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Week 6 NFL Picks

I’m back!  And I’m not better than ever!  I have a cold and I had crappy picks last week so that sucked.  But hey, I did write an actual football blog so that was something, right?  Anyhow, the fact that I did will make this shorter than usual, but I think you’ll live.  Hell nobody is reading anyway, well except Doug.  Hi Doug!  Last week’s Douchetard award was tough to come up with but I gave it some thought and decided on the Raven’s defense.  Now you might wonder why I would pick on such an illustrious (or so I’m told) unit but the fact is they let Cincy drive the field in less than 2 minutes and had 3 major penalties on the drive, all of which were legit calls.  So, they defined my snatching defeat from the jaws of victory criteria for the Douchetard award.  Congrats, Ravens D, I’m sure you’ll be happy to hold a press conference and file a protest over this.  Bring it, I crave the attention.  On to the picks!

Cincy over Houston:  I am now a Bengals believer.  Houston dicks with me every week so if I were a betting woman I would take Houston but I gotta go with my gut here.

Green Bay over Detroit:  The Lions are a team on the upswing and GB is not doing much of anything but they should be able to win here, right?  Crickets.  Well I’m picking them anyway.

Baltimore over Minnesota:  Oooh game of the week potential right here.  Very tough and I vacillated (awesome word that I of course misspelled) but decided the Ravens are coming off a tough loss, Minny is riding a euphoric high, that defense will want to kick some old man ass, why not Favre?  This has the potential for one of his multi-interception games which may turn the tide my way.

New York Giants over New Orleans:  Another awesome game.  And what do I get to watch?  Carolina/Tampa and nothing else.  Thanks again, NFL.  And no, I cannot drag my sick ass out to a bar to watch something good.  Anyway, my In Manning I Trust mantra has not let me down at all this year, the Giants have a better D and NO is due for a letdown.  Trifecta of awesomeness right there.

Pittsburgh over Cleveland:  Damn Browns ruined their chance at being the worst team in the league last week and I nearly picked them to win but didn’t.  Screw you Bills.  Anyway, back to losing this week, I’m quite confident.  I’ll make it my lock of the week as a matter of fact.

Carolina over Tampa:  Tampa could actually win this game but I’m going to go with the law of averages and assume they won’t.  Jake Delhomme could help the cause with a multiple pick day but even that doesn’t help (see the Redskins game).  Tampa is very sad and I really don’t know what to say about them anymore.  Oh, I know one thing I can say, farewell Gaines Adams, you will not be missed!  Picked up a 2nd rounder for him, which might make up for the Winslow trade.  I don’t know for sure.  But it’s good, the one good move they made.

Kansas City over Washington:  Just because the Skins blow, pressure is on and KC has actually played pretty decently in their losses.  Let the Gruden cries reach a fever pitch.

Jacksonville over St. Louis:  Can anybody figure out the Jags?  They are a complete roller coaster, remind me of my Noles.  Fortunately for them, they are playing the worst team in the league (yep, they’re #1 in my book) so they should be okay.

Arizona over Seattle:  I can’t figure out the Cardinals or the Seahawks.  I really can’t.  Going with Zonas receivers because they’re awesome.

Philly over Oakland:  Well look at that, another lock of the week.  I don’t know if Oakland is worse than Tampa or not.  Anybody voting?  I think next week I’ll have to do a team ranking, that would be fun to try.  Notice how I have nothing to say about this game?  Yeah, me too.

New England over Tennessee:  Do the Titans really go 0-6?  They have to be the best winless team in history don’t they?  It makes no sense but I can’t see them beating NE coming off a tough loss in Denver.  I hope Brady got together with his receiver this week, timing is way off there and if they got it together they’d be damn near unbeatable again.

New York Jets over Buffalo:  I think I’ll be picking against Buff all year after their sucktastic showing against Cleveland last week.  Still want my TO tirade!

Atlanta over Chicago:  This is another pick em game for me, I’m not really sure what will happen.  Atlanta is coming off a spanking of SF though who is a lot better this year.  I’m going with that momentum continuing for another week.

