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Sam & Dean, from the CW.com

Sam & Dean, from the CW.com

Because this is a two-parter, I’m not going to be as wordy and break down every little thing that happened in this episode like I tend to do.  I ramble for way too long most of the time don’t I?  So I thought I’d address more of what I liked/loved and didn’t like at all and what I’m anticipating for the next episode instead.  Let’s start with the bad before the good, shall we?

Hot Jared Padalecki, from the CW.com

Hot Jared Padalecki, from the CW.com

  • Sam & Ruby did indeed have sex.  Now, let me first say that I did not remotely object to seeing Jared’s broad shoulders or general nekkidness.  And I am glad the show attempted to explain away that Ruby was in a brain dead girl’s body, so we’re not talking rape.  Some of the boards are screaming necrophelia, which is nasty but on this show not out of the realm of possibility either.  I just don’t like Ruby.  The actress is pretty crappy, although she was better in this episode than in others.
  • Not only did Ruby get to sleep with our pretty Sam, but she also got propped like mad in this episode.  Ruby saved Sam, Ruby got out of hell just to help Sam, Ruby is the demon with the heart of gold…etc!  Enough already.  I hope she has some secret sinister reason for wanting to help Sam because I am bored with the good demon idea.
  • Dean actually had to swallow his bile for Ruby and sort of thank her.  I did not approve of this either.  They hate each other and I like it that way.  I’m glad he gave her a half-assed Dean apology, but didn’t feel he needed to do even that much either.
  • I also hoped that when Sam met up with Ruby again and she talked about being in hell that he would have asked her if she’d seen Dean or knew anything about him down there.  I can see him not wanting to know that information but also having to know what his brother was going through at the same time.  I’d have liked to see him ask it or stumble around it and it didn’t happen.
Hot Jensen Ackles, from CW.com

Hot Jensen Ackles, from CW.com

Things I liked/loved and wanted to have babies with:

  • Loved Dean and Sam in the bar trying to hustle pool.  I really loved that Sam was the one playing drunk and duping the guy, that’s not old Sammy by any means.
  • I really liked Anna, the girl who could heard angels and see demons real faces and apparently has telekinetic powers.
  • Loved Dean’s reaction to Anna saying, “you’re Dean, THE DEAN?” and he kinda got that smiley smug look for a second like, of course I am!  It’s great that she started hearing the angels on the day Dean got out of heaven.
  • The bleeding eyes statue at the church.  Wicked cool.
  • Dean actually sitting back and letting Sam try to use his mojo on Alastair the demon, even though he didn’t want to.  I also am glad that Sam’s power doesn’t work on every demon and he was way too powerful for Sammy.  He couldn’t kill him, nor could the knife that kills everything except when it doesn’t (TM TWoP).
  • The fact that Dean knows Alastair from hell…I am so intrigued by this development that I don’t have the words for how excited I am.  Need answers to what happened to Dean pronto, but I am not annoyed by waiting, just anticipating and savoring.
  • Sam stitching up his own arm and then popping Dean’s shoulder back into place after they jumped out of the church window.  It was gross, don’t get me wrong, but it was also pretty awesome.  He tells Dean he’ll pop his shoulder back on the count of three and then snaps his arm on one.
  • Sam FINALLY telling Dean what happened while he was in hell.  It’s about time one of the boys opened up, Dean still has more to tell but he did admit to Sam at least that he remembers hell time.  Getting to see what Sam was up to over the summer was great.  I loved him trying to bargain with the demon, just wanting to give up his life to get his brother back.  The true Supernatural love story is that of the brothers and it’s refreshing.  Ruby killing the demon instead of Sam during the ambush and then teaching him how to use his powers was alright, but I really loved how badly Sam wanted Lillith.
  • When Ruby realized that Sam just wanted to die fighting Ruby, that was a killer moment I thought.  Sam did not want to live without Dean, what more can you call that but the ultimate in a brotherly love story?
  • I thought blond Ruby was a better Ruby than the Ruby we’re stuck with, she at least seemed a little more badass.  I actually liked maid Ruby who came in to tell the boys where she and Anna were much better than both of the others though.
  • I did like that Sam refused to play with Ruby until she found another body that she wouldn’t be invading.  Again, not liking that they slept together but at least another woman wasn’t in there with her.  Naked JP was awesome, as was him lifting Ruby effortlessly and her wrapping her legs around him.  I liked the scene, just not the Ruby!
  • Dean’s reaction to Sam’s sex story with Ruby.  His disgusted, “too much information” just cracked me up.  Then he requested that Sam give him no more naked stories, which was also awesome.  I think my Dean would be more than happy to get the sexual details if Ruby weren’t involved, don’t you?
  • Sam holding the knife to Ruby when she tried to stop him from going after Lillith.  He may be sleeping with her, he may even like her, but she wasn’t going to get in his way of avenging the loss of his brother.  I can’t help myself, I find that hot.  I did like that Sam was able to come back and save Ruby after she saved him, that’s very in character for our darling Sammy, and we saw that his nosebleed with Samhain was not his only nosebleed.
  • Dean standing there holding the towels stupefied while maid Ruby told them about the demons.  His expression just killed me.
  • The return of Castiel and Uriel!  I didn’t like that the boys were not smart enough to realize that when Anna could hear “them” coming, she was talking about the angels, but I guess this made it more dramatic.
  • Dean blaming Sam for losing the knife, his “don’t blame me” was just like big brother tattling on a little brother, as was Sam’s “thanks a lot!” when he got the look from Ruby.  It’s the little things with this show.
  • Uriel’s complete and utter disgust at the presence of Ruby, calling her a stain.  A better comment for her I have yet to hear.
  • Dean’s expression when Castiel informed them that they were there to kill Anna.  It was kind of a “like hell she has to die look”.  Watching Dean face off with Castiel over that one will be a treat, I’ve no doubt of that.
Love this pick, Jensen & Jared, from the CW

