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I’ve already linked to several Twilight fan fics in comments on my other blogs but I figured I should make a blog with all I’ve read in one spot.  I’ll keep coming back and adding to this as I read more, but I wanted to get it started as I’ve devoured quite a bit in the last few weeks.  I went on a quest reading various vampire novels and while I found several series I really enjoyed, I didn’t find anything that spoke to me the same way that Twilight did.  So when I ventured into fanfiction I did so with a lot of skepticism, would other versions of Edward and Bella speak to me the way they did in Twilight?  And I found that they completely did.  It’s truly Edward that I love, I embrace him in all forms it seems.  Bella is often improved upon in the fics I’ve read as well, not to mention more substance given to Jasper and Carlisle and the rest of the clan I’ve fallen for.  I have four books sitting beside me to read but I’d rather hit the net and find the next fanfiction that speaks to me.  Thanks to Rameau for getting me started and AGO and Lady for throwing new stuff my way.  Without further ado, here’s the fics:

Wide Awake by Angstgoddess003.  This is the first big one that I read and it’s the one that got me hooked enough to continue in my research.  Edward and Bella are human next door neighbors who cannot sleep at night due to past traumas.  They bond in the night and find understanding and completion in one another.  Fabulous story with only a chapter and an epilogue left to go.  I’m dying for more.

Creature of Habit by EZRocksAngel.  In this one, Bella goes to work for the reclusive Edward Cullen, eccentric rich guy whom she rarely gets to see.  He’s a vampire here and her scent tortures him just as it does in Twilight.  He oversees his families charitable business by day and by night he tries to keep vampires from killing humans.  Love ensues.

The Red Line by WinndSinger.  Easily the hardest one for me to get through.  Edward is a stripper/male prostitute and Bella hires him to do a psychological study on.  He instructs her in the ways of sex and she teaches him that he’s worth loving.  Very heavy S&M punishment type stuff on some of Edward’s jobs, hard to get through.  I did like his interaction with Bella but it’s not one I would go back to.

Irritable Grizzly Adams by caligula42.  Supposes that when Edward left Bella in the woods in New Moon, he didn’t return to her.  He lied to her and to his family.  6 years pass and Bella becomes some wildlife student, working to study wolves.  She has a wolf/dog named Jake (HA) and goes with a professor to Alaska to meet with some colleagues and get a grant.  Edward and Carlisle are there to give money.  Confrontations and angst ensue.  This one isn’t finished but it’s decent, the issue I had was that Edward didn’t appear til the 6th chapter or thereabouts, I missed him.

Let Your Light Shine by LolaShoes.  These two are my favorites after Wide Awake.  Picks up on Bella and Edward’s honeymoon after she gets in the water.   LOTS of sex.  I mean LOTS.  No Renesmee.  Bella is transformed by Edward as a choice, not because she’s dying.  The Cullens are all there with her.  Great stuff.

A Life Extraordinary by LolaShoes.  Sequel to Let Your Light Shine.  Bella’s life as a vampire.  More bonding with the Cullens, particularly Jasper.  Lots more sex.  Cameos by Angela and Mike and Jessica and Aro.  Not yet finished but close to being done and she appears to be updating weekly.  These two combine to be the Breaking Dawn that I would have enjoyed.  Bella’s power is different as well and there’s good exploration of her ability.

Abbracciare il Cantante by Bratty-Vamp.  I loved this one too, up til the end which I felt was too rushed.  Supposes that Edward leaves Forks that first day that he smells Bella in biology class.  Picks up 3 years later in college at Dartmouth when she wanders into his class again.  This time he stays and a story ensues….

The Arrangement by manyafandom.  This one is another sexual one, threesome between Bella and Edward and Jasper.  They’ve all been best friends since they were 5 years old and they’re living together to go to grad school.  One drunken night Bella makes a move on Edward with Jasper watching and he joins in.  It gets complicated because Bella and Edward are secretly in love with one another and Jasper gets emotionally involved as well.  Not finished yet, lots of sex naturally and plenty of angst.

Innocent, Vigilant, Ordinary by Oxymoronic8.  Supposes that the Cullens don’t arrive in Forks until Bella’s senior year.  She’s involved with Jacob, gave in to his desires to be more than friends but clearly though she loves him, something is missing.  Edward is a vampire in this one and they become tentative friends.  She’s torn between pursuing something exciting with Edward or going with the one she knows in Jake.  Not finished and hasn’t been updated in awhile which concerns me, but at least it ends in a good place if she doesn’t continue.

Hiding In Plain Sight by limona.  This one has Emmett as a cop who has to hide Bella in witness protection.  She ended up working for the Volturi family, notorious mob bosses, out of college and found out they were killing people.  Emmett’s brother, Edward, volunteers to let Marie (her real name, she changes it to Bella to hide) stay at his house and pose as his fiancee.  Jacob Black is his gardener, they bond a little which drives Edward crazy, he and Bella grow closer.  Also not finished but looks to be updated fairly recently.

Only Human by Amethyst Jackson.  Edward and Bella return from their honeymoon and the Cullens throw Bella another birthday party.  She makes a wish that she could give Edward human experiences and she’s transported to 1918 where she meets Edward Masen and his family.  In present time, Edward gets new memories as she and human Edward interact in the past.  I found this quite interesting and enjoyed getting to see human Edward and his parents.  Bella’s conflict of loving both human and vampire Edward was interesting.

Bonne Foi by Amethyst Jackson.  This one is still in progress but updated recently as well.  Here, Edward Masen is going to college and he is on the prowl for a lovely lady to kill.  He meets Bella and gets her alone with him but finds himself becoming more interested in her than her blood when they start talking.  It supposes that our virginal Bella would not be adverse to having sex with a virtual stranger, but I guess when he looks like Edward who cares?  He keeps her alive and enjoys sleeping with her, since he can’t hear her thoughts and get turned off.  After meeting her, he finds that he hears her voice whenever he is getting ready to bite a human so he turns to animals.  He ends up in Forks with her and meets Carlisle and learns that there are other vamps living off animals.  He tells himself that he’s only keeping Bella alive because he enjoys sleeping with her but his feelings are growing and he’s in denial.  Interesting one.

