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Week 12 NFL Picks

It doesn’t get much better than this.  I’m coming at you from a 13.5 win week baby!  Yes I said 1/2.  I get some credit for the tie, dammit, don’t mess with me!  Best week yet, for me, not for McNabb and Philly.  But this is all about me, so I don’t care.  He won a Dual Douchetard Award, so he should be happy.  Had I known about his lack of overtime knowledge, he might have been the sole winner.  Ah well, what will be will be!

Pittsburgh over Cincy: Fresh off that scintillating showdown with Philly, Cincy gets to take on Pittsburgh.  Can they take the same state into OT again?  Uh…no.  No, not happening.  This is one game I won’t be upset over the NFL Network showing and me not getting to see.  Lucky for them my Thursday night NFL schedule is loaded anyway.

Tampa Bay over Detroit: I’m not gonna lie, I’m very nervous about this game.  The pressure of not being the team to give Detroit it’s first win.  It’s tough people, it’s tough.  This is the kind of game where Tampa plays down to the competition too.  I’m having the faith that my boys won’t send me into a shame spiral this week.  The news that Graham is out for the year depresses me, but I think we have enough backs to make things happen.

Tennessee over NY Jets: Alright, this is the game that people are hyped over, thinking Favre can deal Tenn their first lost.  And I toyed with it for a brief moment, but no, I don’t think so.  That defensive line will give Favre some headaches and he’ll toss a few picks and the game will be over.  Tenn marches on undefeated.

Buffalo over KC: The Bills freefall has to end sometime right?  And KC is a good place for it to end.  I nearly picked the Chiefs, they’ve been playing fairly well, but I think Buffalo has to get their mojo back at some point, so they’re the pick here.  Not feeling good about this one though, I forewarn you!

Chicago over St. Louis: Oh Rams, you’re so cute.  So pathetically cute.  And you can’t even get the first pick in the draft thanks to winning those two games.  Silly Rams.  This would have been a much better game for the Bears to bring Orton back, it’s like playing the JV squad or something.

New England over Miami: I was tempted to take Miami again, but NE has to go for payback here and they are playing a lot better than they were in game one.  Pride’s on the line for the Pats here so I say they squeak it out.  Should be a good game.

Minnesota over Jacksonville: The Jags played Tenn tough for a half but couldn’t take the game in the second half.  I think Minny’s defense will be able to get some pressure on Gerrard and get a few takeaways.  This game could go either way but I’ll take Minn, they’re still in contention in their division.

Philly over Baltimore: Will the real Baltimore please stand up?  For that matter, will the real Philly?  If Balt had played the Giants tough I would have taken them here, but they didn’t.  Philly’s blitzes will likely give Flacco a hard time and I predict more turnovers. McNabb now knows about OT, so I don’t foresee a problem there.  Poor Donovan.

Cleveland over Houston: I have to admit it, Brady Quinn can throw a nice pass.  And it’s even better when Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow remember how to catch them.  Houston just blows, but with the lack of a decent defense on either side of the field, this could be a high scoring game.  Cleveland is better so they’re my pick.

Dallas over San Fran: Here’s a game for Dallas to get healthier in a hurry.  I wasn’t overly impressed with the Boys last weekend and I won’t be impressed with them when they win here either.  Something is missing from this team and I just don’t think they’re going anywhere.

Denver over Oakland: I still can’t figure out Denver, but even they should be able to beat Oakland.  They took out Atlanta last weekend, which I did not expect, but this is a division game so it could be uglier than I expect.  Still, it’s Oakland.  There’s not much more to say than that.

Washington over Seattle: Are there any good games this week?  Why is nothing exciting me so far on the schedule?  Washington hasn’t played a good game in weeks and Seattle is getting a little healthier, so this could actually be a tight one.  If the Skins want to play in the post season, they need to take this one.

NY Giants over Arizona: AHHHH here’s a good game.  Finally!  Who would ever think I’d say that about a game involving the Cardinals?  Could be a high scoring game, but I have faith that the Giants D will get to Warner now and then and cause a pick or two, plus a fumble.  Warner does fumble, even if he’s having an awesome year.  I hope I get this game, because it should be fun.

Atlanta over Carolina: Self serving pick here, I need Carolina to take a loss and this is the game they need to do it.  Atlanta is tough at home and I think, coming off a loss, they’ll respond well.  Jake Delhomme hasn’t played well in a couple of weeks so I’m hoping that continues.  It’d be a bit of an upset probably, but we’ll go with it.

Indy over San Diego: Let’s face it, the Chargers are done and Indy has come to life.  I am still not enamored with them, their defense is suspect, but the Chargers look old and lost out there.  This would have been a great game a year or two ago.  Sad.  Manning’s rejuvinated lately and I look to him to dominate this one.

Green Bay over New Orleans: This could be a fun game, but I like GB’s defense much better than NO’s and that’s why I’m taking them.  I’ll probably regret it, the Saints play well at home, but they haven’t been impressing me.  GB is coming off a big beatdown of Chicago so I’d say they’re playing at a higher level.

There you have it.  I’m sure I won’t do as well as I did last week and I took a chance or two, but we’ll see how it all plays out!

Last Week:  13.5-2.5

Season Record:  101.5-57.5

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