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A fascinating character study of a man with low self-esteem.

A fascinating character study of a man with low self-esteem.

I fully expected to be bored stiff and throughly irritated by last night’s Lost episode.  If you’ve read any of my Lost blogs, you know that I’m not overly fond of John Locke.  I found him interesting and endearing in the first season but after he blew up that sub I really started to loathe him.  He’s probably my least favorite Lostie that’s still alive.  So color me surprised that I was fully engaged and interested for the entire episode.  Not that I particularly like the character again, but I was reminded why I liked him the first time around.

The episode begins with the Spanish guy we saw on the plane, Cesar, hunting around in some building and stashing a gun.  A woman comes in to tell him that they found a man standing in the water and wearing a suit.  They walk past the crashed plane, which looks pretty well in tact all things considered.  Cesar goes up and introduces himself to one John Locke, who is very much back to life clothed in his funeral garb.  Personal aside, my new high def TV makes Lost even more awesome, when John is standing by the water it feels like I’m sitting on the beach behind him.  The woman, Iliana, chats with John who is trying to figure out exactly how he got back and enjoying the hell out of a mango.  John tells her that he thinks his suit is what he was going to be buried in and that he remembers dying.  Way to kill a convo, John.

After turning the donkey wheel, Locke comes to in Tunisia, apparent return point for anybody leaving the island by that method of travel.  It’s the exit point as we find out from Charles Widmore, whose people have brought Locke in for medical attention.   Widmore tells him they met when he was 17 and now they were meeting all these years later, with Locke looking exactly the same.  He wonders how long it’s been since they met and John tells him it was 4 days.  He’s pretty blown away by that even though he knows how it all works.  Locke isn’t so much about working for Widmore but Charles tells him that he ran the island for 30 years til Ben fooled him into leaving the island (HA!).  Widmore tells Locke that there’s a war coming and if he’s not on the island when that happens the wrong side will win.  I assume he means Ben.  The island needs Locke, he says, and it has for a long time.  He tells John that he’s special, which of course speaks to Locke’s need for affirmation. Widmore sends Locke, in the care of one awesome Matthew Abaddon, to round up his islanders.  In a poignant moment, Abaddon gets out a wheelchair for John, bringing him full circle.

First stop is Sayid, building houses in Santo Domingo.  Sayid sneers at the thought of returning to the island, telling Locke that after working for Ben for 2 years and being duped into thinking he was protecting everyone, he wasn’t heading back there no matter what.  He got to spend 9 months with Nadia before she was murdered and he wouldn’t have that if he hadn’t left, so he wasn’t returning.  Sayid calls him on wanting to go back only because he has nowhere else to go.  Sayid actually seems very content with his life, wonder what happened a few days later to send him to break Hurley out of the nut house?

Next Locke heads to New York to see Walt.  Instead of asking him to come with him he just asks how he is and tells him he wanted to stop by.  Walt looks and talks like a man now, it’s pretty amazing.  He tells Locke he had a dream of him standing in the water back at the island in his suit. surrounded by people who wanted to hurt him.  He apparently sees the future too.  He also doesn’t know that Michael is dead so Locke tells him that he’s on a freighter near the island.  I hope we get to find out what his deal is.  Walt’s ability to communicate with the animals and dream the future is intriguing.  Ben is standing on the sidewalk watching Locke say goodbye to Walt and get in the car with a most murderous look on his face.  He’s not too thrilled with our boys mission, is he?

Locke heads to see Hurley who is sorry that he’s dead.  He’s convinced he’s a ghost until he checks in with a few other people at the asylum who confirm that he’s there.  I think Hurley would have gone with him but when he hears about the others having to go he is sure they won’t.  He sees Abaddon then and freaks out.  He tells John about him showing up and claiming he worked for Oceanic and runs away.  Success yet again!

Locke finally decides to question Abaddon, which since he’s seen him a couple times before he ought to have.  Abaddon tells him that he knows he remembers that he saw him right after his accident when he was working as an orderly and that he’s the one who recommended he go to Australia.  He tells him he helps people get to where they need to go.  Oooookay.  Not too mysterious was that?  He’s awesome though, scares the bejesus out of me.

