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Wishes & Reality

Dean & Sam wonder what's happening in the town, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

Dean & Sam wonder what is happening in the town, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

This week’s Supernatural was not one of my favorites of the year by any means, but there were a couple of stellar scenes and some funny happenings.  I think we’ve had too many light episodes in the past 4 or so and that’s what makes me less likely to truly enjoy the funny stuff.  I’d like 2 serious for every 1 light or so.

We open on an invisible boy spying on Mrs. Armstrong in the shower.  She throws her towel at him and we can see that he’s a medium sized male who quite clearly knows the woman.  Not overly mysterious.  Cut to the boys and Sam confronting Dean about his time in hell.  Dean keeps denying remembering anything and Sam tells him to look him in the eye and tell him he doesn’t remember.  Dean does so without flinching.

Sam tells Dean about an incident in Concrete, Washington about the ghost haunting showers in a women’s facility.  Dean immediately starts paying the bill and says, “Women, showers?  We’ve gotta save these people.”  Clearly this is the sort of case that appeals to Dean’s love of humanity.  Or, more accurately, love of hot naked chicks.  It’s nice that some things never change!

Sam meets with Mrs. Armstrong and she tells him that the apparition knew her name.  Sam’s attention is drawn by a hot woman completely making out with her nerdy boyfriend in a booth at the Chinese restaurant.  Sam is confused by this, and Mrs. Armstrong draws his attention back by telling him that the ghost helped her up and begged her not to tell his mom.  Dean doesn’t find any EMF in the shower and as the boys are walking, a little kid chases 3 bigger kids past them.  Dean shouts, “Run Forrest Run.” Eh…that line’s pretty dead.  Then they happen upon a guy swearing that he saw Big Foot.   They go where the guy saw Big Foot and they do indeed see huge footprints in the dirt.  They follow the feet to a liquor store, wherein they discover that it stole amaretto and irish cream, girl drinks as Dean sneeringly calls them.  Dean steals his own bottle of non-girly alcohol.  Then Sam calls him over and shows him that Big Foot took the whole porno rack and there’s a tuft a fur there.

Sam & Dean, Teddy Bear Doctors, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

Sam & Dean, Teddy Bear Doctors, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

The boys sit outside contemplating the weirdness of what they’ve seen so far in the town and can’t figure out what in the hell is going on.  Dean says maybe it’s a Deep Wood Duchovny, which is funny and timely.  Go SN.  A little girl rides by and drops Dean’s fave mag, Busty Asian Beauties, which Dean feels she’s a little young for.  She leaves the porn mags and liquor behind the store with a note that says “I’m Sorry.”  Our intrepid heroes follow the little girl home and wonder if there’s a Harry & The Hendersons situation going on.  Again, dated, but cute.  They ask if she’s seen a really furry….and she tells him it’s her teddy bear and she thinks he’s sick.  Ever the quick thinkers, Dean tells her and they are Teddy Bear Doctors.  Sam cutely flashes his badge like he’s scared she’ll figure out Dean is lying.  This was probably my fave part of the show.  The expressions when Sam and Dean saw a giant drunk teddy bear and yelled at the girl to close the friggin door?  Priceless.

Dr. Dean checks out the teddy bear, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

Dr. Dean checks out the teddy bear, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

The girl, Audrey, tells them that she wished at the wishing well for her teddy bear to be real.  Dean goes in and the bear is watching the news and asks him if he knows what a terrible world it is.  He asks why he’s here and the little girl tells him for tea parties.  He snivels, “Tea parties!  Is that all there is?”  Dean and Sam cutely ask Audrey for a second alone and try to figure out how to handle the bear.  Dean asks if they’re going to shoot or burn the bear?  Sam suggests both and Dean says he doesn’t know if it will work and he doesn’t want a pissed off flaming teddy bear on their hands.  Dean tells Audrey that her bear has Lollipop Disease which is contagious so they need her to stay with a neighbor.  Her mother wished she and the hubby could be in Bali so poor Audrey was left alone.