Love this pick, Jensen & Jared, from the CW

And that’s how the show ended, but next week, to parallel naked Jared in this episode, naked Jensen next episode!  He’s totally getting it on with Anna.  Which will be hot, I have no doubt!  Also Dean faces off with Uriel over whatever he did down in Hell, which I am dying to know.  I literally cannot wait til next week.  As you can see, the good in this episode far outweighed the bad, so I enjoyed it a lot.  I would definitely like to see more of Dean’s hell experience explored as well as find out what the deal is with Ruby.  I actually would be alright if they killed her off right away without explaining that, but I don’t think I’m going to get that lucky so an explanation would be nice.  I got wordy again, sorry!  But we have Shirtless Dean…is it Thursday yet?


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Before I get to the spoilers, I must begin with the breaking (heartbreaking!) news that Jay Kenneth Johnson has officially exited the show.  We don’t know yet if they will recast Philip or not, but I imagine they will due to his character involved in some major story lines, some of which we will discuss below.  I am sorry to see one Day’s top two hot guys exit the stage and now have to sweat out James Scott’s contract negotiations in a couple months.  Losing both talented, gorgeous men would be more than I can tolerate.  Anyway, if you want more info on JKJ’s exit, hit Tripp’s blog on the subject.

As to what we have to look forward to in the next few weeks on our beloved (or not) soap?  Well my title might give you a little hint.  Probably not much of one if you’re unspoiled, but if you are and you’re reading this, then welcome to the pain!  Sami apparently gets out of her stellar protective custody and ends up at a convent, where she introduces herself as Colleen.  Why?  I have no idea.  Some nun takes her in.  Rafe must track her down or she returns on her own.  Rafe finds a medal from the convent and Sami begs him to take her back there, which for some unknown reason he does.  Turns out that Rafe has some kind of ties to that convent and some homeless guy comes in and he freaks and takes Sami back away.  Sami keeps Sister Theresa’s number, which I assume she’ll use when she gets a hold of his phone again.  Why she’s so anxious to be at the convent is beyond me.  Does she actually want to give up her baby?  I do not see Sami Brady ever doing that.  Rafe gets Hilda to bring an Xmas tree and new photos of Sami’s kids to her, which makes her happy.  I thought she couldn’t have any photos from her “past life”?  Does this show even pay attention to what they say a few weeks before?  Why am I asking something so stupid?

If you’ve been knocked unconscious recently, you might have missed the anvils that something is going to go very wrong with Nicole’s pregnancy.  She has cramps and Brady takes her to the hospital and she loses the kid.  Nicole, of course, does not tell EJ that she lost the baby and puts on a fake pregnancy pad.  EJ is apparently suspicious, trying to get the doctor to tell him what’s up but he won’t do it.  Stefano starts demanding that Nicole see his personal physician (is that Rolf? Where is he anyway?)  Rafe apparently spies Nicole adjusting her baby pad when he’s spying in DiFamily, presumably to see if Sami is telling the truth about the DiMera’s being evil incarnate.

In other news, Kate gets released from the hospital and the family throws a party for her.  Daniel informs her that her cancer has spread to her lymph nodes and bone marrow and she needs a transplant.  The family get tested and Chloe turns out to be a match.  Chloe and Lucas have just gotten engaged and Chloe doesn’t want to let Kate know that when things are looking so bad for her, Kate is happy though and refuses to let Chloe be her donor as it could harm her.  I’m sure Daniel the Great will get it all done though.

Melanie starts working at Titan, which angers new employee Stephanie.  Philip tells her that he feels bad for the kid and Stephanie apparently finds that sweet and gives him a kiss.  Melanie also tries to hug Philip but he isn’t impressed.  And the triangle begins!  YAY!  Not.  Anyhow, it sounds like Melanie might still be staying with Maggie and Mickey because Maggie notices that Mel is pissy and she tells Maggie she’s going to prove to be a great asset at Titan.  Since she’s all of 18 and likely never worked a day in her life, I’m sure this is true.

As to the Nick story, no news whatsoever.  He’ll get arrested next week after he and Melanie are found in a hotel room getting ready to head to Vegas.  Nick wants them to get married so they can’t testify against one another I guess.  Mel gets more memory back and realizes that Nick killed her dad and tries to get away from him.  Bo & Hope burst into the room during their struggle and Mel pitches over the hotel balcony.  Philip, with his one leg, climbs up and saves her.  In Days world, this is a scary sign of twu wuv.  At least JKJ won’t have to play that.  After Nick is arrested, Melanie assumes everyone will love her but they don’t, they all blame her for Nick’s condition.  The rest remains to be seen.