If Love Could Light A Candle by Pastiche Pen.  This one was different, flashed back to Edward hunting humans in the 1920’s and doing penance now by becoming a psychiatrist.  One of his patients is new girl Bella Swan and he is into her smell but also falls for her.  Only 6 chapters so far and it’s been awhile since updated but I found this one intriguing.  Edward was following Bella around and just fascinated with her, plus it was fun to see hunter Edward come out to play in his memories.  Hopefully she’ll update soon.

So that’s it so far, not that that’s not plenty to chew through!  Rameau links some on her site as well, some I mention here and some others I have yet to get to.  I picked up a lot from a Wide Awake fan forum, A Unicorn Ate My Fucking Cookie, which I recommend as their recommendations are the ones I’ve thrown at you here.  They know of what they speak, plus it’s a great place to discuss Wide Awake and Twilight.  I’ll post any new ones I read here below this paragraph so come back often, some of these fics I devour in one sitting so I’m quite capable of adding several in a week.  Happy reading to those of you who try this!


Learning To Say No by ShilohPR.  Not yet finished and hasn’t been updated in awhile but her notes indicate she hasn’t abandoned anything.  Imagine Edward and Bella drinking and hooking up, that’s what you get here.  They have a hell of a time talking to one another unless lit up.  Some genuinely funny happenings though, I laughed with this one more than any other.

Midnight Desire by Twilightzoner.  A play on Midnight Sun, with Edward’s “monster” being his horny teenage boy status when it comes to Bella.  Also amusing and it made me feel guilty for all those make out sessions with my high school boyfriend, leaving him hot and bothered.  Sorry Chad!

The Best Man by Bratty-Vamp.  Jasper and Bella are best friends from childhood.  She comes back to Forks at his request and he tells her he’s marrying Alice.  He sets up a competition between her and his big brother, Edward, for best man in the wedding.  Bella’s crushed on Edward since they were kids.  Only 6 chapters in but it’s amusing.

The Office by tby789.  Porn.  Pure porn.  There’s really not much Edward and Bella about Edward and Bella in this story but it’s very porntastic.  Haha Edward is the boss, Bella is his assistant, they pretty much hate each other.  One night he makes a move on her and they have a lot of hate sex.  Feelings ensue.  Lots of underwear ripping.

Edward’s Eclipse by Vixen1836.  Various chapters of Eclipse told from Edward’s point of view, including the first time Bella sneaks off to see Jacob, the engagement scene and the scene in the tent with Jacob.  My only complaint with this one is it didn’t cover the kiss and aftermath, though it’s probably a good thing because I would have lost it dealing with Edward’s pain in those moments.  Very much Midnight Sun Edward here, loved it.

Mr. Horrible by algonquinrt.  This one is not the Edward and Bella we have grown to know, not at all.  But it might very well be the funniest of the fics I’ve read.  I don’t even know how to describe it to be honest.  Edward is a rich kid with his own internet company and she’s a temp and fanfic writer.  She marches to the beat of her own drum and manages to wrap him and his whole family around her little finger.  It’s amusing and like in Wide Awake, has liberal use of the word fuck and fucking.  I’m always appreciative of that.  Oh, and it includes drag queens and drunken grandmothers.  What more could you want?

Cascade & Cyanide by americnxidiot.  Bella moves to Forks and is promptly warned to stay away from the psychotic Edward Masen.  She’s his bio partner and drawn to his quiet and sad demeanor.  She makes an effort to draw him out and help him deal with some deep issues.

The Nymph & The Waterfall by Pastiche Pen.  Bella moves to Forks and becomes fast friends with all the Cullens, except for Edward.  Waterfalls and gnomes are featured.  Lots of build up to the romance but in a fun way.

Follow You Into The Dark by Guineapigbarbie.  Very interesting concept.  Bella’s mother leaves her at the hospital at the age of 5 with a note asking for someone to provide her with a family.  Carlisle takes her in and she’s raised with all the Cullens, minus Edward who had gone off to work with the Volturi a couple months before she came to them.  When she turns 18 he comes home and they fall for each other, naturally.  Edward’s work with the Volturi comes into play and Bella winds up in danger.  It was a very interesting idea but too short, she used 18 chapters to make them meet and fall in love and establish this problem with the Volturi.  Worth a read but will leave you feeling a little sad at what could have been with double the chapters.

Carpe Noctem & Fiat Lux by queenofgrey.  To say this story has me intrigued would be an understatement.  To say that I am craving new chapters and am mad at myself for reading this one before remotely completed is also an understatement of epic proportions.  If you like dark and angsty, this is the story for you.  Edward moves alone to forks and happens upon Bella working in a bar.  He attacks her, causing her injury but not biting her.  He bites himself instead.  Bella, bored with her lot in life, decides to go confront him rather than turn him in.  He calls in the reinforcements and they work on training him to deal with her scent because she’s not going away and he’s not going to either.  Bella’s lack of self preservation leads her to keep seeking him out despite the obvious danger.  Alice starts acting as a go between and the two start exchanging letters as a form of communication while he works on desensitizing.  It’s captivating, really.  She appears to be writing and posting quickly at least but like I said, I’m anxious already for the next chapter.

