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Sam & Dean, from the CW.com

Sam & Dean, from the CW.com

Because this is a two-parter, I’m not going to be as wordy and break down every little thing that happened in this episode like I tend to do.  I ramble for way too long most of the time don’t I?  So I thought I’d address more of what I liked/loved and didn’t like at all and what I’m anticipating for the next episode instead.  Let’s start with the bad before the good, shall we?

Hot Jared Padalecki, from the CW.com

Hot Jared Padalecki, from the CW.com

  • Sam & Ruby did indeed have sex.  Now, let me first say that I did not remotely object to seeing Jared’s broad shoulders or general nekkidness.  And I am glad the show attempted to explain away that Ruby was in a brain dead girl’s body, so we’re not talking rape.  Some of the boards are screaming necrophelia, which is nasty but on this show not out of the realm of possibility either.  I just don’t like Ruby.  The actress is pretty crappy, although she was better in this episode than in others.
  • Not only did Ruby get to sleep with our pretty Sam, but she also got propped like mad in this episode.  Ruby saved Sam, Ruby got out of hell just to help Sam, Ruby is the demon with the heart of gold…etc!  Enough already.  I hope she has some secret sinister reason for wanting to help Sam because I am bored with the good demon idea.
  • Dean actually had to swallow his bile for Ruby and sort of thank her.  I did not approve of this either.  They hate each other and I like it that way.  I’m glad he gave her a half-assed Dean apology, but didn’t feel he needed to do even that much either.
  • I also hoped that when Sam met up with Ruby again and she talked about being in hell that he would have asked her if she’d seen Dean or knew anything about him down there.  I can see him not wanting to know that information but also having to know what his brother was going through at the same time.  I’d have liked to see him ask it or stumble around it and it didn’t happen.
Hot Jensen Ackles, from CW.com

Hot Jensen Ackles, from CW.com

Things I liked/loved and wanted to have babies with:

  • Loved Dean and Sam in the bar trying to hustle pool.  I really loved that Sam was the one playing drunk and duping the guy, that’s not old Sammy by any means.
  • I really liked Anna, the girl who could heard angels and see demons real faces and apparently has telekinetic powers.
  • Loved Dean’s reaction to Anna saying, “you’re Dean, THE DEAN?” and he kinda got that smiley smug look for a second like, of course I am!  It’s great that she started hearing the angels on the day Dean got out of heaven.
  • The bleeding eyes statue at the church.  Wicked cool.
  • Dean actually sitting back and letting Sam try to use his mojo on Alastair the demon, even though he didn’t want to.  I also am glad that Sam’s power doesn’t work on every demon and he was way too powerful for Sammy.  He couldn’t kill him, nor could the knife that kills everything except when it doesn’t (TM TWoP).
  • The fact that Dean knows Alastair from hell…I am so intrigued by this development that I don’t have the words for how excited I am.  Need answers to what happened to Dean pronto, but I am not annoyed by waiting, just anticipating and savoring.
  • Sam stitching up his own arm and then popping Dean’s shoulder back into place after they jumped out of the church window.  It was gross, don’t get me wrong, but it was also pretty awesome.  He tells Dean he’ll pop his shoulder back on the count of three and then snaps his arm on one.
  • Sam FINALLY telling Dean what happened while he was in hell.  It’s about time one of the boys opened up, Dean still has more to tell but he did admit to Sam at least that he remembers hell time.  Getting to see what Sam was up to over the summer was great.  I loved him trying to bargain with the demon, just wanting to give up his life to get his brother back.  The true Supernatural love story is that of the brothers and it’s refreshing.  Ruby killing the demon instead of Sam during the ambush and then teaching him how to use his powers was alright, but I really loved how badly Sam wanted Lillith.
  • When Ruby realized that Sam just wanted to die fighting Ruby, that was a killer moment I thought.  Sam did not want to live without Dean, what more can you call that but the ultimate in a brotherly love story?
  • I thought blond Ruby was a better Ruby than the Ruby we’re stuck with, she at least seemed a little more badass.  I actually liked maid Ruby who came in to tell the boys where she and Anna were much better than both of the others though.
  • I did like that Sam refused to play with Ruby until she found another body that she wouldn’t be invading.  Again, not liking that they slept together but at least another woman wasn’t in there with her.  Naked JP was awesome, as was him lifting Ruby effortlessly and her wrapping her legs around him.  I liked the scene, just not the Ruby!
  • Dean’s reaction to Sam’s sex story with Ruby.  His disgusted, “too much information” just cracked me up.  Then he requested that Sam give him no more naked stories, which was also awesome.  I think my Dean would be more than happy to get the sexual details if Ruby weren’t involved, don’t you?
  • Sam holding the knife to Ruby when she tried to stop him from going after Lillith.  He may be sleeping with her, he may even like her, but she wasn’t going to get in his way of avenging the loss of his brother.  I can’t help myself, I find that hot.  I did like that Sam was able to come back and save Ruby after she saved him, that’s very in character for our darling Sammy, and we saw that his nosebleed with Samhain was not his only nosebleed.
  • Dean standing there holding the towels stupefied while maid Ruby told them about the demons.  His expression just killed me.
  • The return of Castiel and Uriel!  I didn’t like that the boys were not smart enough to realize that when Anna could hear “them” coming, she was talking about the angels, but I guess this made it more dramatic.
  • Dean blaming Sam for losing the knife, his “don’t blame me” was just like big brother tattling on a little brother, as was Sam’s “thanks a lot!” when he got the look from Ruby.  It’s the little things with this show.
  • Uriel’s complete and utter disgust at the presence of Ruby, calling her a stain.  A better comment for her I have yet to hear.
  • Dean’s expression when Castiel informed them that they were there to kill Anna.  It was kind of a “like hell she has to die look”.  Watching Dean face off with Castiel over that one will be a treat, I’ve no doubt of that.
Love this pick, Jensen & Jared, from the CW

Love this pick, Jensen & Jared, from the CW

And that’s how the show ended, but next week, to parallel naked Jared in this episode, naked Jensen next episode!  He’s totally getting it on with Anna.  Which will be hot, I have no doubt!  Also Dean faces off with Uriel over whatever he did down in Hell, which I am dying to know.  I literally cannot wait til next week.  As you can see, the good in this episode far outweighed the bad, so I enjoyed it a lot.  I would definitely like to see more of Dean’s hell experience explored as well as find out what the deal is with Ruby.  I actually would be alright if they killed her off right away without explaining that, but I don’t think I’m going to get that lucky so an explanation would be nice.  I got wordy again, sorry!  But we have Shirtless Dean…is it Thursday yet?

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