That’s the main stuff that is coming up in early December.  Are you riveted?  Can you not wait to tune in?  Are you hanging on my every word?  Are you writing I love Dena Higley all over your notebook?  Me neither.  I can only hope the new year brings something better, or Days 18 month renewal won’t run out soon enough for this viewer.

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Week 11 NFL Picks

I’m coming off my best week yet, 11-3 and had the Packers hit their 52 yard field goal, it’d have been even better.  I think I might be starting to understand this crazy season…which inevitably means I’ll be sub-.500 this week.  Hubris will be punished by the NFL gods!  Well, we’ll give it our best shot anyway.

New England over NY Jets: I’ll be honest, this first pick scares me.  I’m going with NE because they’re at home and Cassel seems to play well there.  The loss of Thomas on defense has me a bit worried, but the Pats usually manage to win despite half their defense qualifying for the AARP.  I’m counting on Favre to throw two killer picks and that to be the deciding factor in the game.

Atlanta over Denver: I truly give up on this Atlanta thing.  I thought I had them figured out, win against crappy teams, lose to decent ones, but then they killed the Saints last week.  Not that the Saints qualify for decent really, but I figured Brees could outgun them.  They’re 4-0 at home and Denver has been pretty bad this season, so I’ll give it to the Falcons.  Matt Ryan, ROY.

Philly over Cincy: Alas, Cincy won’t be able to add to their win total…I heard rumblings that they were hoping to sweep and end up 8-8 on the season.  I can’t even type that without collapsing into fits of giggles.  Oh Bengals, you slay me.  Philly’s coming off a hard loss against the Giants and they will want to make a statement here.

Green Bay over Chicago: Toss up game for me here, the Bears played the Titans tight last week and shut down their running game. GB’s running game has been nothing to speak of so they’ll have to pass here anyway.  I figure that Grossman will be Grossman and thus I’m going for GB.  When in doubt, pick the better QB, that’s my motto.

Indy over Houston: Has the real Peyton Manning reappeared?  Though they should have lost the game against the Steelers (and again, another game I just missed, could have been 13-1, sigh), Peyton looked good pretty much the whole game.  Harrison missed out on some catches that he made in past years, the timing is still a bit off, but the rest of the offense is warming up.  Houston is QBed by the immortal Sage Rosenfels…Manning or Rosenfels?  Tough one!  Manning it is, in a landslide.

New Orleans over Kansas City: Poor KC, two weeks in a row with heartbreaking losses.  Faux MVP Drew Brees should have a field day against that defense so I don’t think this game will be close.  Of course, the Saints D could prove me wrong.  Drew should light it up this week, but he’s out of the MVP race due to his team sucking thoroughly and Kurt Warner forgetting that he’s 8 years older than he was the last time he played this well.

Miami over Oakland: Dear lord, my nearly Ofer team last year is going to be 6-4 after today.  Amazing turnaround.  Sparano should be a big time candidate for coach of the year.  Meanwhile, Al Davis will be scanning the stands for his next head coach.  Get your resumes updated Miami residents, you could be the next Raiders coach!

NY Giants over Baltimore: Ooooooh.  That’s the sound I made when I saw this game.  Hard hitting? Check!  Turnover city?  Probably check!  The return of the Eli Manning face (TM Bill Simmons)?  Check!  Seriously this one will be a slobberknocker of a game, to borrow a phrase from one of those old guys like Madden.  I’m going to go with the Giants D to throw some stuff at Flacco he’s unprepared for and cause turnovers.  Should be close though.

Tampa Bay over Minnesota: Why did I think we played the Lions this week?  Is that next week?  What is going on with me?  Why didn’t anyone tell me?  Sigh.  Anyway, I’ll pick the Bucs over Frerotte any day.  AD scares me a bit but the Bucs D has been mostly effective against the run (minus the KC game) and they had a whole week of rest to rejuvinate.  I’m guessing 3 picks from old Gus in this game.

Carolina over Detroit: Oh, Carolina gets to beat Detroit this week.  Well bully for them.  Jake Delhomme is coming off a terrible showing against Oakland, but a win’s a win.  I don’t imagine this game will be very challenging for him.  Will Culpepper get the start again this week?  Hensen seems to give them a better chance, so of course they’ll go with Dante.  The dream should still be alive!

San Francisco over St. Louis: Alright, San Fran should have beaten Arizona on Monday night and things do seme to be getting better.  If Martz can just figure out how to run the right play at the end of the game, they should win.  The Rams are already studying the tapes of the college players, so winning doesn’t benefit them any at this point.  Singletary gets his first, of hopefully many cause he’s awesome, wins.

Arizona over Seattle: I think I might have seen something about Hasselbeck returning, but I could have made that up just like I made up the Lions playing the Bucs this week.  Nope, I didn’t imagine it.  I think they might get some WR’s back this week too, but it’s too little too late at this point.  I’m starting to believe in Arizona, in the sense that I think they will win their division but nothing else, so they’re my pick this week.