Betwixt by queenofgrey.  What can I say, I liked her other story so thought I’d hit the other one she’s writing.  Totally different feel.  Alice and Bella become best friends freshman year and Alice tells her their secret.  We pick up senior year and Bella is an honorary Cullen, Edward being the only one who dislikes her.  Carlisle has found a way to possibily bring back the humanity of the Cullen kids and Bella has to be part of it as the only human who knows their secret.  Edward is against trusting her but as senior year chips away he starts to change his mind and let her in.  No idea if the Cullen kids will actually become human but it’s another good read.

The Burning Shade And The Fading Light by hexumhunnie311.  This one supposes that Bella is the vampire.  She and best friend Alice have been hunting bad humans…Alice still has her future seeing abilities and Bella has Edward’s mad mind reading skills.  They nearly attack a little girl and decide that they need to get off the blood lust path.  Alice has visions and they head to Forks, where they’re drawn to an apartment housing none other than human Edward and Jasper.  They are both intrigued but then head to a mansion Alice sees and meet the Cullens and learn about vegetarianism.  It’s only 5 chapters long so far but it’s kinda fun to have the shoe on the other foot with Bella being the vamp and Edward being the human.  Very little interaction at this point but I’m sure it’ll ramp up soon.

The Blessing and The Curse by The Black Arrow.  Dear Lord.  Imagine Benjamin Linus playing Edward Cullen.  This Edward is a manipulative, controlling, possessive prick.  If you thought Edward was possessive in Twilight, haha, well you’re in for a world of shock at a real possessive Edward.  Edward and Bella were born 3 hours apart and grew up best friends.  He regarded her as his possession and cut short any guy that tried speaking to her as they grew up, either verbally or physically.  Fast forward 6 years and Bella returns to Forks because Esme is dying.  She’d helped raise Bella since Renee died when she was 5 and Bella’s there for her.  Edward’s there as well and back to trying to make Bella back into “his”.  It’s disturbing how he is about her but I will not deny that there’s something hot about it.  Rose calls him creepy hot and that’s pretty dead on.  I, like Bella, need therapy.  Still, really WELL written and quite fascinating.

Coming To Terms by GinnyW 31.  In this one, Bella and Edward meet and have an apparent one night stand.  She’s transferred to Seattle and finds out that that night led to a baby.  She tracks down Edward and he goes from happy to irate over her news.  Turns out there’s a past….etc.  This one is near done but not quite.  Edward is a complete douche for a lot of the story and as an Edward lover that’s hard to deal with but she does redeem him some and validate some of his reactions.

Metamophosis by LivesAmongTheStars.  Wow.  Just wow.  This is the 3rd part of Breaking Dawn written in Edward’s point of view, from Bella’s transformation up til the confrontation with the Volturi.  She’s cut off as they show up in the clearing, so there’s probably only 2 chapters left.  She captures Edward perfectly and we experience his joy in Bella’s happiness and his angst over the danger to Renesmee.  It’s beautifully done and she adds little scenes that bring out more in the characters.  Couldn’t recommend it more, hope she updates soon.

Bella Swan: Kidnapper by Kambria Rain.  This is another funny one.  Bella’s a single mom and she runs across a woman yelling at and preparing to hit a couple kids.   She takes them, hence the kidnapper.  Turns out that their dad is Edward Cullen.  Sarcasm and pranks ensue.  It’s a fun story that kept me grinning constantly.

The Doll House by Kambria Rain.  Completely different from her other story, this one is Twilight meets Friday the 13th.  Bella and a bunch of the Forks folks all go into the moutains for spring break.  There she meets mysterious mountain man Edward.  Her friends start dying and disappearing, they’re being hunted.  Appearances by most of the main and secondary characters.

And yet another:

Tropic of Virgo by In.a.blue.bathrobe.  I really enjoy this one.  Edward and the rest of the Cullens are in a band, Breaking Dawn, and Bella moves to town.  Edward hears her sing and becomes instantly smitten with getting her in the band, then with getting her.  Unbeknownst to the two of them, they are communicating on the internet through their blogs, his for song writing and hers for poetry.  They communicate back and forth about getting together and cutely Edward is jealous every time she gets a text updating her on a new message from her online pal.  It’s a good read, 28 chapters in so far.

The Vampire in the Basement by michellephants.  I love that I’m still finding really good stories to read, even though I feel like I’ve read about a hundred or more at this point.  This is another nominee for the Eddies & Bellies so I checked it out and I’m entranced yet again.  In this one, Bella is friends with all the Cullens, they’re vamps.  Alice saved her from an attack by James and that’s how she was brought into their world.  One day, Emmett and Jasper and Carlisle find a body lying in the river, they assume it’s a dead human but on closer inspection find it to be a vampire, badly injured.  They take him to the basement as he is a potential danger.  Bella comes to the house despite orders not to and goes to the basement and finds him and goes to him despite his growling at her and his obvious threat.  She’s the only one who can remotely calm him as they try to figure out how a vampire became wounded and starving.  Watching Bella and Edward grow closer is just beautiful really, I don’t have any other words for it.  Highly recommend it.

Just One of the Guys by SorceressCirce.  If you ever wanted Edward Cullen to be your boyfriend, and I will admit I have, this is definitely an Edward to have.  Bella and Jasper are best friends living together.  She has a trauma in her past that makes her afraid of most males.  Jazz and Alice start dating and Alice convinces Bella to go to the movies with them and her brother, who is asexual according to her.  He was badly hurt in high school and she thinks he’s been away from women since.  There is almost insta-love in this one but it works with the characters.  Jasper is all kinds of awesome too.  Written by an Engish teacher and a good read.