San Diego over Denver:  Yes, I am more of a believer in Denver right now but I’m still not sold.  And despite my criticism of SD as being soft, I think they can take them.  Division rivalry, at home, last chance to impress me, Chargers, don’t let me down.

So there you have it, my thoughts on tomorrow’s games.  Take them for what they’re worth, which is not a lot!

Last Week:  6-7 ICK!

Season Total:  53-23 much less ick!

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It’s up on fanfiction.net.  I’ll upload here later when I have more energy, for now here’s a link.


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I do so love the Fed look!

I do so love the Fed look!

This week’s Supernatural, I Believe The Children Are Our Future, was yet another blast back to season one, at least it felt that way to me.  Other than the presence of Castiel, there was not much that screamed season 5 to me.  I can’t decide if that’s good or bad.

I haven’t a lot to say about the storyline but I did enjoy seeing Dean eating with relish and having fun again.  However, it irritated me because what I worried about last week seemed to be coming to pass.  The brothers seem fine with one another again and they appeared to take over the earlier roles.  Sam the sensitive one, reaching out to the child, and Dean the wisecracking one.  But you know what I learned in my Supernatural Season 1 rewatch this summer?  It was the Dean was the one who connected with kids, not Sam.  Before that rewatch I would have thought that but I was wrong.  Oh well, I don’t mind a little role reversal now and then.

See? Another perfect casting job, the kid is angelic and scary at the same time.

See? Another perfect casting job, the kid is angelic and scary at the same time.

So it seems that the anti-Christ kid is gone, apparently surfing somewhere instead of picking sides with the angels or the demons.  I highly doubt we’re going to see the kid again which is actually pretty sad.  Once again, casting came through and found an adorable child that had the ability to be both endearing and menacing at the same time.  Why can they find perfect kid actors time and again but fail so epically with females?  I don’t get it.  Another post for another day I suppose.

Sam & Dean were not too pleased at the thought of killing a kid.

Sam & Dean were not too pleased at the thought of killing a kid.

There were two truly interesting things that came out in this episode, I thought.  The first was Sam wanting the kid to know the truth and to make the choice that he himself didn’t.  He wanted to see someone do the right thing after his failure last season.  It was kind of heartbreaking to see just how important that was to him.  I liked that he wanted to tell Jesse the truth and that he ended up doing it.  I consider that self-revelation an important part in his step to redemption (which is nowhere near complete).

A toy Castiel? I think I know someone who would like to play with him. hehe

A toy Castiel? I think I know someone who would like to play with him. hehe

The other thing that really caught my eye was the relationship between Sam and Castiel and it’s parallel to Sam & John Winchester.  Particularly in regards to Dean.  Cas called Sam out on his making the wrong choice and Sam really had no response to that.  Dean, ever the peacemaker, again tried to step in.  It just felt like he’d been sucked back into that middle role that he constantly was with his brother and father and I felt for him.  I like that Cas is still holding Sam responsible for his actions as I get the feeling that Dean is beyond it now.  I know what we all discussed last week but Dean didn’t jump on Cas’ side when he was challenging Sam, nor did he rush to Sam’s defense, so maybe he’s really and truly in the middle.  I don’t know.  I was glad that the boys both refused to kill Jesse, they haven’t changed that much that killing a kid would be alright with them.  I think, even though Cas said Sam wouldn’t hesitate last year, that he just might have.  At least until the end of the season.

I’m really kinda sad that they had Jesse just vanish instead of heading off to Bobby, I kinda liked the thought of him kicking it with the kid and practicing the mojo all over the car yard.  It would have been cute and made Bobby feel more involved.  I miss Bobby.

I’m of two minds on the return of Dean’s juvenile sense of humor.  On the one hand, I love seeing him having fun and laughing again.  On the other hand, there’s a time and a place and it doesn’t feel like now is the time or place.  But then again, anytime you see an angel sit on a whoopie cushion it’s a pretty awesome thing.  Cas’ face and Dean’s reaction were spot on, as always.  I also grinned when he started eating the ham after he cooked it with the joy buzzer.  I always love Dean, even when he’s being juvenile.

