and Adam for now.  Michael is apparently afraid he’s going to die this year so he’s all about staying away from confrontations and Adam has a brain tumor and is dying this year but won’t get treated or tell anybody.  So he’s pretty suicidal.  But he’s being kept alive for some reason, trains stop before hitting him and a rifle fired point blank at him does no damage whatsoever.  Maybe he’s God.

There’s an annoying cop that everybody hates who likes to be in the limelight, smarmy bastard.  But it is fun watching everybody lie to him and send him on wild goose chases.  Still, since he’s supposed to be the lead on who killed the cop that’s a bit out there to do.  I guess it’s UNUSUAL. haha

Anyway, this one stays for now but I definitely like it the least.  5 out of 10.

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