Breaking The Silence by SparklingTwilight.  I don’t usually throw a recommendation to one that I have yet to finish, but this one is causing me to make an exception.  I read another story by this author and like her style and this story has me quite interested.  Bella is a foster kid taken in by Esme and Carlisle.  She hasn’t spoken a word in 5 years.  Renee and Charlie were killed and Bella injured.  She blames herself for that and while she has a lot of internal dialogue, she doesn’t speak it but to the reader.  She lives back in Forks, where her family lived when she was younger.  She used to be best friends with Edward, Emmett and Jasper along with Angela, Jessica, Lauren, Mike and Tyler, but when she returned after whatever happened to her family, she pushed them away by not talking to them.  The story takes place right before junior year of high school.  Alice moves in next door and befriends Bella despite her lack of speaking.  She manages to bridge the distance between Bella and Carlisle and Esme and gets her out of her shell a bit.  We find out through Edward’s viewpoint that he truly loves Bella and that none of them know what happened to her or why she won’t talk to them.  I’m 18 chapters in, it’s 75 chapters long and complete (they are pretty quick chapters though) and completely captivated.  I already adored Alice but I love her all the more here and I feel for Jazz, Em and Edward because they still truly love Bella but don’t know how to reach her.  Excellent so far.

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A fascinating character study of a man with low self-esteem.

A fascinating character study of a man with low self-esteem.

I fully expected to be bored stiff and throughly irritated by last night’s Lost episode.  If you’ve read any of my Lost blogs, you know that I’m not overly fond of John Locke.  I found him interesting and endearing in the first season but after he blew up that sub I really started to loathe him.  He’s probably my least favorite Lostie that’s still alive.  So color me surprised that I was fully engaged and interested for the entire episode.  Not that I particularly like the character again, but I was reminded why I liked him the first time around.

The episode begins with the Spanish guy we saw on the plane, Cesar, hunting around in some building and stashing a gun.  A woman comes in to tell him that they found a man standing in the water and wearing a suit.  They walk past the crashed plane, which looks pretty well in tact all things considered.  Cesar goes up and introduces himself to one John Locke, who is very much back to life clothed in his funeral garb.  Personal aside, my new high def TV makes Lost even more awesome, when John is standing by the water it feels like I’m sitting on the beach behind him.  The woman, Iliana, chats with John who is trying to figure out exactly how he got back and enjoying the hell out of a mango.  John tells her that he thinks his suit is what he was going to be buried in and that he remembers dying.  Way to kill a convo, John.

After turning the donkey wheel, Locke comes to in Tunisia, apparent return point for anybody leaving the island by that method of travel.  It’s the exit point as we find out from Charles Widmore, whose people have brought Locke in for medical attention.   Widmore tells him they met when he was 17 and now they were meeting all these years later, with Locke looking exactly the same.  He wonders how long it’s been since they met and John tells him it was 4 days.  He’s pretty blown away by that even though he knows how it all works.  Locke isn’t so much about working for Widmore but Charles tells him that he ran the island for 30 years til Ben fooled him into leaving the island (HA!).  Widmore tells Locke that there’s a war coming and if he’s not on the island when that happens the wrong side will win.  I assume he means Ben.  The island needs Locke, he says, and it has for a long time.  He tells John that he’s special, which of course speaks to Locke’s need for affirmation. Widmore sends Locke, in the care of one awesome Matthew Abaddon, to round up his islanders.  In a poignant moment, Abaddon gets out a wheelchair for John, bringing him full circle.

First stop is Sayid, building houses in Santo Domingo.  Sayid sneers at the thought of returning to the island, telling Locke that after working for Ben for 2 years and being duped into thinking he was protecting everyone, he wasn’t heading back there no matter what.  He got to spend 9 months with Nadia before she was murdered and he wouldn’t have that if he hadn’t left, so he wasn’t returning.  Sayid calls him on wanting to go back only because he has nowhere else to go.  Sayid actually seems very content with his life, wonder what happened a few days later to send him to break Hurley out of the nut house?

Next Locke heads to New York to see Walt.  Instead of asking him to come with him he just asks how he is and tells him he wanted to stop by.  Walt looks and talks like a man now, it’s pretty amazing.  He tells Locke he had a dream of him standing in the water back at the island in his suit. surrounded by people who wanted to hurt him.  He apparently sees the future too.  He also doesn’t know that Michael is dead so Locke tells him that he’s on a freighter near the island.  I hope we get to find out what his deal is.  Walt’s ability to communicate with the animals and dream the future is intriguing.  Ben is standing on the sidewalk watching Locke say goodbye to Walt and get in the car with a most murderous look on his face.  He’s not too thrilled with our boys mission, is he?

Locke heads to see Hurley who is sorry that he’s dead.  He’s convinced he’s a ghost until he checks in with a few other people at the asylum who confirm that he’s there.  I think Hurley would have gone with him but when he hears about the others having to go he is sure they won’t.  He sees Abaddon then and freaks out.  He tells John about him showing up and claiming he worked for Oceanic and runs away.  Success yet again!

Locke finally decides to question Abaddon, which since he’s seen him a couple times before he ought to have.  Abaddon tells him that he knows he remembers that he saw him right after his accident when he was working as an orderly and that he’s the one who recommended he go to Australia.  He tells him he helps people get to where they need to go.  Oooookay.  Not too mysterious was that?  He’s awesome though, scares the bejesus out of me.

They head off to Kate who gives Locke a quick no.  She is hard about that and glares at Locke when he asks if she cares about them.  She asks him if he’s ever been in love and said she thinks he must not have been if he’s so desperate to stay on the island.  He tells her about Helen, who he asked Abaddon to find.  Kate asked what happened and he told her that he got obsessed over something.  She stops him there and says, “Look how far you’ve come.”  This was a deep look into Locke’s life, I will say.

Abaddon doesn’t want to but takes Locke to Helen, who died of an aneurism a few years ago.  Locke admits that they could have been together if he hadn’t been such a moron, but Matthew points out she would have died anyway.  Locke’s path has always been to get to the island.  While he’s stowing Locke’s wheelchair in the trunk, the back window suddenly spurts with blood.  Abaddon is shot several times and Locke drives away, getting into an accident and of course landing in Jack’s hospital.

