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What’s that you say?  A blog?  By Nole?  Surely you jest!  Yeah, I know.  I finally got off my ass (or more accurately, sat on my ass) and am posting a mega-SPN blog.  I’ve missed blogging about 4 or 5 shows at this point and I’m not going to go back through and watch because most of them are not worth a second viewing.  Sad but true.  When do I ever say that about this show?  I don’t know if the finale or Jensen’s marriage left me more disappointed.  Let’s call it a tie, shall we?

I’ll start with the good.  The Real Dean returned.  I truly did love that episode, where Dean was going to give up and Cas called him out.  Those two were like lovers battling back and forth and ultimately having Cas beat the shit out of Dean.  Best pairing, ever.  I’m no slash fan but Dean and Cas have chem.  I cannot deny this.

I adored when Dean told Sam that he didn’t believe in him either.  It was the first time in a long time that I gasped out loud and felt like I took a punch in the gut at Sam’s expression.  Nothing could have wounded and cut him more.  And in the past, Sam would have screamed at Dean and run off.  This time?  Sam stood by Dean and told him he had faith in him and that’s what gave Dean the strength to dick over Zachariah and kill him (that rocked).

The boys visit to heaven was also fairly decent.  Loved seeing Ashe again and was sad that he didn’t know about Ellen and Jo.  Hopefully they found one another.  I found it interesting that Mary was there but John was not.  Sam’s heaven, though, was so sad, well for Dean anyway.  I think it was seeing that that helped strengthen his disbelief in his brother.

What else?  It was good to see Gabriel AKA the Trickster again and I loved him delivering his message via porno.  Really, the guy was awesome and I think they should find a way to bring him back.

Now, the finale…what the fuck do I say about it?  It was a hot mess from the get go.  It was clear the rings wouldn’t work when they did it in the first 10 minutes of the show.  So there was no suspense there when Devil Sammy told Dean it didn’t work.  Nor was there any surprise when Dean showed up at the cemetery, followed by Cas and Bobby.  I was happy for the Def Leppard soundtrack, because they were my fave band growing up.  Dean and I were made for one another….oops, sidetracked.

I did have a genuine OH NO moment when Cas exploded at the devil’s hand and then Bobby’s neck was broken.  I had always expected one of them to go but not both.  Of course, they didn’t really give us time to mourn them before they were back.

Was I happy that Sam got some redemption and was able to take down the devil?  Yes, for a moment or two.  I didn’t like that it was seeing the little army man that did it, really.  I wished Dean had been enough to get through to him although all his memories were of him and Dean…so I guess that’s okay.  It just…felt flat.  Sam hops in the hole with Michael/Adam and Cas is back and Dean is healed and Bobby’s alive.  What did we learn there?  What resounded?  Sam’s death?  Uh, no, the final scene fucked that up as well.

AND let me take a minute to talk about Chuck.  I was thrilled he was back, you may have figured out that I’m quite fond of the boy but WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK?  Chuck is GOD?  Really?  Has he always been God or did God just pop in after Sam and Dean and Cas took off?  Because if he was God the whole time, why didn’t the shark’s tooth necklace alert them?  Why didn’t Cas know?  And why did the archangel come to protect the prophet?  Does he do that for God too?  It sure as hell felt like they stuck that in without thinking about it and it pissed me right the hell off if I”m being honest.  Do I like the idea that God was really there the whole time, not only watching over them but writing out their story?  Sure, but it was sloppy fucking storytelling and I expect a lot more than that with this show.

And then, of course, we cut to Dean settling into family life with Lisa and her kid, which felt like a complete slap in the face.  That woman is NOT important to us, SPN.  She just isn’t.  If you want me to believe Dean is carrying a torch for an ex, bring back the girl from the stupid truck episode, who we know he not only dated for awhile but actually told his secrets to.  Lisa was a weekend fuck!  I’m sorry, but I don’t buy it, at all.  Is it wrong that I’m hoping demon/devil Sammy kills her promptly to start season 6?  Because I am.

And yes, there we have the big ending…Sam’s back.  Or demon version is.  Or he’s still the devil.  He’s evil, because the light went out in his presence and he’s watching his brother stare into his beer while Lisa putters around like the good little woman she is.  WTF?  Can the dev just waltz back out of hell that easily?  No seals required?  Where’s Michael then?   Is Cas going to come back to help Dean?  Will Dean ultimately have to kill Sam then?  I can deal with that, but this…I don’t know.  I didn’t like any of it.

