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Sookie & Bill

Sookie & Bill

Reading Harry Potter was not my sole project of the long holiday weekend; I also watched True Blood Season 1 on DVD.  Yeah, I probably will be blind in a year or two with all the work I put on my eyes, but in the meantime, you gotta do what you gotta do.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked most of the casting and the show in general.  I was irritated by a few of the extra plot twists, but for the most part I found it a good watch.  Clearly, as I zoomed through all the episodes rather quickly.

SookieOf course, the only way you’re going to like the books or the show is if you’re alright with Sookie.  She is far from my favorite character but she doesn’t bother me either.  Initial clips I’d seen made me think I was going to hate the actress playing her but I thought Anna Paquin did an alright job.  She’s not the bombshell I pictured in my mind but she’s alright and I got past the southern accent after while.

BillBill was also in the alright category.  I loathe Bill in the books but this guy was pretty likeable and somewhat mysterious I thought.  I’m interested to see how they play him in season 3/4 when we get more information on the characters true motivations.

EricThere was so not enough of Eric but I enjoyed what I did see.  He had that sexy menacing thing going on, although I wasn’t too much of a fan of the hair.  The actor in real life is actually much hotter, but what can you do?  I thought they foreshadowed his interest in Sookie rather well when he was watching her kiss Bill goodbye and I am looking forward to much more time with the character.  Here’s hoping they expand his role even beyond the books, right?

littleJasonJason…I definitely liked the actor playing him and he was just that right kind of redneck hot guy with little regard for anybody else.  The issue I had with Jason was the stuff they added for him.  Making him the number one murder suspect was great, he is in the book, but making him addicted to V and then throwing him in with the Fellowship of the Sun?  I didn’t care for that at all.  Jason doesn’t hate vampires…while he was a little leery of his sister dating one he wasn’t outwardly hostile and never seemed to care if a girl he was sleeping with had done a vamp before.  I didn’t care for this added element to the story.

SamSam was perfectly cast in my eyes as well.  Just the right amount of cute and overprotective.  I also didn’t like his more antivamp stance though, in the books he may have hated Eric and Bill but he wasn’t against vampire rights and such.  He’s a shapeshifter for crying out loud, it doesn’t make sense for him to be against the rights of a different race.

TaraAnd then we have Tara…initially I loved her.  I thought she was hilariously outspoken and a lot of fun, but then she started freaking out every single minute about something stupid.  I was okay with the Sam/Tara romance that doesn’t remotely exist in the books, but they took her way too OTT for my taste.  I guess it’s to set up the MaryAnn storyline, whatever that might be, but I really stopped liking her.  And I was annoyed that they didn’t stick to the true Tara from the books either, the one who was out doing vamps long before Sookie met Bill.  I think she needs a friend who will encourage her and that deviation bothered me.  I did like her friendship with Sookie, it was just really changed from the books.

LafayetteMy favorite character was probably Lafayette.  He was awesome, a gossip, totally gay and proud of it and just like I imagined him to be.  I’m quite sorry that they’ve likely killed him off already, as I assume the foot hanging out of Andy’s car at the end of the show was his.  Too bad, he rocked.

Those were the main characters I wanted to touch on.  The rest of the side characters were okay to me.  Pam was not “Alice in Wonderland” enough for my taste but that’s about it.  I thrilled to see Danko appear as the Magistrate guy ordering Bill to turn Jessica as his punishment for killing Chow.  None of that happened in the book but I found it an enjoyable turn.  Not that I like Jessica, she’s quite annoying and the fact that she got on Eric’s nerves and he gave her back to Bill worries me.  I hope she dies soon.

As to the story, well it was pretty faithful minus the extra stuff they added for Jason and the romantic twist for Sam/Tara.  I don’t mind the idea of Sam/Tara but clearly that’s not going ahead since she met Eggs but I don’t want Jason with the Fellowship at all.  They could have brought that in more with Arlene I thought.  Oh well.

Lots of sex, lots of blood, definitely more than you get in the books, particularly the sex.  But I guess if we get to experience all of Jason’s conquests we’ll be in for quite a show.  It’s fine as long as we get some naked Eric soon…it’s only fair.  All in all, not a bad show and I enjoyed seeing the characters brought to life.  For the most part I actually liked them and it makes the books a little better for me actually.  Hopefully I can find a way to watch season 2 as it happens, somewhere the internet will have it for me right???  I do have a thirst for more!

All photos from True-Blood.tv.

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