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Week 10 NFL Notes

Indy picks off Big Ben to seal the win, from The AP

Indy picks off Big Ben to seal the win, from The AP

Another wild week in the National Football League folks!  There were so many Douchetard applicants this week that I had to take a poll of people just to select one.  So you know what that means, we had some astoundingly craptastic performances.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • Last nights Giants/Eagles game was a fun one, full of lots of scoring and lots of turnovers!  One egregious one was Brandon Jacobs attempting to channel Knowshon Moreno and vault over a defender.  Brandon Jacobs probably weighs about 100 lbs more than Knowshon and this did not work, fumble, Philly ball.  Kevin Boss then vaulted someone as well, to show Brandon how you’re supposed to do it, no fumble this time.  The Eagles had a chance on 4th and 1 and Westbrook was unable to get the first down, ending the ball game.  Exciting one, always love Giants/Eagles games.  And the champs continue to look awesome.
  • One of my contenders for Douchetard of the Week was Herm Edwards, for going for 2 against San Diego instead of taking the extra point and sending the game to overtime.  Now, I chose not to use him because I applauded Shanahan for doing this against the same Chargers (maybe it’s a Chargers thing?) earlier in the season, so it would have been hypocritical of me not to approve because it didn’t work this time.  I give Herm credit for balls, but they fall to 1-8, so it’s a hollow credit to be sure.  San Diego continues to pretty much disappoint though, they didn’t exactly make a statement in this win.  Lucky for them they’re in the AFC Least, anybody could take it, well, except Oakland and KC.
  • Congratulations, Oakland, you managed to score this week!  2 whole field goals!  I mean, you still lost, but that’s a moral victory in and of itself.  I have seen no highlights of this game but I do know Jack Delhomme threw 4 picks and Carolina managed to win 17-6.  That says an awful lot of things about Oakland’s suckitude right there.  How does a team get 4 turnovers and still lose?  Well by having 3 of their own and having Al Davis as an owner I guess.  Buck up Oakland fans, he can’t live that much longer.  Or can he?
  • The sports shows would have you believe that Drew Brees is in contention to be league MVP this year.  Ummm…okay…he was also in contention to be my Douchetard this week for a terrible performance against Atlanta.  Oh he threw for 422 yards but he also threw 3 picks, one that went 95 yards for a TD.  Add that to your stat total Drew!  The Saints are quite the disappointment this year, that defense is atrocious.
  • In contrast, Matt Ryan continues to exceed expectations.  He looks like a vet back there, not a rookie QB.  Between him and Flacco I don’t know what to make of the world anymore.  Rookie QBs are supposed to suck, but noooo.  They are both 6-3 and looking like they might make the playoffs.  What a strange sport this is.  Kudos to Atlanta though, they deserved something good to happen after the Michael Prick debacle (though if Arthur Blank hadn’t enabled him, they might not have been in this mess in the first place).  I still hate Baltimore for their earlier abuse of my picking this season, as well as ruining Miami’s Ofer last season, but I grudgingly admit that they have a heck of a team going on right now.
  • Of course, it helped the Ravens to play the immortal Sage Rosenfels last week, winner of our first DT award and serious contender for it this week as well.  I decided against this only because I didn’t expect him to be any good and he lived up, or down, to my expectations.  Houston never had a chance in this game, although it was semi-close in the 3rd quarter.  Our hero threw 4 picks and 1 TD and the Texan fans who were hating Schaub are crying wanting him back, or they’d probably even take pretty David Carr back at this point.
  • The Chicago/Tenn game was quite a slugfest.  Chicago managed to shut down Tenn’s vaunted running game, limiting them to around 20 yards, but Kerry Collins shouldered the load and threw for 289 yards.  Grossman was…Grossman, with 1 TD and 1 pick.  He nearly led the Bears to the tying TD but they failed to convert a 4th down from the Tenn 41, ending the game.  Tenn improves to 9-0 and I can’t be more shocked that we have an undefeated team at this point in this years wacky NFL.
  • And, happily, the dream is still alive as Detroit falls to 0-9.  Jacksonville headed my warning and provided a proper beatdown in Detroit, winning 38-14. Culpepper went 5/10 for 104 yards and 1 interception before giving way to Drew Stanton, who managed to lead Detroit to a TD and went 6/8 for 94 yards.  Could we have a QB controversy in Detroit already?  Welcome back to the NFL Dante.  Or NFL Jr, such as it is.  Though I’m thrilled the Lions roll on to infamy, I worry because the Bucs have them next.  We better not gag against them or I will lose my shit in a way none of you have ever seen before.
  • Miami continues its unbelievable march to respectability, winning a close one against Seattle but improving to 5-4 on this season.  Who would have thought a 1-15 team last year would look this much better?  Al Davis is spinning in his grave.  Well, he would be if he would just get in there (sorry again Oakland!).  The wildcat offense lives, producing a 51 yard TD for Ricky Williams and Pennington passed for over 200 yards as well.  What a difference a respectable QB makes.
  • I was ready to give the DT award to GB’s kicker, for missing a game winning TD, but since it was a 52 yarder I felt that would be unfair.  This game was back and forth the whole time and exciting, with AD Peterson taking over the game (as I believe I mentioned he needed to for a win) and running for nearly 200 yards, 29 coming on his last carry for the go-ahead TD.  GB falls a game behind Chicago and Minny in their division.  You call it, I can’t figure it out!
  • Matt Cassel in NE is a different Matt Cassel isn’t he?  He looked like a great game manager yesterday and BenJarvus Green-Ellis kicked in 105 yards and a TD to seal the win for the Pats.  Quite a feat for an undrafted free agent, right?  I love stories like that.  I also love his nickname, Law Firm, which I read in Don Banks’ column at SI.  How perfect is that?
  • So much for Jim Haslett making the Rams a feel-good story after firing Linehan.  They got their 2 surprise wins but now they’re back to the Rams we knew and loved early in the season, who looked like they’d go 0-16.  Sigh.  Stupid Redskins.  Anyway, the Jets won 47-13, which made me think that Favre had lit them up, but no, he went 14/19 for 1 TD.  They let the running game carry them to victory (good choice) with Thomas Jones going for 149 yards and 3 TD’s and Washington adding 54 of his own.  The Rams kicked in 5 turnovers and the rout was on.  Fun game!
  • Finally we’ve arrived at the long awaited Douchetard of the Week award.  Can you guess who it is?  What’s the one game I didn’t discuss yet?  Indy at Pittsburgh.  Yep, Big Ben Roethlisberger is this weeks winner.  He threw 3 picks, two that directly led to Indy touchdowns.  One was just before the half.  Pitt could have gone into the locker room with a 10 point lead but Indy got the ball around the Pitt 35 and punched it in quickly.  3 point lead at the half.  Later, Pitt was still leading when Ben was picked off again.  Indy took the ball and took the lead.  Ben had a last chance to get the victory but the Hail Mary was picked off in the end zone.  I know he’s hurting but his mistakes cost his team, and me, a victory.  Big Ben, congratulations, you are our Douchetard of the Week.

That’s it for all but the Monday night game.  I only lost 3 games so I’m feeling pretty good yet again.  I might just have figured this crazy year out.  We’ll see.  See you later in the week for this weeks picks!

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