They head off to Kate who gives Locke a quick no.  She is hard about that and glares at Locke when he asks if she cares about them.  She asks him if he’s ever been in love and said she thinks he must not have been if he’s so desperate to stay on the island.  He tells her about Helen, who he asked Abaddon to find.  Kate asked what happened and he told her that he got obsessed over something.  She stops him there and says, “Look how far you’ve come.”  This was a deep look into Locke’s life, I will say.

Abaddon doesn’t want to but takes Locke to Helen, who died of an aneurism a few years ago.  Locke admits that they could have been together if he hadn’t been such a moron, but Matthew points out she would have died anyway.  Locke’s path has always been to get to the island.  While he’s stowing Locke’s wheelchair in the trunk, the back window suddenly spurts with blood.  Abaddon is shot several times and Locke drives away, getting into an accident and of course landing in Jack’s hospital.

Rebearded, drugged up Jack is not listening to Locke’s nonsense either.  Jack sneers at the destiny factor yet again; says it’s not about fate it’s about probability that he landed in Jack’s hospital.  Science vs. faith, it continues on.  Jack tells him maybe there’s nothing important about him at all and he’s just a lonely old man who crashed on an island.  Locke tells him his father said hello.  That stops Jack for a second but he tells Locke his father is dead.  He refuses to help him and tells him to leave him alone.

We wind up with Locke in his hotel room writing his “I wish you believed me” suicide note to Jack and rigging up his hanging.  Just as he’s about to jump he’s interrupted by a knock on the door and Ben’s entrance.  Ben begs him to stop.  Locke asks how he found them and Ben admits to having everyone watched.  John screams about what he wants from him and realizes that Ben killed Abaddon.  Ben admits that without a qualm.  Damn I love him.  Ben tells him about Widmore saving him and Ben says he wants to use him to get to the island.  This gets out dear, naive boy all sorts of confused.  Ben tells him that he’s so very important to the island and that makes him sad.  He tells Ben that he’s a failure and there is no helping him.  He couldn’t get them to come back and he can’t lead anybody.  Ben tells him that Jack booked a ticket to Sydney.  Ben tells him he has too much work to do to die.  He unties his rope and convinces him to step down.

Of course, Locke makes his fatal error next.  He tells Ben that he can’t go see Sun, he promised Jin he wouldn’t bring her back.  Ben’s amazed that Jin is alive and he tells him about the ring.  Ben shrugs that off with a promise is a promise.  Locke tells him that they have to find Eliose Hawking in LA and she can help them get back to the island.  Ben hears that and asks if he’s sure.  Locke asks if he knows here and he says yes, he knows her, and then he strangles John with his noose anyway.  Hangs him back up, cleans up the scene, takes Jin’s ring, tells John he’ll miss him and heads off.  Damn that was cold…and pretty awesome.

Back on the island, Locke tells Cesar about the Dharma Initiative.  Cesar questions him about him already being there and asks about how long ago he left and how he got back.  John confuses him and Cesar asks him about what happened on the plane.  He says he sat near the big guy with the curly hair and he disappeared.  John now knows that Hurley and co were on board.  He asks for a passenger list and Cesar tells him about the people who got hurt.  He takes him to a makeshift infirmary and there he finds Ben.  Hee!  Reunion, so sweet!  Cesar asks if he knows him and John says yeah, he’s the guy who killed me.  Way to frighten and confuse your new pals Locke.

As I said above, this episode really allowed us to get another look at old Locke.  The lonely, naive, depressed person that he was prior to being on the island (okay, the naivete remained on the island).  He was lost off the island prior to the first landing there and he was lost again when he got back to the real world.  It served to reinforce the idea that Locke does belong on the island.  He needs that reinforcement, that idea that he’s special.  Major self esteem issues there.  One wonders if he was going to kill himself because he believed that he had to die as he was told by Christian or if he was killing himself more because he was a failure.  I think it was the latter, I really do.  Of course Locke decided to believe Ben, because he told him how special he was and that he was needed.  This may be true, but I promise you Ben doesn’t think so.  The fact that Locke continues to be Ben’s bitch amuses the hell out of me.   It’s sad but funny at the same time.  I look forward to seeing what happens when Ben wakes up.

Looks like he will next week, they show him stumbling around with a sling on his arm.  It also looks like our Losties are all going to be reunited, including the much longed for Kate/Sawyer reunion.  I can’t wait!

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