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Iowa's kicker brings home the win, photo from the AP

Iowa's kicker brings home the win against PSU, photo from The AP

Another week of college football, another week of excitement and let downs!  We had a few really stellar games yesterday and some unexpected blowouts.  This, of course, is the fun of college football and this year is just as, if not more, wild than all the others.

  • Awww the crusty old man isn’t going to get a shot at another national championship!!!  Regular readers might have picked up on the fact that I’m no fan of JoePa, so I’m not going to shed any alligator tears over their last second loss to Iowa.  We needed to see another Big 10 team in the national championship game like we need the Dow Jones to go down another 1000 or so points.  They just can’t hang with the big boys right now.
  • LSU, if you actually had a quarterback you would have knocked off Alabama yesterday.  What is up with that Lee kid?  He throws a pick 6 to help Bama tie the game at 14 and then throws an interception in overtime that ices the game.  And he had been saved by LSU special teams blocking a very short field goal by Bama.  I know the kid is a freshman but you just can’t lose a game like that.
  • Speaking of Bama, they are going to get their butts handed to them by UF in the SEC championship game.  That is one of the least impressive #1 schools I’ve seen in recent years.  They’re eeking out wins but they’re not looking impressive and against a team that can score?  They’ll be in trouble because their offense isn’t all that.
  • Ahhh Florida, just how long do you have to let Tebow stay in the game on a blowout win?  And why are teams not going out of their way to cheap shot him for still being in the game that late?  Why am I not a head coach so that I can order this to happen?  That’s right, I am like the Sensei in Karate Kid, “Sweep the leg!”  Hopefully the UF/FSU game won’t be a blowout this year but if it is, I bet my boys will cheapshot.  They’re coached right!  Yes, I am terrible, I admit it.
  • It’s only taken about a decade, or it feels that way, but the Noles have finally found their running game.  It was hiding in the quick feet of a freshman out of Jacksonville named Thomas all of these years.  Who knew?  Seriously, I am in love with that kid.  It feels like every time he touches the ball he rips off 10-20 yards.  Why it’s taken the coaching staff this long to decide to get the kid more heavily involved in the offense is beyond me.  We would have taken Wake if we had, I am quite confident of that.
  • The ACC…what do I say about it at this point?  Does anybody want it?  UNC knocks off Ga Tech who knocked off the Noles last week.  The Noles take down Clemson (Hooray!)  Wake takes out UVA who was in position to take their division.   I don’t have a clue but I do know that I need Wake to lose, so someone take care of that.
  • While I’m discussing conferences, let’s talk about the Big Least.  Was West Virginia their only ranked team, at #25 no less?  And then they lose in overtime to Cincy, an overtime they had to fight to even get to?  Pathetic conference, seriously.  Their automatic bid in the BCS needs to be revoked.
  • The Phil Fulmer Farewell Tour continues its march toward its pathetic end.  Tennessee lost 13-7 to Wyoming.  Yes, that football powerhouse, Wyoming.  Three games in a row Tenn has failed to score in double digits.  I don’t know who will agree to come in and coach that team, but I’ll laugh if Gruden does go for that job.  That team is a long way from competing for the middle of the road in the SEC, let alone contending for a championship.
  • What is going on with the Georgia defense?  I understand losing to UF but they nearly lost to KY and gave up 38 points.  And a last minute interception is what kept them from losing the game.  I don’t know what is going on there but they’ve ruined my Knowshon’s Heisman campaign and I am not appreciative.
  • No Heisman will be seen at USC this year, but at least they’re comforted by the fact that they get to beat up on Pac-10 teams and wait to see if anybody above them stumbles.  They’ll check in at about #6 this week. Can the media stop building shrines to their supposedly stellar defense?  They’re shutting down Pac-10 teams, not Big 12 ones.  Talk to me when they do, cause I’m sick of USC and their crappy conference.
  • Texas Tech/OK State lived up to the hype on one end, because Texas Tech was awesome again last night.  TT blew them out in the second half, winning 56-20, though it was close for awhile.  They really make it look effortless on offense out there, don’t they?  It’s like they get the ball and 5 plays later they’re in the end zone, with only about 2 minutes elapsed.  It’s just beautiful to watch Harrell hook up with my other college boyfriend, Michael Crabtree.  3 TD’s yesterday, fantastic.  Harrell will win the Heisman but Crabtree is the best player in the nation right about now.  He needs to be a Buc!  I’ll say it until it happens and I’ll cry about it if it doesn’t, get used to it!

I think that about covers it for the big happenings of the week.  We’ll see what next week holds, will another big boy get knocked down?  Probably should bet on it the way this year is going!

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