The boys try to figure out how to deal with the bear, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

The boys try to figure out how to deal with the bear, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

The boys head off to the wishing well where Dean decides to test it by asking for a foot long Italian with jalepeno to be delivered to the Chinese restaurant.   The overly affectionate couple is still there and again catches their attention.  A manager comes over to yell at Dean for eating outside food there and Dean pulls the Health Inspector card.  They tell him there’s a rat infestation and get him to drain the fountain.  Therein they find a weird coin that can’t be removed from the well no matter what they do.  Dean’s ends up getting sick from the sandwich and he tells Sam that “wishes turn bad, Sam, wishes turn very bad.”  The coin is a cursed Babylonian coin and can only be removed by the first wisher.

The rest of the episode really didn’t do a lot for me, so I won’t take you all the way through it.  Turns out the little boy was bullied by the big boys so he wished to be able to kick their asses.  Done.  Some guy wished to win the lottery, done.  Freak boy wished to be invisible to spy on naked chicks.  Done.  It all traced back to nerdy boy, who inherited coins from his grandfather.  He’d always been in love with Hope from afar and wished she would be his.  Now they’re engaged and she loves him but it’s a clingy, desperate, needy love which is even putting him off.  He has to remove the coin or the wishes will keep going and spiraling out of control.  He doesn’t want to do it but he agrees when he sees the little boy use superhuman strength to knock over the SUV containing his 3 bullies.  Dean attempts to handle the kid and gets punched and nearly choked to death which Sam takes nerd guy in to remove the coin.  Hope had heard the plan and was desperate to not have their love ruined so she wished for Sam to be killed and he was struck by a bolt of lightning.  Nerd, who I did not care about and did not bother to learn his name, pulls the coin out and everything goes back to normal.  Sam is alive, the little kid loses his strength, etc.  Dean helps the little kid out by begging him not to hurt him again.

The Teddy Bear, though, in the scene of the night, prior to the coin being removed, tries to kill himself with a gun.  He shoots himself in the head and you see stuffing fly, but the bear is still alive and screaming WHYYYYYYY???  It’s funny and disturbing all at the same time.  The bear and the Teddy Bear Doctors bit saved the episode for me, really.  I wish I had a picture of the bear but I do not, there weren’t any screen caps of it.

We end with Sam and Dean strolling on the docks.  Audrey walks past them with her sunburned, confused parents and her teddy with his bandaged head and waves and Dean.  Sam melted the coin down and all seems to be well in the town of Concrete.  Dean pauses and tells Sam that he was right, Dean does remember Hell.  He remembers every minute of it and he shouldn’t have lied to him.  Sam tries to get him to tell him what happened and Dean refuses.  He says he won’t lie anymore but he’s not going to talk about it.  Sam wants to help but Dean asks him how he could.  Telling Sam isn’t going to heal him.  He tells Sam that there aren’t words for the things that he saw.  He can’t forget and it can’t be made better, it’s all in his head forever.  Sam wouldn’t understand and Dean couldn’t make him.  He apologizes for not being able to tell him but that’s all he’s going to say about it.

Dean tells Sam that he remembers hell, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

Dean tells Sam that he remembers hell, from supernaturalseries.com & CW.com

Sam listens to Dean talk about about remembering Hell

It was nice to see Dean open up that much and admit that he’s been lying since he’s been back.  I knew he could remember flashes of hell but didn’t think he remembered the whole damn thing.  One wonders how he’s even functioning right now.  He’s having nightmares and had one earlier in the episode that Sam tried to get him to admit to but he of course refused.  He keeps drinking, which he’s always done but it’s more prevalent right now, so that’s worrisome too.  It’s good that he let Sam in some, I just wonder if keeping it inside is going to tear him apart.  I found both Jensen and Jared excellent in that last scene, which saved the kind of crappy writing.

Next week, more angels!  YAY.  And Ruby. Nay! (sorry I do not like new Ruby at all).  More mytharc, triple YAY!  I can’t help it, those have been the best episodes of the year and in my opinion, the whole series, so I’m excited.  See ya next week!

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