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Sylar Is His Brother’s Keeper

Sylar, better & hotter, from NBC.comI haven’t done a Heroes blog in awhile so I thought I’d just do a list of the stuff that is really working for me right about now.  I haven’t been this pleased with the show since I devoured the first season on DVD last summer in about 4 days.  Things are really picking up and there’s a lot to talk about, so let’s dive in.

  • Love Sylar playing Papa Petrelli.  He’s giving the appearance of going along with Daddy Dearest, but when he threw Peter out of the window and kept him from getting too badly injured, I was sure that all is well with the Petrelli boys.  I also loved when Peter realized that Sylar must have actually saved him.
  • How cute, and Peter-like, was it that Peter didn’t abandon Sylar when he freed him?  I know Peter is a little mentally challenged sometimes, but his loyalty stands always.
  • Clearly Sylar is the one with the Petrelli brain, because Nathan heading off to confront Daddy despite knowing what he did to Peter?  Not his best move.  But then, I’m sure little brother Sylar will save him.  Does Nathan know about Sylar?  I don’t recall that he’s been told, but maybe I missed that.
  • Matt and Daphne are cute as heck together.  I like that you can’t tell how she completely feels, but you know damn well that he’s already smitten with her, due to his flash of their future.  Matt’s just adorable, and I love the turtle.
  • Matt using his mojo on Knox was awesome.  I never really thought he and Daphne were dead, but the way they left it had to make you wonder for a second if things had gone very wrong.  Then when Knox leaves, we realize that Daphne was still playing Matt and still intends to bring him in to Papa Petrelli.  It’ll be interesting to watch her fight whatever feelings she’s starting to have and try to cover her real motivations from a mind reader.
  • I know a lot of people don’t like Knox at this point but I think his power is wicked cool.  I’m prone to like Knox because he’s played by one of my Wire actors, and I officially became The Wire’s bitch this summer, watching all 5 seasons in record time.  Now, I admit, them having him announce that he is using their fears against them each time is silly, since by now we know what his power is.  It’s just that you can’t really see his power like you can the the electicity and such.  What they should do is have him kill someone like that scene in Ghostbusters, where Ray inadvertantly thinks of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and there he comes to destroy them.  How great would that be?
  • Like just about everyone else who watches Heroes, I loathed Maya.  I mean, I wanted her to die in as violent and terrible a way possible.  We got gypped man!  We’re finally rid of the bitch but she’s alive?  Powerless but alive?  I call Shenanigans on that!  What a rip off.  I wanted Mohinderbug to eat her.  So disappointing.  I’m glad that Papa P took her stupid power though, I doubt we’ll see him crying tears of black goo now or at any time in the future.
  • Oh Mohinder, pretty, dim Mohinder.  Now you’re again working for a questionable company.  And you attempt to inject my beloved Peter with some serum?  You’re working your way right up to dead to me, what with being a disgusting bug-like creature and nearly messing with the Pretty.  On the bright side, with Mohinder on their side, Papa P’s Co will no doubt go down.  Mohinder doesn’t tend to make the best choices, or the best ally.
  • Loved Claire and Elle uniting, did not love them going on a plane when Elle was short circuting right and left.  Still it was cool when Claire used her powers.  I’m KB’s bitch as well, so I am happy whenever Elle appears.  I think she’s gonna end up being Sylar’s babymama, which I would love.
  • While I’m not a big Niki/Tracy/Barbara/whomever else they make her fan, I did like that Tracy used her powers on Mohinder to set herself and Nathan free.  I like that she’s embracing who she is in a way that Niki never really did.
  • I am not a fan of the Claire as an operative thing going on.  I just don’t buy her as some bad ass, and her power is not one that makes her that much more awesome than the villains she’s going against.  She can’t die, sure, but she can’t zap the hell out of someone without a weapon either.  I just preferred her in past seasons.
  • I haven’t a clue what the hell is going on with Hiro this season.  He’s boring the crap out of me and they need to get him the hell out of Africa and interacting with more characters.  I enjoy him with Daphne as his nemesis but he needs to be more involved with his fellow heroes.
  • Total Veronica Mars shout out on Heroes, by the way.  VM is my fave and Heroes writers liked it, so when they penned the “The bitch is back” line by Lyle referring to Elle, it did my heart little wonders of good.  That was the title of the last epi of VM and I know they knew it and used it as a shoutout.  Received and appreciated.

I think that about covers it.  I just wanna reiterate how thrilled I am with Sylar being a Petrelli.  It’s made him a zillion times hotter to me, not the fact that he’s a P but the power he has and how he is using it now.  I’m a power/intelligence junkie so when that comes together in a character it delights me to no end.  It doesn’t diminish my love for my pretty boyfriends like Peter, but it makes me appreciate others that I might not find as physically attractive, but now they’re hot in their own way.  Keep giving us Peter and Sylar and now some Nathan scenes and I shall be a content fangirl!

