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Week 11 NFL Notes

Welcome to Week 11 in the NFL.  Not a lot surprising happened today, although we did have our first tie game of the year.  We also have our first tie Douchetard Award, which I will address at the end of this blog.  It works nicely with our tie game, so that should give you a hint where we’re headed, but read on to see!

  • Welcome back to the NFL, Kyle Orton, perhaps you’d like to go back on the bench after today’s stinkfest in Green Bay.  Orton had a mediocre day, throwing for 133 yards but no tds or ints.  He did have a fumble that was returned 54 yards for a TD though.  Ryan Grant remembered how to run, the O-line in Green Bay remembered how to block and the rout was on.  37-3.  What happened to the Bears run defense?
  • Now that’s my Manning!  Peyton threw for 320 yards, two td’s and no picks today and looked like the guy I’ve been waiting to see all year.  Now, mind you, it was against Houston’s D, which doesn’t mean a lot, but still, good is good and it’s nice to see Indy winning again.  Maybe some things will start to make sense in this league after all.  Indy’s defense still leaves a lot to be desired, but if the offense can get rolling they could make some noise again.
  • Props to our fave, Sage Rosenfels, for only throwing one pick today.  He is not in contention for the DT Award this week, so that should make him happy.  So should something else you’ll see later!
  • The Falcons fell back to reality a bit this week, getting their first loss of the year at home against Denver.  Cutler had a good game, 19 for 27 for 216 yards and TD.  Matt Ryan had the stats, 20 of 33 for 250 yards but threw a pick.  The Falcons had the lead but Denver drove and scored the winning TD with 5:35 left.
  • Miami held on by the skin of it’s teeth to beat Oakland at home today, kicking the winning field goal with 38 seconds left to win 17-15.  Oakland briefly took the lead on them with a 93 yard punt return but Pennington led his team down the field to get the win.  I don’t know how in the hell the Fins keep doing it but doing it they are.  Next week they get the Pats again, who need a win and will be hungry for a little retribution after this season’s earlier beatdown.
  • Quite the ending to the Pittsburgh/San Diego game.  Pitt hits the game leading field goal, 11-10 and SD has 5 seconds left to try to score.  They lateral a few times and Troy Polamalu gets the ball and rushes for the TD.  The refs took that away due to an illegal forward pass by San Diego, so the game was 11-10 final.  Wacky.  Pitt battled out a last second win and being last weeks Douchetard obviously lit a fire under Big Ben, as he went 31 of 41 for 308 yards.  You’re welcome, Ben, I’ll take the credit.
  • So much for my prediction of a low scoring defensive battle in the Baltimore/Giants game.  30-10?  Not so much!  The Giants ran for 207 yards against the vaunted Raven defense and Joe Flacco looked like the rookie he is against the Giants pass rush.  He threw a pick 6 and another interception.  Neither quarterback threw for a lot of yards, 164 for Flacco and 153 for Eli, but the running game made the difference for the Giants, and they continue to impress.
  • My Bucs continue to be offensively challenged when they get within the red zone, coming away with only one touchdown yet again.  But it was enough, as the defense rallied in the second half, not giving up a point after allowing 13 in the first half.  Garcia was great today, throwing for 255 yards and no picks, moving around in the pocket and keeping the ball alive when most QBs would go down.  The defense checked in with 5 sacks and a crucial turnover after a missed Bryant field goal gave Minny some potential life down by 6 late in the game, and held Peterson to only 85 yards rushing, which didn’t look possible after the first half.
  • The dream is still alive!!! I was a little nervous earlier in the day when Detroit was leading Carolina, but I knew better than to think the Lions would pull it out.  Which is a shame really, cause I could get over the disappointment of losing my Ofer if the Panthers got a loss.  It’s all about the Bucs for me, you know!  Culpepper threw a pick 6 and had a crucial fumble late in the game as they were driving for a potential tying score.  He was heavily in contention for Douchetard but being on the Lions allows for a little handicap.  Plus I had a couple better contenders, so there you go.
  • San Fran managed to chalk up 28 points on the hapless Rams during one quarter and the game was never in doubt from then on.  Even though they’ve managed two wins to the Lions 0, I do feel that the Rams might very well be the worst team in the league.  Getting beaten down by the 9ers doesn’t speak overly well for you and I feel if they went head to head, Detroit would win.  I have no proof of this, but the Rams really do suck.
  • MVP front runner, Kurt Warner, checked in with another big day; 32 of 44 for 395 yards.  Boldin and Fitzgerald were their stellar selves and Arrington got a couple touchdowns.  Seattle closed a bit but 3 Hasselbeck picks were too much to overcome.  Arizona might have their division locked up already…got the west sucks.  But Zona is impressive and that offensive will keep things interesting in the playoffs.
  • I finally got to see the Titans play today and came away very impressed.  They were actually pretty dominated in the first half of their game and I was kicking myself for picking them, but they scored two quick touchdowns in the second half to take the lead and never gave it up.  That defensive line is very impressive to watch, constantly in the backfield.  Gerrard was uncomfortable all day and completed only 13 of 30 passes for 135 yards and a pick.  Tenn’s running game wasn’t the force it has been, but their two backs combined for over 100 yards and Collins threw for 230 with 3 TD’s.  The undefeated team rolls on.
  • And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  I have a couple of revelations for you with this week’s Douchetard Award.  By popular demand (ok, so it was two people, but that’s good enough), the Douchetard Award will now be named The Sage Rosenfels Memorial Douchetard Award, in honor of our inaugural winner, the immortal Sage Rosenfels, who is the only player who has been in contention pretty much since the award started, which is impressive when you think about the fact that he’s only a backup QB.  Thanks for being injured, Schaub, you’ve inspired a nation.  Or…well…a few blog readers.  Be proud!  And, if that weren’t enough excitement, we have two winners this week.  Two players stepped up and snatched away a victory for their teams.  Now they didn’t end up losing, but they didn’t win either.  You may have guessed them by now.  Donovan McNabb and Shane Graham are this weeks Douchetards!  McNabb kicked in with 3 picks and a fumble, plus an almost pick in overtime.  Shane Graham managed to miss a 47 yard field goal at the end of overtime that would have won the game for woeful Cincy.  Congratulations, Donovan and Shane, you are this weeks Dual Memorial Sage Rosenfels Douchetards of the Week!

That’s about it for the majority of the games.  I’ve only lost 2 and a half games this week (hey I get partial credit for the stupid Cincy/Philly tie) so I’m liking the way things are going.  I’ll be back on Wednesday with this weeks picks, until then, enjoy the last two games of the week.

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