Tennessee over Jacksonville: Hmmm I am very torn on this one, I could see Jax pulling it out, but they’re such a disappointment this year.  Tenn isn’t going to go 16-0 (are they?) but Jax’s offensive line is not good and Tenn’s is.  Should be low scoring but I’ll take the Titans to roll to 10-0.

Pittsburgh over San Diego: This could go either way depending on Ben’s shoulder, but SD has underachieved all year and there’s no reason to think they will get out of their funk at this point in the season.  They could have lost to KC last week, so I don’t give them much of a chance in Pitt, hurt Ben or not.

Dallas over Washington: The return of Romo!!!  Aren’t ya’ll just beside yourselves with excitement?  Aren’t you certain that now Dallas will be in the Super Bowl?  Not so much, eh?  Me either, but the I hear Portis is pretty hurt at this point and without him I don’t see Washington winning.  It’d be nice if they finally showed me a good game again though.  I’m giving the Romo’s this week, but I don’t think the ship is righted.

Cleveland over Buffalo: Let’s face it, the shine is off the Bills at this point.  They’ve lost 3 in a row to division opponents and haven’t looked the same since Edward’s got his concussion.  The Browns have some hope now that Brady Quinn is behind center and they were playing with new life, up until that last Braylon Edwards drop against Denver.  And fantasy football owners everywhere how with rage and shake their fists toward the sky.  Braylon Edwards, this years fantasy killer.

That’s the picks for this week folks, let’s hope we get some more great games, and that Detroit continues to lose.  Give me something!

Last Week:  11-3

Season Record:  88-55

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The loving Petrelli family, from NBC.com

The loving Petrelli family, from NBC.com

Another week of Heroes revelations has gone by and given me a headache and whiplash and despite that, endless delight.  Any episode that features heavy Petrelli happenings and Elle with Sylar is going to delight me.  If I don’t get Selle sex sometime in the near future I’m going to be mighty unhappy, but as usual I’m jumping ahead of myself.

This week, via Hiro’s memory trip through time, we got to see what was happening in the lives of our intrepid heroes and villains a year ago.  It was fun to see PAtrelli & MAtrelli interacting as what by all apperances was a happily married couple.  She seemed to adore him and he her as well.  Turns out that was a bit of a fascade though, because Linderman informed Angela that Papa had been using mind control to bend her to his will quite frequently.  We also found out that while Linderman was indeed behind Nathan’s accident that left his wife paralyzed, it was actually his father who ordered the hit.  Daddy Petrelli is such a teddy bear isn’t he?

Pretty Petrelli Boys, from NBC.com

Pretty Petrelli Boys, from NBC.com

Prior to Linderman using his power to heal MAtrelli, she overheard him and PAtrelli discussing the need to off Nathan in order to preserve the Heroes.  She started to protest that and PAtrelli used his mind mojo to inform her that Nathan needed to die.  He made her repeat it and that was that, no more protest.  Then Linderman told Angela that PAtrelli was using his power on her and she didn’t believe him but let him use his power on her anyway.  Then she knew he was going after Nathan and she was determined to put a stop to that.  She lovingly made her husband some favorite recipe of his that his mom used to make him and while he was eating, out stepped the Haitian to block his powers.  Then Angela informed him that she’d added a little something to the recipe and that he was going to die.  She walked off and Nathan came in and found Dad passed out on the floor but still breathing.  They whisked him to the hospital where the doctor informed Nathan and Angela and adorable floppy haired emo Peter that PAtrelli had died.  He walks back to where Pa is laying in the bed and it’s clear that he is alive and controlling the doc with his mind.  Presumably he got Matt’s Dad in there to get him out and go off to form the alterna-company.

Gabriel readies to hang himself, from NBC.com

Gabriel readies to hang himself, from NBC.com

Meanwhile, the current Company was out to figure out just what Sylar could do, so Elle was sent in to get her watch fixed by Gabriel Gray.  She came across him attempting to hang himself and shot a bolt of electricity into his rope, causing him to be unsuccessful in his attempt.  She told Sylar that obviously since the rope broke he wasn’t meant to die and he told her he had done some terrible things and couldn’t control himself.  She heads back to HRG who suggests that she make with the romantic moves on our confused killer because they need to know more about him.  She winds up bringing him pie, peach, his favorite, and he shows her his telekinetic power.  She doesn’t act remotely put off by this and he tells her a bit about what he’s been doing.  HRG is not satisfied and wants to actually see him in action, so he arranges some “lunch” for Sylar.  Elle invites some eyeliner wearing doofus to their dinner and gets him to show Sylar his power.  He can basically shoot without any bullets.  Sylar is fascinated by this and wants it.  He tries to deny it but with a little push from Elle he decides to take the cool power (which we totally need to see more).  He orders her to get out and at first she won’t.  She ends up jolting him with her electricity and he’s betrayed to find out she had a power all along and didn’t tell him.  He lets her go and goes to work on the brain of Pistol Pete.  HRG watches in delight as Sylar opens and studies the brain.  Elle is disgusted and very unhappy that they took Sylar’s humanity.  They were so cute and awkward together on their little pie date that I want more, more I say!

