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This episode kinda made me feel this angry.

This episode kinda made me feel this angry.

I could yap about the mystery of the week and rail about Paris Hilton touching MY Jensen for a few paragraphs but that would be pointless.  Because really, that wasn’t what mattered (although I do hope that Jensen disinfected after shooting) this episode.  I thought about titling this blog Sammy Steps Up because it was all about Sam trying to take back some power.

I am not on board with Sam blaming any part of his decision making on Dean; Sam is a big boy and he’s always been driven by either a thirst for revenge, a thirst for power or just a desire to be different from his family.  We saw that from first episode when he pointed out how different he wanted to be from his brother and his father.  This is nothing new with Sam, it’s been that way since we’ve known him.  Did John and Dean shape that?  Sure, but even after he broke away he still had this drive to prove himself that had nothing to do with them.

I will, however, give credence to the fact that Dean has coddled Sam from day one and that did contribute to his desire to have some power and control in his life.  He just chose the way of getting that very badly.

Not sure how I feel about Sam after this episode.

Not sure how I feel about Sam after this episode.

If I am to give allowances to Sam’s behaviors based upon his brother and father’s actions, though, shouldn’t Sam do the same thing for Dean?  Dean has been raised from the time he was 4 years old to protect Sam.  That was his number one job from the moment that Azazel took their mother.  It was how he was raised, drummed into his head over and over by an overbearing, controlling, distracted father.  Big brother is to look out for little brother and that’s what Dean has always done.

I’m not saying that Dean shouldn’t have loosened the reins on his brother, I’m just saying that he had his reasons for not doing so and it’s pretty hard for him to change that behavior, especially now.  He clearly wasn’t being overly controlling of Sam last season when he sneaked away with Ruby…if anything Dean could argue that he should have kept a shorter leash on Sam and it might not have happened.

How many fantasies got started from this scene?

How many fantasies got started from this scene?

Is it just me or did this episode seem to serve as a big “Look at Sam, he’s the smart one, Dean’s lazy and avoiding the real work” type of episode that we used to be exposed to so often in season 1 and 2?  The whole episode felt like a flashback to those times anyway…Dean was the bossy bully and Sam figured everything out while Dean just goofed around and got sarcastic.  I didn’t care for it at all, even though the episode itself was fine.

Sam walking in on Dean’s conversation with Bobby, wherein he basically blamed him for the apocalypse, was just a set up for the other two major talks the brothers had.  Sam wanted to talk about it but Dean continued to blow him off, just as he’s done all season when Sam tried to apologize.  Some would construe that as solely being about Dean’s anger but I choose to think there’s more to it than that and their final conversation gave that some merit.  Sam took responsibility for starting the apocalypse again and Dean pointed out that he broke the first seal himself.  Sam said you didn’t know and Dean said neither did you.  That was his acceptance that though Sam was partially responsible, he didn’t know what he was doing just as Dean didn’t when he started things either.  Dean made Sam come to that realization about himself as well and the blame game seems to be over.

Let me focus back on that second conversation for a minute.  I did like that Sam told Dean that he didn’t want to go back to the way things were because that is what led them to where they are now.  I always say that about having regrets, there’s really not a point because whatever decisions you made then led to who you are now.  I don’t mind Sam stepping up and taking more of a leadership role but he needs to know that comes with taking responsibility for his actions.  He said he does but he still mentions his brother’s own culpability in his choices and honestly, he can’t do that if he wants to be a leader.  He needs to own his own actions…he says he does but if he really did would he say that Dean’s treatment of him led to his choices?  Isn’t it true that Sam made his choices BEFORE Dean even got back from hell?  He was already using the mojo then, after all, and becoming addicted to the power.  So there’s a lot more to it than just “Dean didn’t let me make any decisions” situation.

The more I think about it, the more annoyed I am getting at the way this episode portrayed the brothers.  Like Dean was the puppet master or something?  I don’t know.  It’s bothering me more as I write about it.  rameau, I need you to weigh in and tell me if I’m going way off base here in what was mostly a light episode cause I am working myself up a bit!  hehe

I guess I don’t mind Dean apologizing for being too overbearing with Sam but I’d like Sam saying he was sorry for the crappy way he treated his brother last year as well.  Dean letting Sam drive the Impala was a signal of the trust being back on his end and I’m good with that, though I think Sam has more earning to do.  I guess the writer’s don’t though, this seemed to be their way of reestablishing Sam as the good and just brother.  Scenes for future episodes have me interested, as always (particularly in that scene where Dean is in sunglasses, yum!), but this episode was not anywhere near my favorite after a few stellar ones.  The brothers are back together and we’ll see how it goes.

PS  Just wanted to thank BuddyTV for pointing my little blog out to people, this is officially my biggest blog day yet and I know it’s thanks to Buddy’s tweet.  All you SPN fans, thanks for coming by, I talk about every episode and hope you all come back for more, would love to discuss with you.  Thanks to the new people who have commented, I love it!

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