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Due to my laptop cord breaking (for the second time in 3 months), I’ve been stuck doing all my writing from my work PC, which explains the lack of blogs for the past few days.  I whipped out a Heroes one but avoided doing FNL because of the computer and a lack of general interest.  So I thought I’d cover that one along with several other shows in another of my TV roundups. 

American Idol

I have barely watched this season, once the Tatiana show began I checked out.  Now she’s gone and I’ve checked back in but I’m not remotely invested.  The show has 3 clear title contenders; Danny, Adam and Lil Rounds (awesome name).  This appears to be the year of the hair color, as at least 4 of the top 13 have pink streaks or pink hair or a blue streak.  It’s also the year of the child, as several of the contestants have little kids waiting at home while they attempt to become the next American Idol.  Tonight Megan was sobbing about how she missed her kid.  Buy a clue, bitch, if you miss her so much, don’t leave her to try to become famous on a reality show.  Stay home and raise your kid.  Or stay there and perform, but don’t sob to me about it. 

The three I named had stellar first performances (well I only saw Lil and Danny’s recaps, didn’t see them live as I was watching Reaper) for Michael Jackson week.  I also enjoyed Matt and Allison quite a bit.  There is talent this year they just buried it behind the histrionics of Tatiana and Norman and Nathan.  Note to the producers: Do not throw 3 freaks at us in the final Hollywood weeks.  It’s a turnoff of major preportions.


A new show with Nathan Fillion.  Odds are it won’t last much longer than the attention span of a gnat, thanks to it airing on ABC, but I still enjoyed the show.  Nathan was charming as the wildly successful author with a self-possessed air.  I didn’t dislike the head cop that he’ll be working and flirting with for however long the show runs.  I liked the mystery, someone using his stories to recreate murders, but felt it would have been better served to have that be an overlying mystery throughout the first season instead of solved in one episode.  Loved his daughter and thought his mother was rather entertaining in small doses.  I will keep tuning in, it’s not bad.


Reaper is back!  So far there have been two new episodes and they have been enjoyable.  Ray Wise continues to sizzle as the devil and Tyler Labine steals the show as Sock.  He’s currently obsessed with his stepsister, which is highly fun to watch if a bit unsavory in subject matter.  Sam found a guy who actually got out of hell and can stay out due to some deal with the devil so he’s working on tracking him down and trying to get away from his maybe father.  I’d like to see some follow up on what happened to his parents, I believe last we saw them mom was rescueing demon dad.  Hopefully we’ll get some clarification soon, but it has been fun.  I was happy to see King Charlie the rabbit survive this episode; I was wondering if my shows had severe bunny issues.  Maybe Anya from Buffy is writing Heroes and Reaper now? 

 Friday Night Lights

The last episode was all about Jason and Riggins heading to NY to land Jason a job.  It was sweet bonding for the boys but the whole landing a job at a sports agency when you’ve got nothing but a high school diploma really took me out of the episode.  I was glad that Jason got the player to sign with the agency but let’s face it, they would have thanked him and told him to give them a call when he completed business or law school.  So that bothered me some.   Loved Matt and Julie pushing Coach to let him play WR and he got some chances there, so that pleased me.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t get hurt.  I’ll do a full blog next week, looks like Tyra will be in some big trouble, which she is an idiot right now so maybe it’ll knock some sense into her.


It’s baaaaaack and looking badass!  I saw scenes during Reaper and Sam is bragging about what a powerful stud he is now and it appears that Dean is torturing someone!  And more Castiel!  I could not ask for more!  Well yes, I could, preferably shirtlessness for our boys but other than that, I’m happy!

Those were the highlights I wanted to hit for you.  I’ll be vigilant again on blogging as my shows are all picking up or returning from long hiatus.  I know I owe everyone a Days post and that’ll get done fairly soon, as will my next Twilight blog along with my regular Lost and Supernatural and Heroes and FNL of course.  See you soon!

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