Elle pops in to save Gabriel, from NBC.com

Elle pops in to save Gabriel, photo from NBC.com

Elsewhere, Flint is Meredith’s brother, making him Claire’s Uncle.  He’s a dimwit and Meredith saves him from the Company twice even though they’ve recruited her.  They end up battling with Thompson on the train and Flint gets away but Meredith is captured.  Thompson decides to let her go when he hears about Claire dying in a fire when she was a baby.  The train, meanwhile, is on fire and that’s the fire we first see Claire walk into when she was showing off her inability to die.  Cool continuity although this episode really messed with continuity all over the place.

The episode ends with Hiro coming out of his vision and saying they have to get to MAtrelli.  Suddenly he and Ando hear a scream and run out to find the future seer guy with his head ripped off.  PAtrelli grabs Hiro and light flashes.  Presumably he took his powers or wiped his mind or both.  Not sure.  Coming up is something with the eclipse that caused the powers to manifest in the younger crew.  It looks awesome.

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Week 10 NFL Notes

Indy picks off Big Ben to seal the win, from The AP

Indy picks off Big Ben to seal the win, from The AP

Another wild week in the National Football League folks!  There were so many Douchetard applicants this week that I had to take a poll of people just to select one.  So you know what that means, we had some astoundingly craptastic performances.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • Last nights Giants/Eagles game was a fun one, full of lots of scoring and lots of turnovers!  One egregious one was Brandon Jacobs attempting to channel Knowshon Moreno and vault over a defender.  Brandon Jacobs probably weighs about 100 lbs more than Knowshon and this did not work, fumble, Philly ball.  Kevin Boss then vaulted someone as well, to show Brandon how you’re supposed to do it, no fumble this time.  The Eagles had a chance on 4th and 1 and Westbrook was unable to get the first down, ending the ball game.  Exciting one, always love Giants/Eagles games.  And the champs continue to look awesome.
  • One of my contenders for Douchetard of the Week was Herm Edwards, for going for 2 against San Diego instead of taking the extra point and sending the game to overtime.  Now, I chose not to use him because I applauded Shanahan for doing this against the same Chargers (maybe it’s a Chargers thing?) earlier in the season, so it would have been hypocritical of me not to approve because it didn’t work this time.  I give Herm credit for balls, but they fall to 1-8, so it’s a hollow credit to be sure.  San Diego continues to pretty much disappoint though, they didn’t exactly make a statement in this win.  Lucky for them they’re in the AFC Least, anybody could take it, well, except Oakland and KC.
  • Congratulations, Oakland, you managed to score this week!  2 whole field goals!  I mean, you still lost, but that’s a moral victory in and of itself.  I have seen no highlights of this game but I do know Jack Delhomme threw 4 picks and Carolina managed to win 17-6.  That says an awful lot of things about Oakland’s suckitude right there.  How does a team get 4 turnovers and still lose?  Well by having 3 of their own and having Al Davis as an owner I guess.  Buck up Oakland fans, he can’t live that much longer.  Or can he?
  • The sports shows would have you believe that Drew Brees is in contention to be league MVP this year.  Ummm…okay…he was also in contention to be my Douchetard this week for a terrible performance against Atlanta.  Oh he threw for 422 yards but he also threw 3 picks, one that went 95 yards for a TD.  Add that to your stat total Drew!  The Saints are quite the disappointment this year, that defense is atrocious.
  • In contrast, Matt Ryan continues to exceed expectations.  He looks like a vet back there, not a rookie QB.  Between him and Flacco I don’t know what to make of the world anymore.  Rookie QBs are supposed to suck, but noooo.  They are both 6-3 and looking like they might make the playoffs.  What a strange sport this is.  Kudos to Atlanta though, they deserved something good to happen after the Michael Prick debacle (though if Arthur Blank hadn’t enabled him, they might not have been in this mess in the first place).  I still hate Baltimore for their earlier abuse of my picking this season, as well as ruining Miami’s Ofer last season, but I grudgingly admit that they have a heck of a team going on right now.
