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Mental Days

Dan, Dan the pervy man; photo from NBC.com

Dan, Dan the pervy man; photo from NBC.com

With the onset of this Nick becoming a pill popping murderer and stalking Melanie all over town, I decided it was time to do a blog on all the mental issues running rampant in Salem these days.  Not everybody is going quite to the extreme that Nick is, of course, but we’re seeing lots of signs of either insanity or stupidity or at the very least mental deficiency.

I begin, of course, with Nick, for he is the one who is openly displaying issues.  One minute he’s sweetly slobbering all over Melanie and the next he is writing her a note telling her he knows what she did to her father.  One minute he’s bringing a little too clingy but still sweet, bringing her cookies and milk, the next he is sitting freakishly watching her sleep.  The show has set up the idea that Nick is getting addicted to pills (you know, but showing us him take them exactly twice, but he did dry swallow, so that’s proof!!!) but many of us are hoping that this might be a multiple personality type storyline.  I think it’s clear that Nick killed Trent to protect Melanie and since then he’s not been the same.  I could see old Nick killing someone to protect someone else, but I could never see him gas lighting the person he was trying to protect, and now claims to love.  I don’t see how pills could make Nick actually go after a person he claims to love to scare her, so it’d be cool if he has his mother’s mental illness and the pills brought out another side of him, a devious and manipulative side.  Blake is really rocking the scenes and it is one of the few things I’m enjoying on the show today, so kudos.  I hope they plan on really exploring Nick’s issues and giving him a chance to shine.

My next mentally deficient Salemite is my own beloved EJ.  Yes, I can criticize my pretty boy when it is warranted.  Firstly of course we’ve had the waffling between Sami and Nicole, to the point that I don’t think he knows what he wants (or in reality, what the writers want, cause they blow).  One day he’ll be totally cold to Nicole and the next he’ll be warm and loving.  The next minute he will hear Sami’s name and withdraw from Nicole either physically or mentally.  I’ve hashed all that out before and that’s not really the thing that stood out, because it’s been rather consistent for awhile now anyway.  No, the other day my EJ was horrified at the very idea that Nicole could have killed someone.  Now, you know I love EJ.  Good and bad, I really don’t care, though I prefer the bad to the good.  As long as he’s pretty, and yes he needs a haircut right now, I’m content.  But come on!  EJ either killed or had Eve Michaels killed.  He tortured Steve, stole John’s kidney, threatened Sami from her hospital bed, wanted to run down Belle (his worst crime, not killing her), beatdown Patrick…the list goes on and on.  I know Dena the Great didn’t write it but don’t pretend it didn’t happen!  It makes EJ looks stupid and that’s one of the few things he’s not.  Morons.

From one pretty boy to another, next we have Philip.  Phil’s always been a sharp guy with questionable relationship choices, but right now?  He’s having some issues.  There’s no way he’s not having issues if he’s flirting with Melanie.  Having a sexy (albeit brief) dream about Melanie.  Telling Melanie that he gets her and he’s the type of guy who could handle her.  ICK.  Philip is in his late 20’s or early 30’s.  Melanie is 17.  17!!!  That makes Philip a perv at least a pedophile at worst.  I wouldn’t use pedophile at this point because she’s about to turn 18, but it’s still pretty ridiculous for a corporate executive to be cavorting with a child, even if it’s under the guise of helping his niece and Nick.  He actually let her kiss him and get him into bed a bit before he pushed her away and let her know he was just testing to see how far she’d go.  It’s ridiculous to have Philip hanging with these younguns and he seems to be setting his sights younger and younger.  Belle/Chloe to Morgan (college) to Melanie (17!!!).  It’s stupid and it’s killing Paxton, so it really needs to stop.  Philip needs to act like the grown up he is and not be intrigued by teenagers.  Period.