Rebearded, drugged up Jack is not listening to Locke’s nonsense either.  Jack sneers at the destiny factor yet again; says it’s not about fate it’s about probability that he landed in Jack’s hospital.  Science vs. faith, it continues on.  Jack tells him maybe there’s nothing important about him at all and he’s just a lonely old man who crashed on an island.  Locke tells him his father said hello.  That stops Jack for a second but he tells Locke his father is dead.  He refuses to help him and tells him to leave him alone.

We wind up with Locke in his hotel room writing his “I wish you believed me” suicide note to Jack and rigging up his hanging.  Just as he’s about to jump he’s interrupted by a knock on the door and Ben’s entrance.  Ben begs him to stop.  Locke asks how he found them and Ben admits to having everyone watched.  John screams about what he wants from him and realizes that Ben killed Abaddon.  Ben admits that without a qualm.  Damn I love him.  Ben tells him about Widmore saving him and Ben says he wants to use him to get to the island.  This gets out dear, naive boy all sorts of confused.  Ben tells him that he’s so very important to the island and that makes him sad.  He tells Ben that he’s a failure and there is no helping him.  He couldn’t get them to come back and he can’t lead anybody.  Ben tells him that Jack booked a ticket to Sydney.  Ben tells him he has too much work to do to die.  He unties his rope and convinces him to step down.

Of course, Locke makes his fatal error next.  He tells Ben that he can’t go see Sun, he promised Jin he wouldn’t bring her back.  Ben’s amazed that Jin is alive and he tells him about the ring.  Ben shrugs that off with a promise is a promise.  Locke tells him that they have to find Eliose Hawking in LA and she can help them get back to the island.  Ben hears that and asks if he’s sure.  Locke asks if he knows here and he says yes, he knows her, and then he strangles John with his noose anyway.  Hangs him back up, cleans up the scene, takes Jin’s ring, tells John he’ll miss him and heads off.  Damn that was cold…and pretty awesome.

Back on the island, Locke tells Cesar about the Dharma Initiative.  Cesar questions him about him already being there and asks about how long ago he left and how he got back.  John confuses him and Cesar asks him about what happened on the plane.  He says he sat near the big guy with the curly hair and he disappeared.  John now knows that Hurley and co were on board.  He asks for a passenger list and Cesar tells him about the people who got hurt.  He takes him to a makeshift infirmary and there he finds Ben.  Hee!  Reunion, so sweet!  Cesar asks if he knows him and John says yeah, he’s the guy who killed me.  Way to frighten and confuse your new pals Locke.

As I said above, this episode really allowed us to get another look at old Locke.  The lonely, naive, depressed person that he was prior to being on the island (okay, the naivete remained on the island).  He was lost off the island prior to the first landing there and he was lost again when he got back to the real world.  It served to reinforce the idea that Locke does belong on the island.  He needs that reinforcement, that idea that he’s special.  Major self esteem issues there.  One wonders if he was going to kill himself because he believed that he had to die as he was told by Christian or if he was killing himself more because he was a failure.  I think it was the latter, I really do.  Of course Locke decided to believe Ben, because he told him how special he was and that he was needed.  This may be true, but I promise you Ben doesn’t think so.  The fact that Locke continues to be Ben’s bitch amuses the hell out of me.   It’s sad but funny at the same time.  I look forward to seeing what happens when Ben wakes up.

Looks like he will next week, they show him stumbling around with a sling on his arm.  It also looks like our Losties are all going to be reunited, including the much longed for Kate/Sawyer reunion.  I can’t wait!

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When in doubt, blame Locke!

When in doubt, blame Locke!

I am very angry at myself, fellow Lost fans.  You see, I’ve disliked Locke for ages now.  Pretty much from the time he blew up that submarine I have been irritated with him.  His self-centered belief that he had to stay on the island and so did everybody else because he said so aggravated me to no end.  Of course it seems he was right, but that was irrelevant.  I didn’t like his actions and I certainly didn’t like his naivete when it came to trusting my awesome Ben.  Locke is so Ben’s bitch and he falls for his manipulation every single time.  That part I find amusing along with annoying.

So why am I mad?  Because I didn’t even remotely think to blame Locke for the current mess on the island.  And I totally could have, it turns out!  Locke climbs down a well, again thanks to Charlotte telling him to do so, and gets stuck underground during one of the flashes, falling and breaking his leg. Then Christian Shepherd appeared to Locke and told him that HE was supposed to move the island, not Ben!  Hilariously Christian asks him when listening to Ben has ever done him any good and Locke was stunned into silence on that one.  No answer to that, huh John boy?  So cool.  So if Locke had moved the island, the presumption is they wouldn’t be flashing through time and bleeding from noses and cruelly dying.  Kudos, Locke, stay awesome!  He pushes the donkey wheel himself this time, bravo, and Christian tells him to say hello to his son.  Locke asks who that is but doesn’t get an answer as he flashes away in bright light.

Charlotte shortly before she died; the island claims another one.

Charlotte shortly before she died; the island claims another one.

Okay, Locke rant over.  Last night, Charlotte died.  Poor Charlotte.  Poor Daniel.  Poor Tripp, shipper of Charlotte and Daniel who is now calling herself the angel of death for killing TV couples.  This is Lost though so there’s always the possibility that we’ll be seeing her again.  Actually I’m fairly sure we will see the younger her sometime in the near future.  Right before she died she told Daniel that she grew up on the island and she remembered a crazy man warning her not to come back to the island or she would die.  She told him that she was pretty sure that crazy man was him and Daniel actually looked surprised by that, so I’m thinking he hasn’t actually done it yet.  Of course I don’t think he can change her actions but I bet he’ll still try.  Maybe he could give her the constant idea that ended up helping him and Desmond?  I dunno.  I still hold out hope that we haven’t seen the last of Charlotte.