  • Of course, it helped the Ravens to play the immortal Sage Rosenfels last week, winner of our first DT award and serious contender for it this week as well.  I decided against this only because I didn’t expect him to be any good and he lived up, or down, to my expectations.  Houston never had a chance in this game, although it was semi-close in the 3rd quarter.  Our hero threw 4 picks and 1 TD and the Texan fans who were hating Schaub are crying wanting him back, or they’d probably even take pretty David Carr back at this point.
  • The Chicago/Tenn game was quite a slugfest.  Chicago managed to shut down Tenn’s vaunted running game, limiting them to around 20 yards, but Kerry Collins shouldered the load and threw for 289 yards.  Grossman was…Grossman, with 1 TD and 1 pick.  He nearly led the Bears to the tying TD but they failed to convert a 4th down from the Tenn 41, ending the game.  Tenn improves to 9-0 and I can’t be more shocked that we have an undefeated team at this point in this years wacky NFL.
  • And, happily, the dream is still alive as Detroit falls to 0-9.  Jacksonville headed my warning and provided a proper beatdown in Detroit, winning 38-14. Culpepper went 5/10 for 104 yards and 1 interception before giving way to Drew Stanton, who managed to lead Detroit to a TD and went 6/8 for 94 yards.  Could we have a QB controversy in Detroit already?  Welcome back to the NFL Dante.  Or NFL Jr, such as it is.  Though I’m thrilled the Lions roll on to infamy, I worry because the Bucs have them next.  We better not gag against them or I will lose my shit in a way none of you have ever seen before.
  • Miami continues its unbelievable march to respectability, winning a close one against Seattle but improving to 5-4 on this season.  Who would have thought a 1-15 team last year would look this much better?  Al Davis is spinning in his grave.  Well, he would be if he would just get in there (sorry again Oakland!).  The wildcat offense lives, producing a 51 yard TD for Ricky Williams and Pennington passed for over 200 yards as well.  What a difference a respectable QB makes.
  • I was ready to give the DT award to GB’s kicker, for missing a game winning TD, but since it was a 52 yarder I felt that would be unfair.  This game was back and forth the whole time and exciting, with AD Peterson taking over the game (as I believe I mentioned he needed to for a win) and running for nearly 200 yards, 29 coming on his last carry for the go-ahead TD.  GB falls a game behind Chicago and Minny in their division.  You call it, I can’t figure it out!
  • Matt Cassel in NE is a different Matt Cassel isn’t he?  He looked like a great game manager yesterday and BenJarvus Green-Ellis kicked in 105 yards and a TD to seal the win for the Pats.  Quite a feat for an undrafted free agent, right?  I love stories like that.  I also love his nickname, Law Firm, which I read in Don Banks’ column at SI.  How perfect is that?
  • So much for Jim Haslett making the Rams a feel-good story after firing Linehan.  They got their 2 surprise wins but now they’re back to the Rams we knew and loved early in the season, who looked like they’d go 0-16.  Sigh.  Stupid Redskins.  Anyway, the Jets won 47-13, which made me think that Favre had lit them up, but no, he went 14/19 for 1 TD.  They let the running game carry them to victory (good choice) with Thomas Jones going for 149 yards and 3 TD’s and Washington adding 54 of his own.  The Rams kicked in 5 turnovers and the rout was on.  Fun game!
  • Finally we’ve arrived at the long awaited Douchetard of the Week award.  Can you guess who it is?  What’s the one game I didn’t discuss yet?  Indy at Pittsburgh.  Yep, Big Ben Roethlisberger is this weeks winner.  He threw 3 picks, two that directly led to Indy touchdowns.  One was just before the half.  Pitt could have gone into the locker room with a 10 point lead but Indy got the ball around the Pitt 35 and punched it in quickly.  3 point lead at the half.  Later, Pitt was still leading when Ben was picked off again.  Indy took the ball and took the lead.  Ben had a last chance to get the victory but the Hail Mary was picked off in the end zone.  I know he’s hurting but his mistakes cost his team, and me, a victory.  Big Ben, congratulations, you are our Douchetard of the Week.

