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Before I get to the spoilers, I must begin with the breaking (heartbreaking!) news that Jay Kenneth Johnson has officially exited the show.  We don’t know yet if they will recast Philip or not, but I imagine they will due to his character involved in some major story lines, some of which we will discuss below.  I am sorry to see one Day’s top two hot guys exit the stage and now have to sweat out James Scott’s contract negotiations in a couple months.  Losing both talented, gorgeous men would be more than I can tolerate.  Anyway, if you want more info on JKJ’s exit, hit Tripp’s blog on the subject.

As to what we have to look forward to in the next few weeks on our beloved (or not) soap?  Well my title might give you a little hint.  Probably not much of one if you’re unspoiled, but if you are and you’re reading this, then welcome to the pain!  Sami apparently gets out of her stellar protective custody and ends up at a convent, where she introduces herself as Colleen.  Why?  I have no idea.  Some nun takes her in.  Rafe must track her down or she returns on her own.  Rafe finds a medal from the convent and Sami begs him to take her back there, which for some unknown reason he does.  Turns out that Rafe has some kind of ties to that convent and some homeless guy comes in and he freaks and takes Sami back away.  Sami keeps Sister Theresa’s number, which I assume she’ll use when she gets a hold of his phone again.  Why she’s so anxious to be at the convent is beyond me.  Does she actually want to give up her baby?  I do not see Sami Brady ever doing that.  Rafe gets Hilda to bring an Xmas tree and new photos of Sami’s kids to her, which makes her happy.  I thought she couldn’t have any photos from her “past life”?  Does this show even pay attention to what they say a few weeks before?  Why am I asking something so stupid?

If you’ve been knocked unconscious recently, you might have missed the anvils that something is going to go very wrong with Nicole’s pregnancy.  She has cramps and Brady takes her to the hospital and she loses the kid.  Nicole, of course, does not tell EJ that she lost the baby and puts on a fake pregnancy pad.  EJ is apparently suspicious, trying to get the doctor to tell him what’s up but he won’t do it.  Stefano starts demanding that Nicole see his personal physician (is that Rolf? Where is he anyway?)  Rafe apparently spies Nicole adjusting her baby pad when he’s spying in DiFamily, presumably to see if Sami is telling the truth about the DiMera’s being evil incarnate.

In other news, Kate gets released from the hospital and the family throws a party for her.  Daniel informs her that her cancer has spread to her lymph nodes and bone marrow and she needs a transplant.  The family get tested and Chloe turns out to be a match.  Chloe and Lucas have just gotten engaged and Chloe doesn’t want to let Kate know that when things are looking so bad for her, Kate is happy though and refuses to let Chloe be her donor as it could harm her.  I’m sure Daniel the Great will get it all done though.

Melanie starts working at Titan, which angers new employee Stephanie.  Philip tells her that he feels bad for the kid and Stephanie apparently finds that sweet and gives him a kiss.  Melanie also tries to hug Philip but he isn’t impressed.  And the triangle begins!  YAY!  Not.  Anyhow, it sounds like Melanie might still be staying with Maggie and Mickey because Maggie notices that Mel is pissy and she tells Maggie she’s going to prove to be a great asset at Titan.  Since she’s all of 18 and likely never worked a day in her life, I’m sure this is true.

As to the Nick story, no news whatsoever.  He’ll get arrested next week after he and Melanie are found in a hotel room getting ready to head to Vegas.  Nick wants them to get married so they can’t testify against one another I guess.  Mel gets more memory back and realizes that Nick killed her dad and tries to get away from him.  Bo & Hope burst into the room during their struggle and Mel pitches over the hotel balcony.  Philip, with his one leg, climbs up and saves her.  In Days world, this is a scary sign of twu wuv.  At least JKJ won’t have to play that.  After Nick is arrested, Melanie assumes everyone will love her but they don’t, they all blame her for Nick’s condition.  The rest remains to be seen.

That’s the main stuff that is coming up in early December.  Are you riveted?  Can you not wait to tune in?  Are you hanging on my every word?  Are you writing I love Dena Higley all over your notebook?  Me neither.  I can only hope the new year brings something better, or Days 18 month renewal won’t run out soon enough for this viewer.

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