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Week 11 NFL Picks

I’m coming off my best week yet, 11-3 and had the Packers hit their 52 yard field goal, it’d have been even better.  I think I might be starting to understand this crazy season…which inevitably means I’ll be sub-.500 this week.  Hubris will be punished by the NFL gods!  Well, we’ll give it our best shot anyway.

New England over NY Jets: I’ll be honest, this first pick scares me.  I’m going with NE because they’re at home and Cassel seems to play well there.  The loss of Thomas on defense has me a bit worried, but the Pats usually manage to win despite half their defense qualifying for the AARP.  I’m counting on Favre to throw two killer picks and that to be the deciding factor in the game.

Atlanta over Denver: I truly give up on this Atlanta thing.  I thought I had them figured out, win against crappy teams, lose to decent ones, but then they killed the Saints last week.  Not that the Saints qualify for decent really, but I figured Brees could outgun them.  They’re 4-0 at home and Denver has been pretty bad this season, so I’ll give it to the Falcons.  Matt Ryan, ROY.

Philly over Cincy: Alas, Cincy won’t be able to add to their win total…I heard rumblings that they were hoping to sweep and end up 8-8 on the season.  I can’t even type that without collapsing into fits of giggles.  Oh Bengals, you slay me.  Philly’s coming off a hard loss against the Giants and they will want to make a statement here.

Green Bay over Chicago: Toss up game for me here, the Bears played the Titans tight last week and shut down their running game. GB’s running game has been nothing to speak of so they’ll have to pass here anyway.  I figure that Grossman will be Grossman and thus I’m going for GB.  When in doubt, pick the better QB, that’s my motto.

Indy over Houston: Has the real Peyton Manning reappeared?  Though they should have lost the game against the Steelers (and again, another game I just missed, could have been 13-1, sigh), Peyton looked good pretty much the whole game.  Harrison missed out on some catches that he made in past years, the timing is still a bit off, but the rest of the offense is warming up.  Houston is QBed by the immortal Sage Rosenfels…Manning or Rosenfels?  Tough one!  Manning it is, in a landslide.

New Orleans over Kansas City: Poor KC, two weeks in a row with heartbreaking losses.  Faux MVP Drew Brees should have a field day against that defense so I don’t think this game will be close.  Of course, the Saints D could prove me wrong.  Drew should light it up this week, but he’s out of the MVP race due to his team sucking thoroughly and Kurt Warner forgetting that he’s 8 years older than he was the last time he played this well.

Miami over Oakland: Dear lord, my nearly Ofer team last year is going to be 6-4 after today.  Amazing turnaround.  Sparano should be a big time candidate for coach of the year.  Meanwhile, Al Davis will be scanning the stands for his next head coach.  Get your resumes updated Miami residents, you could be the next Raiders coach!

NY Giants over Baltimore: Ooooooh.  That’s the sound I made when I saw this game.  Hard hitting? Check!  Turnover city?  Probably check!  The return of the Eli Manning face (TM Bill Simmons)?  Check!  Seriously this one will be a slobberknocker of a game, to borrow a phrase from one of those old guys like Madden.  I’m going to go with the Giants D to throw some stuff at Flacco he’s unprepared for and cause turnovers.  Should be close though.

Tampa Bay over Minnesota: Why did I think we played the Lions this week?  Is that next week?  What is going on with me?  Why didn’t anyone tell me?  Sigh.  Anyway, I’ll pick the Bucs over Frerotte any day.  AD scares me a bit but the Bucs D has been mostly effective against the run (minus the KC game) and they had a whole week of rest to rejuvinate.  I’m guessing 3 picks from old Gus in this game.

Carolina over Detroit: Oh, Carolina gets to beat Detroit this week.  Well bully for them.  Jake Delhomme is coming off a terrible showing against Oakland, but a win’s a win.  I don’t imagine this game will be very challenging for him.  Will Culpepper get the start again this week?  Hensen seems to give them a better chance, so of course they’ll go with Dante.  The dream should still be alive!

San Francisco over St. Louis: Alright, San Fran should have beaten Arizona on Monday night and things do seme to be getting better.  If Martz can just figure out how to run the right play at the end of the game, they should win.  The Rams are already studying the tapes of the college players, so winning doesn’t benefit them any at this point.  Singletary gets his first, of hopefully many cause he’s awesome, wins.

Arizona over Seattle: I think I might have seen something about Hasselbeck returning, but I could have made that up just like I made up the Lions playing the Bucs this week.  Nope, I didn’t imagine it.  I think they might get some WR’s back this week too, but it’s too little too late at this point.  I’m starting to believe in Arizona, in the sense that I think they will win their division but nothing else, so they’re my pick this week.

Tennessee over Jacksonville: Hmmm I am very torn on this one, I could see Jax pulling it out, but they’re such a disappointment this year.  Tenn isn’t going to go 16-0 (are they?) but Jax’s offensive line is not good and Tenn’s is.  Should be low scoring but I’ll take the Titans to roll to 10-0.

Pittsburgh over San Diego: This could go either way depending on Ben’s shoulder, but SD has underachieved all year and there’s no reason to think they will get out of their funk at this point in the season.  They could have lost to KC last week, so I don’t give them much of a chance in Pitt, hurt Ben or not.

Dallas over Washington: The return of Romo!!!  Aren’t ya’ll just beside yourselves with excitement?  Aren’t you certain that now Dallas will be in the Super Bowl?  Not so much, eh?  Me either, but the I hear Portis is pretty hurt at this point and without him I don’t see Washington winning.  It’d be nice if they finally showed me a good game again though.  I’m giving the Romo’s this week, but I don’t think the ship is righted.

Cleveland over Buffalo: Let’s face it, the shine is off the Bills at this point.  They’ve lost 3 in a row to division opponents and haven’t looked the same since Edward’s got his concussion.  The Browns have some hope now that Brady Quinn is behind center and they were playing with new life, up until that last Braylon Edwards drop against Denver.  And fantasy football owners everywhere how with rage and shake their fists toward the sky.  Braylon Edwards, this years fantasy killer.

That’s the picks for this week folks, let’s hope we get some more great games, and that Detroit continues to lose.  Give me something!

Last Week:  11-3

Season Record:  88-55

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