So that’s really all I have to say about the episode.  I’m sick and a little less chatty than I am most days so that’s part of the brevity here, the other part is this episode didn’t do much to advance overall plot since I don’t think we’ll see Jesse again.  It did set up some Cas/Sam conflict and give Sam another chance to show some remorse, but other than that it was just an okay episode.  We’re off next week and then old man Dean will be in my life.  If I find him attractive I’m going to have to look into counseling.  That might disturb me more than my Dark Edward fetish.  See you in two weeks and we’ll find out.

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The moment we've all been waiting for...or not so much.

The moment we've all been waiting for...or not so much.

Yep, I pretty much summed up this weeks Heroes episode, Hysterical Blindness, in my title.  Sorry for the delay, I’ve been unmotivated, I’m catching a cold and this show is leaving me rather cold despite the rise of Sylar so it was hard getting it together.  I think I’m just going to break out my tried and true list this week, question some inconsistencies and ponder some things, okay?

Hated It:

  • The whole sorority/stalker thing.  Firstly, Jackie from Veronica Mars is on this show now.  I loves me some VM alums, but Jackie?  No.  No thank you.  Sororities?  No, no thank you.
  • The Angela/Peter scene.  There she was, with her hotness of a song, and she’s totally ignoring him thinking about Nathan.  Yes, he failed to show up and yes he’s really a morphed serial killer with no memory, but come on Angela.  You have the beauty in front of you, embrace it.  For me.
  • Emma and her mother the doctor.  I don’t care enough about Emma to care about her family, unless Mom has a cooler power than the light one.  That’s all I’m sayin.
  • Peter getting the damn light power and losing all his badass awesome ones.  Firstly, he touched his mother just before that scene and didn’t take her power, so why did he get Emma’s?  Yes, the power is not completely lame as we discovered it can rip the hell out of a wall like a laser, but still.  I prefer all powerful Peter.  Hook him back up with Sylar/Nathan now.  Also, some continuity please.  Either he still just gets one power at a time or he has his cool, everything power again.  Don’t pick and choose what he gets that way.
  • Sorority speed dating.  Nuff said.  Truly.
  • Milo’s little commercial video, that had to star Hiro instead of someone cool.  Direct yourself, Milo, don’t make me watch more Masi.
  • Peter STILL not getting that Emma is deaf until well into the episode.  I know he’s Pretty but Dumb but I thought he had it figured out last week.
  • Lydia.  I still don’t like this chick.  Now that Sylar’s at the circus, though, maybe he’ll kill her for me.  I heard a rumor that he might hook up with her…if he does, he damn well better kill her like he did my Elle, who was at least interesting unlike Know It All Tattoo bitch.
  • The contrived internet scene, wherein Claire finds all this stalker stuff on Gretchen’s computer.  Like she couldn’t figure out the chick was a little too attached before now?
  • The way that Gretchen revealed her little crush.  First by talking about Claire 24/7 to all the sorority sisters, stalking  her and then by telling her she wasn’t stalking her and then kissing her.  Not overly subtle, but what else is new with this show?
  • Hiro popping into Peter’s apartment.  Thought we got through the whole show without him.  Sad.
He's back, except not so pretty right now.

He's back, except not so pretty right now.