Dean’s back to being defeated and going through the motions, Cas if off angeling and Bobby’s fighting the fight I assume.  Dean’s playing house with the wrong person and Sam’s hopefully going to rectify that (seriously, I will love him if he guts Lisa in the season premiere, all past transgressions forgiven).   There were some very good episodes in the 5th season but it was a huge letdown ultimately.  I wanted a 6th season, before, to get more Dean.  Now I want it to wipe out the shit that they spewed in the finale, not that I have faith on them improving anything anymore.  I hope they prove me wrong.  Bitterly disappointed.

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Dean finally meets Michael

Fate.  Destiny.  Bloodlines.  Fathers & sons.  Brother vs brother.  Present meets past.  Last night’s Supernatural had a little bit of everything and a lot of what I’ve been craving for weeks on end.  Finally Dean meets Michael.  Finally Sam gets to meet his mother.  Finally we see Castiel.  Finally Sam & John get to have a decent talk about how Dean and Sam were raised.  Finally Dean revealed his true self to his mother.  Finally, Anna died.

Okay, that last one was just icing on the cake but you knew I’d be celebrating the crispy critter that she became.  I am so Michael’s bitch after that move, especially while he’s wearing the yummy young John Winchester while doing it.  Seriously hot.

Total yum, especially when an angel's wearing him!

Anyway, Anna tries to reach out to Dean, interrupting one of his prurient dreams of angels and demons and asking him to meet her.  Thankfully, our Dean was not born yesterday (though he wasn’t born in part of this epi, hehe) and he told Castiel who went to meet her in his place.  It seems Anna was in Heaven Prison for awhile and that’s not a pleasant place to be.  Cry me a river, Anna.  She tells Cas that killing Sam is the only way to stop Lucifer but Cas won’t sign off on this because Sam is his friend now.  That’s a definite about face for our favorite angel, in the not too distant past he was all on board the Kill Sam train.  I like to think it’s his love for Dean that makes him unable to go that track now.  What?  He does!

So Anna takes it upon herself to head into the past to kill John and Mary before they even have the boys.  Cas figures out where she is and zaps himself, Sam and Dean to help.  I have to give major props to Jared for Sam’s reaction to seeing his younger parents for the first time.  The love and awe he had on his face when looking at Mary was heartbreaking and adorable.  It definitely made me think about to last week’s episode and his sneering at the trappings of traditional family.  Methinks he might have changed his tune after a little time with his parents.

Bloody, soon to be dead, Anna. Yay!

Mary remembered Dean from his other jaunt into the past and was none too happy about his presence.  Dean managed to get her to listen enough to hear that she and John were in danger from angels (thanks to Sam interjecting that last part) and she was prepared to run with them.  But John got a call from his boss and went to meet him only to find Anna.  Sam & Dean got there in time to send her away via the blood drawing on the wall.

Sam finally got to meet his Mom.

Then we get to the good stuff.  John, driving the Impala and yelling at them all to be quiet in a very fatherly way, is stunned to learn about monsters and hunting.  He & Sam have a conversation about how Sam could have been raised and what kind of terrible father he had to allow that.  Sam, for the first time, was able to tell his father that he understood why he’d chosen that life for them, that thirst for revenge.  It was fascinating to see John play the Sam role and Sam play the John role in that conversation.  I thought they both were excellent.

I love John and Mary. That's baby Dean in there!

That was countered with Dean’s conversation with Mary, wherein he finally revealed that he was her son.  He told her about the song she sang him at bedtime and the soup she made him when he was sick.  He begged her not to go into that nursery the day that she dies, he even told her why and that her sons would be cursed.  Mary was scared and upset and disbelieving but somehow accepting at the same time?  I don’t know how to explain it.  Sam interrupted and told them both that avoiding the nursery wasn’t enough, she needed to leave John and never have them and never look back.  Mary kept saying she couldn’t, finally revealing that she was already pregnant with Dean.

That doesn't look like it feels too good!

