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I liked this picture, what can I say? Obvious reasons. Take her out, insert me, happiness.

So, know that this is my initial blog post on this movie and I’ll either come back and edit, add or create a whole new blog after subsequent viewings.  I don’t think I wrote my Twilight blog for about 4 months after the movie which I had seen 20 odd times by then.  So, needless to say, I had a lot more to say then.  But we’ll go with what I feel right now and then expand as needed, okay?

So, my first initial reaction?  After I have a couple of kids with Rob I would gladly pop out a little one in honor of Chris Weitz.  Yep, he earned a child in my eyes.  Now, you don’t think this because you don’t watch football with me, but about a decade ago, when my teams were good, I used to promise players children if they would do something I appreciated.  Thankfully I was never held to said promises, because I would have a hundred or so kids by now, but you get my drift.  It’s a high honor that I bestow on the worthy.  Weitz is worthy.  He got it.

The last movie I broke down on various points so I think I’ll do that again.  It worked well for me last time.

If you didn't know, Paul is on the left. He is yummy. I approve of the shirtlessness, heartily.

The Aesthetics

  • How about that shit, Chris Weitz knows what a meadow is!  Flowers, lots of pretty multi-colored flowers surrounding our young lovers in Bella’s dream.  I’m quite glad he didn’t go with Hardwicke’s spot of grass with some dandelions stuck in it or whatever the hell that crap was.
  • Sparkling!  You could actually see the sparkles when Edward stepped into the light without the aid of high def TV that was required with the first movie.  Not to say the sparkling was magically cool, but at least it looked better.
  • Make-up.  So much better.  The vamps looked more natural, particularly Carlisle who I thought looked terrible in the first movie.
  • Hair.  Still not great, but somewhat better except in the case of Jasper.  His curly girly ‘do does not work for Jasper, at all.  Go straight and shaggy and maybe a little long and he’d be perfect.  Well, better anyway. hehe No, still not in love with Jackson Rathbone but I disliked him less this go-round.
  • Camera work.  One of the things that most drove me nuts in Twilight was that the camera work was shoddy at hell.  Take the pivotal non meadow scene where Edward is in the tree and telling Bella that he wants to eat her.  Half of those shots you’d see only part of Rob, if any of him, one shot you randomly see his body for no particular reason, other shots you have half his face…watch that scene again and tell me that’s not crappy.  I didn’t have a scene that stood out that way this time around, there was some cutting between Edward/Bella during the break up scene that I would rather have seen both their faces but it didn’t bug me.
  • Shirtlessness.  You can never really have too much male shirtlessness in a movie, at least in my book.  Did any of the wolves ever wear shirts?  Only Jacob I think.  Hilarious really.  No complaints though.  And you know I always like Rob to be undressed, so bonus points for that.

What? Like I wasn't going to use more Edward pics than anything else?


  • The newbie vamps?  No complaints whatsoever.  Aro was made of awesome, I really want him to have an expanded role in subsequent films even though he’s not even in the book Eclipse as I recall.  Damn, I have depressed myself.  Caius and Marcus, bit parts but well represented, still would prefer an older Caius but I thought the actor did a good job in limited role.  The other vamps were all good, particularly Dakota Fanning as Jane, but I love her so that was to be expected.  Felix was hot, Demetri would have been hotter with black hair but I still liked him, Alec was rather cute for a vamp, hehe.
  • The wolves?  Hello Paul.  It’s nice to meet you and your abs.  I wanted to lick him, sorry if that’s an overshare but it’s my blog and I’ll drool if I want to.  Liked the new Sam a lot.  Quil didn’t fit my image of him but liked all the rest.  Emily I expected to be prettier but she wasn’t bad.
  • Charlie Swan, again, was made of awesome.  I am rather in love with Billy Burke.  He just adds a layer to Charlie that the books did not, he’s funny and sarcastic and loving and sweet and really fatherly.  Probably too fatherly if we’re looking for being close to the book but it doesn’t matter.  He was very good, again.
  • Edward…what more can I say?  Rob is Edward in my book and I thought he nailed the tortured soul yet again.  He looked pained saying goodbye to Bella and so defeated when he thought she was dead that it took my breath away.  I didn’t cry but I came damn close.
  • Bella.  If you read my Twilight blog you know that I didn’t care for KStew’s Bella at all.  I may have used the word hate somewhere in there, it wouldn’t surprise me.  This time out?  I still don’t love her and I can still think of many other actresses I would rather be her but she was somewhat better.  I’m not sure if this is because Bella is numb for so much of the movie and that’s an emotion that KStew can actually do or if she’s learned a little.  I will say that I liked the way Bella kept pushing Jake away and felt that it was made clear that despite all the time she was spending with him, Edward was still everything to her.