That’s it for all but the Monday night game.  I only lost 3 games so I’m feeling pretty good yet again.  I might just have figured this crazy year out.  We’ll see.  See you later in the week for this weeks picks!

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Iowa's kicker brings home the win, photo from the AP

Iowa's kicker brings home the win against PSU, photo from The AP

Another week of college football, another week of excitement and let downs!  We had a few really stellar games yesterday and some unexpected blowouts.  This, of course, is the fun of college football and this year is just as, if not more, wild than all the others.

  • Awww the crusty old man isn’t going to get a shot at another national championship!!!  Regular readers might have picked up on the fact that I’m no fan of JoePa, so I’m not going to shed any alligator tears over their last second loss to Iowa.  We needed to see another Big 10 team in the national championship game like we need the Dow Jones to go down another 1000 or so points.  They just can’t hang with the big boys right now.
  • LSU, if you actually had a quarterback you would have knocked off Alabama yesterday.  What is up with that Lee kid?  He throws a pick 6 to help Bama tie the game at 14 and then throws an interception in overtime that ices the game.  And he had been saved by LSU special teams blocking a very short field goal by Bama.  I know the kid is a freshman but you just can’t lose a game like that.
  • Speaking of Bama, they are going to get their butts handed to them by UF in the SEC championship game.  That is one of the least impressive #1 schools I’ve seen in recent years.  They’re eeking out wins but they’re not looking impressive and against a team that can score?  They’ll be in trouble because their offense isn’t all that.
  • Ahhh Florida, just how long do you have to let Tebow stay in the game on a blowout win?  And why are teams not going out of their way to cheap shot him for still being in the game that late?  Why am I not a head coach so that I can order this to happen?  That’s right, I am like the Sensei in Karate Kid, “Sweep the leg!”  Hopefully the UF/FSU game won’t be a blowout this year but if it is, I bet my boys will cheapshot.  They’re coached right!  Yes, I am terrible, I admit it.
  • It’s only taken about a decade, or it feels that way, but the Noles have finally found their running game.  It was hiding in the quick feet of a freshman out of Jacksonville named Thomas all of these years.  Who knew?  Seriously, I am in love with that kid.  It feels like every time he touches the ball he rips off 10-20 yards.  Why it’s taken the coaching staff this long to decide to get the kid more heavily involved in the offense is beyond me.  We would have taken Wake if we had, I am quite confident of that.
  • The ACC…what do I say about it at this point?  Does anybody want it?  UNC knocks off Ga Tech who knocked off the Noles last week.  The Noles take down Clemson (Hooray!)  Wake takes out UVA who was in position to take their division.   I don’t have a clue but I do know that I need Wake to lose, so someone take care of that.
  • While I’m discussing conferences, let’s talk about the Big Least.  Was West Virginia their only ranked team, at #25 no less?  And then they lose in overtime to Cincy, an overtime they had to fight to even get to?  Pathetic conference, seriously.  Their automatic bid in the BCS needs to be revoked.
  • The Phil Fulmer Farewell Tour continues its march toward its pathetic end.  Tennessee lost 13-7 to Wyoming.  Yes, that football powerhouse, Wyoming.  Three games in a row Tenn has failed to score in double digits.  I don’t know who will agree to come in and coach that team, but I’ll laugh if Gruden does go for that job.  That team is a long way from competing for the middle of the road in the SEC, let alone contending for a championship.
  • What is going on with the Georgia defense?  I understand losing to UF but they nearly lost to KY and gave up 38 points.  And a last minute interception is what kept them from losing the game.  I don’t know what is going on there but they’ve ruined my Knowshon’s Heisman campaign and I am not appreciative.
  • No Heisman will be seen at USC this year, but at least they’re comforted by the fact that they get to beat up on Pac-10 teams and wait to see if anybody above them stumbles.  They’ll check in at about #6 this week. Can the media stop building shrines to their supposedly stellar defense?  They’re shutting down Pac-10 teams, not Big 12 ones.  Talk to me when they do, cause I’m sick of USC and their crappy conference.
  • Texas Tech/OK State lived up to the hype on one end, because Texas Tech was awesome again last night.  TT blew them out in the second half, winning 56-20, though it was close for awhile.  They really make it look effortless on offense out there, don’t they?  It’s like they get the ball and 5 plays later they’re in the end zone, with only about 2 minutes elapsed.  It’s just beautiful to watch Harrell hook up with my other college boyfriend, Michael Crabtree.  3 TD’s yesterday, fantastic.  Harrell will win the Heisman but Crabtree is the best player in the nation right about now.  He needs to be a Buc!  I’ll say it until it happens and I’ll cry about it if it doesn’t, get used to it!

I think that about covers it for the big happenings of the week.  We’ll see what next week holds, will another big boy get knocked down?  Probably should bet on it the way this year is going!

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Wishes & Reality

Dean & Sam wonder what's happening in the town, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

Dean & Sam wonder what is happening in the town, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

This week’s Supernatural was not one of my favorites of the year by any means, but there were a couple of stellar scenes and some funny happenings.  I think we’ve had too many light episodes in the past 4 or so and that’s what makes me less likely to truly enjoy the funny stuff.  I’d like 2 serious for every 1 light or so.

We open on an invisible boy spying on Mrs. Armstrong in the shower.  She throws her towel at him and we can see that he’s a medium sized male who quite clearly knows the woman.  Not overly mysterious.  Cut to the boys and Sam confronting Dean about his time in hell.  Dean keeps denying remembering anything and Sam tells him to look him in the eye and tell him he doesn’t remember.  Dean does so without flinching.

Sam tells Dean about an incident in Concrete, Washington about the ghost haunting showers in a women’s facility.  Dean immediately starts paying the bill and says, “Women, showers?  We’ve gotta save these people.”  Clearly this is the sort of case that appeals to Dean’s love of humanity.  Or, more accurately, love of hot naked chicks.  It’s nice that some things never change!

Sam meets with Mrs. Armstrong and she tells him that the apparition knew her name.  Sam’s attention is drawn by a hot woman completely making out with her nerdy boyfriend in a booth at the Chinese restaurant.  Sam is confused by this, and Mrs. Armstrong draws his attention back by telling him that the ghost helped her up and begged her not to tell his mom.  Dean doesn’t find any EMF in the shower and as the boys are walking, a little kid chases 3 bigger kids past them.  Dean shouts, “Run Forrest Run.” Eh…that line’s pretty dead.  Then they happen upon a guy swearing that he saw Big Foot.   They go where the guy saw Big Foot and they do indeed see huge footprints in the dirt.  They follow the feet to a liquor store, wherein they discover that it stole amaretto and irish cream, girl drinks as Dean sneeringly calls them.  Dean steals his own bottle of non-girly alcohol.  Then Sam calls him over and shows him that Big Foot took the whole porno rack and there’s a tuft a fur there.

Sam & Dean, Teddy Bear Doctors, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

Sam & Dean, Teddy Bear Doctors, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

The boys sit outside contemplating the weirdness of what they’ve seen so far in the town and can’t figure out what in the hell is going on.  Dean says maybe it’s a Deep Wood Duchovny, which is funny and timely.  Go SN.  A little girl rides by and drops Dean’s fave mag, Busty Asian Beauties, which Dean feels she’s a little young for.  She leaves the porn mags and liquor behind the store with a note that says “I’m Sorry.”  Our intrepid heroes follow the little girl home and wonder if there’s a Harry & The Hendersons situation going on.  Again, dated, but cute.  They ask if she’s seen a really furry….and she tells him it’s her teddy bear and she thinks he’s sick.  Ever the quick thinkers, Dean tells her and they are Teddy Bear Doctors.  Sam cutely flashes his badge like he’s scared she’ll figure out Dean is lying.  This was probably my fave part of the show.  The expressions when Sam and Dean saw a giant drunk teddy bear and yelled at the girl to close the friggin door?  Priceless.