That moment was interrupted by the return of Anna, this time with young Uriel in tow, set on killing the men that kill him 30 years later.  John is dispatched and Anna stabs Sam and leaves him for dead while Dean tangles with Uriel and Anna goes after Mary.  Outside, a flashing light appears and all of a sudden John is inside the house and Michael is inside John.   He touched Anna and fried her to a crisp.  I laughed.  He dispensed Uriel with the snap of two fingers.  Michael, in a word, was hot.

Feel the heat!

Dean demands that he fix Sam but Michael says he will in good time, after they’ve had a little chat.  Dean asks how he can be inside John and Michael tells him that their bloodline is what makes it possible, he can inhabit anyone in that family (except for probably Sam I’m guessing).  When John heard that Michael could help Mary he let him right in.

That's what happens when you try to take Dean away, bitch!

Michael explains to Dean that his life is fated, always, to come down to letting Michael inside so he can fight Lucifer.  Every step John and Mary made in life led him down this path.  I was happy to find out that Michael won’t leave Dean a slobbering idiot when all is said and done.  I have a question…why can’t Dean let Michael in to fight Lucifer in that other body?  I know he’s all about free will but I’m thinking he’d be willing to do it if he didn’t have to kill Sam in the process.  I suppose there’s some caveat to that we don’t know about at this point.  Dean doesn’t say a lot but he’s still clinging to the idea that he doesn’t have to go along with this masterplan.  He tells Michael to take his brother and take their fight off his planet.  So cute.  Kisses to Dean.

Ram outlined this convo a lot better than I could after only one viewing so go check out her post on the matter, over at the I Love Bad Boys blog.  Michael zapped Sam and Dean back to the future and Cas appeared but promptly passed out.  He’s not able to travel through time as easily now that’s not a favored angel anymore.

Dean pours drinks to Team Free Will and Sam questions him, asking if there was nothing, not even saving Mom, that would make him agree to let Michael in.  Dean doesn’t really have an answer to that and we’re done with the episode.

This was the kind of epi I’ve been craving for ages now.  I love young John and Mary (seriously, give them a spin off or something).  I love Cas and Michael.  I love Anna dying.  I love our boys confronting their pasts and filling in some of the many missing moments they had with their parents.  I hope they manage to see them again before the series ends.  A hug or two would be nice!

See you next week for an episode that appears might bring back out bloodlusting Sammy.  Could be interesting!

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Are you there, devil?  It's me, Sam Winchester!

Are you there, devil? It's me, Sam Winchester!

How sweet is it that my favorite returning fall show was the first to return?  The Pretty was back on my screen with a vengeance on Thursday night.  Vengeance, such a pretty word and rather fitting for Supernatural, no?  I loved the episode, naturally, so good to have our boys back.

Dean's expression matched my own, WTF were they doing in a plane as Lucifer rose?

Dean's expression matched my own, WTF were they doing in a plane as Lucifer rose?

Sympathy For The Devil picked up right where we left off last season, with Lucifer rising and our boys in much too close a proximity.  They can’t get out but all of a sudden they’re in an airplane confused as hell.  As was I, of course.  I assumed the angels had gotten our boys to safety but it seems a bigger boy has come out to play this season.  What’s Lucifer without God?

Sam tries several times to apologize for what he’s done but Dean isn’t having it.  I have to admit that I’m glad that the Sam/Dean tension is not going to magically disappear in their need to unite to fight the devil.  I’ll get more into Dean’s speech at the end later, because as usual it was powerful and moving and deserves it’s own discussion as I assume it’s going to be an overriding theme for much of the season.

Chuck!  No more needs to be said, I love him!

Chuck! No more needs to be said, I love him!

Who didn’t smile at the return of the Prophet Chuck?  There is something about that guy that just makes me light up.  I wish he’d go on the road with Sam and Dean, maybe as a new series (what, more Jensen is a bad thing?)  I love that the first thing he did was attack Sam as well.  What, he does deserve a little bit of a beat down doesn’t he?  Dean’s reaction to Sam’s full on Vader was interesting…does he think there’s a demon in his brother for real?

Dean's reaction to "Vader" Sam.  So much in that face.

Dean's reaction to "Vader" Sam. So much in that face.