    TL bulked up nicely but still doesn't entirely work for me. I do hate him less though. High praise! hehe

  • Jacob.  I was not overly happy that Taylor Lautner was returning as Jacob and though he won me over a little bit I still would rather they recast.  He’s still so damn short…in his brief scene with Rob I just felt like I was watching the child he actually is instead of the manchild he’s supposed to become.  And yes, his muscles are quite impressive, but he’s so short.  It kills me.  Beyond that, though, once he lost the wig he looked pretty good and the acting was fine.  I actually felt bad for him a time or two and anybody that knows me knows that I don’t feel bad for Jacob.  Not in the books anyway.
  • Alice.  Loved her.  I liked her in the first movie in her limited role but this time around she got a chance to shine a little and Ashley Greene took it.  She actually sounds like Alice, you know?  I loved her snark at Jacob, actually made me think of Rosalie in Breaking Dawn more than Alice but it worked.
  • Jasper.  I still don’t get the Jackson Rathbone love that I see in fandom but I will say that Jasper got to have a snarky line or two and I thought he delivered them well.  He still doesn’t look right but I liked the voice he used and enjoyed him in the voting scene because of it.
  • The rest of the Cullens?  Still can’t stand Nikki Reed as Rosalie but she might have had two lines in the movie so it’s not a deal breaker.  Loved the little Emmett we got, including a scene that reminded me of my fic Emmett and pleased me highly.  Carlisle and Esme were fine in their minimal scenes as well.

The Story

  • Very close to the book with a few deviations that worked.  This is spoilery so if you haven’t seen it yet, this is the portion of the blog you might want to skip by the way.
  • I liked that they made Victoria responsible for Harry Clearwater’s death.  That totally did not happen in the books but having her more or less frighten him to death while he was helping Charlie hunt the wolves was a pretty cool addition I thought.  Knowing that one of the wolves (Jacob?) thought they saved him adds weight down the road, should they decide to mine that, with resentment from the wolves to the vamps.
  • Loved that after the Cullens left Bella sat at their lunch table alone for the months they were gone up until Charlie threatened to send her to Jacksonville.  It was a nice touch that worked instead of the books version of her sitting with her old friends and not talking. Made a more powerful visual.
  • The humor.  Instead of B&E watching Romeo and Juliet alone at her house, having them do it in the classroom and seeing the teary reactions to the movie by Angela and much more hilariously Eric gave me a giggle.  Also, anytime you’re going to have the teacher call out Edward and have him recite some Shakespeare is made of win in my book.  Yum.
  • There were a couple quick cuts wherein we were in one place, like class, with Edward telling Bella a little about the Volturi and then all of a sudden we were at their house and he finished telling them about them.  It was alright, not too jarring but a little choppy for my taste.  Would rather he have done it all in once place.  I guess I could have put this in the few complaints I had but it didn’t take me out of the movie so I’ll leave it here.
  • The action.  SO good.  The Jacob/Paul fight scene was easily my favorite and you could almost feel the ground shaking the way it was shot.  Really good.  Also enjoyed the Volturi fight and of course the wolf/vamp hunting.  I have no complaints about the effects, that’s for sure.
  • The movie within the movie.  I enjoyed Bella’s outing with Jacob and Mike Newton.  Face Punch?  Awesome, totally want to see that cheesy ass movie. hehe
  • I did like the ending, cliffhanger or no, leaving it with Edward asking Bella to marry him if she wanted him to change her made me feel warm and happy inside!
  • Addition #1.  Major fail for me, I forgot to mention that I really LOVED the way that instead of the Bella voiceover chatting at us when Edward was gone, she was writing to Alice via email and reading it to us that way.  It felt so sad and lonely…awesome.


I needed more for the reunion, can't help it.


  • I don’t have a lot to bitch about this time out, which is a nice change, but of course I do have some issues.  Most of them are Jacob/Bella related because I’m an Edward girl, what can I say?  I didn’t care for the near kiss scene because their lips were actually touching, albeit barely.  I am not supposed to endure a B&J kiss until Eclipse and that’s going to be very difficult for me, so I didn’t approve.
  • Bella telling Jacob she loves him right in front of Edward.  Um…no.  First of all, she doesn’t utter those terrible words until Eclipse.  I should know because I’m doing my fic rectifying that shit.  Yes, she did follow it up by telling him that if he asks her to choose between him and Edward there is no choice, it’s always Edward, which pleased me.  But still.  No I love you, especially when they’re so stingy with giving me those three words between E&B.
  • The Edward/Bella talk when reunited.  One of my favorite scenes in the books and one of my least favorite in the movie because it was too damn short and Bella was too quick to accept it.  No, I’m not saying that we should have been left to wonder about whether she would take Edward back, but the self-doubt was not apparent then like it was during the break up.  Her belief that he couldn’t possibly love her carries into Eclipse and it’s pretty important.  It just felt like he said sorry, I lied and I love you, always, and she was on board.  I needed more from that scene.