Next, and always, we have Sami.  I won’t go into all her other stuff, I want this blog to end at a reasonable length, but right now she is in witness protection after having seen the mayor murdered.  Fine and dandy, she wasn’t thrilled about going but then when she realized she could hide her pregnancy from EJ she went along willingly.  But now that she’s there, suddenly she’s shocked beyond belief that she can’t sashay down to the mall to do some shopping.  And she’s mad because her first guard had the audacity to be a vegetarian.  She treated him like shit, then he got mad and left and she got stuck with Hilda.  Hilda was a mannish woman who seemed like one of those German nannies that kids are petrified of.  Alrighty, she could be effective, but Sami doesn’t like her and doesn’t want to hear her talk any longer so she drugs her tea.  Then of course she hears someone at the door and freaks out about the fact that Hilda can’t protect her.  Ugh.  Sami is many, many things.  So many things that I cannot start to list them, but she’s never been so damn stupid.  She did stupid things but she always had reasons behind them.  There is NO reason behind her fighting her guards.  Now Rafe the helmet head is on to guard her and she’s trying to sneak out and steal his phone.  It’s ridiculous.  If they wanted to make her act this irrational and stupid, they should have had something be wrong with one her kids, something we could understand and thus sympathize with her behavior.  Right now there’s nothing to identify with and she just looks like a moronic shrew.

Next we have Daniel, whom I think I have blogged about more than all my other Days characters at this point, which is just wrong for somebody I loathed and now am just tolerating, but there you go.  Daniel has hooked back up with Kate, which I wholeheartedly support, and she’s undergoing chemo for lung cancer treatment.  Then last week he’s chatting with Chloe about it and she informs him that she had to undergo treatment for leukemia when she was younger.  And damned if you didn’t actually see a flip switch on Daniel’s face.  It was like he went from having a conversation with some girl he vaguely knows to the hero of his youth or something.  He was enthralled all of a sudden.  It’s quite clear that he’s some freak who is into sick women; his wife, Chelsea, Kate and now Chloe because she was once sick.  It’s the weirdest damn thing I’ve ever seen.  Yesterday he had some inappropriate flirting with her at the gym.  It was rather pervilly done and just weird as hell.  Gross.

Though we haven’t seen him in awhile, John is obviously going through some mental issues, what with Stefano messing his head up and him suddenly loving Marlena again.  I can understand the first but not the second.  I liked that John was more than ready to dump St. Marlena on her ass when she was haranguing him when he first came back but all of a sudden he loves her again.  Argh.  He was having some headaches but we haven’t seen him in weeks (YAY!) so I’m not sure how he’s doing now.

Max continues to have some kind of anger issues/mood swings things going on.  Just a week ago he was defending Melanie to Stephanie and breaking up with her for ratting her out to Bope and then today he gets all over Nick for wanting to make sure Melanie got a cut of his prototype money.  He’s all over about her using him and manipulating him yet he won’t admit that she did that to him as well and he broke up with his girlfriend over it (another YAY).

Bo and Hope have to be included, because they’ve raised smugness to a new level never yet seen on this show.  Their trapping of Melanie and the way they’ve treated any suspect that wasn’t the sainted Caroline (who they still have more evidence on than Nicole) and Max (ditto) has made them insufferable and intolerable.  I have loved Bo and Hope most of my life but they’re acting like asses and I do not approve.

Lexie is also an emotional basket case these days, over Theo and the possibility that her complaining to Stefano got him to kill the mayor.  This stuff is understandable but the thing that I am truly hating?  She’s actually acting embarrassed about Theo.  I hate watching her squirm when he does something that she doesn’t view as “normal”, which, since he’s 5, he’s not really acting that abnormal.  He didn’t want to shake a reporters hand, so what?  Most kids wouldn’t.  I find her attitude very off putting.

Lastly we have Theo himself.  I bet you think he’s here for his autism, but no, that’s not the case.  I wouldn’t poke fun or disapprove of that.  He’s here because he loves Chelsea above all others!  How could that be?  I get preferring her to his parents, cause they are snoozes, but come on!  Credit must be given to Tripp on this one, she gave me the idea to include Theo and I thought it was funny.

That’s all I’ll address for now, I’m sure I could find others but I’m mentally drained from this exercise!  Talk to you soon!

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