Now, I knew going in that Misha Collins had been made a regular cast member, so news of Castiel’s smiting by the angels didn’t hit as hard as it could have had I not known or seen his name in the credits.  But still…it hurt to think about our Pretty Cas being smited by an archangel and exploding all over Chuck’s house.  I’m quite glad we were not subjected to the sight of that, for Castiel should never explode.  Preserve the Pretty!  How much did you love that Dean’s first reaction was to go find Cas anyway?

Dean uses his "friend" Castiel's method to get rid of the angels.  Loved it!

Dean uses his "friend" Castiel's method to get rid of the angels. Loved it!

Only Dean Winchester would call an angel an asshat.  I loved his rage at Zachariah.  The angels assumption that Dean would just fall in line cracked me up, do they not know the man at all?  Bonus points for the return of the word “douche.”  Nobody does it like Dean.  I adored that Dean used Castiel’s method of getting rid of the angels and blasted them right out of Chuck’s house.  He’s a sly one, our Dean.  And Chuck’s “this sucks ass” in reaction to the appearance and disappearance of the angels just slayed me.  This show mixes humor in at the oddest times but it works 99% of the time anyway.

I admit it, I am using this picture for it's beauty, although this was from that scene, hehe.

I admit it, I am using this picture for it's beauty, although this was from that scene, hehe.

A small but beautiful moment occurred when Sam gave Dean the hex back he’d made and Dean asked how he knew how to make it to hide them from demons and angels and Sam admitted that it was Ruby.  That pause and that look on his face hit the right note of fear of telling Dean, hesitance and even some shame.  I liked that that made Dean ask about his brother’s potential withdrawal from the demon blood and that it was addressed because I think we’d all be wondering about it.  Supernatural methadone indeed…yay God?  Then Sam tries to apologize again and Dean still won’t listen.  Jensen’s face, not looking at Sam and refusing to discuss it, showed a hint of that anger and hurt that we get to see in full force later.  It was a nice scene that really did a lot but didn’t seem all that significant on first viewing.

The devil's meatsuit, a lonely man who lost his wife and child violently.

The devil's meatsuit, a lonely man who lost his wife and child violently.

I didn’t really get absorbed into the whole “devil finds a meatsuit” thing but I do enjoy the actor they’ve gotten to play him.  He’s already been on two of my favorite shows, Dexter & Lost, so why not get him on a third?  And he can do creepy really well, so bonus.  I like that the devil had to get his permission as well, just like the rest of the angels do, nice continuity.  I felt for the character as the devil screwed with him, showing him his dead wife and reminding him of their murdered child.

Okay, I admit I would probably pull a Becky if I got near Dean.

Okay, I admit I would probably pull a Becky if I got near Dean.

How beautiful is it that Chuck sent a slash fanfiction writer to meet Sam and Dean?  And that her screenname was SamLicker81?  Of course I still fail to understand why people in love with male characters write them as gay, but it’s hilarious here so who cares?  Of course I wanted to bitchsmack her when she told Dean that he was not what she pictured, but her molestation of Sam just killed me.  How could Dean not be what she pictured?  Devastatingly gorgeous doesn’t work for her?  hehe Oh well, she’s a Sam girl.  She brought the big news that Michael’s sword was lost somewhere, so she served a purpose other than making me laugh.  Her “no” when Sam asked if she could quit touching him was awesome.  I wonder how they got rid of her?

Sam was rather hurt by Bobby's rejection.

Sam was rather hurt by Bobby's rejection.

Alright, I knew in my heart that Bobby was not Bobby when he laid into Sam but it was still effective as all hell, made doubly so because Dean just stood there and didn’t interfere in any way like he normally would have.  The beginning could have been real, anger at him for not listening, but when he told Sam to lose his number after they finished it, if they finished it, that’s when you knew he couldn’t be Bobby.  Sam’s face though, the puppy dog hurt there, really tugged at the heart.

As if that didn’t drive it home, Bobby’s private conversation with Dean really did.  Saying that John was right about Sam all along and they should have possibly killed him.  Again, what resounded here was that though Dean said “Bobby” he didn’t stop him or yell at him for even hinting that maybe they should have killed Sam.  How much does Dean agree with that?  How does he feel about it?  I can’t wait to see that play out over the season.

Yeah, not liking new Meg at all.  Hopefully she was one and done.

Yeah, not liking new Meg at all. Hopefully she was one and done.