Wow, so I think those are all my complaints and that’s not too bad at all, really.  The first two were to be expected as a B&E fan so not a surprise.  The movie felt like it was over too quickly despite its 2:10 minute running time and I felt like walking right back into the theater and seeing it again, so pretty good endorsement huh?  I’ll be seeing it at least once more this weekend and likely twice, so I’m sure I’ll have more to say when I’m not as swept up in subsequent viewings.

I was thrilled to discover that New Moon blew away the opening night record and bought in $26 million overnight.  That’s awesome.  And for going to a 9:40 AM movie, it was pretty damn crowded this morning as well.  Mostly adults, too, though there were some kids who were clearly skipping school.  Ahhh, good times.

Anyway, I give the movie and Chris Weitz a ringing endorsement, especially when compared to Twilight.  I wish he had been in charge of that one too because I bet we would have had a much better movie, budget woes or no.  That’s neither here nor there, I guess we’ll see what David Slade can do with Eclipse.  Here’s hoping BD finally gets it’s green light and I’d be more than okay with a Weitz revisit if they decided to go there.  I’ve rambled enough for now, I’ll add more later.

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Edward & Bella

Edward & Bella

Whenever a well known book is made into a movie, there are legions of fans wanting certain aspects included.  We don’t all get our ways, of course, but we do go in with a preconceived notion of how things will be and when expectations are not fully met, it can and does leave a bad taste in our mouths.  I’ll admit that the first time I saw Twilight, I did have an adverse reaction.  Subsequent viewings have elevated the movie somewhat in my viewpoint but I’ve never let go of certain reactions.  I thought I’d go over here what I liked and what I didn’t.  The what I didn’t like stuff will be more heavily discussed here, but keep in mind I didn’t hate the movie by any means.  I have 3 different copies due to different extras and offers, so clearly I continue to be psychotically attached to any and all aspects of the Twilight world. I’ll break things down into casting, storyline and directing just to cover all the major bases.


I thought Robert Pattinson brought coolness and charm to Edward.

I thought Robert Pattinson brought coolness and charm to Edward.

For me, they got one lead role right and one lead role very wrong.  Can you guess which way I’m going here?  Probably if you’ve read any of my other blogs but we’ll flesh it out anyway.

Robert Pattinson as Edward worked for me on almost every level.  Looks, charm, sense of humor, an underlying self-loathing that was not obvious but was there if you looked at him.  I loved the little smirks he would throw in when he was amused by something.  As an Edward groupie, I was predisposed to either love or loathe the casting with no in-between, luckily I fell on the love side and honestly, the first time I saw the movie the only reason it worked for me at all was because of him.  That’s not to say that he was perfect, there were some missed beats and some strange expressions that could nearly throw me out of a scene but overall I thought he did a good job.  My mother saw the movie with me and she walked out of the theater saying that she thought the actor did a good job appearing as something other (she has not read the books) so that says something to me.  She also thought he was far too good for Bella, which leads me to….

The kiss was hot, Kristen Stewart as Bella was not.

The kiss was hot, Kristen Stewart as Bella was not.

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan.  The first time I watched the movie, I couldn’t stand her as Bella and it took me a long time to figure out why.  I thought maybe it was a visceral “Don’t touch my man” thing or a she can’t act thing, which it kind of was the latter for me.  In subsequent viewings I was able to pinpoint it a little more accurately; Kristen played Bella as entirely too hard of a character.  I didn’t really get a sense of fragility or vulnerability from her at all.  Sure, she weighs like 2 pounds so she looks fragile, but the character’s inflections just had an edge to them that I didn’t feel Bella had at all.  I’ve seen interviews with Stewart wherein she talks about how strong Bella is and that one throws me for a loop too.  Maybe she gets stronger as the series goes, but in Twilight she didn’t strike me as particularly strong.  Trusting, fish out of water, stubborn and passionate maybe, but not strong.  Maybe I read that wrong, I don’t know.