Liked It:

  • The fact that they did not make Gretchen the Stalker the killer.  She did seem too obvious but her creepiness factor was ramped up almost too high.  No, instead she is just in “love” with Claire.  Who isn’t really?  Her uncle is, the serial killer is, her dad is…it’s just par for the course.
  • The fact that Sylar is back.  Now he doesn’t know who he is and what he can do but watching him rediscover his power, like when he smashed Ghostbuster through the window was pretty awesome.
  • The British chick who tried to help Sylar figure out who he was.  She was pretty cool, I thought.  I also enjoyed Ernie Hudson as the hardass cop, if only because it gave me the excuse to scream Ghostbusters and sing the theme song every time I saw him.  I yelled “Who you gonna call?” when he slammed through the glass.  Hee.  What?  Ghostbusters is never not cool.
  • I like that they’re giving Sylar so many things to do now.  He gets to taunt in Matt visions and be confused in this new Sylar form.  I appreciate seeing different sides to Zachary Quinto.  That being said, making him almost cry is a no-no.
  • Kids singing The Greatest American Hero theme song.  Always awesome.  The light show as Peter and Emma watched was pretty cute too but the fact that they figured out that they could both see it was pretty damn random.  I hope they screw soon so he can go get a new power quickly.
  • I liked how Emma thought she just misunderstood Peter when he was talking about people with powers.  They are cute together, I give them that.
  • Making Becky use her invisipowers to kill Claire’s roomie and get between her and Gretchen.  It’s nice to have an invisibility power back.
  • Sylar joining the circus.  From the looks of next week, Samuel’s going to teach our boy how to use his powers again.  Good.  Confused Sylar is fine for one episode but not for others.  Plus I’d like to see him start offing circus folk.  Why keep them around when you can have one with all their powers?
They are very cute together but give Peter his real powers back.

They are very cute together but give Peter his real powers back.

So there you have it.  This episode had some good but also some bad…and for some reason the bad outweighed the good this time.  I think it’s because of the Claire sorority stuff.  I really have zero interest in it and I hope Becky/Jackie drives her to join the circus quickly just to avoid it.  Scenes for next week hold promise in that Sylar teams with Samuel to learn his powers again but some very bad in the fact that there’s a Healer wandering around and Peter’s trying to help Hiro.  KEEP AWAY FROM HIRO HEALER.  Can’t they at least give me the illusion of Hiro’s death for awhile?

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I didn’t see enough college football this weekend to do a blog on it, so I decided to do a combo of the NCAA and NFL weekend that was.  I’m just going to list the things that are on my mind in both leagues, no rhyme or reason to the thought pattern, just hang with me, okay?