Jin dealing with his new surroundings, he handled it pretty well.

Jin dealing with his new surroundings, he handled it pretty well.

We got a lot of Jin this episode, which is always a good thing!  He ran around with the Frenchies for awhile and tried to help them avoid the smoke monster but they didn’t listen so very much.  Bad idea.  Oh, by the way, kudos to casting for finding a lot of French speaking hotties for the roles; those were some good looking guys.  I was sorry to see them die.  Yay to the day players.  (What is it with French day players?  DOOL had a few hot French guys a few months ago too, maybe I should move?)  Smokey got ahold of some girl named Nadine and gave her the Greg Grunberg treatment from the pilot episode and spit her out at her pals.  Then he got a hold of blond Frenchman (totally hot or to borrow from his country, tres hot!) and dragged him into his hidey hole.  Danielle’s babydaddy got hold of his arm and tried to wrestle him away from the monster but that only resulted in ripping off his arm.  Ick!  They went after the monster but Jin convinced Danielle to stay back with him.  Then he flashed ahead, very shortly ahead it seems, to see a couple of the Frenchies shot and Danielle facing off with her babydaddy.  He tells her that he’s not sick and the monster was just a guardian of the temple and Danielle starts to believe him.  He then tried to shoot her but his gun failed and she shot him.  Then she caught site of Jin and shot at him but fortunately he flashed again.

Hot Frenchies!

Hot Frenchies!

And who should come upon him but Sawyer and co?  Sawyer’s heartfelt hug of joy was just awesome to see.  Poor Jin was heartbroken when he heard that Sun was gone but he heeded Charlotte’s warning that he needed to make sure she didn’t return.  He gave Locke his wedding ring to take as proof that he was dead but Ben instead used it to prove that he was alive.  Tricky Ben!

Things are not all rosy for Ben this episode though.  Kate screams at him and Jack and takes off with Aaron, clearly having no intention of returning to the island with them.  Sayid tells Ben and Jack that if he ever sees them again it will be unpleasant for all of them and takes off on his own as well. (Threats from Sayid are a powerful thing!)  Sun keeps a gun trained on Ben but agrees to go with him and Jack to see his proof.  I loved the scene in the car when Ben channeled everybody’s father and pulled the car over screaming at Jack and Sun to shut the hell up and that he’d done what he had to do and they’d ‘be thanking him if they do knew everything he’d done to ensure they’d all be safe.  This being Ben, who can say if it’s true or not, but he did seemingly convince them to continue on to the church.

There wasn't enough Sawyer in this episode so I had to include a pic instead!

There wasn't enough Sawyer in this episode so I had to include a pic instead!

Once outside the church he gives Sun the wedding ring and then they turn to see Desmond walking up wondering what they’re doing there.  He tells them that he’s there to meet Faraday’s mom, so we were all right with our assumption that Eloise Hawking is indeed his mother.  Ben seems surprised by Desmond’s appearance and by the news that Eloise is Daniel’s mom.  She greets them and chides Ben for not bringing them all together but says they’ll have to work with it anyway.  There was something extremely frightening about that woman…I don’t know what exactly it is but she scared me more than Ben does.

Next week, time travel explanations and theories.  In other words, I’ll be very confused again!  Also some Jate action (sorry Skate fans) and Hurley’s back!  Should be interesting!

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Daniel & his mother? Inquiring minds want to know!  From ABC.com

Daniel & his mother? Inquiring minds want to know! From ABC.com

Oh, the hubris!  Last week in my first Lost blog I dared write that I understood what was going on.  I fooled myself into believing that I’d be able to follow this whole time travel thing; that I got it!  Ha!  Brag and you shall be smacked down.  Damon and Carlton probably did it on purpose.  Give them a little understanding in the first two episodes of the year and then hit them with the hard stuff.  Alright, fine, I will attempt to rise to the challenge then!

Since this is my first year blogging Lost, none of you have experienced the Desmond effect with me.  I love Des, I really do, but every time he is featured in an episode they are by far the most confusing and confounding for me.  I usually exit them with a headache and a WTF? face.   I’m like Sawyer, scowling at everything in sight because I just don’t understand.  So I don’t know why I was surprised knowing that this was a Des episode that I got Lost almost immediately.  Lost, such an apt name!   Throw Daniel into the mix and you’re just asking for a migraine to form.  I like him as well but he’s the other time travel dude and I had a hard time with his flashback episode as well.  I guess I better get used to it since this season is all about time travel, huh?

Anyway, we started off with Desmond frantically looking for a doctor.  He found one and we came upon pregnant Penny in labor.  She gave birth to a baby boy, Charlie.  Say it with me now, Awwww!!!  He named him after our dearly departed Lostie.  I get the feeling we’ll be seeing him again this year, probably trying to convince Hurley to return to the island, or not to return.  We shall see!  Anyway, flash ahead to real time Des who is determined to go to Oxford to find Daniel’s mom and help the islanders.  Penny is most displeased but resigned to it.  Des goes to Oxford and there’s no record of Daniel or his mother having taught there.  He investigates and finds Daniel’s rat maze and chalk board all covered up and sees a picture of Daniel and some blond woman looking like a happy couple.  A janitor comes in and gives Desmond some info about them covering up Daniel’s involvement at the school based upon what he’d done to the blond woman.