Dr. Dean checks out the teddy bear, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

Dr. Dean checks out the teddy bear, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

The girl, Audrey, tells them that she wished at the wishing well for her teddy bear to be real.  Dean goes in and the bear is watching the news and asks him if he knows what a terrible world it is.  He asks why he’s here and the little girl tells him for tea parties.  He snivels, “Tea parties!  Is that all there is?”  Dean and Sam cutely ask Audrey for a second alone and try to figure out how to handle the bear.  Dean asks if they’re going to shoot or burn the bear?  Sam suggests both and Dean says he doesn’t know if it will work and he doesn’t want a pissed off flaming teddy bear on their hands.  Dean tells Audrey that her bear has Lollipop Disease which is contagious so they need her to stay with a neighbor.  Her mother wished she and the hubby could be in Bali so poor Audrey was left alone.

The boys try to figure out how to deal with the bear, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

The boys try to figure out how to deal with the bear, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

The boys head off to the wishing well where Dean decides to test it by asking for a foot long Italian with jalepeno to be delivered to the Chinese restaurant.   The overly affectionate couple is still there and again catches their attention.  A manager comes over to yell at Dean for eating outside food there and Dean pulls the Health Inspector card.  They tell him there’s a rat infestation and get him to drain the fountain.  Therein they find a weird coin that can’t be removed from the well no matter what they do.  Dean’s ends up getting sick from the sandwich and he tells Sam that “wishes turn bad, Sam, wishes turn very bad.”  The coin is a cursed Babylonian coin and can only be removed by the first wisher.

The rest of the episode really didn’t do a lot for me, so I won’t take you all the way through it.  Turns out the little boy was bullied by the big boys so he wished to be able to kick their asses.  Done.  Some guy wished to win the lottery, done.  Freak boy wished to be invisible to spy on naked chicks.  Done.  It all traced back to nerdy boy, who inherited coins from his grandfather.  He’d always been in love with Hope from afar and wished she would be his.  Now they’re engaged and she loves him but it’s a clingy, desperate, needy love which is even putting him off.  He has to remove the coin or the wishes will keep going and spiraling out of control.  He doesn’t want to do it but he agrees when he sees the little boy use superhuman strength to knock over the SUV containing his 3 bullies.  Dean attempts to handle the kid and gets punched and nearly choked to death which Sam takes nerd guy in to remove the coin.  Hope had heard the plan and was desperate to not have their love ruined so she wished for Sam to be killed and he was struck by a bolt of lightning.  Nerd, who I did not care about and did not bother to learn his name, pulls the coin out and everything goes back to normal.  Sam is alive, the little kid loses his strength, etc.  Dean helps the little kid out by begging him not to hurt him again.

The Teddy Bear, though, in the scene of the night, prior to the coin being removed, tries to kill himself with a gun.  He shoots himself in the head and you see stuffing fly, but the bear is still alive and screaming WHYYYYYYY???  It’s funny and disturbing all at the same time.  The bear and the Teddy Bear Doctors bit saved the episode for me, really.  I wish I had a picture of the bear but I do not, there weren’t any screen caps of it.

We end with Sam and Dean strolling on the docks.  Audrey walks past them with her sunburned, confused parents and her teddy with his bandaged head and waves and Dean.  Sam melted the coin down and all seems to be well in the town of Concrete.  Dean pauses and tells Sam that he was right, Dean does remember Hell.  He remembers every minute of it and he shouldn’t have lied to him.  Sam tries to get him to tell him what happened and Dean refuses.  He says he won’t lie anymore but he’s not going to talk about it.  Sam wants to help but Dean asks him how he could.  Telling Sam isn’t going to heal him.  He tells Sam that there aren’t words for the things that he saw.  He can’t forget and it can’t be made better, it’s all in his head forever.  Sam wouldn’t understand and Dean couldn’t make him.  He apologizes for not being able to tell him but that’s all he’s going to say about it.

Dean tells Sam that he remembers hell, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

Dean tells Sam that he remembers hell, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

Sam listens to Dean talk about about remembering Hell

It was nice to see Dean open up that much and admit that he’s been lying since he’s been back.  I knew he could remember flashes of hell but didn’t think he remembered the whole damn thing.  One wonders how he’s even functioning right now.  He’s having nightmares and had one earlier in the episode that Sam tried to get him to admit to but he of course refused.  He keeps drinking, which he’s always done but it’s more prevalent right now, so that’s worrisome too.  It’s good that he let Sam in some, I just wonder if keeping it inside is going to tear him apart.  I found both Jensen and Jared excellent in that last scene, which saved the kind of crappy writing.

Next week, more angels!  YAY.  And Ruby. Nay! (sorry I do not like new Ruby at all).  More mytharc, triple YAY!  I can’t help it, those have been the best episodes of the year and in my opinion, the whole series, so I’m excited.  See ya next week!

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