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Dean finally meets Michael

Fate.  Destiny.  Bloodlines.  Fathers & sons.  Brother vs brother.  Present meets past.  Last night’s Supernatural had a little bit of everything and a lot of what I’ve been craving for weeks on end.  Finally Dean meets Michael.  Finally Sam gets to meet his mother.  Finally we see Castiel.  Finally Sam & John get to have a decent talk about how Dean and Sam were raised.  Finally Dean revealed his true self to his mother.  Finally, Anna died.

Okay, that last one was just icing on the cake but you knew I’d be celebrating the crispy critter that she became.  I am so Michael’s bitch after that move, especially while he’s wearing the yummy young John Winchester while doing it.  Seriously hot.

Total yum, especially when an angel's wearing him!

Anyway, Anna tries to reach out to Dean, interrupting one of his prurient dreams of angels and demons and asking him to meet her.  Thankfully, our Dean was not born yesterday (though he wasn’t born in part of this epi, hehe) and he told Castiel who went to meet her in his place.  It seems Anna was in Heaven Prison for awhile and that’s not a pleasant place to be.  Cry me a river, Anna.  She tells Cas that killing Sam is the only way to stop Lucifer but Cas won’t sign off on this because Sam is his friend now.  That’s a definite about face for our favorite angel, in the not too distant past he was all on board the Kill Sam train.  I like to think it’s his love for Dean that makes him unable to go that track now.  What?  He does!

So Anna takes it upon herself to head into the past to kill John and Mary before they even have the boys.  Cas figures out where she is and zaps himself, Sam and Dean to help.  I have to give major props to Jared for Sam’s reaction to seeing his younger parents for the first time.  The love and awe he had on his face when looking at Mary was heartbreaking and adorable.  It definitely made me think about to last week’s episode and his sneering at the trappings of traditional family.  Methinks he might have changed his tune after a little time with his parents.

Bloody, soon to be dead, Anna. Yay!

Mary remembered Dean from his other jaunt into the past and was none too happy about his presence.  Dean managed to get her to listen enough to hear that she and John were in danger from angels (thanks to Sam interjecting that last part) and she was prepared to run with them.  But John got a call from his boss and went to meet him only to find Anna.  Sam & Dean got there in time to send her away via the blood drawing on the wall.

Sam finally got to meet his Mom.

Then we get to the good stuff.  John, driving the Impala and yelling at them all to be quiet in a very fatherly way, is stunned to learn about monsters and hunting.  He & Sam have a conversation about how Sam could have been raised and what kind of terrible father he had to allow that.  Sam, for the first time, was able to tell his father that he understood why he’d chosen that life for them, that thirst for revenge.  It was fascinating to see John play the Sam role and Sam play the John role in that conversation.  I thought they both were excellent.

I love John and Mary. That's baby Dean in there!

That was countered with Dean’s conversation with Mary, wherein he finally revealed that he was her son.  He told her about the song she sang him at bedtime and the soup she made him when he was sick.  He begged her not to go into that nursery the day that she dies, he even told her why and that her sons would be cursed.  Mary was scared and upset and disbelieving but somehow accepting at the same time?  I don’t know how to explain it.  Sam interrupted and told them both that avoiding the nursery wasn’t enough, she needed to leave John and never have them and never look back.  Mary kept saying she couldn’t, finally revealing that she was already pregnant with Dean.

That doesn't look like it feels too good!

That moment was interrupted by the return of Anna, this time with young Uriel in tow, set on killing the men that kill him 30 years later.  John is dispatched and Anna stabs Sam and leaves him for dead while Dean tangles with Uriel and Anna goes after Mary.  Outside, a flashing light appears and all of a sudden John is inside the house and Michael is inside John.   He touched Anna and fried her to a crisp.  I laughed.  He dispensed Uriel with the snap of two fingers.  Michael, in a word, was hot.

Feel the heat!

Dean demands that he fix Sam but Michael says he will in good time, after they’ve had a little chat.  Dean asks how he can be inside John and Michael tells him that their bloodline is what makes it possible, he can inhabit anyone in that family (except for probably Sam I’m guessing).  When John heard that Michael could help Mary he let him right in.

That's what happens when you try to take Dean away, bitch!

Michael explains to Dean that his life is fated, always, to come down to letting Michael inside so he can fight Lucifer.  Every step John and Mary made in life led him down this path.  I was happy to find out that Michael won’t leave Dean a slobbering idiot when all is said and done.  I have a question…why can’t Dean let Michael in to fight Lucifer in that other body?  I know he’s all about free will but I’m thinking he’d be willing to do it if he didn’t have to kill Sam in the process.  I suppose there’s some caveat to that we don’t know about at this point.  Dean doesn’t say a lot but he’s still clinging to the idea that he doesn’t have to go along with this masterplan.  He tells Michael to take his brother and take their fight off his planet.  So cute.  Kisses to Dean.

Ram outlined this convo a lot better than I could after only one viewing so go check out her post on the matter, over at the I Love Bad Boys blog.  Michael zapped Sam and Dean back to the future and Cas appeared but promptly passed out.  He’s not able to travel through time as easily now that’s not a favored angel anymore.

Dean pours drinks to Team Free Will and Sam questions him, asking if there was nothing, not even saving Mom, that would make him agree to let Michael in.  Dean doesn’t really have an answer to that and we’re done with the episode.