Desmond goes to see about her and finds her in some kind of vegetative state.  Her sister tells Des that Daniel caused it and that he’d just run off to America instead of staying to deal with it.  Apparently sis does wake up now and then and claims that she’s been somewhere else in time.  AHA!  She must have traveled with Daniel through time and gotten the headache/bloody nose that we see in Charlotte now and it eventually fried her brain.  Lovely.  Poor Daniel, doomed to love women who can’t handle time travel.  Oops, I wandered.  Desmond learns that Charles Widmore is fitting the bill for the woman, because Daniel was researching for him when it happened.  This sets Des off and he goes to confront Charles and demands to know where Faraday’s mom is.  Charles gets snippy with him but does give him the address.  He implores that Desmond NOT take Penny to the island, to leave it all alone.  Des returns to Penny and tells her Daniel’s mom is in LA but claims he’s not going to go after her.  Penny knows her man and tells him they’ll all go, he won’t be able to put it aside for long.  Off they head to LA and the Oceanic 6!!!  Reunions, you gotta love em!

As for our boy Daniel, he’s busy in the year 1954, saving Charlotte from stepping on a landmine and then checking out a hydrogen bomb.  Confusing at all?   Well in their latest flash, they went to 1954 and were captured by Richard’s men.  Daniel ascertained that there was a bomb on the island; ostensibly because of some radiation burns on one of the soldiers but more likely because he was on the island and part of the people who put the bomb there.  Or he saw them do it.  (A moment to pause and enjoy that I used the words ascertained and ostensibly in the same sentence, Lost makes me so cerebral, HAHA).  Anyway, he convinces Richard to let him take a look at the bomb because he’ll know how to help them.  Richard agrees but only after Daniel reveals that he loves Charlotte; he just blurts it out in front of her and Miles and random British chick, who I am thinking might actually be his mother.  I think her name is Ellie.  Charlotte’s eyes pop wide at the revelation but she doesn’t say anything.

Ellie takes Daniel to the bomb and he tries to get her talking but she’s not so big on the communication.  We come upon some tower holding a bomb.  Daniel climbs up and sees a leak; he gets down and tells her that they need concrete to bury the bomb.  She wants him to disarm it like he said he would and he tells her burying it will work.  She wonders how he could know that and he tells her he just came from 50 years later and the island is still there so obviously the bomb won’t blow.  She is rather disbelieving of this claim; I wonder why?  She’s pretty much ready to shoot Daniel despite the fact that shooting him around a leaky H-bomb would not be the wisest course of action; but Sawyer shows up and tells her to drop the gun.  Juliet recommends everybody drop their guns.   That’s as far as we get there before a flash takes the Losties away, no more British peeps with guns.

I did love when Daniel had a moment alone (tho Miles the annoyance was there!) with Charlotte and she told him he didn’t have to lie about loving her to convince Richard to let him deal with the bomb.  It was the perfect out for Daniel right there but instead of taking it, he said that he does indeed love her.  Before she could really absorb that one he was off to look at the bomb.   When they reunited they didn’t have the chance to talk about it at all before Charlotte got another bloody nose and collapsed.

Prior to that, Locke has wandered in to chat with Richard and show him the compass he gave him.  He tells Richard that Jacob sent him, which I believe is a lie; but whatever.   The mention of Jacob gives Richard pause and Locke informs him that he, Locke, is his leader.  Richard laughs about that one and says that leaders are chosen at a very young age.  Locke tells him to come visit him in 2 years when he’s born.  HA!  And of course we know he does visit when Locke’s about 10 or so thanks to a flashback from a year or two ago.  Locke demands that Richard tell him how he gets off the island because he has to save it.  Richard is not big on giving out this info and before Locke can convince him he must; zap!  Locke’s with the rest of the Losties in some unknown time.

Ooops, I forgot to highlight one very important thing in that Locke visit with Richard.  The army guy that got away from Sawyer and Juliet and Locke; the one Locke could have shot but refused to because he was one of “his people” was a guy bearing the name tag Jones.  But when he was threatening to kill Locke, Richard called him Widmore!  And Locke looked at him and said, “Charles Widmore” and Widmore said something along the lines of “What’s it to you?” and Locke smiled.  So, we have Charles on the island probably 20 some years before Ben shows up.  Interesting to see what kind of interaction those two are going to have to make them sworn enemies, isn’t it?  My friend, Tripp, thinks maybe Ben’s girlfriend Annie will be Widmore’s daughter, which is a possibility; tho I think maybe she’s Widmore’s wife or mother of a certain blond chick.  The timing may be wrong there, but with all this time jumping who can say?

So that was the episode, and I guess maybe it wasn’t as confusing as I thought it was but still it messed with my head.  We had more questions arise than answers this week I think.   I look forward to next week, seeing my Ben and Sayid and co again.  I want to know how they’re going to get back and how they’re going to convince Hurley to go.  I want to know if Charlotte is going to go insane like the blond girl or if Daniel can find a way to save her.  I want to know how Ben and Charles become enemies.  I want to know what Richard’s deal is, why he never ages.  I want to know a lot more things than that but this blog is long enough as it is.  I love this show, but it sure drives me nuts.  No more Des heavy eps for a few weeks I hope, I can’t handle too many in a row!

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Any episodes with shirtless Sawyer are awesome!

Any episodes with shirtless Sawyer are awesome!

It’s baaaaaaack!  That’s right, friends, Lost has returned to our screens to both delight and confuse us all.  Or maybe that’s just me, I’m not sure.  Anybody get the feeling this season is gonna mess with the mind more than any other season thus far?  Time travel’s gonna be a bitch to deal with but it’s also gonna be a lot of fun I think.  As we saw last night, the most random of people can show up when we least expect it!  I’m going to write this after only one viewing; I thought about attempting a re watch but I woke up with the beginning of a headache and I feel a re watch would push me right over the edge into full blown pain.  So, let’s discuss before I give myself one anyway.

Let’s talk about the time travel element because some interesting things were revealed last night.  It seems that now that Ben moved the island, the Losties are traveling in time within the island at random intervals.  The island itself is presumably not moving, but the people on it are.  Not all the people, however, for it seems Richard and the Others are unaffected by this particular phenomenon.  Why is that?  No clue but it seems pretty clear since Richard informed Locke that the next time he saw him he wouldn’t know him.  If Richard was moving on the same plane, he would.

