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Week 10 NFL Picks

Not a bad week, 10-4 and had I gone with my gut on the Dolphins/Broncos, it’d have been even better.  I think things might be starting to make sense, even if it’s not the sense we thought we’d have this year.  I just had to reset all those expectations and pretend I knew nothing about the way things should be.  It’s easier that way.  On to the picks!

Denver over Cleveland: Again, this game could go either way.  Denver is so hard to pinpoint who can say what they’ll do week in and week out?  The Brady Quinn era begins tomorrow night and who knows what we’re going to see there.  I wasn’t enamored of him in college but who’s to say what the pros will bring?  I’ll give Brady a loss in his first game, but wouldn’t be surprised if they pull it out either.

New Orleans over Atlanta: I know that we’re all supposed to be on the Falcons love train, but the fact is they are beating mostly teams that they should beat and losing to the ones they should lose to.  NO has a terrible defense but their offense should be able to put enough to win this one.

Tennessee over Chicago: The Rex Grossman era begins again.  Or at least for a couple of weeks.  And I am not putting myself in Rex’s hands, not against the #1 defense in the league.  Tenn stays undefeated this week too.

Jacksonville over Detroit: I mentioned this in my NFL wrap up column and I mention it again, if Jax ruins another Ofer dream I will lose my shit, so they best take this one.  They ought to be mad over being humiliated by the winless Bengals, so maybe they’ll remember that they’re supposed to be a playoff contender, if only for one week.  Culpepper may start already, which should be interesting.  Don’t bring them a win Dante!

Miami over Seattle: I give up with Miami, I really do.  I should totally pick Seattle to win this game because Miami loses the ones they should win and wins the ones they should lose.  If they bite me again this week, that’s how we’ll play it from here on out.  This is their chance.

Green Bay over Minnesota: This one could go either way but I think GB has a better quarterback and is a better team.  If Minny gives AD the ball the whole game, they might just take this one, but I’ll take the Pack.

New England over Buffalo: Another one I’m not too confident in, I figure NE will be mad over the Indy loss and play better than they did last week.  Then again, Buffalo should be mad about their own loss, so who knows? They’re in NE so I feel better about Cassel, at home is a much better place for him.  Pats are the pick.

NY Jets over St. Louis: The Rams had their mini hot streak but now they’ve settled back to suckitude.  Favre will probably throw another couple of picks but Leon Washington will carry the Jets to victory.

Baltimore over Houston: Surprise, the Ravens actually did what I expected them to do last week.  They had to mount a second half comeback to do it, but they did actually beat a team they should beat.  This is another week they should win, Schaub is out and the immortal Sage Rosenfels, winner of the inaugeral Douchetard of the Week award, is in.  Maybe he could be our first two time winner?  How awesome would that be?

Carolina over Oakland: And the NFC South rolls on.  Oakland could have their second straight shutout here.  DeAngelo Hall was the first in the Raiders player cuts, we’ll see what each day brings.  At least old Al keeps things interesting.

Pittsburgh over Indy: Pitts convincing win over the Skins makes me feel that they should easily handle Indy, whether Big Ben is at QB or not.  Leftwich actually played well and Manning still doesn’t look like Manning.  Indy’s D gets better with Bob Sanders but I don’t think they’re good enough to shut down Willie Parker and Hines Ward.

San Diego over KC: KC played Tampa much tougher than I would have expected last week but I imagine the gimmick plays aren’t gonna work again two weeks in a row.  San Diego was able to get their offense rolling against the weak NO defense in London, KC’s isn’t any better.

NY Giants over Philly: This should be an awesome matchup and in all reality, Eli didn’t play very well last week.  Dallas’ myriad turnovers were the thing that really sunk the Boys.  If Eli has another subpar game they will lose, but I imagine he’ll get it back together this week.

Arizona over San Fran: Um…can I ask who greenlighted this to be on Monday Night Football?  I admit the Cardinals offense is fun to watch but who thought San Fran would be any good this year?  Anyway, looks like Singletary’s boys will go down again, I hope he does something awesome on the sidelines.

Last Week:  10-4

Season Record:  77-52

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