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He’s Our You

Sayid being lead to be tortured by Larry, but not with stories about his brothers Darryl.

Sayid being lead to be tortured by Larry, but not with stories about his brothers Darryl.

A Sayid episode!  Those are always among my faves, although this one wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be.  Still good, just not blow you out of the water good like so many Lost episodes have been this season.  I’m not complaining though, I was thrilled to finally get some more Sayid backstory and to find out how the hell he ended up on the plane with the rest of the Losties.  I don’t have as much to say as I usually do (a first, I know) so I’m going to do a list like last week.  Hope you approve!

  • Must all my shows have a hate-on for animals?  Sayid’s first flashback was of his brother getting bullied by dear old dad and ordered to kill a chicken.  Sayid feels bad for big bro and goes into the hen house and wrings a chickens neck.  Sigh…let’s get back to killing people Sayid, I can’t take the animals!
  • This was a way to demonstrate how alike in upbringing Sayid was to young Ben, having a hard father and all that.  I liked how Sayid instinctively stood to protect Ben when his father laid into him for bringing Sayid a sandwich.  So chivalrous, even to the boy he’s longing to kill!
  • Okay, seriously, tell me that is not IT when it comes to the Sayid/Ben back story.  Sayid killed for him for 2 years and Ben told him he was done and to have a nice life and that’s what made Sayid hate him and tell Hurley never to trust him again?  There has to be something more right?  He has to find out that he was mislead or something, because that is pretty lame if that’s what set him off.
  • Loved Ben’s “You’re a killer” line to Sayid and his attempts to deny it, up until he tried to kill young Ben (and no, I do not believe for one second that my Ben is dead) and told him he was right, he is a killer.  Sweet circular storytelling, you know I love it!
  • So Ilana is a bounty hunter, not a federal marshal, and she sexed up Sayid to catch him.  Well that’s one way to get your man!  I must say, her kicking him in the face as he removed her hooker boots was pretty awesome.  I hope those two catch up to each other again on island, Sayid owes her one.
  • I loved Sayid’s face when he saw Hurley and Jack waiting for the plane, then noticed Kate sitting in the chair.  Coincidence, thy name is Lost!
  • Flaming Dharma vans!  That brought back fond memories of Hurley running down Others to save Jin and Sayid and co, perhaps a van must always be used in Sayid rescues?  Make it so!
  • Everybody else just felt like filler this episode, didn’t they?  Sawyer wasn’t, but the rest all were.  Kate’s face upon the Sawyer/Juliet reveal was pretty good, as was the interruption just as she was about to tell Sawyer that he was the reason she came back to the island (I presume anyway).  I’m not big on triangles and quads (see all of my Days blogs for that!) but this could actually be decent.
  • Poor Sawyer.  He tries to save Sayid but he won’t cooperate at all.  Why is beyond me.  I guess he wants to be away from Ben so badly that he’s willing to die for it?
  • And for my favorite part of the night, Our You, aka the torturer of the group, turns out to be Larry from Newhart!  Couldn’t they have had him name his needle Darryl or something?  Just a little shout out?  And then Sayid could have knocked the needle out of his hand and he could have gotten a new one and said, “This is my other needle, Darryl.”  Okay, I’m being silly, but I was thinking it so I had to share it here.
  • How cute is it that Sayid was telling the truth and everybody thought he was insane?  It’s a good thing Sawyer changed his last name though, saves the confusion!
  • Poor Jin, just trying to help and Sayid knocks him out as young Ben watches from the trees.  I was worried that Jin was saying too much while Ben listened but then Sayid shot him so I guess that’s not so much of an issue.
  • I must say, that was a rather well done scene.  Young Ben urging Sayid to go and Sayid telling him he was right, he is a killer and shooting him as he stood there stunned.  Beautifully done.  I’m assuming that act could sort of help make Ben into what he’s become today.  I don’t know.  I just know he can’t die because of the paradox situation and because he is Ben.  Heheh Let not my Ben love fool you, I expect him to die sometime in the last season and I will accept that as his due, but I think it’s too early now.

Those were the main points I wanted to hit, I definitely enjoy watching Sayid’s journeys play out and seeing his path toward the introspective but deadly man that he is today.  He is one of the most fascinating and complicated characters and I love when he gets his screen time.  I’ll be interested to see where he heads next, if he ends up with Richard and co after all.  Next week it looks like we’ll have some infighting and accusations over Sayid’s escape.  Looking forward to it, as always!  I was just thrilled that this episode didn’t cause me sleepless nights, nice to have a regular episode now and then!

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