I also felt the actress did not portray her love for Edward well enough.  That complete and utter desperation and dependence upon him did not come through at all.  I think she tried in the hospital scene but she wasn’t very good.  The two leads did show good chemistry in the bedroom kissing scene and at the prom, but again I didn’t feel her need to be with him.  I know it’s hard to portray that level of longing but I think it fell flat.

She just did not work for me, at all, as Rosalie.

She just did not work for me, at all, as Rosalie.

Another casting that I loathed was Nikki Reed at Rosalie.  This will sound pretty bitchy of me I suppose but over and over we were told that Rosalie was the epitome of beauty.  The most beautiful person they could find was Nikki Reed?  I know she has a history with Hardwicke and that’s what got her the role, but come on.  They could have found a gorgeous blond wearing a bitchface to plug into that role that would have been more effective.  I’m predisposed to hate Rosalie anyway but they could have cast someone that made her believable as some intimidating gorgeous force of nature who hates her life.

Jasper with that constipated look upon his face.

Jasper with that constipated look upon his face.

I wasn’t overly fond of the Jasper casting either; nothing against the actor but all he put into the role was a look of constipation.  I get that was supposed to be his discomfort and desire for blood but it just cracked me up.  I did like his bat handling skills in the baseball scene though, I bet that’s why he got the role.  He just didn’t look like Jasper to me.

The rest of the Cullens all worked for me to a point.  Esme was pleasant enough and so was Carlisle, though they were a lot older than the book made them out to be.  I can deal, they wanted them to look more like parental figures.  I did enjoy the bits of Alice we got to see and I found Emmett interesting.  Loved his friendly wave to Bella while holding the knife in the kitchen.  That is how I imagine Emmett behaving, so it worked for me.

Chief Swan was funnier and more lovable in the movie.

Chief Swan was funnier and more lovable in the movie.

My favorite casting had to be Billy Burke as Charlie Swan.  He’s the only one of the entire cast that actually improved upon the book character for me.  He was gruff but hilarious and I thought he did a great job of showing Charlie’s love for Bella coupled with his inability to express it.  He was given the funniest lines and expressions and he worked them.  Kudos to Billy Burke.

I save Jacob Black for last because he was such a minor role in this book and he had little screen time.  I thought Taylor Lautner looked stupid as hell with that hair and I’m glad that it gets cut off in New Moon cause that wig was just bad.  I am one of the people who thinks Jacob should have been recast for the next movie, for I fear they’ll have to spend all of their budget on making him look like he morphs into a real man.  The kid is barely taller than Kristen Stewart and midway through New Moon he’s supposed to look about 25, so I have real reservations about keeping him in the role.  I’ve seen interviews and I do like the actor and think he has charm, which could translate well on screen when he’s given something to do.  I just don’t know if he’s going to be believable or not.  I remain cautious on this one but I  would have recast him, seeing as he only had about 3 minutes of screen time in Twilight, but we’ll see.


I had two huge issues when it came to this movie.  The first was Kristen as Bella and the second is storyline related.  I understand that they couldn’t stick to the book 100% .  I can deal with that.  However, to me there are certain scenes that are sacred, one of them being my favorite in the entire series.  When you mess with those, well, I’m not going to be happy.  I did feel that Twilight stayed very true to the book, using most of the story lines, I just felt that the timing could have used a lot of work.  A lot of it.

Does that look like a meadow to you?

Does that look like a meadow to you?

The big one for me was the lack of the meadow scene.  That’s the scene that started the whole series, the scene Meyer dreamed about.  So to me, it should have been there in it’s entirety.  Firstly, it’s hot.  It’s a sexy little scene wherein Edward tests his ability to be close to Bella.  Secondly, it’s the scene where the trust is completely built and established.  She puts her life in his hands, he tells her just how much he wanted to attack her and why and she stays.  She chooses to stay right then and there despite knowing that her blood calls him more potently than any other.  I wanted desperately to watch him touch her face, to watch her feel that passion and desire she had for him.  I wanted to watch her touch his face as she’d longed to do since the first time she saw it and for him to feel the warmth of a humans touch.

Did I get any of that?  No!  What I got was her stomping past him at school and informing him that she knew what he was and then the terrible glittery chest scene.  I got the lion and the lamb line, sure, and I even liked how he had her caged between his arms and the tree for it, but it wasn’t enough for me at all.  The touching was kept to a minimum and the meadow consisted of them lying and looking at each other while he sparkled in bad CGI (Side note, it actually didn’t look as bad on my high def TV as it did in the theater, I don’t know if they improved it for the DVD or if my TV just rocks.)  They weren’t even holding hands!  It annoyed me greatly, as you can see.

