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I get it now, I really do.  This weekend my football mettle was tested two days in a row and it was found lacking both times.  Game #1, FSU at Ga Tech.  I gave up in the half and watched some movie instead of watching my Noles D get knocked around.  Curiosity had me flipping back toward the end in time to see a replay of the fumble in the end zone.  Heartbreak, yes, but I hadn’t experienced it so my sanity was in tact.  Sunday, after the Bucs were blown off the field in the first half against KC, down 24-3 before the half and 24-13 at the half, I decided to stop watching and take a nap.  I got up and saw that not much had changed, so I watched another movie.  I was getting updates via IM, thanks Crunk!, and knew we fumbled going in to score, shades of FSU, no?  But then they fumbled back and we scored.  KC rallied for a TD and the Bucs were down 8.  I was happily watching Center Stage (okay, so it’s about ballet, I still love it!) and content not watching another loss.  I decided about 4:12 to flip over to see if Dallas/NYG had started and what do I see?  Garcia throwing a pass to Bryant in the end zone to pull us within 2!  27-25 with 19 seconds to go.  2 point conversion to Smith is good, tie game!  Needless to say I watched as Tampa won the coin toss and Michael Clayton turned a 2 yard reception into 29 yards with an awesome RAC.  A couple more first downs and a game winning field goal.  The lesson here?  Had I turned the channel a minute earlier, the Noles would have won.  What?  I have the power!  Hehe Okay…maybe not.  But still, it was nice to have my football weekend salvaged!

  • You cannot imagine the sheer terror I felt when the Bears were down by 10 to the Lions and I learned Rex Grossman was in the game.  The dream was dying.  0-16 down the tubes.  Thankfully Rexy had enough in him to beat that woeful team.  The Lions live to lose another day!
  • Fortunately for the Lions, they play Jacksonville next week.  Jacksonville, who lost to Cincy and got rid of my other 0-16 dream team.  Way to go Jags.  Just remember, we’re in the same state.  If you destroy my dream, I will hunt down whomever is responsible.  Count on it.  Weren’t these guys supposed to be Super Bowl contenders?  What the hell is going on?  3-5…terrible.
  • Ocho Cinco sighting!  I know, I’m a sucker but I just enjoy the hell out of Chad Johnson.  He’s the one diva WR that brings a smile to my face.  I’m a hypocrite, I get it.  Housh’s 2 win prediction is in sight!!! Go Bengals!
  • One more Bucs note, thanks for that perfectly timed false start penalty, True.  You’re like the only lineman that seems to rack up penalties at the right time.  Bryant missed the OT kick but thanks to the false start, we were moved back 5 yards.  Garcia zipped a 9 yard pass to Bryant and we re-kicked and won.  That’s the best penalty I’ve seen all year!
  • Kudos to Oakland for getting shut out by the Falcons!  Even better, they had -2 yards at the half!  You really have to be some kind of special to have negative yards at the half!  Atlanta, meanwhile, had 309 yards at the half.  Yeah, that would constitute a beatdown.  Atlanta is by far the most unexpected good story of 2008.  How you doin, Al Davis?  Blaming Kiffin for that one?  HEHE
  • I came close in my Green Bay over Tenn pick, GB took them to OT but Bironas kicked a 41 yard field goal for the win.  Tennessee continues to amaze.  With their bruising defense, veteran QB and bunch of who dat’s on offense, they remind me greatly of my 2002 Bucs.  We know what became of them, so we’ll see.
  • Another team besides KC found a way to give up a big lead, that being the Cleveland Browns.  They were up 27-13 in the 3rd quarter but the Ravens mounted a comeback and iced the game on a Terrell Sugg’s 42 yard interception return for a TD.  The Browns earlier had a chance to go ahead but Braylon Edwards, who forgot how to catch the ball this season, dropped a TD pass in the end zone.  Is he trying to play his way out of Cleveland?  Sure looks it.  Might be time for the Browns to start the Brady Quinn experiment, they’re not going to the playoffs anyway.
  • Congrats to Brett Favre, who got another win yesterday despite himself.  He threw his 300th career interception, which got returned for a TD.  The Jets won anyway, aided by their own 92 yard interception return.  Buffalo continues to confound, they seem like they’re good but then they have a game like this, with 2 picks by Edwards.  Who wants the AFC East?
  • And now a few words on the beatdown of the Cowboys by the Giants.  HAHAHAHAH.  Couldn’t get one gift wrapped for you this week could you Boys?  And the amazing thing is in the early going Eli was doing his damned best to keep the Cowboys in the game, throwing his own pick 6 and looking tentative.  But the Giants D was ferocious, kicking the crap out of Brad Johnson and Brooks Bollinger, getting 3 picks and another turnover and just harassing that offense.  They only had one offensive TD.  TO also kicked in a fumble, making it a red letter day.  I know they get Romo back soon but he’s not the cure for all that ails them.  We’ll see.  Giants still look like champs to me.
  • The other Manning brother managed to kick in a win of his own, making me 9-4 thus far on the week.  It was a low scoring game, 18-15, Colts over NE.  Cassel played a decent game, but it wasn’t enough.  Adam Vinatieri kicked a 52 yard field goal, the difference in the game, against his old team.  This game lost a lot of its luster this year, with no Brady and Manning not playing like Manning.  He showed some life last night but these Colts don’t feel like world beaters to me, not this year.
  • And finally, I know you were waiting for it, my much anticipated Douchetard of the Week award is going to Jay Cutler.  I must tell you, it was tough to decide who should win, the entire Jags team was in contention, Edwards of the Bills was considered, the Chiefs for blowing a 3 TD lead were also in contention.  But the truth is, Jay Cutler and the Broncos have done nothing but confound me all year.  He threw 3 picks in the loss to Miami, who again manages to beat a team they should lose to.  I nearly picked them too.  Sigh.  Cutler also had a hissy fit when a 77 yard TD was called back by a questionable pushing off penalty that would have tied the game at 16.  He apparently threw his towel at the ref who called it, though I don’t believe he saw it.  Then get got back on the field and threw another pick.  For these reasons, and for ruining my pick, Jay Cutler is the Douchetard of the Week.

That’s pretty much all I have for this week.  We’ll see what happens tonight, supposedly the Skins decide the presidency tonight, so that should make things more interesting! hehe If they lose, the administration in power is supposed to lose, so Obama would win.  If they win, McCain is prez.  I don’t know how accurate this is but that’s what I heard.  Gives MNF a little more punch anyway!  See ya next week!

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