This was the kind of epi I’ve been craving for ages now.  I love young John and Mary (seriously, give them a spin off or something).  I love Cas and Michael.  I love Anna dying.  I love our boys confronting their pasts and filling in some of the many missing moments they had with their parents.  I hope they manage to see them again before the series ends.  A hug or two would be nice!

See you next week for an episode that appears might bring back out bloodlusting Sammy.  Could be interesting!

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From Jimmy to Castiel and back again.

From Jimmy to Castiel and back again.

I found Supernatural’s The Rapture episode to be quite ironic.  Here was a man of faith who was ready and willing to give himself up to the service of the lord and a year later he’s released and so disenchanted as to stop saying grace at the family meal.  I can’t say as I blame him, it was pretty crappy for him to lose a year of his life and later find out that he can’t go back to it at all, but still, what a message.

I feel kinda bad saying I didn’t really enjoy this episode nearly as much as I thought I would but that’s no fault of the actor.  I thought Misha Collins did a great job in dual roles, he really did make Jimmy seem like a totally different guy than Castiel.  I think it was probably too much Cas, a random appearance by Anna that had virtually no purpose and too little Dean and Sam.  What was the point of having Anna appear and tell Sam he seemed different when Dean gets to see him drinking his demon blood in the very same episode?  If they’d have let that one simmer in Dean’s mind for awhile, fine, but otherwise it was pointless.  Unless she appeared later to Dean and set up that Bobby call with him.  Then I can buy it.  Maybe we’ll find that out next week.  It’s just that the last 5 to 10 minutes of the program were filled with the moments I’ve been dying to see so they kinda overshadowed the tale of how Jimmy became Castiel for me.

Castiel gives Dean the cold angel shoulder when he returns.

Castiel gives Dean the cold angel shoulder when he returns.

So it seems that Castiel got dragged back into heaven for awhile as a punishment for having helped Dean figure out to bring Chuck to save Sam in the last episode.  It was rather chilling to see Castiel turn back into Castiel pre-Dean influence, a guy who was going to listen to the big bossman and not question anymore. “I learned my lesson while I was away Dean, I serve heaven.  I don’t serve man, and I certainly don’t serve you.”  Damn, that was pretty harsh.  Especially coming right after Sam’s revelation.  I truly wouldn’t have been surprised if those combined to drive Dean to want to quit, but then I know my boy.

Cas moves from Jimmy's daughter back into Jimmy.

Cas moves from Jimmy's daughter back into Jimmy.

Nice use of Jimmy’s daughter Claire as Castiel’s temporary home, it brought back memories of freaky child Lillith, who is far more chilling than adult sexy wannabe Lillith.  Sadly it appears we are not done with her.  Sigh.  I feel sad for Jimmy at never being able to go home again but at least now his wife and daughter know he wasn’t nuts and hopefully they can have happy lives.  I feel for them all.

Dean's reaction to Sam's blood drinking.

Dean's reaction to Sam's blood drinking.

And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for….Dean saw Sam drinking blood.  I must say, they surprised me by having it be just a small part of the episode, but I think that was to set up the surprise ending.  Kudos, as always, to Jensen Ackles for that look of stunned shock followed by surprise as Sam aimed mojo hand at him.  I believed for a brief moment he thought his brother was going to attack him.  Then he quickly stumbled out of the way so Sam could remove the demon from Amelia (finally they use my name on this show, well part of it, I’m just Amy and of course she is inhabited by a demon.  I was feeling smug about gorgeous Jimmy’s wife having the same nickname as me til I saw the demon eyes!)  Also lovely in that moment was Castiel inside Claire watching with his nonjudgmental angel eyes.  I thought the little girl did a good job of not showing any emotion or reaction to blood drinking Sammy.

Sam got his juice and then worked his mojo.

Sam got his juice and then worked his mojo.

I enjoyed that Dean wasn’t saying anything in the car until Sam asked him to lay into him.  I think it probably resonated more for Dean to just talk calmly and tell Sam that he wasn’t mad.   Dean actually telling Sam not to explain himself because he doesn’t care was definitely a powerful moment.  For Dean to say something like that to Sam, who he has looked out for all of his life…what does that mean, you know?  I mean, clearly he does, but in that moment, for just a moment, doesn’t that have to scare Sam a little bit?  Then Dean says of course he is disappointed but he’s mostly just tired and done.  Of course, Bobby then conveniently calls and summons the boys to his place for Sam’s intervention.  I did adore them letting Sam walk into the room and then slamming the door on him together, telling him he was the big demon problem.  Excellent moment.

Dean & Bobby trick Sam into captivity.

Dean & Bobby trick Sam into captivity.

And then…the scenes ahead.  Hot damn!  I could not be any more excited for an upcoming episode than I am right now.  Brother vs. brother.  Sam vs. Lillith.  Dean bargaining with the angels (is he going to become one?  Cas touches him like he did Jimmy).  Sam tortured by Alastair???  Dean FINALLY going after Ruby (he damn well better get to kill that bitch).  And then, those words we were wondering about, Dean telling Sam that if he walks out that door he better never come back.  Gauntlet effectively thrown.  Of course, it will again be Sam walking away from Dean and not vice versa, but I guess we always knew that Dean couldn’t walk away from Sam.  I can’t wait for next week!

PS.  One minor bitch before I go, since when does Sam get to call him “Cas?”  That’s a Dean nickname, dammit and I don’t appreciate it.  I did appreciate some more TWoP shoutouts, with Dean calling Sam “Ginormo” and the mention of the mojo hand.   Love your viewers, Kripke!

Photos from SupernaturalSeries.com

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