Another big change that I didn’t appreciate was Edward just blurting out that he could read minds in the restaurant.  I get that it was supposed to be cute, him telling her what everyone was thinking; sex, money, cat; but it annoyed me because Bella figures that out on her own.  I liked that she was watching him closely enough to figure it out and I know that Edward liked that about her too.  Her perception when it came to him was part of her appeal.  I didn’t like how that was handled, nor could you really tell he was reading minds up til that point.  They showed him seeming to hear things a couple of times but that could have been written off to vampire hearing abilities if you hadn’t read the book.

I mentioned this a little already but I didn’t care for the way the vampire information was revealed either.  I liked that she told him in the car on the way home in the book and what it meant that she was actively choosing to ride with him knowing he was a vampire, not her going home and researching and then telling him in the woods outside of the school.  Little thing and I didn’t mind the scene overly much accept that it overlapped and became the meadow scene, but I just would have preferred it to be done as it was written.

Where is the love?

Where is the love?

Also, other than the lion and the lamb comment, we never ever heard either character say that they loved one another.  That was a huge deal and I really missed the scene where Edward spends the night for the first time and Bella sees him there in the morning and jumps into his lap, overjoyed that he’s still there.  He tells her she said she loved him in her sleep and she burrows into his neck and tells him again.  He tells her outside of the baseball game.  I know, I’m nitpicking a bit but this is a love story, we should be hearing some declarations of love.

I understood the need to ramp up the action in the movie so I didn’t necessarily mind the bad vamps hunting additions.  It was good to establish how different the Cullens were and to set up the future conflicts with James, Laurent and Victoria.  What I did mind was having Charlie and the cops hunting down the killers and figuring out that they were human.  One of the fun things about the books is that Charlie is entirely clueless up until Breaking Dawn.  His days are spent playing cards and rounding up the occasional truant, not tracking deadly vampires.  Are they gonna drag that all through the rest of the movies?  I like clueless Charlie!

I did enjoy the baseball scene and the final fight scene between Edward and James.  Aspects were cheesy of course but overall they were fun to watch and pretty well done.  One thing I didn’t like though was when Edward was sucking the venom out of Bella and Carlisle had to tell him to stop and that he was killing her.  One of the signs of his love for her is that despite how her blood tastes to him, he’s able to quit on his own.  It was a small but major thing to me that they had Carlisle saying that he was killing her.  They could have had her pass out and us still wondering if she was okay without that addition.


I gotta say, when they announced they were getting a new director for New Moon I was not in the least bit upset by that news.  I know that the budget on this film wasn’t huge but I thought the special effects and CGI could have been much better done.  I lay the casting snafus directly on Catherine Hardwicke, for every character she cast well was balanced out by one she didn’t I thought.  I blame her for the lack of a meadow scene and the lack of an I love you scene.  I blame her for not giving Kristen Stewart direction to act like she was swept away by love.  I also blame her for showing Bella to be entirely too comfortable in her own skin.  She quickly seemed to become a leader among her circle of friends, she didn’t feel like an outsider to me and I consider that hugely important to her character.  For someone who was so enamored by the books, I felt she really left a lot unaddressed or inadequately covered.

I did like the foreshadowing to the conflicts with the wolves, thought that was a good set up heading into New Moon.  That will be the hardest movie for me personally, as an Edward fan, but I have high hopes that it will be an improvement on Twilight.  They’ll have a bigger budget and hopefully a cast that is more comfortable with their characters.

Again, I would like to say that I didn’t hate this movie, I’m just overly critical because of how much I loved the book.  Had I seen it in a vacuum I don’t know if it would have worked better; I think I would have been confused about the mind reading and the overall state of their relationship but I can’t say that with any accuracy.  I was really left disappointed that some of my favorite scenes were not in the movie and were changed.  Some worked alright despite that, some didn’t.  It’s hard to see a movie made out of a book you’re passionate about I guess!

Anyway, I’m interested to hear what everyone else thought.  Was I too critical?  Are there things you would have changed that I didn’t address?  I’m really looking forward to hearing what my fellow Twilighters thought.  This will probably be my last Twilight blog until New Moon comes out; I think I’ve covered the stuff I wanted to discuss, but if you think of anything else you’d like to see me tackle let me know, god knows I’m always open to discussing this series!

PS.  For those of you that have the movie on DVD, I highly recommend watching the movie with the DVD commentary.  Rob is hilarious to listen to!

All pictures from TwilightPoison.com

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