Yay for the return of Meg, not so yay with the actress that portrayed her.  But I assume she was a oneshot so maybe the next one will be cooler.  How dare she have kissed him?  Not remotely hot.  Plus Meg was Sam’s girl.  Seeing Bobby with that knife to Dean and the real Bobby come through long enough to stab himself…that was beautiful.  His love for Dean shone through in that moment and brought to mind Daddy John’s own possession.  He peeked out for a minute but only to tell Dean to kill him, all for revenge on Yellow Eyes.  Bobby just again proved that he was the boys “real” father, at least for me.

The boys head to John’s storage locker and find dead demons littering the floor.  Dean’s “Oh thank God, the angels are here” cracked me up.  Zachariah then tells us that Dean is Michael’s sword, or his vessel.  Dean takes this news as only Dean would, with scoffing and anger.  “Life as an angel condom, that’s real fun!”  Of course, Zachariah gets all tough angel on Dean and breaks Sam’s legs to try to get Dean to comply.  Dean won’t.  Dean figures out that they can’t make him let Michael inside so he refuses.  Zachariah threatens Bobby with life in a wheelchair, Dean still says no.  He gives Dean stage 4 stomach cancer, coughing up blood he still says no.  He takes away Sam’s lungs, Dean asks that they just kill them both then.  Zach has no intention of doing so but plans on having lots more fun torturing the boys..angels and demons really aren’t so different are they?

Welcome back my pretty avenging angel!

Welcome back my pretty avenging angel!

Fortunately, in that moment, Castiel returns in a flash of white light.  He quickly kills the other two angels and faces off with Zachariah.  Zach is pretty stunned that Cas is still alive and well and Cas points out that it’s a good question and it’s a good question how Dean and Sam got away from Lucifer since the angels didn’t do it.  It’s not ever stated but it’s pretty heavily implied that God has decided to become an active participant in the war.  Zachariah is scared off and follows Cas’ orders of restoring the boys and leaves.  Castiel puts Noki and Sygil (spelling?) into Sam and Dean to hide them from all angels, including Lucifer.  He confirms that he was dead but disappears instead of telling them how he’s back.  I guess God will be everywhere in this season but not discussed?

I love that Bobby was screaming at his doctor when we returned.  Real Bobby being back was good to see.  Dean’s big speech for Bobby was a true Dean hubris moment.  I loved seeing that, even though he admitted to Sam that it was all bull.  Still, that was Dean, being tough for Bobby and pumping him up when he should be down.  I loved Bobby’s apology to Sam, letting him know he’d never cut him out of his life no matter what he did.  Sam’s relief and pretty smile was touching.

Dean's suppressing a lot of emotion all episode, it was nice to see it come out in the end.

Dean's suppressing a lot of emotion all episode, it was nice to see it come out in the end.

Of course, he doesn’t get to revel in Bobby’s forgiveness for long.  Dean tells him that they don’t have a chance to win this war, not that that’s going to stop him from fighting.  Sam again presses Dean to talk about it, about what Sam did and Dean’s feelings about it and this time he gives in.  Our boys have their best conversations next to the Impala, don’t they?  Dean tells him he tried but he can’t pretend that everything is alright.  It’s not and it’s never going to be.  He chose a demon over his own brother and look what happened.  Sam says he would give anything to take it back and Dean says he knows he would.  Dean tells him that he was the one he depended on the most and Sam let him down in ways he couldn’t even say.  He is having a hard time forgiving and forgetting.  Sam asks what he can do and Dean tells him there’s nothing.  He doesn’t think that they can ever be what they once were and he can’t trust him.  He walks towards the car, glances back at Sam and gets in.

Powerful, much needed moment.  It can’t go back to the way things were, not in one day.  They’re going to have to work to build each other up this whole season and I look forward to watching that play out.  I want to see if Sam’s tempted by blood again and Dean’s reaction to that.  Sam disappearing for an hour or two and Dean’s suspicion over that.  All of it is deserved and necessary.

All in all this was an excellent episode back.  I could have probably done with less Lucifer vessel stuff but I understand that they were establishing the man that would harbor the fallen angel and why he would.  I loved the humor but especially loved the angst.  I’m thrilled the show is back and starting off on a high note.  The season clips ahead, with the return of Ellen and Jo and that other hunter whose name escapes me have me excited.  Back next week with more!

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