  • 2-4 & 0-5.  Those are the records of my teams.  The Noles are abysmal on offense, I don’t even recognize the team on the field anymore.  I’m glad to say that I probably watched less than 5 minutes of them because I knew they’d lose.  Same goes for the Bucs.  Philly scored on their second play.  McNabb, broken ribs and all, threw a 51 yard TD with no pressure on him whatsoever.  I declared the game over and watched the Giants so I could watch David Carr.  I declare myself the winner there.
  • Not that I was allowed to watch him for long.  The Giants finally put him in the game when they were up by 4 touchdowns but I got to see about 2 minutes before they cut away to Detroit/Pittsburgh.  Normally I am a proponent of not being forced to watch a blowout (see the Bucs/Philly nonwatch on my part for proof) but depriving me of The Pretty was uncalled for, especially with my teams sucking right and left.  Most uncool, CBS.
  • Oh, and speaking of CBS cutaways, they have the choppiest cuts I’ve ever seen.  You’re watching something happen and abruptly you’re back with JB in the booth.  JB is talking and then abruptly cut into a game in progress with NO warning.  Get that under control, morons.
  • So…LSU/UF.  I saw a couple minutes in a bar.  What I noticed?  UF does not look like the powerhouse run away #1 that the world would have us believe.  I need to see them play a good offense and see what happens.  Tebow for Heisman?  Somehow I don’t think so.  Florida’s offensive numbers are way down this year.
  • Ole Miss should never have been in the top 10 and they should never have been ranked.  Therefore Bama’s win means very little to me.  Call when they play someone (and no I don’t consider Va Tech someone either, cream of the ACC is cream of nothing this year).
  • I finally get on the 49ers bandwagon and they proceed to lose by 35 to Atlanta.  Thanks for that, really.  I think I can write off the NFC West again this year.
  • That includes Seattle, who killed Jacksonville 41-0.  Again, a lovely pick by me.  To be fair, I did say it was a coin toss on that game.  Of course, 41 to 0 doesn’t really back up that statement, but I didn’t know who to pick.  I picked wrong.
  • The Rams are clearly the worst team in the league.  Period.  Apparently they’ve lost 15 straight dating back to last year.  Awesome.  Let’s go 0-27 boys, give me the dream the Lions deprived me of.  0-16 again would be fabulous!
  • Of course my Bucs may very well go 0-16, which would then be 0-20 dating back to last year.  So pretty, so pleasant.  I’d like to congratulate Tampa again on their stellar offseason moves from coach firings to vet dumpings to scheme changes to terrible drafts.  Beautiful, really.  I think I saw Derrick Brooks going into the grocery store today, I should have stopped him and begged him to come back, in any capacity.
  • The Mannings own the NFL.  That is all.
  • Houston defied me yet again.  I will continue to pick them until they decide to do what I demand.  Do not test me, Texans.
  • I would rather have had the dentist drill my tooth with no Novocain than watch the Browns/Bills.  Congrats on getting your first win, Cleveland.  You should be proud.  Or ashamed.  I’m going with ashamed.
  • How long til Jim Zorn gets the axe?  One more week?  Two?  Another week that Washington gives a team it’s first win.  Should have been 3 weeks in a row were it not for Tampa’s collapse.  Hail to the Redskins indeed.
  • Denver never would have won that game if Tom Brady was Tom Brady.  I’m still not a believer, though they are better than I thought they’d be.  I’ll never get on a ship that’s captained by Kyle Orton though, I’m sorry.
  • Do you think Dallas is proud of that win today?  Should they be?  Kansas City, OT, a couple lucky catch/runs by Miles Austin?  I would not be celebrating if I were big D.  Nothing more than a mediocre team.
  • The Feel good Favre story continues.  I am so tired of it.  Wake me if he does anything in the playoffs, and he just might thanks to the team around him.  But…he takes another slap at Green Bay by calling the Vikings team the best he’s ever been on.  I’m sure his Super Bowl team was thrilled with that.  He is a dick and I feel for Packer fans.  Even if you think it’s true, there are things you just don’t need to say.
  • So how much whining can we get from the Ravens this week?  Every single call against them on that final drive was legit and Ray Ray can pat himself on the back for his personal foul penalty that kept a drive alive.  Moron.
  • Denver, you might just want to stop rushing punters on 4th and short.  It’s not worth the inevitable penalty.
  • Making a QB that is starting only his second game throw 50 passes is a recipe for disaster.  Again, Tampa is doing everything wrong and apparently the Bucs might have a blackout this weekend.  I better get A game to watch, don’t care if it’s not my team, show me someone.
  • I guess I should weigh in on the Bobby Bowden should he stay or should he go controversy.  A couple of years ago I would have come out with a blog defending the man to high heaven and saying he could decide when to leave.  That was even after some mediocre seasons and terrible personnel decisions (The Jeff Bowden era, ladies and gentleman).  This year?  No defense.  I don’t think he should be fired, obviously, but he needs to go.  The talent is there but the team is not good.  The defense is worse than I’ve eve seen it.  Players are dropping perfectly thrown passes, fumbling all over the place, their hearts just are not in the game.  That is a coaching issue in my opinion.  I don’t think he has the team anymore.  I doubt that Fisher is the answer but it’s time to give someone else a try.
  • That being said, I don’t think boosters should be out in the media demanding his resignation.  He has earned loyalty and respect in his 34 years at FSU.  Keep the demands for resignation out of the media at least.

I think that about covers it.  I know I was NFL heavy but I really was gone for all the good games on Saturday night and well, my interest has clearly waned.  I was begging for the season to start and it’s been a major let down to me personally but I still love the game.  I will keep watching even though my teams are letting me down.  I’ll just cheer for the good teams and good players.  Might do an NFL ranking blog sometime this week, trying to figure out the elite.  That’s if I get inspired, of course.  If not, see you for picks!