Our Losties are fortunate to have Daniel along for the ride because he gets the whole time/space continuum concept (which our beloved Sawyer is having quite the struggle with of course!) and he understands what is happening to them.  Interestingly, it was also revealed that Daniel himself is a time traveler, he showed up in the beginning of the show back in the 70’s when Dr. Marvin Candle was getting ready to film the Orchid Station video and when it was discovered that the station had some kind of tie to time travel.  We saw the return of the famous nose bleeds for one of the guys within the station and for Charlotte.  I’m quite concerned that this does not bode well for the British girl, but maybe Daniel will be able to save her.  Daniel was also able to mess with the time/space continuum in a way because he was able to get a message to Desmond to go see his mother at Oxford.  Des woke up in current time and told Penny he had a memory and he had to hightail it to Oxford.  I’m guessing Daniel’s mother is the white haired lady we saw Ben talking to at the end of the episode who also showed up in a Desmond time travel episode explaining to him why he shouldn’t propose to Penny at that time.  Maybe Daniel comes by his time traveling naturally?

Off island, we began our quest to reunite the Oceanic 6 and dead Locke (we’ll discuss him later).  Jack’s fallen in rather quickly with Ben, not a surprise since Jack wants to return to the island so badly.  My Ben is up to his usual mysterious ways and not telling us a lot, but he’s determined to get back to the island and he needs the 6 to do it quite clearly.  In other pairs news, Sayid broke Hurley out of the nut house and they went to Sayid’s place wherein Sayid had to awesomely kill a few guys.  Of course poor Hurley is accused of it but it ties in well later so no complaints here.  Loved when Sayid killed that guy via the knives in the dishwasher!

Kate, meanwhile, is on the run with Aaron after some lawyers showed up at her door demanding a blood test for her and Aaron.  Who’s behind this move?  It’s gotta be Ben or Widmore right?  I can see Ben doing it to drive her to come with him back to the island…he’s where my money lies for now.  She is gonna be the toughest sell of all of them.  She got a call from Sun just as she was thinking about calling Jack and those two met up.  Sun may have changed the most of everybody now.  She’s some emotionless hardass who wants nothing more than to kill Ben at this time, to the point that she’s willing to team up with Widmore to do it.  I actually got nervous when she reminded Kate how it was her who didn’t go and get Jin on the freighter, but she told her she understood that she’d done what she needed to do.  I don’t know if I believe that, it feels like Sun might hold on to that one for awhile.

Hurley just had me laughing this whole episode.  From his I love Shi Tsu tshirt (I’m sorry but a guy Hurley’s size cannot just find a shirt that fits him at the local gas station) to his throwing the hot pocket at Ben when he showed up in his kitchen, he just made me grin.  It was cool to see Ana Lucia show up as the cop that pulled him over (had me fooled til I could see it was a girl walking up the window) and to have her throw that “Libby says hi” line at him.  Poor Hurley.  He seems to think that the reason all this is happening is because they lied about the island.  I don’t think it’s anything as simplistic as that but I can understand a believer like Hurley buying into that theory.  I was glad to see both his parents actually help him (thought for sure Dad would dick him over again) and that his mom believed him even though she didn’t understand his story.  The thing that most interested me was that Ben was telling Hurley exactly what he wanted to hear, that lying is what was causing all the trouble and he wouldn’t have to lie any more and they could return to the island and all would be well again.  You could see in Hurley’s face that he wanted to believe him but he remembered Sayid’s warning not to trust Ben and instead ran out of the house to turn himself in for killing those 4 people, or 3 people, or however many they said he killed.  That was cute, he can’t remotely lie well can he?

Ben then informed white haired lady that there was an issue with getting Hurley and she told him they only have 70 hours to get together and get to the island.  Anybody else excited to see how Ben goes about getting Hurley out of prison?  I feel it will be a lot of fun!  He’s got dead Locke stashed in some meat locker cause they have to take him back to do, he of course being the integral part of this whole thing.  Richard told Locke he would have to die to save the island, which apparently has happened.  I figure the island will save him even though I’m quite content with dead Locke.  I did like Locke showing up to save Sawyer and Juliet from those British? guys that had grabbed them.  It’ll be interesting to see what goes on between then and Locke’s dying for the island.

Little things I enjoyed, the return of Ethan who shot Locke.  Richard’s commentary that what goes around comes around was hilarious.  Seeing Eko’s drug plane crash!  It brought me memories of my favorite tailie who I so miss, couldn’t they have given me a flashback?  The death of FROGURT!!! Seriously, who was that guy?  Neil?  I hate when they suddenly bring forth random survivors that none of us like, but this guy?  He would not have lived for over 100 days on the island with Sawyer, I’m sorry.  Sawyer would have killed him long before a flaming arrow did.  Still, it was great because I was begging for his death and then a flaming arrow shot out of the sky.  Thanks Others or Hostiles or whomever was behind that one.

Things I really enjoyed:  Shirtless Sawyer…more please.  Another reason to hate Frogurt was that he had the shirt that Sawyer put on.  Die Frogurt, Die!

So, I’m hoping with the whole time travel thing that we’ll see Rousseau again, she was killed before I was ready to be done with her.  Surely they can pop across her somewhere in the past right?

Well I think I hit all the highlights I wanted to discuss, I’m sure I forgot some stuff, it was a packed couple of hours.  And even though it was kinda weird, I sort of came out of it feeling like I understood what was happening.  That’s not my usual reaction to Lost and certainly not to time travel but I did feel like this show answered more questions than it brought forth.  Time will tell of course.  I already can’t wait to see what next week has in store.  I’ll be back with you then!

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