Pretty Peter Petrelli, from NBC.comPhotos courtesy of NBC.com

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College Football Tidbits

Michael Crabtree celebrating winning TD, from ESPN.com & US Presswire

Michael Crabtree celebrating winning TD, from ESPN.com & US Presswire

After the afternoon of games, I wasn’t even going to bother doing a blog.  When you actually turn off the tv rather than watch UGA get thrashed by UF or your beloved Noles get smacked around on defense by GA Tech, you know you have a problem.  But thanks to the end of the 3:30 games, most of them, and the awesome Texas/Texas Tech game, I am here.  This won’t be my usual 1200 world ramble, just a few thoughts on the big happenings of the day.

  • Way to show up and show last year wasn’t just a fluke UGA.  Good lord.  49-10..and you got the TD late in the game.  Way to crap the bed in your two biggest games this year.
  • While I’m talking about that game, in the early going, you know, when GA was still in the game, the refs gave Tebow a first down that he clearly was at least a yard short on.  Richt even challenged it and it was reviewed and not changed.  See, this did enrage me but then I figured it out.  Even though Tebow was clearly short, physically, his mental toughness and his heart well eclipse that one yard, therefore you have to award it to him.  It’s not about where the ball actually was, but how far it would have been if Tebow’s awesomeness could have been seen at that moment, clearly.
  • Though my Noles suffered a heartbreaking loss at the end of their game, I still give them credit.  They were down by 10 and they fought back and would have won if not for the ball meeting a helmet while going into the endzone.  It sucks, I don’t blame Sims though, it’s his second game carrying the ball and these things happen.  Thomas, who I love, ran for over 130 yards on 9 carries.  HELLO, can we use the kid more now PLEASE???
  • Wild endings everywhere yesterday.  Pitt takes down Notre Dame in 4 OT’s (HAHAHAHA suck it Notre Dame, you probably would have been ranked if you won this week, but you continued to be you, thanks!)  Wake upends Duke in OT.  Michigan State wins on a last second field goal against Wisconsin.  Miami edges UVA in OT.  The Noles ending of course.  Texas Tech’s ending, which I will talk about in more detail.  Just chaotic, but fun!
  • Speaking of chaotic, what the hell is going on in the ACC?  I think every team is still pretty much alive in the conference championship hunt, with the exception of NC State.  Yes, even Duke is still around.  Okay, they’re really not, but they’re a .500 team people!  I haven’t a clue what is going on.
  • Can we officially start the fire Fulmer watch?  His team didn’t even show up against the Cocks last night!  And welcome back Smelley!  You, and only you, should be the one steering the Cocks to victory!
  • Oklahoma was up on Nebraska 28-0 with 9 minutes remaining in the first quarter yesterday.  9 minutes!  I was watching Texas/TT but I was laughing my ass off every time a score update came over.  Nebraska is pathetic these days, so much for Pellini fixing the defense.
  • Alright, on to another number one going down.  TT punched Texas in the gut in the early going and though they let them back in it, and even take the lead, they never gave up and they pulled the game out at the end.  And how awesome was that ending?  Texas makes the go-ahead TD with 1:30 left on the clock and you just knew that was too much time.  TT returned the ball to the 37 for a nice starting field position and zipped down the field.  Just when you thought they’d win the game, Harrell throws a ball that is tipped and right in the hands of a Texas DB, but he doesn’t catch it!  My heart about stopped in that moment and I didn’t really have that much of a rooting interest in the game.  I just love some awesome football and that’s what I got.
  • Now, for that final TD, of course it had to be nobody other than Crabtree making the catch and muscling into the the endzone.  Since he got screwed on a bogus pass interference call on their prior drive (were the Dallas refs in charge of this game?), he deserved to be the one to win it here.  With all of 8 seconds left, Harrell throws the ball at Crabtree’s back shoulder and he catches it right near the sidelines, stays in bounds and just yanks away from the DB draped on him.  TD with one second to go.  Pandemonium.  Fans stream onto the field, moronically.  (Sorry but I hate that, this wasn’t that big of an upset).  Review shows that Crabtree didn’t step out of bounds, the fans re-stream onto the field, again there is one second to go morons.  Finally they clear them off and kick the extra point.  I think some morons tried to enter the field again at that point.  Then they are penalized twice and have to kickoff from the 7 1/2 yard line.  They squib, Texas laterals a couple of times and gets picked off mid-lateral.  Game over.  The morons can now take the field.  Despite moronic fans, I truly loved this game.  Two stellar QB’s that never gave up, can’t ask for more.  Also, Crabtree needs to be a Buc.  That is all.

Well I think that about covers the big stuff that I had on my mind at this ridiculously early hour.  I’d like to take a moment to bitch about the time change.  I hate time changes, I truly do.  Who thought it up?  I don’t like it getting sunny at 6 AM.  I am one of those people who feels the sun and up I am.  Hate.  See ya’ll next week, hopefully later in the day!

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