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NFL Picks Week 5

So as you can see I’ve pared my NFL writing down to my picks column, but I’ll keep that rife with commentary for those of you that enjoy my snark on the various teams throughout the league.  I’m writing a ton these days and finding the time to get it all in is difficult, so it’s best to combine.  Plus, you know, football is bitchslapping me all over the place this year.  I think the karma gods are getting back at me for glorying in the 0-16 Lions season last year so they’re going to let my Bucs match it.  My Seminoles are as schizophrenic as any team that ever existed.  Oh, and my Cardinals are about to go 0-3 in the baseball playoffs.  Sports are not my friend this year.

But that’s okay, I love them anyway.  If anything, the suckiness of both of my football teams year in and year out has given me a serenity in losing that I’ve never had before.  Seriously, in the Noles heyday I used to throw shit all over the living room when they did something I didn’t like, not to mention screaming the word fuck at the top of my lungs.  I’m sure my neighbors loved me.  But now I remain calm and get my poison out on the internet, like any sane fan would do!

I’m taking Doug’s advice this week and making Tony Romo the Douchetard of the Week. His Boys would be 4-0 without him, instead they’re 2-2 in a division where the Giants will coast to victory and the Eagles might not be far behind.  Good luck making the playoffs, Dallas.  And if you do, you know Tony will throw 3 picks in the game and you’ll lose anyway.  Enjoy!  Tony Romo, congratulations on your illustrious selection as this week’s Sage Rosenfels Memorial Douchetard of the Week. On to the picks!

Buffalo over Cleveland-  I make this selection only because at least one team in the league needs to be worse than Tampa and Cleveland seems to be the best candidate.  Well, Oakland is there too.  We’ll see.  Anyway, I am actually tempted to pick Buffalo because I think this could be the game where TO has a sideline explosion if they are losing/do lose, but I think I’ll go with the odds and stay with the Bills.  TO could have his explosion with them winning anyway, wouldn’t be the first time.

Pittsburgh over Detroit-  Pitt looked to get healthy in a big way last week when they crushed San Diego, though I am worried about their defense giving up way too many points.  Troy will hopefully be back soon, if not this week.  No, I don’t look at injury reports when I make my picks.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a fly by the seat of your pants sort of gal.  Research, why?  I’m not betting on me, nor should you be.  But if you are and you win, cut me in!

Dallas over Kansas City-  Ahhh here we go, Dallas gets an easy ass game so Romo will be given a pass when they win this week.  Even though, let’s face it, I could beat Kansas City with that team around me.  Okay, that’s a lie, but any quarterback, with the exception of JaMarcus Russell, could beat Kansas City.  Hee, watch them lose now, that would rock.  I wouldn’t mind taking a hit to see Romo’s expression after throwing a pick 6 to ice the game.  Make it be, Football Gods, and I won’t bitch about the Bucs going 0-5, I swear.

Minnesota over St. Louis-  Wow, I just found another team that’s worse than Tampa!  I forgot all about the Rams, which shows just how significant they are in the football lexicon today, huh?  Amazing that Brady and the Pats are still huge news 7 years later but the Rams are a nothing team now.  I still don’t know that I could name you more than a player or two on that team and I might get those players wrong.  Do they still have Torry Holt?  Anyway, the Favre Glorious Resurgence continues, he could probably have one of his patented 6 pick games and still win.  I think Peterson will have a huge running day, so happiness to you fantasy owners.

New York Giants over Oakland-  Yeah, do I really need to say anything?  Even if Pretty David Carr (please let him play!) suits up for the Giants instead of Eli Manning I think that we can safely chalk up a win.  I may have been exaggerating when I said that I could win against Kansas City but I am not exaggerating here when I say I could DEFINITELY get a pass closer to my wide receivers than Russell does.  And I throw like a chick.  So there you have it.  On a side note, I finally get two NFL games when the Bucs are on, which should be a good thing except that this is the other game I get to choose.  The suck of the Bucs vs. the suck of the Raiders.  I told you the football gods hated me and this is proof.  At least if Carr plays I can drool a little.

