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Week 13 NFL Picks

Hi all, I’m gonna be short and sweet this week due to a laptop issue and time constraints for traveling, hope you understand.  That’s why we had no NFL Notes this week either.  Douchetard for last week goes to Matt Hasselbeck for an ill timed pick at the end of the game when they were driving to tie or beat the Skins.  I feel bad since his team sucks but nobody else stood out last week.  Feel free to correct me if you think of something better!  On to the picks:

Tennesee over Detroit

Dallas over Seattle

Arizona over Philly-I am officially off the Eagles bandwagon, they’ve screwed up weekly.

Buffalo over San Fran

Baltimore over Cincy

Indy over Cleveland

Carolina over Green Bay-could be a good one, both coming off bad losses

Miami over St. Louis

Tampa over New Orleans

NY Giants over Washington

Atlanta over San Diego-Good lord, Atlanta is actually a player in the playoff race

New England over Pittsburgh

NY Jets over Denver

Oakland over KC

Minny over Chicago

Jacksonville over Houston-Finally someone Jax should be able to beat

So that’s all I have for this week, I’ll have more detailed remarks next week, rest assured.  Have a great Thanksgiving all!

Last Week:  11-5

Season Record:  112.5-62.5

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