Philly over Tampa Bay-  Ha!  I love that McNabb is back this week.  Of course he is.  Why not come back to a game when you know you’ll have zero pressure and be untouched?  It’s like playing the preseason all over again.  In all seriousness, while Tampa lost yet again last week, Josh Johnson played fairly well considering it was his first game.  He makes things happen which is more than I can say for Leftwich (great job this offseason Tampa, really, move after move have paid off with a lovely 0-4 record, soon to be 0-7).  I accept it and move on.

Carolina over Washington-  Eww.  This is a craptacular game isn’t it?  Both of these are underachieving teams.  I pick Carolina only because Wash got their gift win last week so they may be somewhat complacent.  More complacent than they’ve been in every game you ask?  No, just the same.  And I figure Steve Smith might zip past them a time or two to seal the win.  Or he might snap and punch someone.  Either way, he’ll do something.

Baltimore over Cincy-  Here’s where we find out if the Bengals are for real or if they’re just an illusion.  I don’t expect them to win but if they hang close to the Ravens then I will start to buy into them.  They struggled against Cleveland but won, beat Pitt, should have beaten unbeaten Denver…they may just be a decent team.  I’ll let you know next week.

San Fran over Atlanta-  Yep, I finally am on the 9ers wagon and I’m not getting off.  They have been impressive in every game, even their losses.  Atlanta lost it’s luster from last year, surprising after they made such good offseason moves.  Doesn’t matter, the Saints are going to walk away with the division.  Anyway, I like Singletary and I like the 9ers here so there you go.

Jacksonville over Seattle-  Alright, Jags, here’s your chance to make it up to me for getting you wrong every single week.  Both of these teams are confounding, I have no idea who will win, I don’t know if Hasselbeck is back or not.  No clue.  So I’m picking the Jags even though Seattle is at home.  Yeah I’m totally smart like that.

Houston over Arizona-  Well hell, here’s another flip em game.  Both of these teams like to defy me constantly but Houston moreso so they get picked.  Either they do what I say and win or they will lose when I pick them every week in retribution for their audacity in not doing what I say.  It’s just that simple really.  Wish I could see this game, 3 of the best wide receivers out there; I love Boldin, Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson.  Put on a show boys!

New England over Denver-  I should pick against NE cause it made them win last week, but I’m sorry, I just really think NE is a better team and Denver is made of smoke and mirrors.  I just cannot buy into a team captained by Kyle Orton, I’m sorry.  If they beat NE then I’ll say they are for real but not until they take down a decent team.

Indy over Tennessee-  Who had the Titans going 0-5 to start the year?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Nope, didn’t think so.  I think I have picked them to win every week but one and you know what that’s gotten me?  3 losses, thank you very much.  So sorry, Tenn, I’m picking against you, not to mention that Manning is on fire this year.  He’s a lock for MVP already unless the sentimental fools give it to Favre.  Oh, wait a second, what am I talking about, of course they’ll give it to Favre.  Well, Peyton is my MVP, healthy again and having fun with his new young teammates.  That sounded rather perverted…well that’s how we role here, so I’ll leave it.

New York Jets over Miami-  This is almost always a close and fun game and I think it will be again.  The Jets get to face Henne and we’ll see how that goes, nobody knows what they’re getting there.  It took me 4 weeks but I finally am on the Jets bandwagon.  Sanchez is the real deal, enjoy him while I go cry over the Leftwich, Freeman, Johnson combo platter my team offers me weekly, okay?

So there you have it, the week 5 picks.  I’ve done remarkably well this season for having less of an interest in my own teams.  I think it’s probably because there are so many crappy teams, it’s easy to pick most games!  Talk to you next week, enjoy the games!

Last Week: 11-4

Season Total: 47-16 (I am a badass!)

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The wedding night is now published!  It’s on here under fanfiction and also at fanfiction.net here:


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